Was Hurricane Charley STEERED?


The Living Bill of Rights


US Ignored Work of UN Arms Inspectors


US planning ‘routine’ overhaul of aging thermonuclear weapons


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How to prepare a planet for global warming


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Bringing The War Back Home


The Tipping Points to Catastophe


Profits Rise as Jobs Fall


Army Defies Supreme Court, Illegally Holds US Citizen


Canadian Seal Hunt


EARTH MATTERS - weekly environmental news segment on KPFA's news magazine, FLASHPOINTS. This week: headlines, followed by an interview with REBECCA ALDWORTH, via satellite phone from the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where 20- 30,000 baby harp seals are being slaughtered every day.
audio: MP3 at 14.1 mebibytes

Rebecca Aldworth is the Canadian Wildlife Issues Director for the Humane Society of the United States. She has witnessed the seal hunt for the past seven years. She spends time with the baby seals before the hunt begins every year, on the gorgeous, pristine, silent ice floes off Canada's Atlantic coast. She then witnesses and documents the invasion of 70 sealer ships full of "men without mercy" who barbarically murder tens of thousands of baby seals, some as young as 12 days old. 40% of these baby seals are killed inhumanely, left for hours on the ice, badly injured and struggling in agony, only to be skinned alive, while conscious, in flagrant violation of federal law. The Canadian government not only subsidizes the seal hunt to the tune of $20 million, they also allow the gratuitous brutality of it to continue, in fact rewarding it by upping the quotas for seal pups every year.

Rebecca talks about the scapegoating of seals for crashing cod fisheries in the north Atlantic. Contrary to what the government and the sealers claim, depleted cod stocks are the direct result of overfishing, draglines, huge drift nets and the like. The harp seals may in fact be vital to the recovery of these cod fisheries, since they eat so many of the cod's natural fish predators.

Rebecca and her film crew have been repeatedly attacked by the sealers, and she is chased by several armed sealers during the course of this interview. On Thursday, March 31, 6 Sea Shephard videographers were savagely beaten and the arrested while trying to return to their ship, The Farley Mowat.

Rebecca also talks about the recently launched BOYCOTT OF ALL CANADIAN SEAFOOD. Please urge your listeners to visit
http://www.protectseals.org to find out how they can help, and to view the video footage that these courageous activists are risking their lives to obtain.

mp3, 15:25 minutes


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Residents supported in mast protest


Councillors voted to reject phone mast


Weltbank an Bush, WTO für Europa


Dark side of the wood


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The Soul of Freedom


911 - In Plane Site

The movie is "911 - In Plane Site". Download the 109MB movie (if you have DSL or cable modem) at the url below.

You can see without a doubt that no plane could have crashed into the Pentagon. Not possible. And the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers were rigged (on the Outside of the fuselage) to blow up (clearly visible). Not standard airliners.


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Europeans will need visas for travel to US

Most Europeans, including almost all British citizens, will need a visa to visit America later this year.


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Bush's elbow, not his ear

The European leaders, who could have objected to the appointment of the salesman for an unpopular Iraq war and bungled reconstruction, sat on their hands in the cause of realpolitik: they calculated that accepting Mr Wolfowitz was a cheap way of appeasing the White House.


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Der Staat hört mit

Zahl der Telefonüberwachung steigt ins Uferlose an. Bundesländer zögern mit der Durchsetzung »präventiver« Abhörmaßnahmen wegen anhängiger Verfassungsklage.


Secret U.S. court approved record number of terror warrants for secret wiretaps and searches last year

The FBI has used such warrants to break into homes, offices, hotel rooms and automobiles, install hidden cameras, search luggage and eavesdrop on telephone conversations. Agents also have pried into safe-deposit boxes, watched from afar with video cameras and binoculars and intercepted e-mails.


Having it both Ways

U.S. Protests Spanish Arms Sale to Venezuela while it Arms Latin America and the World.


America's War for Global Domination

The Bush Administration has embarked upon a military adventure which threatens the future of humanity.


Wake Up: Washington's alarming foreign policy

Bush’s war changed into America’s war and his conduct of international relations became our own.


Scott Ritter: Don't let the warmonger off the hook

The voters should seize their opportunity to punish Blair for his breach of international law.


Iraqi defector behind America's WMD claims exposed as 'out-and-out fabricator'

A detailed investigation in the Los Angeles Times revealed that the source claiming to have seen mobile bioweapons labs was the brother of one of the senior aides to Ahmed Chalabi, the leader of the Iraqi National Congress.


Senior intelligence officer sues the CIA

A sacked CIA official is suing the agency for allegedly retaliating against him for refusing to falsify his reports on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to support the White House's pre-war position.


From Information Clearing House

Doubts on Weapons Were Dismissed

As former secretary of state Colin L. Powell worked into the night in a New York hotel room, on the eve of his February 2003 presentation to the U.N. Security Council, CIA officers sent urgent e-mails and cables describing grave doubts about a key charge he was going to make.


Army Whitewashes Deaths of Iraq Prisoners

Army Whitewashes Deaths of Iraq Prisoners: Getting away with murder.

There's no other way to describe the Pentagon's announcement that it is refusing to prosecute any of the 17 U.S. soldiers who contributed to the deaths of three prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003 and 2004. The decision is against the recommendations of the Army's own investigators.


The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War


This film is our soldiers’ perspective of the Iraq War, and how they are being treated upon returning home. It goes beyond the war stories to look underneath our American tradition of engaging in war and then abandoning the warrior.


History shall judge the people and nations by their actions, not by their claims

Canadian Intelligence Agencies on a rampage of arrest and torture:

History shall judge the people and nations by their actions, not by their claims.

By Mahboob A. Khawaja, Ph.D.

Time, logic and history will question the framework of the “War on Terror” as a racist doctrine and unilateral plan of action aimed exclusively at terrorizing Muslim people.


June, a Great Month for WAR

Scott Ritter: "Mark Your Calendars!"

June, a Great Month for WAR!

Scott Ritter interviewed by Charles Goyette.

"The President has signed off on military preparation that will have the U.S. ready to attack Iran via massive aerial bombardment in June 2005."

Click here to listen

U.S. Military Weaponry of the Near Future

If You Build It, They Will Kill

by Nick Turse

Lets face it, making war is fast superceding sports as the American national pastime. Since 1980, overtly or covertly, the United States has been involved in military actions in Grenada, Libya, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Haiti, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Liberia, Sudan, the Philippines, Colombia, Haiti (again), Afghanistan (again) and Iraq (again) and that's not even the full list.


Army reservist witnesses war crimes

New revelations about ongoing brutality at Abu Ghraib.

By Paul Rockwell

Delgado says he observed mutilation of the dead, trophy photos of dead Iraqis, mass roundups of innocent noncombatants, positioning of prisoners in the line of fire—all violations of the Geneva conventions. His own buddies—decent, Christian men, as he describes them—shot unarmed prisoners.


Human Damage to Earth Worsening Fast

(Reuters) - Humans are damaging the planet at an unprecedented rate and raising risks of abrupt collapses in nature that could spur disease, deforestation or "dead zones" in the seas, an international report said on Wednesday. The study, by 1,360 experts in 95 nations, said a rising human population had polluted or over-exploited two thirds of the ecological systems on which life depends, ranging from clean air to fresh water, in the past 50 years.


Informant: Geraldo Cienmarcos

Weltweiter Klimaschutz: Sofortiges Handeln spart hohe Kosten

Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung: Ohne Klimaschutzpolitik 20 Billionen US- Dollar Kosten durch globale Klimaschäden im Jahr 2100 zu erwarten


"Apocalypse soon": Der Planet wird geplündert


"Apocalypse No" hieß ein dänischer Bestseller im Jahr 2002. Jetzt haben ein 1300 Umweltexperten aus 95 Ländern das ziemlich dümmliche dänische Buch eindrucksvoll widerlegt. "Apocalypse soon" überschrieb die "Süddeutsche Zeitung" den neuesten UNO-Bericht über den Zustand unseres Planeten.


Malediven: Paradies vor dem Untergang

Weiße Traumstrände, glasklares Wasser und strahlender Sonnenschein - im Urlaubsparadies Malediven deutet noch nichts auf die drohende Katastrophe hin. Kaum ein anderes Land dürfte der Klimawandel in den kommenden Jahrzehnten härter treffen. Die Inselkette mit ihren derzeit knapp 300.000 Einwohnern ist im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes vom Untergang bedroht. Fast flehentlich bittet die Regierung in Male die Welt um einen besseren Klimaschutz - das am 16. Februar in Kraft getretene Kyoto-Protoll geht ihr längst nicht weit genug. Doch ihre Bitten scheinen ungehört zu bleiben.


Deutschland schläft

Die EU hat vor 10 Jahren beschlossen, Grenzwerte für Feinstäube und Rußpartikel festzulegen. Die Grenzwerte sind seit vier Jahren bekannt. Aber weder die Automanager noch der Autokanzler haben irgendetwas unternommen. Und nun, da die Grenzwerte in München und Stuttgart, in Köln und Düsseldorf, in Berlin und Hamburg permanent überschritten werden, tun alle Verantwortlichen ganz unschuldig und überrascht.


Umweltschutz schafft Arbeitsplätze

"Vorfahrt für Arbeitsplätze" fordern jetzt alle Politiker - der Bundespräsident, der Bundeskanzler und natürlich auch die Opposition. "Arbeit, Arbeit über alles", tönt es nahezu einstimmig. Bei 5,2 Millionen Arbeitslosen ist das verständlich. Nur: Diese Musik hören wir schon seit 20 Jahren. Einziges Ergebnis: Immer noch mehr Arbeitslose.


The questions the US ought to be asking about Iran


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The Covert Kingdom


Government Wiretaps, Secret Searches Up 75 Percent



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