Katrina and the Scalar Weather Wars


From: Mark Hazelwood Here's what the ptb don't want you to know about Katrina

The manipulation is clear.

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PREFACE NOTE: Just as "insiders" made a killing on airline futures (short-selling stock) right before 9-11, so we see -- once again -- oil futures (selling short) by "an administration" of oil insiders who made a killing as this hurricane broke all natural laws of hurricanes and veered into the oil refineries and platforms as though steered from satellites that can do it. Details at

http://jmccanneyscience.com/ and

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Posted By: billym
Date: Monday, 29 August 2005, 11:09 a.m.

Today Cloak and Dagger has linked an article on scalar wave weather engineering by Stefan Grossmann. Of course it references the work of Col. Tom Bearden, the leading western expert on the subject.

Engineering the weather with scalar weapons is done by simply pouring heat into certain regions, and extracting heat (cooling) other regions. In the article Bearden describes how by heating and cooling areas in a rotational pattern the atmosphere can be made to rotate (hurricane). Also, since the power of a hurricane is related to the temperature of the sea at a given point, a hurricane can be increased by simply heating the ocean under it. If you think about, nearly all weather phenomena are the result of differences in temperature between one region and another. The scalar weapons in weather mode are basically giant heaters and coolers controlled from afar and able to target any place on earth with either heat or cold.

According to Bearden the chief weather war mischief makers are the KGB and a consortium of the "Yakuza" and "Aum Shinrikyo" cult, to which the KGB has handed over most of the routine work. Bearden says the West is playing catch-up ball here, but is no longer totally undefended. I am not sure if this "weather war defense" involves HAARP or not. In any case the resulting picture is not pretty.

Slowly but surely Bearden's information is getting out there and people are starting to realize the true terror of the situation. Is the secrecy beginning to break down, like a Louisianna levee? People must demand to be told the truth about scalar weapons. Only once, to my knowledge, has the official U.S. acknowledged these weapons. This was in a statement by Sec. Def. William Cohen which Bearden tirelessly repeats.

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."

--Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn.

This statement was made over 30 years after Krushchev announced such weapons! At that time no one in the world knew what he was talking about, and generally, they still don't!

Even worse than these weather wars, in my opinion, is the use of scalar weapons to induce earthquakes along fault lines. Bearden is convinced that the KGB/Yakuza has registered a number of longitudinal wave interferometers on the Yellowstone caldera to try to trigger a super eruption.

I suggest reading the whole Grossman article, but here are a few excerpts.


Scalar Weather Wars:

Hurricane Katrina and the Rape of New Orleans

by: Stefan Grossmann


1. The Bush Jr. regime is a hair's breadth away from collapsing in chaos, infamy and insanity as the Cloakanddagger.de truth radio is about to break the story how G. W. Bushfraud bribed his way into the White House in late 2000. See separate news coverage coming soon.

What happens in such situations is: News diversions are orchestrated in order to take away the public's attention from the homespun disasters. Such as, a whale strands in the arctic and all the oil- soaked spy-riddled mainstream media babble about stranded whales for days or even weeks until the news about the actual catastrophe at home is forgotten and, for practical purposes, suppressed.

This well-known routine is happening again. As the to-be-covered-up news event (Bush bribed his way into the White House) is so huge, the cover-up ploy is also huge: A scalar-engineered hurricane named Katrina. The shadow government has decided to sacrifice an entire city, New Orleans, to cover up the coming news of bribery and in order to further rig the price of oil.

2. Weather engineering includes the blow-up of small hurricanes into large ones. The technology is zealously denied by so-called meterologists and physicists, but it exists anyhow. It has been described, for example, by veteran Pentagon scientist and scalar researcher Col. Tom Bearden at his huge web site, http://www.cheniere.org

Grossman then goes on to quote from Bearden about how the technology works. He mentions the Russian "Woodpecker grid" by which the scalar waves are aimed at anypoint on earth. This Woodpecker grid is a system of EM broadcasts (either transverse or scalar EM) from a number of locations. The interference patterns of these transmissions (so named because they sound, if put through a speaker, like a woodpecker pecking) make a grid pattern and the scalar waves run along the grid to their target location.

Then Grossman writes a very intriguing paragraph:

"Today, weather engineering is also part of the Pentagon's military arsenal and is at the command of America's public enemy Nr. 1, the shadow government.

"Basically, the U.S.A. lost the cold war - contrary to all newspaper allegations - against the Soviet Union because of scalar weapons and weather controlling technology. This is one of the key reasons for the multi-trillion dollar Pentagon black budget and secret arms program, namely to catch up in the scalar arms race. The main part of this technology was developed for the Pentagon by Israel and its ultra-secret scalar weapons program and is the reason why the U.S.A. has basically lost its sovereignty to a clique of internationalist scalar terrorists with hyper-tech abilities (such as also demonstrated in the "plane" deceptions on 9-11-1)."

Grossman ends with the following:

3. Category 5 mega-hurricane Katrina bears signature marks of being rigged and magnified using scalar weather engineering. There has been a suspicious increase in frequency of otherwise very rare category 5 hurricanes. Before hurricane Andrew (1992, apparently a time when scalar technology was available) there were only two recorded category 5 hurricanes in the U.S.A. Katrina is actually more than category 5; it is category 5+ (the scale has no category 6). It originated as a small medium hurricane, but suddenly and inexplicably over the Gulf of Mexico it exploded into a monster of category 5 (allegedly due to the "warm Gulf waters" that have never behaved this way any time before). Then, the next item of suspicion is the target: New Orleans, shaped like a basin and beneath sea level, also conveniently a center of oil refining for the U.S.A. and located near the Gulf of Mexico oil production.

The weather wars are getting serious and no one knows the long term macro effects they will have. For one thing, if exothermic mode (heating) is used more than endothermic mode (cooling) then the operations are likely contributing to global warming, since the added energy is coming from the vacuum of space, not from any other place on earth (3-space).



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