The case for phone masts

The cambridge Evening news 26.08 .05

Inigo Wilson, a spokesman on health and safety for phone giant Orange, says there is no strong evidence masts are harmful.

"The most important point to make is every single phone call made on a mobile phone is relayed via a mast.

"Unless the mast is close to the person making the call they don't work. There isn't a halfway house or an alternative means of making mobile phones work, that is how a phone call is connected to the network and people have to understand that if they want mobile phones then they have to have these masts.

"There is no convincing evidence phone masts cause any harm to human health - that is the consensus among scientists. People have written books and done academic studies on this subject.

"This story has a lot in common with a number of modern health issues. It is a subject that affects so many people and the media tends to flag up research into it before that research has been finished and reached any concrete conclusions. But they don't go back later and look at the actual results of the research.

"This is a relatively unfamiliar type of technology. I imagine public concerns will abate when this technology has been around for a while and people have found it is not dangerous."


Very telling that Orange does not say, "there is no evidence that masts harm health". It seems like a veiled admission that there is evidence against masts - BUT in their limited opinion "no strong evidence" - interesting turn of phrase - very "spin".

In the Orange mast fight here in Otterton, over a period of at least 4 years, I have sent Orange shed loads of evidence including the Wolfe report and I will be writing again sending the Naila Report when I get time later this week. Obviously, I have never had a sensible response to my letters or any communication that shows they have read any of the information sent them. Orange are still "parroting" what they said 5 years ago which shows just how -out-of-date and out-of-touch they are!




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