The case against phone masts

Dr Grahame Blackwell, an independent consultant on mast health issues, says mobile phone masts pose a serious risk to our health.

Cambridge Evening News 26.08 05

"I am a serious opponent of phone masts on health grounds. There have been six research studies into the potential ill health effects of masts. Every one of those studies has produced evidence of ill health effects.

"Radiation from masts reduces the production of melatonin.

"The significance of that is that melatonin regulates sleep patterns and also scavenges away pre-cancerous cells.

"If melatonin production is reduced the consequences are a disruption of sleep patterns and increased incidents of cancer.

"People living around phone masts are experiencing exactly those symptoms.

"Radiation also weakens the blood-brain barrier. Toxins from the blood system can get into brain cells. In the short term, this causes headaches, dizziness and disorientation. In the long-term, we would expect to see an increase in degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinsons and Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

"MND is a classic example. We are beginning to see clusters of MND around masts.

"All of those effects happen at levels of radiation that our Government says are safe. There is a big problem here."Dr Grahame Blackwell, an independent consultant on mast health issues, says mobile phone masts pose a serious risk to our health.

From Mast Sanity


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