President Bush's Watergate

Could It Be Bush's Watergate?

Karl Rove's favorite president is Richard Nixon. Thomas Pauken wonders what a twist of fate it would be if Rove were driven from power as Nixon was over what both men would consider trivial matters - the leaking of a CIA employee's name to reporters by Rove in 2004, and the Watergate break-in of the Democratic headquarters at the instigation of Nixon campaign officials in 1972.


President Bush's Watergate

Last Friday we witnessed an explosion, an event that, like Watergate, will shape politics and the way we see government in America for years to come. This is a solemn time, and gives us a moment to remember what men can do when they abuse the power given to them by our nation. The first indictment was handed down in the investigation initiated by the CIA, and "Scooter" Libby, the right-hand man of the Vice President, faces five counts of perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with a profound betrayal of national security -- the outing of a covert CIA agent.

Karl Rove remains under investigation, and as Republican Senator Trent Lott put it this weekend, "If this is going to be ongoing, if he has a problem, I think he's got to step up, and, you know, acknowledge that and deal with it." It's easy to forget that President Bush long ago promised to fire anybody involved, a promise that undermines White House credibility every day Rove continues to work there.

The desperate spin and attacks from the Republicans have already begun, and we must remind America of the facts behind this case, and what makes these indictments so monumentally important. We've put it all into a video; we are asking you to watch it and spread the word by forwarding it to everybody you know:

Watch the Video.

If there is a silver lining of these events, it may be that, in the future, all will know they cannot abuse their power with impunity while they sit in the White House. It is nothing short of tragic to learn that those sitting there now would sacrifice the safety of an American patriot and mother who risked her life to protect her country from the very threats over which this same Administration led us to war.

It is a frantic moment in history, but it is also a moment for reflection. I am even sadder to see the Republicans do not view it that way. They are now carrying out the intentions they announced last weekend: to trivialize the charges against Libby and the importance of honesty and truth in our justice system.

This is unconscionable and it cannot stand - we have put together this video to make sure it doesn't. I think you will find it powerful, so please watch it. But it will only help set the record straight if you spread the word to your fellow citizens - please take that extra step to stop the shameless Republican spin before it gets off the ground.

Watch the Video.

Thank you.


John Lapp Executive Director, DCCC


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