Orange challenged to private meeting by angry residents

Farnham Today

LOCAL residents have blasted mobile telephone operator Orange for its lack of public consultation over the proposed sitings of masts in Farnham. Proposed mast sitings by Orange near Bourne Infant School, Waverley Lane and in Manor Gardens have angered residents who have ferociously campaigned against them. After attempting to liaise with Orange over many months, the Manor Gardens’ Action Group has appealed to officials from the mobile telephone operator to make public their plans for mast sitings in Farnham. In a letter to Orange, co-ordinators Ray Cuckow and Simon Hall said: “We know that some people, and indeed some organisations, appear to be against all phone masts. That is not our position and we have stated so publicly. “We believe that masts must be sited safely, and be sited in a sensitive way environmentally - your Manor Gardens mast proposal meets neither criteria. On June 5, we offered in writing to meet Orange locally in a small private meeting to find a mutually acceptable way forward. That offer was totally ignored and not even acknowledged. “We understand that you are handling the Manor Gardens mast nationally so we therefore invite you to join our group for that small private meeting.” In a survey conducted by the Manor Garden Action Group, 96 per cent of local residents said that they preferred a single mast on higher ground rather than multiple masts sited among houses and schools. Local residents also criticised Orange for their planning consultation procedures with 91 per cent saying it has been disastrous for the mobile telephone operator. Finally, 89 per cent of residents said that they would actively avoid using Orange’s technology in comparison to their competitors after the continuing mast sitings fiasco in Farnham.


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