The guidelines are obsolete

11:00 - 20 May 2005

The latest phone mast horror story in the national newspapers, about the infamous "Tower of Terror" in Merseyside, again proves the potentially catastrophic consequences of living near a phone mast. Following the siting of three masts on flats in Merseyside, seven cancer deaths and four strokes occurred among residents in the past 18 months.

Yet Mr Dolan, representing the mobile phone operators, still attempts to mask the adverse health effects of living in the vicinity of phone masts (Bath Chronicle May 16/17).

The Government's Stewart and National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) reports, which he incorrectly claims exonerates the phone industry, in fact prove the opposite eg: "There remain particular concerns in the UK about the impact of base stations on health."

Even Dr Jill Meara, the deputy director of the NRPB which advises the Government on phone safety, said: "There are real symptoms out there".

After irresponsibly siting masts next to schools, hospitals and housing (because it's cheaper) Mr Dolan has the audacity to claim that phone operators have implemented the "precautionary advice" contained in the Government's Stewart Report.

Wrong again Mr Dolan.

Dr Gibson MP, who chairs the Commons Science and Technology Committee, disagrees. He recently mocked claims by Government that it has been following Sir William Stewart's report "precautionary principle". He said: "Bill (Stewart) has said the precautionary principle has not been used when I have questioned him".

The international guidelines, frequently trumpeted by the phone industry, are set 9,000 times too high. They were introduced in the technology's infancy, after subjecting animals to 20 minutes of electro magnetic radiation and then pronouncing it safe to humans.

These guidelines are obsolete.

Badminton Road Mast Action Group
Westons Brake
Emersons Green



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