Osafia residents will file a suit against the cellular companies

Several months ago I informed you that 188 people got cancer in areas near cellular antennas in Osafia village. 83 of them have already died, and new cases are found all the time. I bring the main details translated from today's article in the local newspaper:

Osafia residents will file a suit against the cellular companies

Hadid Rasho
Yediot Haifa 29.10.2004

Dozens of Osafia's residents got organized this week in order to file a suit against the cellular companies, to the district court. The sum is 5 million shekels. The lawer is Salah Maron, who tells: "The suit will include also the power company because of the huge transformers in the village, that cause also, according to experts, dangerous radiation. We had professional consultation with experts in the field, and we found that scienfically, it is possible to connect between the cellullar antennas radiation and cancer disease, of which many residents in the village have died."

Five years ago, furious residents burned the antennas farm that was located near the village. Hundreds of policemen did not succeed in stopping the people who protested, and the rage that was accumulated in the village after dozens of Osafia residents had got cancer and part of them died. The residents believed then, as now, that the radiation caused the multitude of cancer cases and deaths in suffering of many of those people.

These days, there is no reception in the village, because of absense of communication antennas. The coalition for public health (which includes 20 environmental groups) asked the Health Ministry to map the cancer disease in the arabic population. The reason for their request is lack of publication of the cancer situation among the arabic population, although there is a dramatic increase in cancer morbidity among the arabic population, and although such a survey was done for the jewish population. The Health Minitry refused with the explanation that they don't have enough budget. The coalition asked the health minister to interfere, and give enough resources for this work, like it was done for the jewish population.

Dr. Zamir Shalita says, that it is possible that the transformers and the power lines contribute to the illness. He was there on the 20th, and there was low radiation then. It is not exactly like the newspaper says that there are no antennas there, there are, but when formal people (ex Environment ministry person, currently works in an air-pollution industry funded body, Cities Association) came there, there was lower radiation than usual, according to Dr. Shalita.

Why was there lower radiation? Dr. Shalita: "probably because Ehud Neaman [from cities association] put the large meter with a mace the size of King Ahashverosh on the tender, and only the blind residents of Osafia couldn't see it. Of course, this tender parked near the local council before we went to the area, and the companies were organized to reduce the power".

The people who burnt the antennas in the past showed him how the equipment looked before they burnt it. They told him that they prefer the fine they were charged, to cancer.

Iris Atzmon

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