Technology Backlash: The Information Age and RF Illness

Risks from cell phones, wireless communications

Just what we didn't need - more to worry about. But the concerns are rising about cell phones and wireless radio frequencies. Our kids are the guinea pigs...


Mon, 18 Jul 2005 14:34:24 -0700

Layna Berman will do a one-hour radio program tomorrow on KPFA in the Bay Area.... if you are interested in listening.

Her program is "Your Own Health and Fitness". It is scheduled from 1 pm to 2 pm, July 19, 2005.

Below is the outline of my program notes for the show. If you want this as an attached file which retains its formatting, please email me.

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Cindy Sage Sage Associates

Program Notes (by Cindy Sage, Sage Associates)

Your Own Health and Fitness Layna Berman Show July 19, 2005 1 pm to 2 pm on KPFA radio

Technology Backlash: The Information Age and RF Illness

The Potential for Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiation Illness Can Be Reduced by Smart Choices in New Technologies

Major Topics

Brain Cancer and Cell Phones

What is the recent trend in studies on cell phone use and brain cancer? Risk ratios for brain cancers and acoustic neuromas exceed “chance” findings Risk ratios for above cancers from a doubling to an eight-fold (800% +) risk Multiple brain cancer and acoustic neuroma studies now published – replicating risks. All cell phones appear harmful – analogue, digital and cordless phones (analog riskiest)

REFLEX Program (recently completed European program – 12 study teams) http://tinyurl.com/cf3q4

Confirmed DNA damage (single- and double-strand DNA damage in cells) Mutations pass on to next generations – direct link to cancer Free Radical Damage (Oxidative damage to cells that results in many chronic diseases) The mechanisms are known now. Non-thermal RF exposures are bioactive and harmful.

Cell phone use may be addictive (see studies and reports sent previously) (Lai, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1997; Maillerfer, 1992; Mickley, 1998; Seaman, 1998)

Cell Phones and Driving

Cell phone use in the car is like driving drunk (400% increase in collisions or 4-fold risk) Many studies now show that both hand-held and hands-free phones are very risky. Largest risk is for young drivers (20-29 years) in terms of fatal collisions.

Brainwave activity changes within the first 2 minutes of cell phone call and may last beyond the length of the actual call, causing impairment in vision and driving judgement.

The brain cannot both drive and conduct a cell phone call at the same time without calling on the same portions of the brain, reducing the efficiency of both. Young drivers using a cell phone “age” to that of the reflex of a 50-year old driver NOT using a cell phone (Strayer, 2004).

Wireless Communication Systems

What about using the new technologies that produce radiofrequency radiation and microwave radiation? They include Wireless LANs, WI-FI, WI-MAX, Bluetooth, RFID tags, wireless antenna towers, internal office wireless systems. etc.

All these new devices use a technology based on radiofrequency/microwave radiation (800-900 MHz, 1800-1900 MHz, 2.45 GHz or 3GHz or “3 gig”)

All these devices exceed RF levels of exposure already associated in some studies with RF illness symptoms

These technologies produce a few nanowatts to a few microwatts/centimeter squared of “power” but the body registers and responds to the signal with changes that are stressful and potentially harmful if long-term

We are now seeing scientific studies that report people respond to only a few nanowatts of RF exposure (pulsed RF) and feel ill (Oberfeld, 2004 – The Spanish Study)

Nothing is known about long-term (cumulative) effects but the trend is not good. Short-term illness has already resulted.

Our children will be the experiment.

What are the levels of exposure? Nanowatts/microwatts (billionth or millionth of a watt)

Why? It’s the informational content of pulsed RF – not the “heat” or thermal stress

Are they linked to adverse health effects? If so, what kind?

Insomnia (and resulting fatigue)
Impairment in thinking (cognitive function)
Disorientation (spatial deficits)
Heart arrythmias (changes in heart rhythm)
Irritability, anxiety and changes in coping behavior
Vertigo, dizziness, and resulting nausea Immune system disfunction

How do these levels compare to the federal standards? Several million times lower.

Why is there such a discrepancy? Outdated thermal standards.

Need non-thermal standards or low-intensity standards that have biomarkers which reflect the biochemistry, gene changes and protein changes that result from chronic, low-intensity RF exposure.

What can we do?

Instead of wireless systems, choose wired internet (Ethernet cable modems)

Instead of wireless laptops in home, school and office - CAT 5 cable (wired alternative)

Be aware of your school district’s intentions – do not support “wireless”

Educate yourself and your community about OPTIONS to wireless – we don’t have to do without. We can have communications and data on the internet, and with our friends and family by taking some reasonable precautions

Children should not use cell phones AT ALL.

In general, everyone who does use a cell phone should try to:

• limit calls (both in number and length of call)

• use a land-line for all calls (and for lengthy calls)

• use a wired headset (preferably with hollow cord at ear)

• avoid Bluetooth (headset and cards for wireless laptops)

• avoid hotels that have WI-FI (wireless hotspots) in order to be able to sleep

• avoid Starbucks and MacDonalds (and other wireless hotspots) particularly with your children in tow.

• let restaurants, internet cafes, stores and hotels know if you object to involuntary exposure from “wireless hotspots” when you shop or travel.

What can we do about cell phones and driving?

Hang up and drive Do not allow young drivers to use a phone in car

Do not return calls while driving Do not take calls while driving

Turn the phone off while in the car Collect messages when you arrive at a safe spot

Remember rural areas (weaker RF signals) produce more brain tumors (Hardell, 2005)

Select your next cell phone with a low SAR value. You can choose between 0.2 - 1.46 SAR (choose lowest) ` SAR Values (see website at http://www.sarvalues.com )

Get a built-in carphone jack (hands free) Get the antenna hookup outside the car, if possible.

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