Alliance for Natural Health Legal Challenge

As a follow up to the historic Opinion of Advocate General Geelhoed on 5 April 2005 in which he found in favour of ANH’s case, I am writing to let you know that I have prepared an up-dated Legal Executive Summary which analyses and comments upon his decision.

This has now been posted on our web site with the other documents relating to the case (conveniently in one place) which you may find helpful to consider as regards ANH’s legal challenge to the Food Supplements Directive (FSD).
In particular you might want to look at the following key docs:

ANH Legal Executive Summary 10 April 2005
Official ECJ version of Advocate General Geelhoed’s Opinion 5 April 2005
ANH Press Release re AG Geelhoed’s Opinion 5 April 2005
All these documents (plus others) can be found in the ANH Legal Challenge Archive on our web site at the following link:


It is hard to overestimate the importance of this Opinion for the protection of our health freedoms in the EU.

The AG has concluded that there is a fatal flaw in the Directive.
This is because it gives the EU Commission completely arbitrary power to decide whether or not a substance should be included on the list of approved nutrients(known as the Positive Lists) which are allowed to be sold in the EU.

In the AG’s view this is such a fundamental flaw that the whole FSD has to be cancelled (“annulled” to use the technical legal term) and sent back to the legislative drawing board.

His Opinion is not binding on the European Court (ECJ) which may decide differently when it renders its judgment (likely in May / June 2005) but there is every chance that the Judges will endorse his reasoning.

As the FSD deprives food supplement manufacturers and distributors of their products and millions of practitioners and consumers of their free choice, this is a vital issue for millions of people in the EU.

The ECJ will thus be keen to address the problem he identifies especially as EU Citizens in their millions will be voting on the European Constitution in the coming months and the whole EU project will be in the spotlight.

The FSD was supposed to be a “safe harbour” for food supplements so that they are not classified as drugs and to promote their availability across the EU.

We may now have an opportunity to make it so and shape the law in the EU for food supplements for years to come!

What you can do

We are all in this together and it is very important for us all to continue to take action.


Tell your friends and contacts about the ANH’s case and forward this and other ANH e-mails to them so that they know what is going on.
Recruit your friends and contacts to join the Alliance.
Donate urgently needed funds to ANH.
To make a donation to ANH click here .
Remember that without you there is no Alliance!
Thanks for your support.
Yours in health!

David C. Hinde LLB Solicitor
Legal Director
Alliance for Natural Health

Phone mast application rejected


Dismay over phone mast plan


Save the Heart of the Boreal Forest




We are being exposed to increasing levels of electromagnetic radiation, especially microwaves, from an increasing number of sources, including cell phones and towers, cordless phones, satellites, computers, digital TV, radar, wireless internet, and wireless LANs in schools. This radiation is having a demonstrably harmful effect on our health. Below are some measures we can take to protect ourselves.

A computer monitor emits radiation all around—more at the sides and back than in front, because of the flyback transformer. Monitors that adhere to the Swedish MPRII or, preferably, TCO standard emit the least, but it’s still a good idea to sit at least 30 inches from the screen (and 3 feet from a TV). If necessary, use 14-point type to make your work easier to see. If you know you’re not going to use the computer for a period of time during the day, shut off the monitor rather than sitting there bathed in its glow.

Maintain the same distance from other monitors. If the back of a monitor in the next office or cubicle is against a common wall or partition, avoid sitting within 3 feet of that spot. (This also applies to other office equipment that gives off radiation, like printers, copiers, faxes, and modems.) Hard drives emit radiation, so avoid placing the computer right next to you or on the floor next to your legs. Pregnant women are especially advised to avoid extensive computer work— preferably none, and 20 hours a week at most.

The liquid-crystal display (LCD) in most laptop screens gives off much less radiation than desktop monitors. However, the hard drive may still be a problem, because, as Blake Levitt points out in Electromagnetic Fields, it rests "literally on the user’s lap at genital level."

Cell phones and portable phones give off extensive radiation. The most common fear is cancer, but neurological problems tend to appear first. Levitt advises the following: "Because of serious concerns about the safety of this technology, it is recommended that people stay with wired models until more is known or strict national standards are in place. Also, keep in mind that you are not the only one affected by wireless items; so is everyone near you." Current standards do exist, but they’re not what could be called "strict."

Other significant sources of radiation to be avoided include fluorescent lights, microwave ovens (both because of leakage and the effect on food), electric blankets, and waterbeds (because of the electric heater). For a more extensive discussion, see Robert O. Becker, M.D., Cross Currents, and Levitt, Electromagnetic Fields.


Gen-Mais: USA weiterhin in der Kritik


The Spawn Of Cheney

by Don Kraus, TomPaine.com

John Bolton's confirmation has been postponed to this week. It's time to stop the Cheney takeover of the United Nations before it starts.


Wissenschaftler sieht wachsende Kinderarmut als Bildungsrisiko

Spirale aus Armut und Bildungsarmut: Wissenschaftler sieht wachsende Kinderarmut als Bildungsrisiko (11.04.05)

Die Arbeitsmarktreform "Hartz IV" wird nach Ansicht des Jenaer Erziehungswissenschaftlers Roland Merten einen dramatischen Anstieg der Kinderarmut zur Folge haben. Merten sagte der in Jena, durch die Angleichung von Arbeitslosenhilfe an das Niveau der Sozialhilfe werde die Einkommenssituation vieler Familien verschlechtert. So hätten im Jahr 2002 in Deutschland rund 800.000 Kinder in Familien gelebt, in denen die Eltern bislang Arbeitslosenhilfe über dem Sozialhilfesatz bezogen. Mertin sieht einen engen Zusammenhang zwischen Kinderarmut und Bildungserfolgen. Er verweist hierbei auf Dänemark, Finnland, Schweden und das Bundesland Bayern einerseits und auf die Bundesländer Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland und Bremen andererseits.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Mother's fury at illegal mast

Hampshire Chronicle

AN Alresford mother is horrified that an illegal phone mast has been sited in the middle of the town without planning permission.

Rebecca Shepherd (41) had only been a week in home in Nursery Road, where she moved last November, when she spotted the dish on top of the telephone exchange in Station Road.

Mrs Shepherd says she alerted Winchester City Council, who admitted it had been erected illegally, but the authority merely asked for it to be given retrospective planning permission.

Now, she says, the prospect of having the mast near her home is making her want to sell up as quickly as possible. "I was horrified. At first, I thought it was just a spotlight, but then I realised it was a mobile phone mast. I'm going to do up my house as quickly as possible and move."

The dish is used to connect calls from landline telephones to mobiles and vice versa without the need for cables.

Mrs Shepherd, who has two children, Dominic (14) and Jacob (6), said the beam would fall upon several hundred homes across the town. "Microwaves being aimed over residential houses is not a good thing.

"While there is no firm evidence that they can cause damage, there is lots of anecdotal evidence and there's enough middle ground to say they shouldn't be sited near people," she said.

Omega: there is firm evidence that microwaves cause damage and serious illnesses see "Cancer Clusters in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations" under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/580224/

She said she feared for her children: "Having researched the effects of masts, I know the possible consequences. It may not be serious illnesses, but other things may happen, like migraines or depression."

After telling planners of the mast in December, Mrs Shepherd said the council did not take action to it and asked the owners of the dish, BT, to submit a planning application. BT submitted an application on March 18th, and a decision is due by the middle of May.

"The process is flawed. Local communities are not being given the opportunity to have a voice. These things are going up and there's simply no protection," she said.

Jason Mann, a spokesman for BT, said the dish complied with all relevant regulations regarding emissions and was erected in November, 2003.

He said the company did not realise that because the dish was located within a conservation area, it required planning permission.

A Winchester City Council spokesman said the enforcement team had examined the rooftop dish and confirmed that it had been erected without permission because of its location. However, he added: "Because of the nature of the equipment-a small dish-had it not been in a conservation area, planning permission would not have been needed."

The spokesman added: "If residents have concerns, the application will be advertised as a planning application and the residents will have a chance to comment."

Two weeks ago, protesters against well-documented plans to put an Orange mast at Byron Avenue vowed to continue their campaign in the European court.

They say the mast poses a potential threat to children who attend nearby Western Primary School and that the company should have been made, in law, to look more closely at alternative sites.

Phone mast “tree” planned for Gleneagles Hotel ground

Apr 11 2005

IN the run-up to the G8 summit in July, a planning application has been lodged with Perth and Kinross Council for a new mobile phone mast in the grounds of Gleneagles Hotel.

Permission has been sought for an 18-metre high replica cypress tree mast to blend in as much as possible with the scenic surroundings of the hotel.

Simon Brown of Gleneagles Hotel said: “We are currently considering upgrading our service and this mast would be a part of this process.”

Jane Frapwell, spokesperson for Vodaphone, the company who would install the mast added: “This mast would allow us to provide third generation services for the local community, which means that mobile phones can be used in the same way as you use desk-top computers with broadband internet access.”

Behauptete Gesundheitsgefährdung durch Handymasten und Recht auf Freiheit der Meinungsäußerung

OGH Beschluss vom 26. April 2001, Az 6 Ob 69/01t

Der Beschluss im Originalwortlaut (pdf-Format)

HERTEL gegen die Schweiz: Unlauterer Wettbewerb und Recht auf freie Meinungsäußerung

Urteil im Fall Hertel/CH v. 25.8.1998 (= NL 1998, 148 = ÖJZ 1999, 614)

Das Urteil im englischen Originalwortlaut (pdf-Format)


Microwaved Water

Microwave oven info


Bolton Faces Opposition from Government Officials


Torture Air, Incorporated


The Bush administration hasn't tried very hard to keep its torture-by-proxy program a secret. That's because the administration's torture lawyers, such as John Yoo, former deputy to Alberto Gonzales and now a law professor at Berkeley, argue that the administration is free to breach international and domestic laws in its pursuit of suspected terrorists. While working for the Bush administration, Yoo drafted a legal memo, which set the framework for the rendition program. He argued that the US was not bound by the Geneva Accords (or US prohibitions on torture) in its pursuit of al-Qaeda members or Taliban soldiers because Afghanistan was 'a failed state' and therefore not subject to the protections of the anti-torture laws. The detainees were slotted into a newly created category called 'illegal enemy combatants,' a legal rubric which treated them as subhumans lacking all basic human rights...


from CounterPunch, by Jeffrey St. Clair

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The price of oil and the Bush dollar


"[E]veryone is looking at culprits in the wrong place, blaming wasteful energy use, OPEC production quotas, monopolistic oil companies and/or conniving oil traders. In fact the real culprit behind these higher oil prices is the Bush Administration, which, thanks to its massive deficits and tax give-aways to the rich and corporations, to its war spending, and to its failure to combat unprecedented and ever-larger trade deficits, has been causing the dollar to plunge in value. Oil is a commodity and it is priced in dollars. If dollars decline in value, then the price of oil will rise in inverse proportion. ... And this situation is likely to get only worse. Some Wall Street oil industry analysts are now predicting that oil could, before too long, hit $100 a barrel. What they are saying really is that the dollar is likely to fall in value by 50 percent...


from CounterPunch, by Dave Lindorff

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The recruiter in each of us


I'd like to place all the blame on the Bush administration for maintaining this insatiable war machine that eats our young. But I think we all share responsibility. If we pay income taxes, recruiters are on our payroll. I have heard the same good-hearted school counselors, teachers and parents who are passionate about college also say that there are 'some' kids who would be 'better off in the military.' Maybe there is a behavior problem, and they think more discipline would help. Or they think some kids 'just aren't college material.' Being a soldier seems a better risk than 'a life on the streets...


from Common Dreams, by Susan Van Haitsma

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Diverse coalition seeks Patriot Act changes


A coalition of various interest groups including the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) and the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has kicked off an effort aimed at convincing Congress to review certain sections of the Patriot Act. Calling itself the Patriots to Restore Checks and Balances (PRCB), the group, led by former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr, gathered in Washington, DC, Mar. 22 to detail their plans. ... The chief targets of concern are tenets of the Act that allow broad search authority to federal officers, including so-called sneak-and-peek warrants that allow agents to go inside someone's home or business without telling the person about it. Another provision allows federal agents to demand private information from 'third party' sources, including doctors and attorneys. Barr and others believe this clearly violates the Fourth Amendment...


from Gun Week, by Dave Workman

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Hypocrisy and the ordeal of Terri Schiavo


Clearly no one wins in the legal and political battles over the death of Terri Schiavo. Although it has been terribly politicized, a valuable debate has emerged. This debate is not about abortion or euthanasia in general, nor about death in the abstract. It's about an individual's right to life and the value of life itself. Without concern for the life of each individual, liberty is meaningless and indefensible. This debate deals with the passive treatment of the critically and terminally ill...


from LewRockwell.Com, by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Patriot Act: Facts emerge from the shadows


President Bush calls the Patriot Act an invaluable tool in the war on terror, but, until last week, little was known about where, why or how often the law has been applied. At the same time, confusion persists over what the law actually does. Critics sometimes conflate Patriot Act provisions with other controversial moves, such as indefinite detentions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, that have nothing to do with the act. ... Since 2001, more than 375 local governments have passed resolutions criticizing the law or declaring 'civil liberties safe zones' in a bid to discourage cooperation with the law. But few cases of actual abuse of the law have surfaced. No one, for example, has come forward to claim the compensation provided in the law for abuse of civil rights. One reason, critics say, is that the most invasive powers of the Patriot Act are exercised secretly, some accompanied with gag orders...


from North Jersey Record, by Gail Russell Chaddock

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Safety in dullness


Attorney General Alberto Gonzales recently assured the Senate Judiciary Committee the Justice Department 'has no interest in rummaging through the library records or the medical records of Americans.' This is pretty much the extent of the limits imposed by the USA PATRIOT Act on the FBI's ability to peruse your personal records: It can do so only if it wants to. But if the FBI should one day take an interest in such potentially sensitive matters as your reading habits, health, finances, travel, gambling, Internet activity, firearm purchases, or pay-per-view orders, there is little in the PATRIOT Act to stop it from satisfying its curiosity. Regardless of how many times the privacy of innocent people has been compromised so far—a hard question to answer, given the secrecy that shrouds the government's use of the anti-terrorism law's snooping provisions—the potential for abuse remains a serious concern...


from Reason, by Jacob Sullum

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Shays: DeLay should quit as House leader


Private GOP tensions over Tom DeLay's ethics controversy spilled into public Sunday, as a Senate leader called on DeLay to explain his actions and one House Republican demanded the majority leader's resignation. 'Tom's conduct is hurting the Republican Party, is hurting this Republican majority and it is hurting any Republican who is up for re-election,' Rep. Chris Shays, R-Conn., told The Associated Press in an interview, calling for DeLay to step down as majority leader...


from Indianapolis Star

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Kerry: Trickery, intimidation kept people from polls


Many voters in last year's presidential election were denied access to the polls through trickery and intimidation, former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry told a voters' group today. 'Last year too many people were denied their right to vote, too many who tried to vote were intimidated,' the Massachusetts senator said at an event sponsored by the state League of Women Voters. 'There is no magic wand. No one person is going to stand up and suddenly say it's going to change tomorrow. You have to do that,' he said."


from Houston Chronicle

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

French voters are in the mood to sink the EU constitution


Once they were seen as the most loyal of all Europeans, but this week President Jacques Chirac faces one of the biggest battles of his political career as he launches a crusade to persuade the French to vote 'Oui' in next month's referendum on the EU constitution. Chirac will use a televised debate on Thursday to lay out his arguments in favour of the draft European constitution, amid mounting hostility. Yesterday the president of the European parliament, Josep Borrell, warned the French that they would plunge Europe into crisis if they rejected the constitution. Alarmed by opinion polls which show the 'Non' campaign in the lead, Borrell warned that rejecting the treaty on 29 May would have far more serious implications for the future of Europe than they imagine...


from Guardian [UK]

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Constitution Backlash


300,000 Iraqis Demand End to U.S. Occupation

The "massive and orderly" protest of 300,000 Iraqi citizens demanding an end to the U.S. -led bloodshed in Iraq should be the lead news story for the major media. However, most media reported only a demonstration, and fewer still reminded readers that the removal of Saddam Hussein's statue in Bagdad was a media stunt orchestrated by special operations soldiers with a only small group of Iraqis watching.


The 'Good' War


Public Servants, My Foot


Regime Change Was an Immoral Excuse for War


Dear George and Dick


Urgent request for action

I pass on this initiative as a genuine and measured action that we can all take part in. Please do your best to make it work.


We have a unique opportunity to get a message about Tetra into the corridors of power, which everyone has been telling me for months is essential.

Parliament has been prorogued but there is still some parliamentary business to be conducted before the House rises this week. Bills are being hurried through; the civil service is rushing to get everything done; the last Prime Ministers' Question Time will be on Wednesday; Senior Civil Servants are trying to ensure that whoever their new Ministers will be after the election, the civil servants will have tidied away any evidence of bias.

No-one will be busier than the man who runs the Home Office and who has continued to champion his decision to introduce Tetra. We can make use of this golden opportunity to inundate him with e-mails expressing our overwhelming concern, to the extent that he has got to take note. At the same time, the same message must be sent to your MP to make them aware of the depth and breadth of feeling which we all represent.

For this to work well, we need to send messages on Tuesday evening, to an e-mail address I will distribute on Tuesday evening. It is vital that nobody jumps the gun or alerts any authority to what is planned. PLEASE WAIT FOR MY MESSAGE BEFORE YOU SEND.

You can prepare a message in advance and then send it later.

If everyone who has been part of the campaigns against Tetra can send at least 1 message to the nominated address and to their MP, that will be an enormous number.

Please copy this message and the subsequent one to everyone on your voluminous e-mail lists and feel free to send as many messages as you able.

The screening programs used by Gov't are quite sophisticated so any multiple use of words in the e-mail subjects will result in automatic close-out. I suggest that your subject does NOT include the word Tetra but something which will be unique to all messages. There is nothing better than to just put your name. e.g. John Smith - Agenda item or John Smith - Official papers

In other words, something that will be unlikely to suggest a trend and which might encourage the opening of the e-mail is necessary. In the e-mail you can put as little or as much as you feel you want to get across.

The Press will be alerted to this as an event and will have it explained to them why it is being done. I cannot make any claims for numbers of likely e-mails but an overwhelming number will attract continuing press interest.

Please don't let yourselves down and let those who do participate down by not joining this useful protest activity. We want action. We want our voices to be heard. We want "them" to know we are in this together in large numbers. Please join in and show that you are serious.

With every best wish and good luck.

John O'Brien

Positive proof that Kerry won the 2004 election

My own private Vanity Fair: Positive proof that Kerry won the 2004 election!

Friday, April 08, 2005

My friend the election security expert finally finished his article proving conclusively that John Kerry won the November 2004 presidential election. [...] skip over amusing talk about getting it into Vanity Fair till we get to this:

"I am a professor emeritus in mechanical engineering at a major American university. I also taught applied mathematics at Oxford, invented a voting machine, am a nationally-recognized expert on election security and hold over 100 patents.

"In November of 2004, I developed a formula, based on voter registration and voting data, to predict normally-occurring deviation patterns between voter registration and actual tallied votes.

"Based on this formula, the standard pattern of voter deviation is approximately 30. Any deviation beyond this indicates vote rigging. In Liberty County, Florida, in 2004, the deviation was 1062 -- in favor of George Bush.

"By applying my formula to all 2004 Florida election data, I have conclusively proved that John Kerry won the Florida presidential election by at least 312,000 votes. I have written an article to this effect and would like to submit it to Vanity Fair." See the whole article on Jane Stillwater's Web Log: http://jpstillwater.blogspot.com/ Someone is circulating an article about the "Post-Oil Era" which I cannot judge but pass along to those of you who may be able to. The rest of us shut this kind of research out at our peril and must be sure our legislators can understand such issues.

© Virginia Metze

Proteste gegen unsolidarische Globalisierung

Gipfelinfo - Meldungen über globalisierte Solidarität und die Proteste gegen unsolidarische Globalisierung

G8-Gipfel 2007 in Deutschland

Einladung zur Vernetzung des Widerstands

Wir laden ein zu einem ersten offenen Vernetzungstreffen gegen den G8-Gipfel in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2007 - kommt alle am 7. Mai zum BUKO nach Hamburg!

Die G8 - das ist die "Gruppe der acht" Regierungschefs der weltweit mächtigsten Industrienationen. In dieser Runde feilen die selbsternannten Heilsbringer an ihren Strategien, um die neoliberale Globalisierung noch effizienter und gnadenloser durchzusetzen. Sie geben vor, nach Lösungen für die Probleme der Welt zu suchen - sie wollen Hunger, Krieg, Umweltzerstörung bekämpfen, indem sie das System ausbauen und stabilisieren, das diese Probleme erst produziert. In den vergangenen Jahren konnte kaum ein Gipfeltreffen ungestört durchgeführt werden: ob gegen die G8 in Genua und Evian, gegen IWF/Weltbank in Prag und schon 1988 in Berlin, gegen die WTO in Seattle - Widerstand ist die offensichtliche und immer lauter werdende Antwort auf diese herrschende Ordnung.

Im Sommer 2007 kommt der jährliche G8-Gipfel nach Deutschland. Das Treffen wird im Kempinski Grand Hotel in Heiligendamm in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern stattfinden, ein exklusiver Kurort direkt an der Ostsee. Heiligendamm liegt ca. 20km westlich von Rostock, 200km von Berlin.

Zur Gründung eines Netzwerks gegen den G8-Gipfel 2007 laden wir alle ein, die an einer Vernetzung des Widerstands mitarbeiten möchten. Wir sind bisher ein Netzwerk von Aktiven aus verschiedenen Spektren, die sich an der Mobilisierung gegen den diesjährigen G8-Gipfel beteiligen. Inspiriert vom Vernetzungsprozess verschiedener linker Gruppen in Großbritannien, die unter dem Namen "dissent! A network of resistance against the G8" Aktionen in Schottland koordinieren, möchten wir jetzt schon damit beginnen, über einen gebührenden Empfang der G8 auch in Deutschland nachzudenken. Diese Einladung richtet sich an Gruppen und Einzelpersonen aus sämtlichen "Teilbereichen". Wir wollen unsere täglichen Kämpfe in einen gemeinsamen Zusammenhang gegen die Politik der G8 stellen, und in Bezug auf den Gipfel Aktionen und inhaltliche Auseinandersetzung planen. Die Mobilisierung zum G8-Gipfel ist eine Chance für Vernetzung und intensiven Austausch von Ideen und Praxen.

Wir haben noch über zwei Jahre Zeit, die wir für die Schaffung von Kommunikations- und Diskussionsstrukturen nutzen wollen, damit die undogmatische Linke gestärkt aus den Aktivitäten hervorgeht. Die Mobilisierung gegen den G8-Gipfel wollen wir nicht allein etablierten NGOs überlassen: der Abbau von hierarchischen Strukturen ist uns ein wichtiger Teil unserer Arbeit. In einem selbstorganisierten Netzwerk möchten wir gleichberechtigt mit anderen Grass Roots Gruppen und Einzelpersonen zusammenarbeiten. Wir hoffen, auf viele Engagierte auch aus "etablierten Verbänden" zu treffen, die die Stärke einer solchen Herangehensweise erkennen und die mit uns arbeiten möchten. Unterschiedliche Aktionsformen begreifen wir als Ausdruck vielfältiger Herangehensweisen und sehen darin unsere Stärke. Wer bereit ist, eigene Aktionsformen kritisch zu reflektieren, und dabei andere Positionen respektiert, ist willkommen. Die PGA Eckpunkte (s.u.) bieten hierfür einen guten Orientierungsrahmen.

Wir wollen aus den Erfahrungen von vergangenen Gipfelmobilisierungen lernen, indem wir gemeinsam Diskussionen führen, wie wir Protest und Widerstand am sinnvollsten nach Heiligendamm tragen. Wie wir uns vernetzen, was wir im Vorfeld und während des Gipfels machen - das ist noch offen, und kann am besten mit breiter Beteiligung beantwortet werden. Uns ist weiterhin wichtig, mit BewohnerInnen der vom G8-Gipfel heimgesuchten Region in Kontakt zu treten.

Ein erstes Treffen gibt es am 7. Mai im Rahmen des diesjährigen Bundeskongress Internationalismus (BUKO), der vom 5.-8. Mai in Hamburg stattfinden wird ( http://www.buko.info ). Um 14 Uhr gibt es kurzen Input zu G8 und Heiligendamm. Anhand kurzer Briefings zu vergangenen Gipfelprotesten machen wir uns Gedanken, was wir von den Mobilisierungen lernen können: Vorgestellt werden die Kampagnen gegen das WEF in Davos, gegen die IWF-Treffen in Berlin '87 und Köln '98, gegen die G8-Gipfel in Genua '01 und Schottland '05.

Weiter werden wir gemeinsam überlegen, wie wir uns Aktionen und Mobilisierung vorstellen können: was gibt es schon, was wollen wir, wie kommen wir dahin. Nach dem etwa zweistündigen Workshop gibt es noch Raum, Fragen und Punkte für das nächste Treffen zu sammeln.

Wir hoffen auf Feedback und zahlreiches Erscheinen!


Die PGA Eckpunkte:

1. Eine klare Ablehnung von Kapitalismus, Imperialismus und Feudalismus; und aller Handelsabkommen, Institutionen und Regierungen, die zerstörerische Globalisierung vorantreiben.

2. Wir lehnen alle Formen und Systeme von Herrschaft und Diskriminierung ab, einschließlich aber nicht beschränkt auf Patriarchat, Rassismus und religiösen Fundamentalismus aller Art. Wir anerkennen die vollständige Würde aller Menschen.

3. Eine konfrontative Haltung, da wir nicht glauben, dass Lobbyarbeit einen nennenswerten Einfluss haben kann auf undemokratische Organisationen, die maßgeblich vom transnationalen Kapital beeinflusst sind.

4. Ein Aufruf zu direkter Aktion und zivilem Ungehorsam, Unterstützung für die Kämpfe sozialer Bewegungen, die Respekt für das Leben und die Rechte der unterdrückten Menschen maximieren, wie auch den Aufbau von lokalen Alternativen zum Kapitalismus.

5. Eine Organisationsphilosophie, die auf Dezentralisierung und Autonomie aufgebaut ist.

gipfelsoli infogruppe

Newsletter mit Nachrichten über Mobilisierungen, Debatten und Repression im Zusammenhang mit Gipfelprotesten.

Die AutorInnen der Beiträge, so sie nicht von uns verfasst sind, sind mit eckigen Klammern versehen.

Wir können leider keine Verantwortung für die Richtigkeit der Beiträge übernehmen. Auch geben die Beiträge nicht zwangsläufig unsere Meinung wieder.

Kontakt, Kritik, Beiträge: gipfelsoli@nadir.org

Eisenhower's Farewell Address to the Nation


Eisenhower's Farewell Address to the Nation - January 17, 1961 :

"This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence – economic, political, even spiritual – is felt in every city, every Statehouse, every office of the Federal government.



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