Ex-CIA chief warns of EMP nuke threat

In the story under this headline from today's news, James Woolsey, former CIA chief, that Iran could do catastrophic damage to U.S. infrastructure by detonating just one nuclear bomb at a high altitude creating an "electro-magnetic" pulse (EMP) wave.

While a nuclear explosion can create an EMP wave, it is not the only way.

It seems appropriate to reissue the following article from July, 2000.This author also wrote two other articles on EMP in 1999.


Medium Rare

by Jim Rarey

July 3, 2000


We are being told by media pundits that the security lapses at the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory present the worst threat to our national security in decades. Could anything be worse? In a word, yes!

David Bresnahan, an investigative reporter for WorldNetDaily, has published two articles on the burgeoning scandal at the Army Research Lab (ARL) at Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Allegations, based on reports and documentation from at least ten whistleblowers, include "a long history of corruption, including use of Army computers by unauthorized foreign nationals, plagiarism, falsification of research, illegal appropriation of private property, even smuggling of precious gems."

Various members of Congress have been provided the information and have been sitting on it for four years while nothing has been done. Why the cover-up? It may have something to do with type of research and development being conducted at the lab.

We may have been given a clue on March 19, 1999 at President’s Clinton’s press conference when Fox News reporter Wendell Goler dropped this bombshell. He stated, "Fox News has information that China has stolen top secret technical data on Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weaponry from four of our eleven secret weapons laboratories and have successfully tested the weaponry." Since that day, not one word has appeared in the national media on the subject. Instead, we have been inundated with information about lapses in security at the Los Alamos nuclear lab.

EMP weaponry stems from the findings and inventions of the brilliant European scientist Nikola Tesla, who gave us alternating current electricity. His research is being applied at a top-secret installation in Alaska called HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research program).

Although passed off as merely a scientific inquiry into phenomena like aurora borealis (northern lights), in reality it is testing such things as anti-missile lasers, massive weather modification and non-lethal "psychotronic" weapons for use against military and civilian populations.

When questioned about appropriations for the HAARP project, this writer’s representative in Congress (who sits on the House Science Committee) admitted those appropriations are buried in the "black budget" for the intelligence community.

This writer has written two articles on the subject detailing the capabilities of EMP weapons and their development and use, not just by the United States, but by Russia. Copies of those articles ("Chinese Steal EMP Weapons Secrets-Huh?" of 3/21/99 and "EMP Weaponry-A Conspiracy of Silence?" of 10/14/99) may be obtained by directing an E-mail to jimrarey@comcast.net with the phrase "EMP articles please" in the title line.

Since those articles, the United States has successfully tested a laser weapon which destroyed a live missile in mid-air. News reports say the weapon will be furnished to Israel for its defense against short-range missiles from its neighbors.

So the as yet unanswered question is, was the Aberdeen Army Research Lab one of the four facilities Fox News was talking about on March 19th of last year? If so, the suspicious deaths of three key players takes on added significance.

Bresnahan reports that two of the whistleblowers, ARL scientists Franz Lynn and Robert Deas, died shortly after trying to report their suspicions that technology from ARL was being provided to China. Deas died in a single-car accident in Canada. Lynn’s death was reported as a suicide.

Even more intriguing is the supposed "suicide" of John Millis, staff director of the House Intelligence Committee. Washington Times reporter, Bill Gertz, in a 6/28/00 article described Millis, "(he) had access to the U.S. intelligence community’s most intimate secrets. He knew about all U.S. covert action operations, which require written presidential notifications. He also was privy to the most sensitive information collected by CIA agents, electronic eavesdropping and photographic satellites."

Was someone afraid that Millis was going to go public with his knowledge of activities bordering on treason? According to Porter Goss, Chairman of the House Select Intelligence Committee (and himself a former CIA case officer), Millis had been suspended from his job and was under investigation for (undisclosed) "inappropriate" actions. Although no classified documents were reported to have been found in the motel room where Millis supposedly shot himself (no suicide note was found either), Security officials reportedly found some in a safe at Millis’ home.

What is known so far (by the public) may be just the tip of the iceberg. There is obviously a massive cover-up in progress. Whistleblowers can only be cowed by the three deaths and reportedly are being harassed into silence under the rubric of "national security."

Something big is going on. Stay tuned!

Permission is granted to reproduce this article in its entirety.



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