Secret Report On Cell Phone Dangers And Tetra

Since everything in our bodies has electrical charges, including the chemical or hormone reactions, would help explain why it can affect us.

Here's a little piece I found the other day from:

Secret Report On Cell Phone Dangers And Tetra

We being water based animals act like aerials to these waves. As the waves go into our bodies an electric current is generated inside our bodies which is how aerials work; waves come in and electricity is generated. The electricity generated in our bodies like all electric currents goes to ground through our bodies and like all electric currents it takes the path of least resistance. Unfortunately the path of least resistance through our bodies, although only representing 10% of our pathways, carries 90% of our traffic rather like the M1 motorway. The traffic in our bodies, namely hormones, antibodies, neurotransmitters know where they are going because they also carry an electric charge. The hormones, antibodies and neurotransmitters know where to "get off" because there is a corresponding opposite charge at the site of delivery rather like the positive and negative ends of a battery. The problem is if you have an electric current passing through the body it can change this charge, either on the hormones, antibodies or neurotransmitters or the site of delivery.

I can't say entirely for certain on that Dr. Mercola page was it? about what he says on the progesterone getting overloaded in your fat cells. I rather wonder if he is confusing the synthetic progestins with the botanical progesterones. If you use too much, it doesn't take long to figure out, because you get feeling lethargic or sluggish, alhtough not in an ill way. Just lay off it for 2-3 days and the excess is excreted. Been using it for many years, as it is necessary to keep cancer away from me, although it looks like it may be catching up with me now. The synthetic "progesterone" -progestin on the other hand can also cause cancer, liver damage etc.

If I can find the bit about the progesterone and static shocks I'll post it. I know it works from doing it myself and others I've spoken with. Other than the occasional before mentioned symptoms of using too much, I've not in over a decade come across a single person, or read of a single incident of harm from the botanical variety.




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