SOS: Save Our Selves - Please join with "US" in this effort

Date: 8/27/2005 3:33:19 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Mofmars3

I just heard on the news that 3000 are on their way to Crawford to oppose Cindy's side...Lets pray for both sides of those in Crawford because those ignorant of fact and with dark hearts do mean harm.

I know we're from mixed beliefs and background in this forum here at WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED...and being spiritual and secular and getting along as well we all do leaves something to be said for "US" in a positive way.

I'm asking for your help now in a big way...We were all gathered here because we had concern for the ills we saw wrecking our world...

Most of "US" here are group owners of prominent and credible groups with many patriots of integrity as members...

We are many who connect and pyramid out all over the globe.

The turning point from negative to positive is just up ahead and NOW's the time to strike where it will count the most.

Please send out this call to all your groups, friends and family all over the globe.

Money does talk...Let's give it to our side to be used for television ads and everywhere else we can find benefit.

Send it in Cindy's name...Cindy Sheehan

Crawford Peace House
9142 East 5th Street Crawford, Texas 76638-3037 Telephone: 254-486-0099 Fax: 254-486-0172

People keep bringing up specific views of Cindy's and harping about those labeled the far left, supposedly using her, to discredit her.

Thank God there are sensible people that will see past this trick that keeps surfacing to keep "US" divided and separated.

I know this wonderful Peace House will see to it Cindy gets all the mail sent there so don't be afraid to dig deep.

If there was ever a time to give...It's now.

I tried to call Peace House to tell them of the campaign we are going to initiate to gain funds needed to defeat the enemy at their own evil game but there was no one there.

I imagine they were readying to meet the opposition and standing specifically with Cindy at that moment.

I will be sending a copy of this to them and call later.

I suggest that if you want to give a summly amount and would rather remain anonymous...Then choose a one dollar bill you will never spend and place the serial number where your name would be instead.

This will allow for all funds to be accountable and ease the minds of those who want to know just where their money goes in such cases and allow anonominity at the same time.

I know we can trust Cindy and those working with her...and as for all those that are aligning with her...whether they be of high caliber or not...in whose ever opinion.

We are all "We The People" from everywhere and we each count for something and should not be a measure of another's character anyway.

I'll get with our Ms Jacki Blue for details...before sending the official campaign newsletter to all 300 of our spiritual, political and patriotic groups we network with...

She has been to Crawford and is familiar with Peace House...She has seen the pile of mail for Cindy, going there already.

Please begin gathering and sending funds now, guys...and soon we'll all hit it hard, campaigning and email blitzing cyberworld...We'll probably bury Peace House in money...Hope so.


"We People United Global Movement" We are many political and Patriot Groups joining together, to help take back our country..."United We Will Stand".

Cindy Sheehan


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