The retire of a telephony antenna 8 months after the sentence

HORCAJO OF THE TOWERS: THEY RETIRE A TELEPHONY ANTENNA 8 MONTHS AFTER THE SENTENCE·Two great cranes began yesterday to retire the antenna of movable telephony of Pleasant Movable Retevisión in Horcajo of the Towers (Ávila).·five neighbors of Horcajo of the Towers against the telephony station.·A process that has extended 4 years.·the antenna was in the urban helmet and to less than 30 meters of the patio of the school of the municipality. We congratulated to the association ' Antennas with fronteras' and denounced the disloyal conduct of the Mayor and the Delegation of Ávila towards the affected ones. We took advantage of to now enclose to a this good new article written from the Association Against Injurious Radiations of L'Escala (AVECORN) seventeen months ago (16/12/2003) avecorn@hotmail.com First Digital Newspaper of Ávila Ávila, 29 Fridays April of 2005 Society Justice ordered to the City council its elimination Retire a telephony antenna 8 months after the sentence Two great cranes began yesterday to retire the antenna of movable telephony of Pleasant Movable Retevisión in Horcajo of the Towers (Ávila), eight months after a sentence of the Superior Court of Justice of Castile and Leon ordered its demolition and dismantling because econtraba "illegally constructed". The association Antenna with Borders, impeller of this measurement, has shown its satisfaction. The spokesman of the association ' Antennas with fronteras', Alvaro Ortega, has shown his satisfaction by the conclusion "successfully" of a process that has extended during four years. The origin of the conflict was the situation of the antenna within the urban helmet and to less than 30 meters of the patio of the school of the municipality. The sentence of the TSJ of Castile and Leon insisted to the City council of the locality, that granted city-planning license for the rise of the station of movable telephony, to dismantle the antenna before August of 2004. Antennas yes, but far Ortega showed that the antenna could be located outside the urban helmet, in "a municipal parcel located in the highest zone of the town", next to the linen factory, that tells on an electrical attack for the antenna less than 200 meters. Debate in the courts the Superior Court of Justice of Castile and Leon rejected the resource of appeal interposed by the company Amena Movable Retevisión to avoid the dismantling and demolition of the antenna, to which it considered "constructed illegally". This way, the dictation by the Contentious Court of the Administrative thing of Ávila was ratified then, that partially considered the resource interposed by five neighbors of Horcajo of the Towers against the telephony station. Previously, a court already considered the dissability of the work license granted by the City council of Horcajo of the High Towers the 11 of May of 2001, that authorized the installation of a telephony station, a tower of 40 meters of height, located in kilometer 23 of the Highway of Madrigal of the High Towers, the Av-129, to the company Amena Movable Retevisión. Patricia Garci'a ALIVE Oak grove pgarcia@aviladigital.com HORCAJO, STILL In spite of ITS MAYOR and the DELEGATION OF ÁVILA When reading this morning the news at issue, I have rebelled myself in certain way because the manifestations of the Mayor of Horcajo of the Towers one comes off a clear intention that it lines the disrespect and announced breach of a judicial Resolution, that surely has needed the much patience, effort and rage that is possible to guess in the neighbors of Horcajo of the Towers. The Resolution of the Judge has been based on right and has decided that the criteria that handle the technicians of the City council are not absolutely correct, that those that does not handle to the Meeting of Castile-Leon and the Delegation of Ávila either. The city-planning infractions are manifest and clearly objective and objetivables. Before them it must receive from this moment Mr. Fructuoso Corona warning of which of not fulfilling Sentencia and, therefore, applying his city-planning planning, it will be incurring the prevarication crime, just as all those tècnicos his that nowadays maintain criteria clearly surpassed by the jurisprudence and which they only maintain those that are aquejados of síndronme of Stockholm, respect to operadras of movable telephony. On the other hand, he is possible to warn to Ilustre Mayor who the legality is not question if more or less councilmen vote a municipal resolution, since if is vitiated of invalidity the only thing that will be able to have is not intentionality to break the laws or a bad skill of the municipal technicians informants, but of no way the possibility of granting illegal licenses by the fact to have more or less a Councilman that he supports the agreement that grants a permission illegal. And inasmuch as one talks about his excuse of which Sentencia does not allude to the damages to the health derived from the action of the station bases, is not of receipt that the pain much, muchisima people, is used to light the unfounded ones, bases, nor interest to obtain a data that is to disposition of all that that it wants to approach the same one. The damage to the health that is derived from the emitting action of electromagnetic fields is unquestionable to the light of innumerable studies, that is idle to reproduce for that beforehand no longer they will agree to read them. The same it is used to happening with the judicial organs, since when working following the schemes of the procedure inquisitorio leads back their function namely what the plaintiff and in what requests laws bases his pretension; what says the demanded one and to verify if it disassembles to the arguments of the part plaintiff; to ask for tests; to listen to experts; to study the conclusions to that the two parts in heddle arrive and to dictate Sentence. And in the chapter of the test always it has ready readier than they defend of partial way and shameless to the demanded part, or are the operators or the Administrations that have granted licenses nonfit to Right. And that defense becomes authorized skill when that signs and affirms, with more presumable than certain dose of scientific knowledge, that the emissions are within the limits of the legality and that the studies epidemiologists, doctors or scientists they still are in an embryonic state, do it from the púlpito of the officiality: Institute Carlos III, Ministry of Health or, of health Kafkiana way, speaking from a degree of Superior Engineer of Telecommunications. To the Judge it is necessary to present/display doctors to him, experts in health, experts in electromagnetism, professional psychiatrists informed and worried about a constant formation, that not always will come to them from the Instructions of the Ministry of Health, but about the resistance about studies and more international studies... To the judges it is necessary to go with the personal medical files of the affected ones and with the doctor who has treated to the patients convinced of the suitability and possible connection cause-effect between the emissions and the sufferings. While that is not possible, by ignorance, ignorance or apathy of many specialists and doctors of temporary family who could know first hand the space connection and which the signatory doctors of the Call of Friburgo subscribe, the Judges will not become expert self-taughts person of all the bases and scientific evidences that attend to us. For that reason, we blinded ourselves in defending the way of the legality and fulfillment of the city-planning laws like more effective way, at the present time, to achieve a judicial success. And if the administrative authorities do not fulfill the sentences its attitude will be constituent of the crime of judicial disobedience. LET US DEMAND THE FULFILLMENT OF THE LAW: CITY-planning And The CONSTITUTION THAT HAD TO PROTECT OUR HEALTH, PRIVACY And OUR HOMES. Let us study the future legal of our actions and act consequently. Agustín legal Advisory Garci'a of AVECORN Something little knows of Right and another of Political Sciences and Theory of the Conspiracy. L'Escala 16/12/2003 ALGUNAS NOTICIAS DE HORCAJO DE LAS TORRES (ÁVILA) 2/5/03 (the North of Castile) Horcajo of the Towers (Avila, Castella i Lleo '). - A hundred of neighbors was concentrated before the City council to protest against the installation of an antenna of Telephone movable telephony of Moving bodies located in the urban helmet, to little meters of the school, the municipal swimming pools and the supply depot of water, located before the other antenna of movable telephony of the Pleasant company. The mayor of the locality considers east act of protest like a political maneuver of the opposition, since from day 21 of April the installation of this work by the rejection of some neighbors is paralyzed, although counted on all the permissions granted so much policemen as on the part of the Meeting of Castile and Leon, to the salary approved the work license and installation the plenary session, and exposed to the public during two months. 18/8/03 (the Newspaper of Leon) Horcajo of the Towers (Lleó, Castella i Lleo '). - The neighbors of Horcajo of the Towers concentrated themselves yesterday in the seat of the municipality to protest, under the motto "Antennas far from aqui '", by the installation of one second antenna of movable telephony within the urban helmet of the locality. 250 people in a concentration met in which they requested the installation of the second antenna outside the urban helmet of the municipality. 15/12/03 (the North of Castile) Horcajo of the Towers (Àvila, Castella i Lleo '). - A judge decrees the demolition of an antenna of telephony in Horcajo of the Towers. The mayor considers that the installation of the antenna of movable telephony of Pleasant that the Contentious Court of the Administrative thing of Ávila has forced to demolish as much fulfilled all the legal proceedings and favorable information of the Meeting of Castile and Leon like of the Delegation of Ávila, reason why if the municipality had denied its installation could have incurred a prevarication crime. The mayor in addition has wanted to remember that the concession of the city-planning license for the installation of the antenna was approved with the favorable votes of four councilmen of the PP and two of the PSOE with which only an edile of that they compose the plenary session opposed. Similarly Crown, which it accepts the sentence that forces the demolition of the telephone infrastructure, wants to make clear that in no case this alludes to damages against the health of the citizens, but only to the heights, and it considers that the sentence is based on an interpretation problem. 17/01/04 (the North of Castile) Horcajo of the Towers (Àvila, Castella i Lleo '). - The Platform Antennas with Borders of Horcajo of the Towers considers the position of the mayor of this abulense locality, White Fructuoso Corona illogical, when instead of supporting the neighbors whom they ask for that the repeaters of movable telephony of the zone next to the scholastic centers retire, polideportivo and of recreation, it criticizes to the association to gather companies and to organize protest acts. This association adds that the first edile tries to compel the neighbors so that they do not go to concentrations and press conferences.

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