Banned in America

I knew there must be SOME reason that I had not liked Patricia Cornwell books for some time...

Dr. Les Sachs is a gentle and peaceful writer whose freedom of speech has been illegally banned by the USA government, after he dared to criticize a wealthy friend of the President George Bush family. Dr. Sachs is an expert critic of USA corruption. This is his weblog of occasional published articles, by someone truly "Banned in America".

Patrick Fitzgerald Requests Patricia Cornwell Scandal Material for Grand Jury - Report of Indictments of Pres. Bush and V.P. Cheney

It's good that U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, and his staffer Randall (Randy) Samborn (sometimes spelled 'Sanborn' in press reports), have requested from me in the Netherlands, the material involved in the ongoing legal issues with Bush celebrity friend and contributor Patricia Cornwell, and Cornwell's crimes of court fraud, bribery and extortion with U.S. federal judge Robert Payne, who was appointed to office by the Bushes.

Internet reports are that Fitzgerald's office, via Randy Samborn, are NOT denying that his grand jury has already secretly "returned" (i.e., charged or issued) indictments against President Bush and Vice President Cheney themselves, as well as others ( click here for report ).
(Note the difference between Fitzgerald's previous public denial that he HIMSELF has issued indictments, and how his office would NOT deny that the "GRAND JURY had returned" indictments against Bush and Cheney - said to be the legally more relevant phrase.) [..] Read it all at http://bannedinamerica.blogspot.com/ Someone dug up this article, and commented that it sure sounded like Bush. What do you think?

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