The Silencing of Sibel Edmonds


Gesundheitliche Belastung durch Elektrogeräte ist stark gestiegen


Omega-News Collection 23. April 2005

A Planet On The Brink

Antarctic Glaciers Are Shrinking

How Air Travel Is Imperiling Passengers And The Planet

Earth Day Turns 35

Climate Of Denial

Fourth 'R' for Earth Day - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ... Repair

Simple Steps to Help Nature and Undo Global Warming

The end of oil is closer than you think

Millions Of Citzens Countering Mansanto's Business Practices

Scientists Suffer for Exposing Hazards of Genetically Modified Organisms in Your Food

Ban GM Probiotics

Stop Canada's Cruel and Senseless Seal Hunt

Reindeer Herders, Loggers Clash over Ancient Woods

The Taku watershed is too valuable to be sacrificed

Monterey Pine Forest: The golf, the bad and the ugly

Mercury-based preservative in children's vaccines, may cause autism

Public Health Professionals Afraid to Speak Out

Vote USA 2004

Iraq War

Is Iran next?



EMF-Omega-News 23. April 2005

EMF-Omega-News 23. April 2005

Osafia’s activity becomes stronger

Sleeping near Mobile Phone Base stations accelerates Cancer

Federal ‘Marshall Plan’ Needed to Protect Children’s Health and Schools

To be more persuasive, anti-mast campaigners must give up mobiles

Tall story in two parts of the city

The Spanish association of promotion of cancer DES informs again

Save us from 'killer' police radio masts

Mobile mast health fears - mast problems from the UK

The physical impairment electrohypersensitivity and society: collision or kiss

Fight to halt phone mast

Health worries delay phone mast decision

Petition on Masts and TETRA

Letters to IRISH EXAMINER re mobile phone health concerns

Campaigning residents to fight mast plan to bitter end

Protest over Scholes mast

Councillors call over phone mast requests

Phone mast row firm pledges talks

'No' to mast plan

New bid for 'porcupine' phone mast

Electromagnetic radiation danger challenged

New move in mast row

Company removes banners

Where Journalists find their best EMF stories

Magenta News from Mast Network

Monterey Pine Forest: The golf, the bad and the ugly

Plans by the actor Clint Eastwood to develop a golf course in the Monterey pine forest are being strenuously resisted by environmentalists.


Informant: Deane

Urgent action needed on REAL ID Act HR 418


Informant: Scott Munson

Iraq insurgents switch strategy, go for major attacks

Strategists who keep close tabs on the war in Iraq are scratching their heads over a sudden shift to large-scale attacks on American bases by the insurgents who heretofore have primarily bedeviled U.S. forces with their roadside bombs and hit-and-run attacks.


'Incident' in Iraq points to war's futility

Imagine you're a child, maybe 8 years young, riding in the back of the family car, your parents up front, your siblings pressed around you. It is dusk and you are making for home. Suddenly you hear the all-too-familiar pop of gunfire. Your father slows down but keeps driving, afraid to stop. Perhaps you turn to a sibling and ask what is wrong. But before anyone can answer, the war invades the thin cocoon of the automobile.


War Costs Climb to Over $300 Billion


Frist Draws Criticism from Some Church Leaders


Stand up for energy independence - sign the Re-energize America pledge

Today is Earth Day and this year the environmental community is taking an exciting new step to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. On Monday, a diverse group of leaders with backgrounds in national security, job growth, faith-based stewardship, and the Western way of life came together to speak out against our dependence on fossil fuels and the importance of investing in renewable energy NOW!

This Earth Day you can become a part of this growing movement to Re-energize America by visiting our website at //www.ReenergizeAmerica.org and signing our pledge to reduce our dependence on oil now!

Reducing our dependence on oil isn't just an environmental issue, it's an American issue. By signing this pledge you’ll be joining some interesting allies, including not just environmentalists, but also national security experts, ranchers, labor leaders, and religious leaders.

This diverse group of constituencies understands that the best way to reduce our dependence on oil is to harness clean, renewable energy sources and alternative energy technologies here at home, and to vastly improve energy efficiency. Expanding our energy choices will stimulate innovation, create jobs, strengthen our national security and stop global warming.

Tweeti Blancett, a sixth generation rancher from Aztec, New Mexico who spoke at Monday's event said "we must form an alliance with farmers, ranchers, conservationists, hunters and fishermen, liberals and conservatives, and Republicans and Democrats to Re-Energize America."

This Earth Day, it’s time to put American ingenuity back to work developing clean, safe, and efficient energy right here at home. We have the technologies to produce cars that burn less gas, generate electricity from wind and sun, clean up power plants, create appliances and entire buildings that use less power, and create new markets for American farmers by growing biofuels. Click here to sign the Re-energize America pledge to help make these ideas reality! //ga3.org/ct/ApAwcv71Umex/

Please help us spread the word about this growing national campaign to Re-energize America; forward this email to your friends, family and co-workers!

Thanks for your help!


Katelyn Sabochik
Online Campaign Manager

Elimination of poverty is simple

The impoverishment of the developing world is understandable once one learns how "plunder by trade" locks the world into violence and war.


From Information Clearing House

The One-Sided Class War

Working Wages Slide, While Business Lines Its Pockets.


From Information Clearing House

The Death of Innocents

An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Executions: Modern nation that deals in state-sponsored death, becomes, in part, dead in itself; dead certainly, to the enlightened ideals from which America derives its existence as a nation.


From Information Clearing House

A war on terror gone awry

An Iraqi immigrant falsely imprisoned speaks volumes about the costs of the war on terror.


From Information Clearing House

They Mean It

America is an experiment. Democracy is an experiment. American democracy has not been around very long, and we have never been so perilously close to losing it. All the checks and balances have been removed by allies of these people.


It's time to take back our lives

Chomsky wants people to wrest control of their lives away from corporations, government and whatever other institutions have a claim on them, and "reconstruct the basis for a functioning democratic society."


From Information Clearing House

The real reason why it doesn't matter who you vote for

The unspoken issue in the UK General Election campaign is our collective loss of faith in the future and the capacity of humanity to make its own history.


From Information Clearing House

Government Documents Show Army Command Approved and Encouraged Abuse of Detainees

"Instead of holding that chain of command accountable for systemic detainee abuse, the U.S. government continues to thwart efforts to bring the full truth about who was ultimately responsible to light." said the ACLU.


The Arab scene


From Information Clearing House

Let A Thousand Militias Bloom: U.S. Funding Iraqi Militias As Part of Counter-Insurgency Operation

In devising a strategy to defeat Iraq’s insurgents, the Pentagon may be gaining the upper hand but at the cost of pushing Iraq toward civil war. A report by the Wall Street Journal from Feb. 16 revealed that “pop-up militias” are proliferating in Iraq. Not only is the U.S. aware of these illegal militias, but the Pentagon is arming, training and funding them for use them in counter-insurgency operations.


Iraq's Bootstrap Battalions :

There’s something new on the ground in Iraq. Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Greg Jaffe reports that in the fall of 2004, privately funded militias connected to key political figures in Iraq began popping up around the country as Iraq’s elections approached.

From Information Clearing House

U.S. Funding Iraqi Militias Led by Baathists As Part of Counter-Insurgency Operation:

Most disturbing, one militia in particular – the “special police commandos” – is being used throughout Iraq and has been singled out by a U.S. general as conducting death squad strikes known as the “Salvador option.”


The New McCarthyism

A witch hunt against a Columbia professor, and the New York Times' disgraceful support for it, represent the gravest threat to academic freedom in decades.

By Juan Cole

It is not 1953, the Congress member is not Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and the professor is not being accused of being a communist. No, it is 2005, the Congress member is Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y.


Gut Check


Blair made a pledge to the Iraqis once

The suffering of my people must not be conveniently forgotten now

By Haifa Zangana

Bush and Blair, like Saddam before them, are legally and morally responsible for the destruction of Iraq and the daily killing of its people. Let us hope that the British people do not allow Blair to conveniently forget his war during this election campaign.


The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis


The Taku watershed is too valuable to be sacrificed


Aid Worker Uncovered America's Secret Tally Of Iraqi Civilian Deaths


Informant: Friends

Marla Ruzicka Lived, Died for Her Cause

Federal Order May Require Mandatory Psych Screening And Medication of School Children


Informant: Debi Clark

Police Handcuff 5-year-old Girl


Informant: Debi Clark

The Neocon Revolution and Militarism


An Army of the Unwilling


Globalization and Its Discontents




Informant: Friends

Public Health Professionals Afraid to Speak Out



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