We woke up and found mast at our window


RESIDENTS of a street were caught unawares as they woke to find a 50ft mobile phone mast had been installed metres away from their bedroom windows.

People living on Berkerley Street, whose houses back onto the Sandy Mill, say they were not informed that the mast would be erected.

One resident, Michelle Shaw, said: “There was digging and I thought work had started to demolish the mill but we got up on Tuesday morning and the mast was there.

“We haven’t received any letters and no-one’s told us anything. What really concerns us is the health issues, we are worried at what it’s going to do. It’s right in our faces, only about 10 metres away from the back door. We have had no chance to object or protest against it. We are all very upset and disgusted that we were given no warning.”

Royton South councillor Jill Read said: “If they had the courtesy to contact and reassure the residents about the health issues and that it is only temporary, they wouldn’t be so upset. It’s just bad public relations.”

The Orange mast has been put up as a temporary measure to replace the masts on top of Sandy Mill which is set for demolition later in the year.

A spokesman for Orange said: “I would like to apologise on behalf of Orange for any inconvenience caused and would like to stress that this is only a temporary measure for six months.”

First published by the Oldham Advertiser


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