Cancer Patients from Zoran Area Sue the State and Bezeq for millions

Exposure: The 3G is going to quadruple the number of antennas

The Forecast for Israel is 24,000 antennas.

Gye Leshem

Yediot Ahronot


An internal document of the Environment's Quality Ministry exposes worrying findings about the effects of the radiation from the 3G cellular antennas.

Stelian Galberg, who wrote the document, the head of the noise and radiation prevention department in the ministry, determined that these antennas can have a negative effect more than the antennas that exist today. Galberg predicts that within several years the number of antennas will increase in the country to about 24,000.... In recent years there are researchs in the world in attempt to determine the connection between the radiation that's emitted from the cellular antennas and the health of people living near them. The findings show that the existing cellular antennas emit damaging radiation, that exposure to them causes headaches, fatigue, depression, sleeping disruptions, memory reduction, and even increase the risk of getting cancer.

IARC is conducting the biggest study in the world to evaluate the effects, the study includes 14 countries including Israel. Unfortunately, the study is expected to be finished only next year.

The Minister for Environment's Quality, Yehudit Naot, acts lately for the "Non-Ionizing Radiation Law" that will determine that the allowed radiation level will be low in thousands procents than the WHO's [/ICNIRP] standard. That's because of the concern for radiation damage in the long run.

The Cellular Forum [Israeli's cellular companies together as a PR firm] said that "the forum rejects the data, that have no connection with the reality. 3G services will demand an addition of several hundreds antennas for every company only, during 5 years. All the antennas will stand in all the demands of the authorities".

Comments: Stelian Galberg is the same person who said 2 months ago in a TV programme, that in order to have justice, it's fair that every house will have a private antenna so that not only one person has 18 antennas near his house and others have none, but all the people will have their own antennas. He didn't say if he meant also to himself. He also said that the problem with the antennas is the panic and fear they create, and not health problems. What happened to him? Did he get up on the wrong side one day? Or maybe it has something to do with the lawsuit that resists his being the only person who manages the antennas issues in the country?

He also said that the interest of the Ministry is as much antennas as possible so that the radiation "will be lower".

Our Environment Minister's future is actually not clear. Yehudit Naot, who is acting for the Non Ionizing Law, cannot speak, because her vocal cords are cut due to her spreading cancer. Her condition is probably bad due to the fact that she travelled abroad for treatment but the doctors refused to operate her. Her disease condition is followed by the Israeli newspapers.


Cancer Patients from Zoran Area Sue the State and Bezeq for millions

Asaf Bergerfreund

Haaretz 15.6.2004

25 cancer patients and relatives of cancer patients who died- from the villages Porat and Eiv Vered in the Sharon, filed their lawsuit two days ago to the district court in Tel Aviv for million Shekels. They sue the state, Bezeq and the broadcast authority for damages.

Background for the suit: radiation from Hillel Station near the villages, that they claim caused them cancer. The station was on 1000 dunam area, had 4 transmitters and 12 antennas, in heights of hundreds of meters. The station was closed in 2003 after the residents had appealed to the high court. The lawsuit was filed by lawyers Moshe Kaplanski and David Mena. The claim is that since the station had been established in 1962, the residents started suffering from unexplained phenomenons like disruptions in computerized watering systems, electric devices, problems with agricultural growth and fruits that grew to giant size in an unnatural way. The cancer cases were found during the late seventies.

The plaintiffs claim that the origin of the diseases was in a systematic failure of the governmental ministries that treated or were supposed to treat the radiation effects from the station on the public that was living near the station. The station, they claim, was broadcasting for many years with high radiation level, and the governmental ministries were aware that the radiation effect was dangerous and destructive. More they claim, that during the years when they station was active, nobody warned the residents of the health danger in exposure to the radiation. The defence was not yet filed.

Comments on the trial

Bezeq is using Moshe Netzer, a member of the IEEE in Israel, who consults to 3 cellular companies, the Israeli power company and Bezeq. Moshe Netzer speaks out very clearly for the industry and against people's interests. In one of his lectures he claimed that the newspapers publish health damages from the cellular antennas/ devices only because they are "stories which sell newspapers" and not because they are true.

Bezeq also uses Dr. Yossi Ribak, head of Public Health School of Tel Aviv University. What's interesting about Riback is the fact that he took radiation measurements from Hillel Station in 2004, after Hillel station had been closed down. This is in contrast to the court demand for measurements only until 2003.

Dr. Riback has done a very "interesting" work for the cellular companies, with the conclusion that the city Tel Aviv really needs much more cellular antennas. in a T.V. programme two months ago, he claimed that the real problem with the radiation is the panic of people, he also cited the American Embassy in Moscow study and a study on 40,000 soldiers, and "groups from 8 countries including England Australia" as a "proof" that the radiation has no negative effects.

Actually the Moscow and the 40,000 soldiers studies found negative effects including cancer. I don't know what he meant by "8 groups" but I don't believe a word he says anyway.

In that T.V programme, the T.V camera focused on him and on Dr. Stelian Galberg (Env. Ministry) doing some weird movements, looked like they weren't sitting comfortably on their chairs and Riback started playing/moving his fingers, while Dr. Eliahu Richter was talking about clear damages from the radiation. The camera also enabled to see a quick eye contact between Dr. Riback and Dr. Stelian Galberg during Dr. Eliahu Richter was talking on damages. Riback also raised his eyebrow at the same time. He should have prepared at home to be less transparent, take it cool. Maybe Dr. Repacholi can give him a quick course.


EMR article in The June issue of The Ecologist

As a subscriber of "The Ecologist" (The U.K) I want to tell you that in the new issue of June 2004 there's a section "The killing fields" on the EMR, of 6 pages, most of which is an article by Arthur Fistenberg. Arthur is the founder and director of the Cellular Phone Task Force, a non-profit organization that used to distribute info about electromagnetic pollution through the "No Place to Hide" newsletters, but lately it's not active any more because Arthur is homeless and has financial problems. He speaks about it freely in the new article. He is the author of "Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmenral Impact of the Wireless Revolution (1996).

He can be contacted by mail at PO Box 1337

Mendocino, CA 95460


Phone: (707) 937-3990

Interestingly, "In February this year Richard Box, artist-in-residence at the University of Bristol's physics department, installed hundreds of fluorescent light tubes in a field underneath power lines. The tubes came on at dusk, powered solely by the EM field generated by the cables above".

One of The Ecologist's suggestions is as simple as that: "If you have a cell phone, cancel your service".

For "The ecologist" go to http://www.theecologist.co.uk

Informant: Iris Atzmon

Hillel station - a lesson in statistics

The mayor gets rid of all the antennas - First place in the world: No antennas and no phones anymore


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