Documented lies in planning application


It seems that lies have been told to the planning department the therefore to the planning committee of the City of Edinburgh Council. The main difference is that the lies were documented and proof is now posted here in the form of the photograph to the left.

The photograph shows the erection of a vodaphone mast on top of Jewel & Esk Valley College. Local residents had asked that the mast that now sits ready to fry the brains of the children attending Brunstane Primary and Nursery schools as the 14.7 meter mast sits only 190 meters from that school. T-Mobile and their agents Marconi had told the planning department in their statement that the college would not withstand any more masts. Whoops….. porkie-pie!

What actually happened was that t-mobile didn’t like the rent charged by the college so our helpful council happily stepped in to help this multi-national company and provided the land at cut price. News coming in to EdinburghSucks!com put the rental cost for the Vodafone mast in the photograph at £6000 per year for this rental.

The story continues, although the mast got planning permission, t-Mobile and their agents Marconi didn’t like where they got planning permission so decided to move the mast closer to the primary and nursery school. Council planning official Mr. Moonie visited the site and has reported to the planning committee that the mast should stay where it is, and not move it to where it actually has planning permission.

Is T-Mobile so poor nowadays that they are unable to pay market rent for their masts then when they don’t put them in the right place they can’t afford to move them away from the primary and nursery school? If indeed they are in financial trouble - why is the council helping them and not the school pupils who are the children of the people who vote for them.

Councillors from the planning committee are visiting the site on Thursday 25th August before making a decision on the mast moving. Let’s hope they work for their constituents ans not a huge multi-national company. PLEASE.


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