High court decision - 188 cancer cases

According to radio news, The High Court in Israel rejected today the appeal of Herzelia and Ramat Hasharon Municipalities, and gave the decision to the parliment to vote for a new law. (But the lobby of the cellular companies in the parliment is very very strong, it is hard to believe anything will happen there).

The appeal was filed two months ago in order to make the public and the local municipalities a part in the decisions of erecting cellular antennas in Israel. At the current situation the law is in favour of the cellular companies, and the public & local municipalities has no saying.

From the government answer to the court it is exposed that the government avoids on purpose from enforcing the law on criminal acts in the issue of cellular antennas.

The reason is that the state ministry for legal issues adviced the environment ministry to not enforce the law. Doubts were raised in the environment ministry about the existing law as a basis for managing the whole radiation issue.

More details will be published today on TV and tomorrow in the newspapers so I will update. Herzelia mayor is very angry, and Stelian Galberg (environment ministry) said on the radio that they cannot do anything, they just publish things so the public will know (that for example many of the antennas are illigal). He also said there is no connection between the radiation and cancer.


It is exposed also that in Osafia there are no less than 188 cancer cases around antennas from celullar companies, Bezeq and the police. There are 15 antennas of 20 meters and 40 lower antennas, in two main streets. Of the 188, 83 died. In the history of Osafia there is no high cancer rate, until lately since the antennas have been erected. The people didn't have genetic background of cancer and they are from different ages.

The cellular companies: "Unfortunately, no one knows exactly the reason to cancer disease. The disease is known long ago before cellular devices existed in the world. There is no research in the world that can define exactly the source of this serious disease, and certainly there is no research that links the cellular [radiation] effects with cancer disease"

("Wild Radiation", Guy Leshem Yediot Ahronot 5.7.2004)

The high court ordered the government to give the court its position about the legislation in the issue of non-ionizing radiation within 4 months, before the high court will continue to discuss the appeal.
The appeal asked to cancel the current national programs for erecting antennas. Herzelia municipality says in the appeal that the programme ignores the municipality consideration and doesn't enable it to prevent the erection of antenna near public institutions like kindergardens and elderly houses.

Stelian Galberg from the Env. Ministry said on T.V that nobody wants a bus station near his house, but nobody asks him whether he wants a bus station or not, unless it's central bus stations. He also said that all the cellular antennas, including the ones in the street lamps and in the sun boilers are all in the Env. Ministry website, which is open to everyone.

Yael German, Mayor of Herzelia is angry because, as she said on T.V, she signs permissions that she doesn't agree with. She doesn't want to give to companies to erect cellular towers near the elderly but she does it because of the current law.

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