Protooncogenes start to act as oncogenes for they have (known) sequences in the DNA

On point (4), if we are right that EHS is due to disturbance of the body's normal balance of nitric oxide, then in theory there are several mechanisms to either prevent the synthase responding, to reduce the resulting NO, to reduce superoxide (with which it reacts), or to reduce the peroxynitrite this results in etc. It isn't just a free radical issue, so melatonin is an incomplete response, but Vit B12 and selenium might be a good combination, for example. But EHS, if it is dose-respondent, will affect NO to different levels in different places, and the medication in a different combination EMF may end up being harmful.

BUT, why should 5% of the population have to pop pills so the rest can use a harmful technology? Should we have a prophylactic cancer pill so it doesn't matter about passive smoking?


Andy, of course we should not end up popping pills. The disturbance of the nitric oxide is about pH ? Your view is chemical, I am moving to an electromagnetic view, interference as the basic mechanism, resonance and polarisation, resulting in effects, consequences (eventually with co-factors), and in the end symptoms (by the senses - therefore it is called electrohypersensitivity, though we don't have senses for electromagnetic fields, except for the eyes of course). Chemical reactions are slow, electromagnetic communication between cells is fast. And distorted, if the structure of coherent electromagnetic radiation from masts corresponds with the structure (frequency, pulsation a.o.) of the communication within the body - Williams says interference HAS to take place then, otherwise the laws of physics should be reviewed.


I understand exactly what you are saying Frans, and I am not talking about something that happens in one small location of the body and has to be transmitted chemical to chemical along the line. Rather it may even change the electrical lines of communication.

Even molecules resonate, and the NO reactions are very fast and happen in every cell independently and simultaneously. Moreover many people's EHS has a lag effect: they don't feel it straight away, but it continues after the EMF event. Other effects are more immediate, such as my "TETRA lines" phenomenon, but I think that is electromagnetically different as well.

What is particularly intriguing is that NO reactions lie behind every symptom of EHS, and every longer term problem related to EMF as well: thyroid, epilepsy, Alzheimer's, CFS, MND, cancer etc.

I don't know what the EMF-to-molecule mechanism is. But since EMF is already known to affect the activity of the NO synthases, then if EHS is all about something else, it's very odd that NO is nonetheless implicated as potential cause for every symptom. Have you read Martin Pall on the same avalanche effects in MCS and CFS?

What is equally intriguing is why people of all shapes and sizes are affected by microwaves from 300 MHz up to 5GHz in the same way, even though some are square pulsed, some more sinusoidal, and some hardly pulsed at all.




I think that electro-hypersensitive people may be the tip of the iceberg. It may be that people who have immediate and unpleasant effects from EMR, because they can "feel" the emissions, therefore do not hang around too long. However, many other people who can't detect the emissions in this way could, nevertheless, eventually suffer for long term low level exposure. For instance, if cancer cell reproduction is stimulated by the radiation, the "victim" may not necessarily "feel" that this is taking place.

If this is the case, then we would all end up having to take medication just to prevent illness.



Sylvia, You are perfectly right: Radio emissions of all kinds, induce activity in many genes, including protooncogenes that start to act as oncogenes for they have (known)sequences in the DNA, that react to EMFs of all kinds. Othert genes induced are those coding for heat shock proteins: The proteins coded act like little scaffolds helping cell proteins activity continue quite normally, in unfavourable conditions (such as high temerature, infections, pollutants enterd the body etc) and they also break the BBB barrier from blood to the brain, allowing the pollutants (and some medicines) pass from the blood directly into the brain. In addition these proteins help DNA injured cells: They arrest their division, and let them to pull themselves together, and correct the DNA, mutaions included. If DNA has been reasonably corrected, the cell may resume regular life. But, if DNA is uncurable, these proteins lead the cell into a self programmed death (apoptosis). But these proteins may also assist cells that became cancerous to escape the apoptosis, then multiply and develop to full scale cancer.




have you yet come across EMF damage to the SOD1 gene? The reason I ask is that mutation can mean the superoxide dismutatase Zn,Cu SOD loses Zinc and the ability to retain its copper, so the SOD turns into a peroxynitrite producer instead of inhibitor. This is a characteristic common to familial and sporadic ALS (MND to us), and the reduced SOD is known as ALS-SOD. This might explain a lot.



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