PeTA, Milk & Your Children

I have been active in what I feel is a very dangerous campaign directed towards you and your children by PeTA. I have created a Care2 album of all very real PeTA campaigns from PeTAs own site, I call the album PeTAphiles.

I ask you to view this album and if you need further information or wish the PDF files and text or if you wish to see pimples burst on the Pimply Patti animation I have provided the links to PeTA approved campaigns that are going on right now.

The Link to my album here on Care2 is:


For PDF & Animated Cards :

Diabetic Diane

Lactose Intolerant Latoya

Milk Stealing Ming

Ear Infection Enrique

Windy Wanda Animated; Pimply Patti animated; Loogie Louie Animated: Chubby Charlie Animated all at the PeTA site:

I feel these programs are destructive to your child especially when they are targeted at children already very self image aware. PeTA uses Milk as the excuse for everything from gas to Type 1 diabetes and uses images of children to scare children. This type of trauma can effect a child in ways PeTA chooses to ignore, like the reasons given by Psychologists and school officials.

PeTA has taken a 29 million dollar a year budget gifted to save animals not kill them nor to scare our children. These tactics are wrong and require intervention for PeTA to continue to get a tax exemption as well as review of there "adoption" and euthanasia program.



Peace Bill


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