The Cover-Up Congress

For many of us watching a White House shrouded in secrecy, viciously smearing political opponents, and increasingly disconnected from the heartbreaking reality of American casualties in an ill-planned war, it is difficult not to be reminded of Richard Nixon and the Watergate era.

Indeed, Nixon White House Counsel John Dean has already penned a book about the Bush Administration entitled "Worse than Watergate." So how has the Bush Administration managed to get off scot-free where the Nixon Administration collapsed?

The answer is simple: We have a cover-up Congress.

Help Us End the Cover-Up Congress Now.

From the beginning, the Bush White House has claimed the war in Iraq as their exclusive purview: neither Congress nor the American public had any right to criticize, question, or even know about poor pre-war planning.

Congressional Republicans followed in lockstep with the White House. Even as scandals erupted from every corner, they insisted that Congress provide no oversight, demand no answers, and continue writing blank checks for the Administration.

This is just a brief list of wartime scandals that are being covered up - and that a Democratic Congress would promptly get to the bottom of:

* Alleged manipulation of intelligence on Iraq by the White House.

* Allegations against Halliburton and other corporate schemers who appear to have cheated the American taxpayer.

* The role of top Administration officials in prisoner abuse from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo Bay.

* The apparent diversion of resources from hunting Osama bin Laden to invading Iraq before notifying Congress.

* Misleading assessments of projected costs on veterans' benefits.

* The alleged exposure of a covert officer in retaliation for her husband's whistle blowing on White House intelligence manipulation.

Every American - Republican, Democrat or Independent - deserves answers to these questions. It would seem that the Republicans will do everything they can to keep the truth from us.

Do you want the truth? Support the DCCC today and elect Democrats to the House.

Help Us End the Cover-Up Congress Now.

Democrats would subpoena any document and put any person under oath until the American people discover what was done in their name and with their hard-earned tax dollars.

We need a Democratic majority to get the truth. You can help make that happen now.

Help Us End the Cover-Up Congress Now.

For so many Americans, Watergate became the template of a White House scandal. Some might reasonably ask, if the White House has behaved so disgracefully, why aren't televised hearings being beamed into our living rooms every night like they were then?

Why are we not getting answers? Because Republicans don't investigate Republicans.

And this is where the importance of the majority comes into play. The party that controls Congress can open hearings and subpoena evidence of unethical and potentially unlawful behavior.

Republicans certainly abused this power during the Clinton Administration - they spent $17 million on more than 50 politically motivated investigations from 1995-1998, including 140 hours of testimony on whether the Clinton White House misused its holiday card database.

How many documents and hours of testimony have congressional Republicans requested to find out who leaked Valerie Plame's name to the press to smear her husband? 0.

Imagine a Congress where instead of investigative power being held by Tom DeLay's rubber stamps, it is held by great Democratic heroes like Henry Waxman, Louise Slaughter, and John Conyers. We need a Democratic Majority if you want to be told the truth and end the cover-up.

We can end the Cover-Up Congress only with your help - show them that democracy is alive and well in America:

Help Us End the Cover-Up Congress Now.

We will be fighting every day from now until November 2006 to usher in a better standard for American government. Thank you for joining us.

Nancy Pelosi House Democratic Leader

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