Where has all the water gone?

There has been much talk in alternative news about electromagnetic weapons and weather alteration devices becoming a reality or indeed, are already a reality.


The theory seems too science fiction like for most people who have cursed any number of deity through the ages over the rains or lack thereof.

Still, there's mounting evidence that 'something' about the subject is true. Otherwise there's going to be a lot of disappointed conspiracy theorists. The unproven truth is that the first common mankind will know is when he finds himself held hostage by a rogue state that has against all odds learned to literally control the weather and - we'll do as we're told.

It's pretty scary. You can either dehydrate or drown, freeze or snap bake. Your crops will die of either too much or too little water. From one week to the next you might have to look out your front door to find out which shoes to wear!

The civilian outcome is pretty darned frightening - when those dams run to critical and no river is running for hundreds of miles... or flooding unstoppably. The military application is very neat when it is a precision event - mud will eventually slow down even the most determined of tracked war machines and; fog slows down aircraft substantially. A snow storm will stop unprepared soldiers fairly rapidly as well.

Certainly, it'd be more useful as a shield against attack rather than a weapon of attack. You'd think so, anyhow.


Informant: Kaley Adams


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