Bush Tax - How do they do it? The control of our media is amazing

Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 12:27:11 -0700 (PDT) From: Informed Citizens <ED44@sbcglobal.net> Subject: Bush Tax - How do they do it?

The control of our media is amazing.

The Bush Tax is now hitting home. The tax will continue to rise as long as he is in Office.

I'm talking about Oil Prices.

As we were about to launch the invasion of Iraq it was frequently repeated what had also been previously reported. In Iraq sits 20% - that's Right TWENTY PERCENT - of the entire known Oil Reserves on our planet.

This was part of the sales job. Amazing how forgetful the general populace is. But I remember very well Donald Rumsfeld saying the Oil in Iraq would pay all our costs for this Military Adventure and pay for the rebuilding of Iraq. We, the Noble Americans, would not do what Hussein did. That is - hog the Oil Wealth and hide it in his 19 Palaces.

Now that Oil Prices are going through the roof the media never mentions it. One would get the impression Iraq has NO oil. They continually refer to the cause of the price rise on "increasing demand".

HUH? Ain't it obvious? The reason for the souring prices is the benefit the International Oil Companies knew they would get from this adventure. It is a win-win situation for them. They knew one of two things would happen:

1 - they would get ownership of the Oil in Iraq, if the adventure succeeded. Of course, gained at the expense of our Treasury - the Wealth of the people of the United States of America,


2 - The resistence to the occupation would make it a primary objective to blow up the pipe and prevent any of Iraq's Oil from getting out of the country. With 20% of the worlds Oil Reserves and production capacity off the market the value of the reserves that International Oil owns would become worth 2, 3, 4 or 6 times was it was.

I call it "the Bush Tax". Everytime I purchase gas I am paying an ever higher "Bush Tax" for the benefit of the owners of International Oil Corporations.

Now - with gas prices in the news everyday - HOW do they manage to keep our media from every mentioning the obvious fact that the rise in gas prices is NOT due to "increasing demand" but to the LOSS of supply from Iraq?


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