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Since this group is interested in government reforms, it would be good for you all to be knowledgable about the real state of the union in the U.S.A. to realize what all is going wrong. While doing search on the Internet I came across the website below. While the author, which isn't me, does criticize conservatives, there are good reasons to do that in regards to many conservatives. Many conservatives have had more concern with their businesses and living a life of luxury than with the corruption, crime, and chaos that has resulted in the facts and statistics as shown below. Those facts and statistics are about Americans, including good Americans, being wronged, being harmed, being attacked, and even murdered.

The facts and statistics below prove what a terrible job our government officials are doing. This information could be used to motivate Americans to become citizen activists. It would be good for this message to be forwarded to as many other Americans as possible in an effort to wake them up to the real state of the union in the U.S.A. Consider also printing out this message to give to people in positions of power that have access to educate Americans. For example, preachers, civic group leaders, veterans organizations, college professors, school teachers, and anyone else that speaks to or communicates with many people.

Deborah Reid


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