Cindy Sheehan: Mr. President..Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!


Cindy Sheehan is camped outside of the Southwestern White House in Crawford, Texas.

She is the mother of Casey Sheehan, a young soldier who was killed in Iraq. She had met President Bush a year ago when he offered his sympathy to her then. She was gracious to him and thanked him for his kindness.

She is no longer gracious.

Cindy Sheehan is a mom who is angry at her President, the war in Iraq and anyone who tries to silence her. It is refreshing to see that kind of passion in a parent who loved her son. The only problem with all this is that she is out of place here....

She claims she has a right to see the President of the United States and discuss this personally with him. She is wrong. She has the right to TRY and meet the President. But, sorry Cindy, only the best get to be Starkist.

If President Bush meanders out to the road and hears her out, he will be setting a dangerous precedent. He will also be stupid. He says yes to Cindy Sheehan and guess how many new moms and dads are going to show up tomorrow? To paraphrase Lay's Potato Chips, "You can't MEET just one!" Keep clearing brush, Mr. President, or you will be hounded forever.

I think people forget that wherever the President goes, THAT becomes the White House. Camp David was the White House for Eisenhower. Palm Beach was the White House for Kennedy. San Clemente was the White House for Nixon and so on and so forth. So, if you go to Washington D.C. and hang out hoping to have the President of the United States come visit you...it isn't going to happen. It is the same in Crawford, Texas. This IS the freakin' President! We are just talking geography here, Cindy. Don't take it personally. You had your meeting last year. You got one more meeting that 280 million Americans did. Be content with that.

Furthermore, the liberal media and the anti-war in Iraq proponents are loving this! Underdog mom getting jilted by her President...the arrogant George Bush. The man who is afraid to answer for his actions for leading us into a terrible war without any good reasons behind it. Which is worse? A President who has misled us, a media who is trying to make money off it or opponents who are using it for their own agenda? Is anyone pure here?

The standoff continues. Maybe the President's staff will figure out a way to lance the growing boil. As their leader glides by in his limo, maybe it can stop for a nano second and he can hand her a tiny American flag with a chocolate bar and say, "I am sorry, Cin. I care about Casey, too." It isn't much, but it IS something.

I just read that her relatives have now responded in support of President Bush against her. Before we know it, we might have a second war on our hands. Withdrawing Cindy might be as big a problem for the President as the troops in Iraq.

Stay tuned.

About the author: Pat Hurley has won three Emmy awards for writing, hosting and producing television shows. He resides in Southern California.

Email: coolhumor@sbcglobal.net By Patrick Hurley Aug. 11, 2005 coolhumor@sbcglobal.net Patrick Hurley, Useless?, Yes. Knowledge?, NO! Cool? NO Humor? NO. Beneath Humanity? Yes. Even beneath the birds or other animals, perhaps. Certainly where your writing belongs. Stick to writing comics for bird cage liners or something actually useful. I doubt whether you won an Emmy for anything. Perhaps you would not spew such insensitive thoughts if you ever invested positive life force into another being or a thing of beauty. Cynicism as you have exhibited is a toxic force. There is already enough hate speech and mindless garbage clogging the internet and the planet in general. Hate speech is in the same category as child pornography. Why not refrain from such ugliness? The planet needs heroes, not more zeros.

Sasha Karlik
Los Angeles

Cindy Sheehan


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