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On September 23-26, 2005, Washington, DC will host an historic demonstration of people power that includes nonviolent direct action designed to shut down the corporate war machine.

Be a part of our struggle - in Washington or in your part of the country!

Join us in nonviolent actions at the Pentagon and at DC area recruiting stations or organize concurrent actions in your town:

we are planning nonviolent demonstrations and civil resistance at recruiting centers across the country on September 26th with the centerpiece action being a peaceful occupation of the Pentagon.

These actions will include civil disobedience scenarios with a risk of arrest as well as low risk scenarios focused on education and outreach.

We urge people of all colors, cultures, faiths and walks of life to come to Washington and be a part of the change we all long for - or organize local actions and allow us to be a part of your event by publicizing it as part of a nationwide effort to end the corporate wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring the troops home.

Help us shut down the war machine on Monday, September 26th, 2005!

We will be gathering at various locations in the metro DC area and then processing to recruiting centers and to the Pentagon - carrying signs, banners and coffins.

On arrival we will blockade entrances, leaflet and engage passersby in dialogue - all to help impart our message that our young people must not become the next victims of U.S. militarism.

The Pentagon and its marketing arm - the military recruiters - will still be here after Bush leaves the White House and two unfinished wars behind him.

The cancer of U.S. militarism cannot be removed by simply cutting off the figurehead.

The enduring curse of U.S. war making must be confronted wherever it manifests itself in our communities - and at the Pentagon.

It is up to us to demand change.

Join with us as:

We demand the troops be brought home NOW.

We demand reparations for the Iraqi and Afghani peoples so they might begin to rebuild their shattered countries.

We demand money now being wasted on the military be diverted into education and healthcare.

The DC Anti-War Network (DAWN) and the Direct Action Tendency are working alongside the September Action Collective, United for Peace and Justice, the Socialist Party and many others in responding to the Iraq Pledge of Resistance's call for Nonviolent Resistance to the wars of empire now raging in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Join us!

** Make plans to attend September Action's Second Regional Consulta ***

Where: New York City Address: A.J. Muste Institute (Conference Room), 339 Lafayette Street NY, NY 10012
When: September 3rd from 3 to 7pm Info: http://www.septemberaction.org nyc@septemberaction.org

For more information about the mobilization or to inform us about actions you are organizing please:

- write to info@septemberaction.org - visit http://www.septemberaction.org - call 347.524.5631

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