Join 44 Nobels, 288 NGOs, Europarliament, in Nuke Weapons Appeal

You are urged to sign the appeal below. Please Join this Appeal to take Nuclear Weapons off Hairtrigger Alert if you have not already done so.

To sign please email: foesyd4@ihug.com.au If you have already endorsed it please delete (you may wish to check that you are correctly shown)

Appeal by 44 Nobel Prizewinners including Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Joseph Rotblat and Jose Ramos-Horta, 288 Parliamentarians and NGOs, endorsed by the European Parliament and the Australian Senate on March 10 2005, to lower the operating status of nuclear weapons systems.

Contains: --Statement of Endorsement --Model for a draft resolution for UN General Assembly First Committee --List of supporting organisations, and individuals including 44 nobels , and 237 NGOs and Parliamentarians.

Appeal by 44 Nobel Prizewinners, 288 Parliamentarians and NGOs, endorsed by the European Parliament and the Australian Senate on March 10 2005, to lower the operating status of nuclear weapons systems.

Contains: --Statement of Endorsement --Model for a draft resolution for UN General Assembly First Committee --List of supporting organisations, and individuals including 44 nobels , and 288 NGOs and Parliamentarians.


The Distinguished individuals and organisations below, make the following appeal concerning nuclear weapons, and the danger posed by the maintenance of thousands of nuclear warheads and delivery systems on launch-on-warning status.

We call on the governments of the United States, Russia, China, France, and the UK, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea, to support and implement steps to lower the operational status of nuclear weapon systems in order to reduce the risk of nuclear catastrophe and as part of their obligations, affirmed by the International Court of Justice, to achieve the elimination of nuclear weapons under strict and effective international control.

We note that:

1) To this day, thousands of nuclear weapons in the US and Russia are on Launch-on-warning status, and that the megatonnage involved remains more than enough to destroy civilisation and perhaps the human race.

2) That the Indian subcontinent is increasingly on a 'hairtrigger' status.

3) That there have been numerous incidents in which a nuclear exchange involving thousands of warheads could have taken place, and in which the fate of the earth has depended on the correct judgement of a single individual.

4) That the US, Russia, China, France, and the UK have failed so far to make further progress to achieve the total and unequivocal elimination of their nuclear arsenals, as called for under international law.

5) That, in addition to the failure of the 'official' nuclear weapons powers to fulfil their treaty obligations, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea also posses nuclear weapons, and that the risk of their use is very real.

6) That a number of calls have been made by the UN General Assembly and by the European Parliament to lower the operational status of nuclear weapons.

Accordingly we call on the governments of the United States, Russia, China, France and the UK, India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea, to:

a) Take immediate steps to lower the operational status of nuclear weapons, and to revise nuclear doctrines, policies and postures to reflect such lowered operational status.

b) To implement in good faith their obligations under international law , to accomplish the total and unequivocal elimination of their nuclear arsenals.

c) To implement the steps toward nuclear disarmament outlined in the '13 steps' of the final declaration of the Year 2000 NPT Review Conference.

d) We call on non- nuclear nations to press for nuclear disarmament in every available international forum especially including the United Nations General Assembly First Committee and the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.

e) We call on legislators worldwide to pass resolutions in national and other parliaments pressing for the lowering of the operational status of nuclear weapons and for nuclear disarmament as mandated by international law.

We draw the attention of legislators and diplomats to the two texts below:

i) A model for a resolution in the UN General Assembly calling for the lowering of the operational status of nuclear weapons (Note that in the process of getting it through the GA First Committee it may experience some alterations in text)

ii) Motion passed by the Australian Senate congratulating Colonel Stanislav Petrov on preventing nuclear war during the Serpukhov 15 incident of Sept 26 1983, and calling for the lowering of the operational status of nuclear weapons.

You are invited to endorse the statement above calling for the lowering of the operational status of nuclear weapons systems, and to give your support to measures such as the texts below.

i) Model for a resolution in the UN General Assembly Calling for the lowering of the operational status of nuclear weapons

Operational status of nuclear weapons
The General Assembly

Convinced that the possible use of nuclear weapons poses the most serious threat to humanity and to the survival of civilisation,

Convinced also that the maintenance of nuclear weapons systems at a high level of readiness-to-use increases the risks of unintentional or accidental use of such weapons which would have catastrophic consequences,

Noting that a high level of nuclear weapons readiness-to-use has contributed to a number of circumstances when nuclear weapons have become very close to being used,

Welcoming steps taken by States possessing nuclear weapons to reduce nuclear risks and prevent nuclear war,

Welcoming particularly the agreement by Russia and the United States of America on the Establishment of the Joint Centre for the Exchange of Data from Early Warning Systems and Notification of Missile Launches, but noting that the agreement has not yet been implemented,

Considering that, until nuclear weapons are eliminated, it is imperative that further steps be taken to prevent the accidental, unauthorised or unintentional use of nuclear weapons,

Expressing its deep concern that thousands of strategic warheads remain on Launch-On-Warning status,

Expressing its concern also about emerging approaches to the broader role of nuclear weapons as part of security strategies, including rationalisations for the use, and the possible development, of new types of nuclear weapons,

Recalling the program of action agreed at the 2000 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference which called for concrete agreed measures to further reduce the operational status of nuclear weapons systems

Recalling resolutions [specify resolution numbers] on the floor of this assembly have called for reductions in the operational status of nuclear weapons,

Mindful that concrete steps to reduce the operational status of nuclear weapons systems will help reduce tensions, build confidence and support negotiations leading to the elimination of nuclear weapons,

1. Calls for a review of nuclear doctrines emphasising concrete steps to reduce the operational status of nuclear weapons,

2. Encourages States to immediately implement unilateral steps including, inter alia, the rescinding of launch-on-warning policies, and to urgently conclude negotiated steps, pending agreements for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons,

3. Calls on all States possessing nuclear weapons to undertake not to increase the number or types of weapons deployed and not to develop new types of weapons or rationalisations for their use,

4. Calls for further confidence-building and transparency measures to reduce the threats posed by nuclear weapons,

5. Requests States possessing nuclear weapons to report to the 60th session on steps they have taken to implement this resolution

6. Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its 60th session the item entitled "Operational status of nuclear weapons."

Sponsoring Organisations:

From: John Hallam Nuclear Weapons Campaigner Friends of the Earth Australia, Foesyd4@ihug.com.au
61-2-9567-7533, fax 61-2-9567-7166
1 Henry Street Turella NSW Aust 2205

Doug Mattern, Association of World Citizens,
55 New Montgomery Street, Suite 224, San Francisco, CA 94105.
1- 415 541 9610.

Supported by the Organisations and distinguished individuals below:

44 Nobel Prizewinners who have signed the appeal to lower the operating status of nuclear weapons:

Nobel Laureates HH The Dalai Lama, (Peace) Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, (Bishop of Loriu, Peace 1996) Mairead Corrigan Maguire,(Peace 1976) Jose Ramos Horta, (Peace 1996) Dr Joseph Rotblat, (Peace 1995) Oscar Arias Sanchez,(Peace 1987) Archbishop Desmond Tutu, (Peace 1984) Betty Williams, (Peace 1976)

Dr Alexei Abrikosov,(Physics 2003) Dr Kenneth Arrow, (Economics 1972) Dr Baruj Benacerraf ,(Medicine 1980) Dr Guenter Blobel, (Medicine 1999) Dr Johan Diesenhofer,(Chemistry 1988) Dr Peter C. Doherty, (Medicine 1996) Dr R.R. Ernst, (Chemistry 1991) Dr John B. Fenn, (Chemistry 2002) Dr Edmond H. Fischer , (Medicine 1992) Dr Jerome I. Friedman, (Physics 1990) Dr Val L. Fitch,(Physics 1980) Dr Robert Guillemin,(Medicine) Dr Herbert A. Hauptman, (Chemistry 1985) Dr Dudley Herschbach,(Chemistry 1986) Dr Roald Hoffman , (Chemistry 1981) Dr Gerardus 't Hooft,(Physics 1999) Dr David H. Hubel ,(Medicine 1981) Dr Brian Josephson, (Physics) Dr Arthur Kornberg ,(Medicine 1959) Sir Harry Kroto, (Chemistry 1996) Dr Paul C. Lauterburg,(Medicine 2003) Dr Leon M. Lederman , (Physics 1988) Dr Jean-Marie Lehn, (Chemistry 1987) Dr Marshall Nirenberg, (Medicine 1968) Dr Mario Molina, (Chemistry 1995) Dr Kary Mullis, (Chemistry 1993) Dr Ferid Murad, (Medicine 1998) Dr John C. Polanyi, (Chemistry 1986) Dr Richard Roberts, (Medicine) Dr Frederick Sanger, (Chemistry 1958, 1980) Dr Jack Steinberger, (Physics 1998) Sir John Sulton, (Medicine 2002) Dr E. Donnall Thomas, (Medicine 1990) Dr Martinus Veltman, (Physics 1999) Frank Wilczek, (Physics 2004) Dr Kurt Wuthrich (Chemistry 2002)

Other distinguished Persons:

Maestro Mstislav Rostropovich Dr. Robert Muller (Fmr UN assistant Secy General)

Edgar Mitchell (Astronaut) Benjamin Ferencz, (Prosecutor at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials) Prof Saul Mendlovitz, Dag Hammarskjold Professor, Rutgers Law School,

International Organisations:

Tadatoshi Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima, president of Mayors for Peace, 750 mayors in 110 countries

Ronald Mc Coy President, John Loretz, Program Director, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) (Nobel Prize)

Emma Mc Gregor-Mento, Abolition-2000

Cora Weiss, Hague Appeal for Peace (HAP),

Colin Archer, Secy - General, International Peace Bureau, Geneva (Nobel Prize)

Selma Brackman, President, War and Peace Foundation, NY,

Alyn Ware, International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms,

Nicky Davies, Greenpeace International, Amsterdam,

Susi Snyder, Secy -General, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Geneva,

Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, Brunswick, ME, USA,

Vijay Mehta, Chair, World Disarmament Campaign, Lond,

Charles Mercieca, International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP) Huntsville Ala, USA,

Pol D'Huyvetter, For Mother Earth International, Ghent, Belgium,

James K. Galbraith, Kate Cell, Director, Lucy Webster, UN Observer, Economists for Peace and Security (formerly Economists Allied for Arms Reduction/ (ECAAR))

Lucy Law Webster, Institute for Global Policy,

Rev. Vernon C. Nickols, UN Observer/NGO Rep, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation,

Yumi Kikuchi, founder, Global Peace Campaign,

Peer de Rijk, World Information Service on Energy (WISE) Amsterdam,

David Mumford, International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR), Alkmaar, Neth,

Penny McManigal, The Millionth Circle, USA,

Mary T. Legge SSJ, DPI/NGO at UN for Congregations of St Joseph,

Nancy EW Colton, Anglican Consultative Council for the Episcopal Church Worldwide,

Nancy EW Colton, International Association for Volunteer Effort,

Nancy EW Colton, Secy, NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace, and Security,

Bruce K. Gagnon Coordinator, Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, Brunswick, ME,

David Schweitzer, Schweitzer Institute,

Nouri Abdul Razak Husain, Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO)

Phil Esmonde, Regional Adviser, Peace Building and Conflict Reduction, Oxfam (Identification purposes only).

US Organisations:

Helen Caldicott,(founder PSR, WAND) President, Nuclear Policy Research Institute, Wash DC,

Alice Slater, Global Resource and Action Centre for the Environment, NY,

Martin Butcher, PSR, Washington DC,

Bruce Blair, President, Centre for Defence Information, Washington,
(identification only)

Jonathan Granoff, President, Global Security Institute, (pers capy)

David Krieger, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Santa Barbara, Calif,

Rev. Vernon C. Nichols, UN-NGO Rep, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation,

Ellen Thomas, Proposition-1 Committee, Washington, USA,

Pamela S. Meidell, Atomic Mirror, Port Hueneme, Calif, USA.,

David Robinson, Pax Christi USA, Erie, PA,

Peggy L. Shriver, Fmr Asst. General Secy, National Council of Churches, NY.,

Donald W. Shriver, Union Theological Seminary, NY.,

Rev. William J. Morton, SSC, Columban Mission Office, US/Mexico Border, El Paso Texas, USA,

Sr Mary Peter Bruce, Loretto Community New York, NY,

Bernice Fisher, Penninsula WILPF, Palo Alto Calif,

Bill Smirnow, Nuclear- Free New York,

Donald Keesing, Voices Opposed to Environmental Racism, Wash DC,

Lorraine Krofchok, Grandmothers for Peace International, Elk Grove, Calif,

Vina Colley, PRESS, Ohio,

Bruce A. Drew, Prairie Island Coalition, Mn, USA,

George Crocker, N. American Water office, Lake Elmo, Mn, USA,

Daniel Ellsberg, Truth-Telling Project, (Fmr RAND consultant to White House on Nuclear C3I)

Kathy Kelly, Coordinator, Voices in the Wilderness, Chicago Ill,

Patricia J. Ameno, Chair, Citizens Action for a Safe Environment, Penn,

Francis Chiappa, President, Cleveland Peace Action,

John Laforge, Bonnie Urfer, Nukewatch, WI, USA,

Andrew Hund, Alaska/Arctic Environmental Defense Fund,

Coleen Marshall Secy, Sheldon Nidle, Founder, Planetary Activation Organisation, Hawaii,

Marsha Joyner, President, Hawiian National Communications Corporation, Honululu, Hawaii,

Paul Ehrlich, President, Centre of Conservation Biology, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif,

Irving Stolberg, President, Caucus of Connecticut Democrats,

Irving Stolberg, President, Connecticut Division, United Nations Association,

Barbara Murphy-Warrington, CARE-USA, Atlanta, Georgia,

Alanna Hartzog, Co-Director, Earth Rights Institute, PA,

Beth A. Pirolli, Director, Families United for a Safe Environment (FUSE),

Carolyn Vigneri, Nebraskans for Peace, Omaha, Nebraska, USA,

Glen Carroll, Georgians Against Nuclear Energy, Atlanta, GA, USA,

Robert Gould MD, Physicians for Sociel Responsibility (PSR) San Francisco Bay Area, Berkley, Calif,

Samuel S. Epstien MD, Chair, Cancer Prevention Coalition, Chcago, Ill,

Dr Kathleen Sullivan, Nuclear Weapons Education and Action Prject, NY.,

Terri Swearingen (1997 Golman Prize) Tri-State Environmental Council, WV.,

Bill Towe, North Carolina Peace Action, NC, USA,

Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder, Global Exchange,

Jennifer O. Viereck, Director HOME: Healing Ourselves & Mother Earth, Tecopa, CA,

Bob Kinsey, Colorado Coalition for the Prevention of Nuclear War,

Kevin Martin Executive Director Peace Action and Peace Action Education Fund, MD,

Bob Alpern, Coordinator, Action for Nuclear Disarmament, Sonoma County, CA

Preston J. Truman, Downwinders, Malad, Idaho,

Stanley Romaine, Great Neck SANE/Peace Action

Hannah Pallmayer, Women Against Military Madness, (WAMM), Minnesota, USA,

Margaret Groarke, Director of Peace Studies, Manhattan College, Bronx, NY,

Dr Norman L. Brown, (Manhattan Project Veteran),

Linda Muolton-Howe, Earthfiles.com, Albuquerque, NM,

Congressman Dennnis Kucinich, Ohio,

Canadian Organisations

Debbie Grisdale President/Steven Starr, Physicians for Global Responsibility, (PGS),

Rosalie Bertell, President Emeritus, International Institute for Concern for Public Health, Toronto, Ont,

Roy and Anne Morris, Salmon Arm Kairos Group, BC, Canada,

Gordon Edwards PhD, President, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility (CCNR),

Desmond Berghofer, Co-Founder, Institute for Ethical Leadership, Vancouver Canada,

Metta Spencer, Editor, Peace Magazine, Toronto, Ont,

Mike Nickerson, Sustainability Project - 7th Generation Initiative, Ont,

Dr F. H. Knelman, Vice-President, The Whistler Foundation, Victoria BC, Canada,

Patrick Groulx, Iron John and Mary With a Snugly (IJAMWAS), Etobicoke, Ontario, Can

Libby Davies MP, Vancouver East, Canada,

Bill Blaikie MP, Elmwood-Transcona (NDP), Canada,

Douglas Roche, Senator Emeritus, Fmr Disarmament Ambassador, Canada

UK Organisations

Dr Kate Hudson, Chair, Sam Akaki, Parliamentary Officer, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), UK

Jenny Maxwell, West Midlands Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Birmingham, UK,

Reuben Ralph Say, Woking Action for Peace/CND, Woking, Surrey, UK,

Caroline Gilbert, Patricia Pulham, Michael Pulham, Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CCND),

Jill Stallard National Secy, CND Cymru, Nantagredig, Cynghordy, Llanymddyfri, Wales, UK,

Prof. Dave Webb, CND Yorkshire,

George Farebrother, World Court Project, Lond, UK,

Dr David Lowry, Fmr Director, European Proliferation Information Centre (EPIC), Lond,

Di Mc Donald, Nuclear Information Service, (NIS) Southampton, UK,

Ken Coates, Chair, Bertrand Russel Peace Foundation,

Angie Zelter, Trident Ploughshares UK,

Richard Bramhall, Low-Level Radiation Campaign, Llandridod, Powys, UK,

Lindis Percy/Anni Rainbow, CAAB, Yorks, UK,

Janet Bloomfield, Coordinator, Atomic Mirror UK, Saffron Walden, UK,

David Bowe, MEP,

Dr Caroline Lucas MEP, Green Member of the European Parliament for S.E. England

Alan Simpson MP,

David Chaytor MP, Member for Bury North,

Frank Cook MP, Westminster,

Llew Smith MP, Blaenau, Gwent, Wales,

John Mc Donnel MP, Labour, Hayes and Harlington, Middlesex,

Harry Cohen MP, House of Commons, UK,

John Austin MP, Labour, Erith and Thamesmead, UK,

Malcolm Savidge MP,

Baroness Susan Miller, House of Lords, Lond,

Russian& Ukrainian Organisations

Vladimir Sliviak, Co-Chair, Ecodefense, Moscow,

Professor Alexey Yablokov, President, Centre for Russian Environmental Policy, Moscow,

Andrei Laletin, Chairman, Friends of the Siberian Forests, Krasnoyarsk, Russia,

Jennie Sutton, Baikal Environmental Wave,

Victor Khazan, Friends of the Earth Ukraine, Dneipropetrovsk, Ukr,

Serghiy Fedorynchyck, Zelelenyi Zvit, Kiev, Ukraine,

Sergei Kolesnikov, Duma Member, Deputy Chair, Cttee on Education and Science, Moscow,

Sergei Kolesnikov, IPPNW-Russia,

Indian Organisations

Achin Vanaik, Admiral L. Ramdas, Lalita Ramdas, Sukla Sen, Smithu Kothari, Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP), India New Delhi,

Admiral L. Ramdas, India-Pakistan Soldiers Initiative for Peace, Raigad Dist, Maharashtra,

Hari Sharma, President, International South Asia Forum,

Sukla Sen, EKTA, Mumbai, India,

Mahipal Singh, General Secy, Peoples Union for Civil Liberties,
(PUCL) New Delhi,

Imrana Quadeer, Centre for Community Health and Social Medicine, JNU, New Delhi,

Harsh Kapoor, (India/France) South Asians Against Nukes,

Jayanti Patel, Indian Radical Humanist Association, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,

Kirity Roy, Secy, MASUM, Howrah, W. Bengal,

Swami Manavatavadi, International School of Humanitarian Thoughts and Practice, Rajghat, Kurukshetra, Haryana,

Aruna Roy, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS), Rajasthan,

The National Campaign for the Peoples Right to Information (NCPRI) Rajasthan, India,

Ammu Abraham, Womens Centre, Mumbai,

Meenakshi Gopinath, Women in Security, Conflict Management and Peace
(An initiative of the Foundation for Universal Responsibility of HH The Dalai Lama), New Delhi,

Dr. J. Amaloorpavanathan, Physicians for Peace, Chennai, TN, India,

Sandeep Pandey, Arundhati Dhuru, National Association of Peoples Movements (NAPM), Global Peace March,

Rajiv R. Singh, Network to Oust Nuclear Energy, (NONE) New Delhi,

Anita Bharti, Centre for Alternative Dalit Media (CADAM) Delhi,

Smithu Kothari, Intercultural Resources, New Delhi,

Prahlad Shekawat, Alternative Development Centre, India,

J. Gurumurthy, All-India Insurance Employees Association, Chennai, Tamil Nadu India

Dr Shaikh Sarfaraz Ali, Dept of Physics, JMI, New Delhi,

Arjun Dev, NCERT, New Delhi,

Wilfred D'Costa, Secy, Indian National Social Action Forum (INSAF) Delhi,

Pritam K. Rohila, Association for Communal Harmony in Asia,

Amelia Andrews, Associate Executive Secretary, National Council of Churches in India,

Pakistani Organisations

Pirzada Imtiaz Syed, Secy, All-Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions (APFUTU), Gujrat, Pakistan,

AH Nayyar, President, Pakistan Peace Coalition,

Dr Mubashir Hasan, (Fmr finance minister) Campaigner for Human Rights and India-Pakistan Friendship, Pakistan-India Forum for Peace and Democracy.

Prof. M. Ismail, Director, RISE, Peshawar, Pakistan,

Bangladeshi Organisations

M.W. Faruque, President, Youth Approach for Development and Cooperation (YADC)

Paltan Development Coordinating Organisation

Sugandha Sanskritic Kendra,

Society for Legal Rights

The Daily Matrijagat

Bangabandhu Gabeshana Sangstha

Association for Law Research and Human Rights (ALERT)

NZ Organisations

Commander Robert Green, Disarmament and Security Centre, Christchurch, NZ,

Alyn Ware, Peace Foundation, Wellington, NZ,

Marion Hancock, Wendy John, Aotearoa/NZ Peace Foundation, Auckland NZ,

Christine Lesley, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Wellington, NZ,

R.E. White, Director, Centre for Peace Studies, University of Auckland, NZ,

Peter Low, Quaker Peace and Service, NZ,

Jonathan Hunt MP, Speaker, NZ Parliament,

Keith Locke MP, Greens, NZ,

Rod Donald MP, Co-Leader, Greens, NZ,

Gordon Copeland MP, United Future Party,

Tim Barnett MP, Labor, Christchurch Central Electorate, Christchurch NZ,

Australian Organisations

Sue Wareham, President, Medical Association for the Prevention of War (MAPW),

Margaret Reynolds, President, United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA),

Jo Vallentine, People for Nuclear Disarmament W.A.,

David Sweeney, Nuclear Campaigner, Australian Conservation Foundation, Carlton, Vic,

Peter Robertson Environment Centre of the Northern Territory (ECNT) Darwin, NT,

Gar Smith, Environmentalists Against War,

Stop The War Coalition, Victoria,

Dr Stella Cornelius, Director, Conflict Resolution Network, Chatswood NSW,

Ned Iceton, Co-Convenor, Social Development Network, Armidale NSW,

Ralph Summy, Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Uni of Queensland,

Peter Burton, Peace Partners, Toowoomba, Qld,

Dr Mark Zirnsak, Director, Justice and International Mission, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, Uniting Church in Australia,

Rev Sue Gorman, Moderator, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, Uniting Church in Australia,

Keith Russel, Religious Society of Friends, ACT,

Senator Kerry Nettle, Greens, NSW,

Senator Lyn Alison, Australian Democrats Vic,

Senator Andrew Bartlett, Australian Democrats Qld,

Senator Aden Ridgeway, Australian Democrats NSW,

Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja, Australian Democrats SA,

Senator Brian Grieg, Australian Democrats WA,

Terry Roberts MP, SA,

Carmen Lawrence MHR, President, Labor Party,

Jill Hall MHR,

Warren Snowden MHR, ALP Member for Lingiari NT,

Alan Griffin MHR, ALP Member for Bruce, Melb,

Jann Mc Farlane MHR, ALP Member for Stirling, W.A.,

Tanya Plibersek MHR, ALP Member for Sydney, NSW,

Dee Margetts MLC (Greens), W.A.,

Giz Watson, Greens, W.A.,

Ian Cohen MLC (Greens) NSW,

Kerrie Tucker MLA, Greens ACT,

Swedish Organisations

Agneta Norberg/Bo Wirmark, Chair, Swedish Peace Council,

Stefan Bjornsson, President, Swedish Scientists and Engineers Against Nuclear Arms (SEANA), Stockholm,

Gunnar Westberg, President, SLMK (IPPNW Sweden), Goteborg, Sweden,

Anders Ygeman MP, Stockholm,

Marilyn Barden, Chair, Stockholm Peace Committee, Sweden,

Danish Organisations

Poul Eck Sorensen, Peace Movement of Esbjerg,

Poul Eck Sorensen, Peace Council of Denmark,

Holger Terp/John Avery, Danish Peace Academy,

John Avery, Pugwash Conference Denmark,

Finnish Organisations

Teemu Matinpuro, Director, Finnish Peace Committee, Helsinki, Finland,

Lea Launokari, Women for Peace Finland,

Ulla Kotzer, Women Against Nuclear Power Finland,

Heidi Hautala MP Greens,

Kimmo Kiljunen MP, Social Democrats, Finland,

German Organisations

Eva Quistorp, Women for Peace, Berlin, Germany,

Eva Quistorp, Berlin Declaration, Berlin, Germany,

Henning Droege, Arzt fur Allgemeinmedizin, Homoopathie, Naturheilverfahren, Allgau, Germany,

Wolfgang Schlupp-Hauck, Friedens-und Begegnungsstaette Mutlangen eV, Germany,

Bernd Frieboese, Barsebackoffensiv (Pers capy)

Rienhard Voss, Pax Christi Germany, Franfurt Am Main,

Dr Anne Brie MEP PDS,

Uta Zapf, MP, Chair, Bundestag Committee on Arms Control, Disarmament and Nonproliferation,

Belgian Organisations

Hans Lammerant, Forum Voor Vredesaktie, Belgium,

Zoe Genot MP, Greens, Belgium,

Eloi Glorieux MP, Greens, Flemish Regional Parliament, Belgium,

Muriel Gerkens MP, Greens, Brussels,

Senator Patrick Vankrunkelsven, Brussels, Belg,

Marie Isler-Beguin, MEP,

Edith Klein, European Commission, Brussels, Belg,

Netherlands Organisations

Harry Van Bommel MP, Neth,

Joost Lagendijk, Member of European Parliament, GroenLinks, Netherlands,

Senator Leo Platvoet, Green-Left, Amsterdam Neth,

Fiona Dove, Director, Transnational Institute, Neth,

Carolien Van de Stadt, WILPF-Netherlands,

Frank Slijper, Campagne Tegen Wapenhandel, Gromingen, Neth,

Marjan Lucas, IKV Interchurch Peace Council, Amsterdam Netherlands,

French Organisations

Dominique Lalanne, Co-Chair, Stop Essais, France,

Bruno Barrilot, Director, Observatoire des Armes Nucleaires Francaises, Lyons, France,

Jean-Marie Matagne, Action des Citoyens pour le Desarmement Nucleaire
(ACDN) Saintes, France,

Luisa Morgantini MEP, Italy/Brussells

Folena Pietro, MP Italy, Foreign Affairs Commission, Democrats of the Left (DS) - Olive Tree Coalition

Hallgeir H. Langeland MP, Norway,

Bent Natvig, Chair, Norwegian Pugwash Committee, Oslo, Norway,

Czech Peace Society, Prague, Czech Rep,

Berta Suttner Society, Prague, Czech Rep,

Romanian Organisations

Constantin Cretu, Romanian Social Forum, Bucharest, Romania,

Constantin Cretu, 'Carpathians Genius' Bucharest, Romania,

Aurel Duta, For Mother Earth, Bucharest, Romania,

Constantin S. Lacatus, Sibenii Pacifistii, Sibiu, Romania,

Manana Kochladze, 'Green Alternative', Tblisi, Georgia,

Japanese Organisations

Atsushi Fujioka, Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Kyoto, Japan,

Hideyuki-Ban, Secy-General, Citizens Nuclear Information Centre
(CNIC) Tokyo, Japan,

Yayoi Tsuchida, International Secretary, Gensuikyo, (Japan Council Against A and H Bombs)

Shigetoshi Iwamatsu, Chair, Gensuikin, (Japan Congress Against A and H Bombs).

Wen Bo, Pacific Environment, Beijing, China,

Kim Choony, Korean Federation for Environmental Movement, (KFEM)

Prof Samsung Lee, Political Science, Hallym University,

Mexican Organisations

Efraim Cruz Marin, President, Academicos de Ciencias y Humanidades, Mexico,

Noni Fernandez, Mexican Initiative Against War, Chiapas, Colonia Roma,

Luis Gutterrez Esparza, President, Latin-American Circle for International Studies (LACIS), Mexico City,

Grace de Haro, APDH, Rio Negro, Argentina,

Dina Lida Kinoshita, Unesca Catedra for Education for Peace, Human Rights, Democracy and Tolerance, Sao Paulo, Brasil,

Senator Roberto Saturnino, Brasilian Federal Senate, (for Rio de Janiero)

Roy Cabonegro, YSDA-Pilipinas, Quezon City, Phillipines,

Clemente G. Bautista, Kalikasan, (Peoples Network for the Environment) Phillipines,

Soodhakur Ramlallah Secy Mauritius Union of Journalists Port Louis Mauritius

Bishan Singh, SUSDEN, Malaysia,

Dato Haji Mustapha Ma, Secy, IFNGO, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

Lonngena Ginting, WALHI/Friends of the Earth Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia,

Saranjan Kodithuwakku, Green Movement of Sri Lanka, Nugegoa, Sri Lanka,

Binda Pandey, Secy-General, General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT), Kathmandhu Nepal,

Maria D. Watondoha MP, Tanzanian National Assembly, Dodoma, Tanzania,

Hon. Dr Diodorus Buberwa Kamala MP, Mzumbe, Tanzania,

Edward Appiah-Brafoh, Green Earth Organisation, Accra, Ghana,

Fifanampiana Malgasy (Madagascar Solidarity Committee)

Gisele Rabesahala, fmr Minister of Culture, fmr Vice-President of Madagascar Senate,

Dr. Araf Marei, Vice President, Egyptian Association for Community Participation, Cairo, Egypt,

Dr Akram Alhamdani, President, Green Party of Iraq, Baghdad

Dr Ahmad Al Hashimi, Iraqi Relief Foundation, Ont, Canada,

Ayman Jallad, Humanitarian Group for Social Development, Beirut, Lebanon,

Stephen J. Stanton, Cedarwatch, Lebanon,

Mabrouk Boudaga, Arab Young Lawyers Association, Tunis, Tunisia,

From: John Hallam Nuclear Weapons Campaigner Friends of the Earth Australia, Note New Email adress foesyd4@ihug.com.au
61-2-9567-7533 /9567-7644 h61-2-9810-2598
1 Henry Street Turella NSW Aust 2205


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Familie Lange aus Bonn...
http://twitter.com/WILABon n/status/97313783480574361 6
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Dänische Studie findet...
https://omega.twoday.net/st ories/3035537/ -------- HLV...
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Schwere Menschenrechtsverletzungen ...
Bitte schenken Sie uns Beachtung: Interessengemeinschaft...
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Effects of cellular phone...
http://www.buergerwelle.de /pdf/effects_of_cellular_p hone_emissions_on_sperm_mo tility_in_rats.htm [...
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