National I.D. Card - Strategies to Stop It

Some Americans, mostly the ones uninformed about past and present U.S.A. government corruption, may find it hard to believe that our government would intentionally cause harm and death to Americans who have not been found guilty of any crime. But our government has done that so much already. For example, from what I have learned about vaccinations those have toxic ingredients intentionally put into them that have caused harm and death to Americans - adults and children both. While most of the people that have become harmed or dead from the wars in the Middle East are citizens of those countries, many American soldiers are becoming harmed and dead too. The depleted uranium that has been put into the weapons is causing cancer for both Middle Eastern people and American soldiers plus causing birth defects of children born to people exposed to depleted uranium. These are just a few examples of our government's willingness to intentionally cause harm and death to Americans too.

All that our government has done wrong since the 9 - 11 terrorists' attacks convinces me, that unless the National I.D. card is stopped from being put into effect, our government will use it to control dissidents, even to put dissidents that don't cave in to the government's demands into the F.E.M.A. facilities with barbed wire fences that are essentially concentration camps. I believe that innocent Americans would be put to death in such places. The National I.D. card could be used as an easy method to keep track of and round up dissidents or anybody the government thinks shouldn't be alive.

Now is the time to start spreading the word far and wide to educate Americans about the dangers of the National I.D. card. and the F.E.M.A. concentration camps. You can do this via the Internet, but there are lots of Americans that aren't on the Internet that need to hear this message too. You can spread this message at any public places. For example, about a week ago when I was at a grocery store I gave the message about these dangers to numerous people. Here is essentially what I said, "Have you heard about what our government is planning to do about our driver's licenses? They are going to replace it with a National I.D. card. That card has a chip device in it that can be activated so that our government can track us from the satellites up above. That would make it easy for our government to put us in the concentration camps that have been found in the U.S.A. We need to complain to get the National I.D. card stopped. We need to warn other people about this too." That's easy enough to remember and to tell people. Please tell as many people as possible.

Another strategy is to contact preachers to ask them to take action to stop the National I.D. card. A few weeks ago I decided to write to a televangelist that I have seen on television a number of times. The letter I e-mailed to him is below. There are other televangelists that I haven't written to. Will you find out who they are and write to them about the National I.D. card? If you have a preacher, why not talk to him about the dangers of the National I.D. card and ask him to contact Federal and State government officials to discourage it from being put into effect? I believe that it is the first version of the "Mark of the Beast". Thank you for any help with these proposed strategies.

Sincerely, Deborah Reid http://www.angelfire.com/stars4/wisdomforcourts http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wisepeople

Dear Dr. Jack Van Impe,

Since our government officials decided to require Americans to have their driver's licenses replaced in 2008 by the new National I.D. card, I have been very concerned about that. I have read e-mail newsletters and done other reading about the new National I.D. card. I have read that there is a device inside the new National I.D. card called RFID that can be activated to enable our government officials as well as the government officials in Canada and Mexico to track us Americans from the satellites up above. I find it unacceptable for people that are not criminals to be tracked.

Of course, we Americans have been told that the reason for the new National I.D. card is to discourage illegal aliens from coming into the U.S.A. That won't discourage illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are determined to come into the U.S.A. They risk death to come into this country. However, the new National I.D. card is very controlling of Americans. It comes across as slavery to me. It has the potential to enable tracking of people from sateliites as pets and livestock are now tracked from satellites. Pets and livestock could also be referred to as beasts. I know the animals are being tracked from having a microchip inside of them. An individual wouldn't need a microchip to be treated like a beast. It occurs to me that the new National I.D. card is the first version of the Mark of the Beast. I know some people think it won't be the Mark of the Beast until there is a microchip implanted under the skin of people. But the microchip could be the second version of the Mark of the Beast. There is much to fear from government officials having the ability to track us. The very worst could happen to us.

Some people on the Internet have said the new National I.D. card is our number for being put into concentration camps. I have read on the Internet that some Americans have come across facilities that are fenced in with barbed wire fence in such a way that they are convinced the facilities are intended to be used as concentration camps. I have also read on the Internet that some Americans have come across large shipments of guillotines coming into the U.S.A. from China. The guillotines were accidentally discovered when a shipping crate was dropped or when an accident happened a truck driver was asked to open the back of a truck. With the facilities that could be used for concentration camps and the many guillotines that is cause for concern the the very worst could happen to Americans. There have been mass murders of many people in history by their government officials. I don't want that to happen here in the U.S.A.

Dr. Van Impe, I have learned from the Internet that there are people called New World Order that think the Earth has too many people. They think that there isn't enough food, water, and fuel to support all of the people here. I've read that is the reason they want to depopulate the Earth by about 90%. I have read they would depopulate the U.S.A. by 50%. The people on the Internet who call themselves Patriots think they would be the ones to be put into the concentration camps and murdered. However, it occurs to me that anybody could be such victims. Christians could be such victims. Even due to aging people could be such victims. If what I have read about the New World Order people is true, they must not be smart. It is possible for the Earth to support all of the people here. As to fuel there could be more energy efficiency methods put into use as well as alternative energies that have been suppressed that should be allowed to be developed and put into wide spread use. As to food more people should be allowed access to land to grow food. There could also be more efficiency of food by more people reducing their meat consumption. Growing meat requires a tremendous amount of grain and fresh water. The amount of grain used to produce a small amount of meat would feed many more people than could be fed by the meat. By more people reducing meat consumption that would also result in more fresh water for drinking and cooking purposes. I'm not saying that everyone would have to become vegetarians. However, a reduction perhaps by 50% could really make a difference in food and fresh water efficiency.

Perhaps the New World Order people aren't smart enough to think up such wise solutions. If what the Internet writers say about the New World Order people's plan to depopulate the Earth is true, that will be terrible evil on their part. If true, it may be that the New World Order people have other reasons than population control as a motivator for such predicted mass murders. Perhaps it's a cultural issue, a competition between cultures. From what I have observed there are people doing the most evil deeds in all cultures, including the Western culture. It appears that the people doing the most evil deeds to people of the Western culture are people of the Western culture themselves resulting in more victimization, suffering, injuries, disabilities,and deaths to their own people than are being caused by people of other cultures. However, the government offiicials, although they have been lobbied about the rampant crime and other evils in the U.S.A, don't acknowledge the seriousness of that and don't make wise reforms reality. For many years I've been a citizen activist trying to get something done about terrible crimes and the court system corruption that allows and even promotes terrible crimes. The corruption is strongly entrenched, but I keep trying to get the message out to enough people to bring about a transformation of the U.S.A. from it's dangerous, corrupt, crime rampant reality to a truly civilized safe reality. I looked around in your website. I noticed your question of the week is related to a terrible crime that I include in my writings.

Dr. Van Impe, I would like to ask if you could include education to the public about the new National I.D. card as to the details as I've described in paragraphs above. Also could you include information about the facilities that look like concentration camps and the guillotines found in the U.S.A.? Would it be possible for you to find out who the New World Order people are and try to talk some sense into them? Feel free to educate them that it is possible to solve the problems without mass murders. Thank you for any help with these matters.

Sincerely, Deborah Reid http://www.angelfire.com/stars4/wisdomforcourts

Quote: "I've learned that you can never have too many smart people in your life." Source: Live and Learn and Pass It On by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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