Cyprus: "Alarm Bells of Radiation Threat"

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CYPRUS MAIL Friday, April 8, 2005

Alarm bells of radiation threat

by Jean Christou

A PHYSICS professor at the University of Cyprus has warned that safety limits for electromagnetic radiation may be too high, following a two and a half year study of electrical emissions around the island.

Dr Panos Razis, who presented his findings at a lecture on Wednesday night in Nicosia, told the Cyprus Mail yesterday that although most emissions in Cyprus were within set safety limits, other countries were reducing their limits as studies into the long-term effects were starting to emerge.

Razis said the Cyprus study honed on what the team had called 'problems areas' such as Polemidhia and Lakatamia, where people have reported cancer clusters, particularly in childhood leukaemia. He said in both areas the readings were within the set limits but this did not mean the emissions were not responsible.

"The safety limits that have been adopted are under constant modification in several countries and are becoming lower and lower!," Razis said.

He said the reason was because initial studies had been looking at the short-term effects only, such as muscular phenomena.

"But how it influences biological molecules like DNA and RNA... research is not advanced in that area. So if one considers what might happen on a long-term basis one has to be cautious not to have houses and schools very close to such infrastructure because science at the moment cannot say it is currently 100 per cent harmless. We cannot say that. It still needs a lot of investigation. Decades ago they could not tell that smoking causes cancer," Razis said.

Razis said international studies had shown that children exposed to over 0.4 microtesla of electromagnetic radiation had double the risk of getting leukaemia. "The safety limit is at 100 microtesla," said Razis. "This was a real worry factor because if there are problems at 0.4 microtesla or even if there is an indication of problems but no proof, it is still worrying. ! It seems this was not a statistical fluctuation."

Razis said the study team had found children's bedrooms in some places in Latsia were only three metres away from outside pylons and electrical wires.

"We were getting relatively high readings but not higher than the safety levels set by the EU. But we also know that many countries are reducing these safety levels," he said.

Razis said there were also apartment buildings in Nicosia where residents were exposed to electromagnetic radiation the equivalent of watching television close-up for 24 hours non-stop.

"Again the levels were lower than safety limits but as a scientist one has to be relatively careful," he said, adding that electromagnetic radiation did not affect everyone in the same way, and some people not at all. "It's a matter of resistance of our molecules to such things," he said. "What the scientific community is trying to establish is whether humans have a certain threshold, because electromagnetic radiation has a cumulative effect. It's different for every person but children may be more susceptible. Their findings are different from the adults because their immunological system is not fully developed."

Another areas of concern Razis established from the study was the fact that people were allowed to build so close to pylons without anyone stopping them. "This should not be allowed right underneath high voltage cables," said Razis. "There is practical rule of thumb that one shouldn't be allowed to build inside a certain distance of about 30 metres from pylons."

He was also concerned about electricity and telecommunications workers on the island, saying they were in many instances exposed much more than the general population, as readings at electricity substations had been quite high.

"Because they are paid more, should they be allowed to be exposed to a higher level of radiation? I don't find this a very logical argument," he said, adding that the state should take responsibility for their protection.

"People who are exposed to higher than normal levels but which are still inside safety limits should be aware that research is still going on. Most in the scientific community don't believe in the current limits because they don't cover the long term effects," Razis said.

Copyright © Cyprus Mail 2005

Cancer Clusters in Vicinity to Cell-Phone Transmitter Stations

Kurswechsel im Welthandel überfällig: "Aktionswoche für globale Gerechtigkeit"

Kurswechsel im Welthandel überfällig: "Aktionswoche für globale Gerechtigkeit" beginnt in Bonn (08.04.05)

Einen Kurswechsel in der internationalen Handelspolitik forderten Vertreter der Zivilgesellschaft aus Nord und Süd zum Auftakt der Aktionswoche für globale Gerechtigkeit in Bonn. Wenige Monate vor der nächsten Ministerkonferenz der Welt-handelsorganisation (WTO) in Hongkong steht deren Missachtung von Interessen der Entwicklungsländer im Mittelpunkt der Kritik. Bei der WTO-Konferenz in Doha war das Gegenteil zugesagt worden. Die Aktionswoche wird in Deutschland von der Welthandelskampagne "Gerechtigkeit jetzt!" getragen, einem Zusammenschluss von 36 Organisationen aus dem entwicklungs- und umweltpolitischen, kirchlichen und menschenrechtlichen sowie gewerkschaftlichen Bereich. Sie findet parallel in 70 Ländern statt.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Fight the Masts with Tactical Voting

We all do a lot of moaning about mast siting, the poor planning legislation and bias that the Government shows towards mobile operators, but rarely do we get an opportunity to tell politicians that their policies stink by actually voting them out of office. In the UK we get this chance on May 5th 2005! If you have complained about TETRA or 3G masts in your area being put up with scant regard to your views, how can you in all good conscience go and vote for Blair or his supporters - or any other pro-mast politician, when you have the chance to vote against them? You can't!

Also it is no good voting for the candidate who came third last time, since you are wasting your vote! If you want to make a difference VOTE TACTICALLY against the Labour MP (or other pro-mast politician), by voting for the candidate who was runner-up last time. For those whose best bet to beat one of Tony's Cronies is a Tory you'll have to swallow hard since the Tories have promised to tighten up mast planning regulations and Labour haven't, so be brave and vote Tory this time or shut up about the mast that Vodafone or O2 just put up after the 56 day limit expired! The Lib-Dems have said that they will also tighten up legislation, given the opportunity! For your constituency and the best candidate to vote for, see the web address below.

As for John "Two Jags" Prescott, the man behind the ineffectual "ODPM" who don't allow Health concerns to be taken into account in mast planning, he is the man who deserves to be out of his job as Deputy PM and as an MP! If you have any friends or relatives in the east of Hull, please, please, persuade them to vote Lib Dem to make him lose his seat! He deserves it for the suffering he has allowed to continue.

For further information on Tactical Voting, please go to our friend's website at http://tacticalvoting.net - that is Tactical Voting dot Net! You could even download a poster to print and put up in your car or house window.

Don't take things lying down - fight back! And please, please ask your friends to vote tactically too, if it will put more anti-mast MPs into Parliament!

HAM / No Masts


We are sickened by Hull East's John Prescott's hopelessness in tackling the complex issues around Telephone Mast Planning. He as Deputy Prime Minister has allowed masts to be put up near our schools and by our homes, and when it came to upholding our Human Rights against the Telephone Operators he withdrew his case in the High Court. He also buried any tightening of legislation as the General Election was announced.

We are encouraging people to tactically vote against him in the General Election. See the campaign site at http://tacticalvoting.net

This is normal people speaking out against a useless individual who has done nothing to counter the power of the Telecoms companies.

We encourage everyone to display our "2 Jags - No Clue" poster around Hull and encourage anyone they know in his constituency to vote Lib Dem to get rid of him. This is because, in Hull East, the Lib Dems are in the best position to beat Prescott out of all the other candidates from the 2001 results. We note that at least one Hull person brands him a useless MP, so we would be doing the people of East Hull a BIG FAVOUR.

We further encourage people in other constituencies to Tactically Vote Against Blair's Cronies. See who they recommend at http://tacticalvoting.net .

Help Put Mast Planning on the Election Map

No Masts

Hunger-Based Lines Lengthen at the Faith-Based Soup Kitchens

The sight of masses of Americans gratefully chowing down on free food is indeed a show, an amazingly discreet one that is classified not as outright hunger but as "food insecurity" by government specialists who are busy measuring the growing lines at soup kitchens and food pantries across the nation.


World Bank Warns U.S. to Cut Deficits

Accumulation of dollar reserves by some Asian countries could spark a systemic foreign exchange crisis, the chief economist of the World Bank said in an interview to be published on Thursday


Oil for dollars, and dollars for US deficit

The United States is extracting tribute on oil from the world. If the world wants Middle Eastern oil, it can pay for it through the Saudi branch of the US Treasury.


From Information Clearing House

'The new aristocracy'

Behind the smokescreen of a glorious "patriotic war," fear of terrorism, and pumped-up religious fervor lies a home-front war against the middle and blue-collar classes: a conservative counter-revolution, which aims at a colossal redistribution of wealth upward, to the New Aristocracy -- supported by a self-serving rewriting of the law based not on legal principle but on "free-market" theory.


The Pentagon is closing military bases at home and opening new ones abroad


US lawmakers regret voting for Iraq war

US Representative Walter Jones, a conservative Republican, does not hide his anger when he says bad information led him to vote for the Iraq war.


From Information Clearing House

Who Forged the Niger Documents?

A former counterterrorism chief claims that the now discredited documents that showed Iraq trying to purchase uranium were fabricated right here in the United States.


From Information Clearing House

Big Lies, Blind Spies, and Vanity Fair

Quick Lessons From the WMD Report

From Information Clearing House

Thirty years ago, President Bush was my student at Harvard Business School

by Yoshi Tsurumi

Thirty years ago, President Bush was my student at Harvard Business School. In my class, he called former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, Class of 1904, a “socialist” and spoke against Social Security, unemployment insurance, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other New Deal innovations. He refused to understand that capitalism becomes corrupt without democratic civic values and ethical restraints.


The Covert Biotech War


George Monbiot,

The Guardian, Tuesday 19 Nov, 2002

The battle to put a corporate GM padlock on our foodchain is being fought on the net

Six months ago, this column revealed that a fake citizen called Mary Murphy had been bombarding internet listservers with messages denouncing the scientists and environmentalists who were critical of GM crops. The computer from which some of these messages were sent belongs to a public relations company called Bivings, which works for Monsanto. The boss of Bivings wrote to the Guardian, fiercely denying that his company had been running covert campaigns. His head of online PR, however, admitted to the BBC's Newsnight that one of the messages came from someone "working for Bivings" or "clients using our services". But Bivings denies any knowledge of the use of its computer for such a campaign.

This admission prompted the researcher Jonathan Matthews, who first uncovered the story, to take another look at some of the emails which had attracted his attention. He had become particularly interested in a series of vituperative messages sent to the most prominent biotech listservers on the net, by someone called Andura Smetacek. Smetacek first began writing in 2000. She or he repeatedly accused the critics of GM of terrorism. When one of her letters, asserting that Greenpeace was deliberately spreading unfounded fears about GM foods in order to further its own financial interests, was reprinted in the Glasgow Herald, Greenpeace successfully sued the paper for libel.

Smetacek claimed, in different messages, first to live in London, then in New York. Jonathan Matthews [with hte help of the investigative journalist, Andy Rowell] checked every available public record and found that no person of that name appeared to exist in either city. But last month his techie friends discovered something interesting. Three of these messages, including the first one Smetacek sent, arrived with the internet protocol address This is the address assigned to the server gatekeeper2.monsanto.com. It belongs to the Monsanto corporation.

In 1999, after the company nearly collapsed as a result of its disastrous attempt to thrust GM food into the European market, Monsanto's communications director, Philip Angell, explained to the Wall Street Journal: "Maybe we weren't aggressive enough... When you fight a forest fire, sometimes you have to light another fire." The company identified the internet as the medium which had helped protest to "mushroom".

At the end of last year, Jay Byrne, formerly the company's director of internet outreach, explained to a number of other firms the tactics he had used at Monsanto. He showed how, before he got to work, the top GM sites listed by an internet search engine were all critical of the technology. Following his intervention, the top sites were all supportive ones (four of them established by Monsanto's PR firm Bivings). He told them to "think of the internet as a weapon on the table. Either you pick it up or your competitor does, but somebody is going to get killed".

While he was working for Monsanto, Byrne told the internet newsletter Wow that he "spends his time and effort participating" in web discussions about biotech. He singled out the site AgBioWorld, where he "ensures his company gets proper play". AgBioWorld is the site on which Smetacek launched her campaign.

Corporate Phantoms

by George Monbiot

The Guardian, Wednesday May 29, 2002

Two weeks ago, this column showed how the Bivings Group, a PR company contracted to Monsanto, had invented fake citizens to post messages on internet listservers. These phantoms had launched a campaign to force Nature magazine to retract a paper it had published, alleging that native corn in Mexico had been contaminated with GM pollen. But this, it now seems, is just one of hundreds of critical interventions with which PR companies hired by big business have secretly guided the biotech debate over the past few years.

While I was writing the last piece, Bivings sent me an email fiercely denying that it had anything to do with the fake correspondents "Mary Murphy" and "Andura Smetacek", who started the smear campaign against the Nature paper. Last week I checked the email's technical properties. They contained the identity tag "bw6.bivwood.com". The message came from the same computer terminal that "Mary Murphy" has used. New research coordinated by the campaigner Jonathan Matthews appears to have unmasked the fake persuaders: "Mary Murphy" is being posted by a Bivings web designer, writing from both the office and his home computer in Hyattsville, Maryland; while "Andura Smetacek" appears to be the company's chief internet marketer [the e-mail front was later tracked right back to Monsanto itself - see Geoerge Monbiot’s follow up article below]

...Bivings is the secret author of several of the websites and bogus citizens' movements which have been coordinating campaigns against environmentalists. One is a fake scientific institute called the "Centre for Food and Agricultural Research". Bivings has also set up the "Alliance for Environmental Technology", a chlorine industry lobby group. Most importantly, Bivings appears to be connected with AgBioWorld, the genuine website run by CS Prakash, a plant geneticist at Tuskegee University, Alabama.

AgBioWorld is perhaps the most influential biotech site on the web. Every day it carries new postings about how GM crops will feed the world, new denunciations of the science which casts doubt on them and new attacks on environmentalists. It was here that the fake persuaders invented by Bivings launched their assault on the Nature paper. AgBioWorld then drew up a petition to have the paper retracted.

Prakash claims to have no links with Bivings but, as the previous article showed, an error message on his site suggests that it is or was using the main server of the Bivings Group. Jonathan Matthews, who found the message, commissioned a full technical audit of AgBioWorld. His web expert has now found 11 distinctive technical fingerprints shared by AgBioWorld and Bivings' Alliance for Environmental Technology site. The sites appear, he concludes, to have been created by the same programmer.

Though he lives and works in the United States, CS Prakash claims to represent the people of the third world. He set up AgBioWorld with Greg Conko of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the far-right libertarian lobby group funded by such companies as Philip Morris, Pfizer and Dow Chemical [and Monsanto]. Conko has collaborated with Matthew Metz, one of the authors of the scientific letters to Nature seeking to demolish the maize paper, to produce a highly partisan guide to biotechnology on the AgBioWorld site.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute boasts that it "played a key role in the creation" of a petition of scientists supporting biotech (ostensibly to feed the third world) launched by Prakash. Unaware that it had been devised by a corporate lobby group, 3,000 scientists, three Nobel laureates among them, signed up.

Bivings is just one of several public relations agencies secretly building a parallel world on the web. Another US company, Berman & Co, runs a fake public interest site called ActivistCash.com, which seeks to persuade the foundations giving money to campaigners to desist. Berman also runs the "Centre for Consumer Freedom", which looks like a citizens' group but lobbies against smoking bans, alcohol restrictions and health warnings on behalf of tobacco, drinks and fast food companies. The marketing firm Nichols Dezenhall set up a site called StopEcoViolence, another "citizens' initiative", demonising activists. In March, Nichols Dezenhall linked up with Prakash's collaborator, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, to sponsor a conference for journalists and corporate executives on "eco-extremism".

What is fascinating about these websites, fake groups and phantom citizens is that they have either smelted or honed all the key weapons currently used by the world's biotech enthusiasts: the conflation of activists with terrorists, the attempts to undermine hostile research, the ever more nuanced claims that those who resist GM crops are anti-science and opposed to the interests of the poor. The hatred directed at activists over the past few years is, in other words, nothing of the kind. In truth, we have been confronted by the crafted response of an industry without emotional attachment.

Protestors halt mobile phone mast


Permanent Oil Shock

Remember what happens when supply cannot match demand?

Wal-Mart attempting to silence their critics

Learn the facts about the largest company in the world: visit my Wal-Mart Fact Checker homepage.
Ivonne's Wal-Mart Fact Checker homepage:

Visit my Wal-Mart Fact Checker homepage. My goal is to get enough folks signed up with Wal-Mart Fact Checker to get insurance for one Wal-Mart worker.

The Wal-Mart Fact Checker, brought to you by PurpleOcean.org:

Informant: Ivonne Rovira


Election Reform & ANWR Boycott


Chemtrails – nur zur Wetterkontrolle, oder auch zur Überwachung?


Life, Death and Environmentalism

For many of us, thinking about the spiritual nature of Earth can seem remote from our everyday lives. We're busy with work and family, so we don't have much time to think about esoteric topics like the nature of religion or the religion of nature. But I was so moved this week by the passionate discussion on the NRDC Action Fund's blog http://blog.nrdcactionfund.org that I wanted to write and let you know.

Noted author T.A. Barron has joined the NRDC Action Fund Blog for two weeks, and his writings are thought-provoking and powerful. Responses by our activists on the blog http://blog.nrdcactionfund.org have spawned some wonderful discussions of nature, life, death and spirituality.

Here's an excerpt from T. A. Barron's first blog entry on April 4th:

"Today, though, I'd like to propose a new meaning for the term 'pro-life.' Even before the Terry Schiavo case, the term had become more politically charged than Tom Delay's cell phone. But the word 'life' is far too big, complex and wondrous a term to be reduced to political shorthand. Life on our lonely planet is truly a miracle, whose diversity and beauty is simply stunning to behold. Whether or not life exists elsewhere in the universe, all we know now is that here on Earth, life is both utterly amazing -- and utterly endangered. That is why I believe that nobody is really more pro-life than an environmentalist."

To read this entry, go to

And here's a bit from his second:

"One primary quality of both nature and religion is the gift of making us feel both very small and very large, at once. To be in the presence of God, however you choose to define God, is to feel both humbled (very good for us human beings) and enlarged. That's also just the way I feel when standing under the night sky up at our mountain cabin on the western slope of Colorado. When I look up at those stars, so bright that I almost need to squint my eyes, I feel both truly insignificant -- and greatly magnified. For nature, like religion, enables us to understand our tininess and transience, while connecting us to all the rest of creation. We may sing alone, and only briefly, but we still have a part in the grand and glorious song of the stars."

To read this entry, go to

So, if you haven't been to the NRDC Action Fund Blog yet, I invite you to drop in, read the entries, and note the inspired comments from your fellow activists. A blog is an interactive, online diary, and ours serves as a gathering place for everyone who wants to stop the current assaults on our environment. Visit now and get involved:



Frances Beinecke
NRDC Action Fund

We have lost our way


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Die AOK wirbt für Mobilfunk-Verträge

Dass die AOK ganz ungeniert für Mobilfunk wirbt, hat mich schon häufiger empört. Mit der Post habe ich nun ein Werbeangebot von meiner Krankenkasse geschickt bekommen, das aus meiner Sicht eine Eskalation der Schamlosigkeit darstellt:


Das Angebot richtet sich speziell an AOK-Mitglieder. Wenn sie einen Vertrag zur Teilnahme am Mobilfunkverkehr im T-Mobile D1-, Vodafone D2 oder E-Plus-Netz abschließen, erhalten sie als Beigabe ein Foto-Handy und einen DVD-Player geschenkt.

Der „Gesundheitskasse“ kann es nicht entgangen sein, dass Mobilfunkstrahlung im Ruf steht, gesundheitsschädigend zu sein. Wenn sie sich also trotzdem an einer solchen Werbekampagne beteiligt, dann bestimmt nicht, weil sich das kostensenkend auf ihre Ausgaben auswirkt. Auf welcher Interessenkonkordanz mag die Geschäftspartnerschaft zwischen AOK und Mobilfunkbetreibern sonst beruhen?

Die Telekommunikationsunternehmen holen sich m. E. auf diesem Weg das trügerische Image, Mobilfunk sei gesundheitlich unbedenklich. Die AOK hofft vielleicht darauf, damit jugendliche Mitglieder werben zu können. Oder hat sie noch mehr davon? Bloß – was?

Wenn ich nicht noch ein sozialgerichtliches Verfahren gegen die AOK laufen hätte, hätte ich schon lange die Krankenkasse gewechselt!

Ruth Gill

What You Didn't Know About Vaccines & Human Animal Husbandry


Informant: Scott Munson

Iraq WMD evidence came from a drunken liar


American neoconservatives sabotage the UN


American schools teach that God created the universe in 8,000 BC


US mercenaries in Iraq told to shoot for fun


American abuse of Iraqis is widespread


Saints or subservives?

by Steve Weissman



When Lt. Gen. William G. 'Jerry' Boykin boasted that his God was bigger than Islam's, many people demanded his scalp. But, as angry as his critics were, they dismissed what he said as little more than military machismo, political insensitivity, and bone-headed public relations. How could we possibly win Muslim hearts and minds when this highly decorated Crusader so callously belittled Allah? Few critics asked the tougher question: What did Gen. Boykin's remarks mean for the U.S. Constitution, which he had sworn to support and defend, and which -- in the very first words of the First Amendment -- forbids any 'establishment of religion?'" [Editor's note: This ispart 1 of a 5-part series - MLS]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

ACLU comments on electronic passports

by staff



The American Civil Liberties Union hereby comments on and formally opposes the Department of State's proposed rule creating 'electronic passports' by including radio frequency identification chips (RFIDs) in US passports. The proposed rule is outlined at 70 Fed. Reg. 8305-8309, 'Electronic Passports,' RIN 1400-A893. These chips compromise Americans' privacy, expose them to danger from terrorists and criminals and provide a limited security benefit. Instead, US passports standards should employ a contact chip -- one that can only be read through contact between a reader and chip. This solution would mitigate many of the concerns raised below and better serve the privacy and security interests of US passport holders...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Creeping censorship

by Tibor R. Machan

Tibor's Place on the Web


This is how it goes: First the principles of individual liberty are abrogated in the name of having to manage the public sphere. That sphere, of course, keeps getting bigger and bigger -- all the public education facilities, for example, are included, which means that one of the most vital sources of intellectual debate and exploration operates under government management, resulting, for example, in the travesty of official political correctness policies across the country. Next, once the idea of individual rights has been gradually eroded this way, it no longer needs to be a public sphere for it to come under government supervision. Thus we see the push for the ugly creeping censorship that now faces us...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Drafted for the inflation battle

by Robert Reich

Tom Paine


Just 110,000 jobs were added in March -- not nearly enough even to keep up with population growth. Meanwhile, the wages and benefits of non-supervisory workers -- about 80 percent of the American workforce -- continue to drop, in real terms. This is unusual for this stage of a so-called recovery. What's going on? Blame higher interest rates.

... The Fed continues to raise them in order to prevent an outbreak of inflation. But the Fed is fighting a ghost. Inflation is in no danger of getting out of control. Greenspan worries that the huge federal budget deficit will bring on inflation. That may be something to worry about over the long term. But right now, ... the Fed's war against inflation is a pre-emptive one. [They want] to tackle inflation before inflation becomes a problem to be tackled. That might be okay, except that this pre-emptive war is imposing a huge toll -- especially on the nation's poor...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

How to end judicial treason

by Devvy Kidd



Tom DeLay's solution to out-of-control federal judges -- which he seems to have just discovered is a problem in this country -- is just more stalling tactics, i.e., asking his fellow bureaucrats who have also sat back and remained silent for decades while these federal judges have destroyed this republic with their unconstitutional rulings, to conduct some vague review. While some committee sits around and decides which action to take that will cost the least politically, this country is being ruined by federal judges and the U.S. Supreme Court. While Congress fiddles, our nation is being ripped apart...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A breaking point?

by Butler Shaffer



I have long thought that the oppressive and destructive American political system will eventually reach a breaking point where the addition of one more intrusion upon the lives of people will produce a nonlinear reaction (i.e., a consequence out of all proportion to that singular factor). Like the Boston 'tea party' or the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, some will mistake this single event for what may prove to be the 'cause' of the collapse of the American nation-state. Something which, standing by itself, would seem to have little significance -- like a woman refusing to move to the back of a bus -- may become the focal point for the release of long-suppressed emotions and resentments...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Alternative Marktmacht wider den Marktterror der Neoliberalen?

Ein Pamphlet von Dieter Ackermann-Girschik

Es handelt sich um eine Antwort auf "Streik und Boykott. Kunden und Beschäftigte - Gemeinsam erreichen wir mehr!" Ein Aufruf zur Diskussion von Anton Kobel, erschienen im express, Zeitschrift für sozialistische Betriebs- und Gewerkschaftsarbeit, 2/05

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 24, Eintrag 5

Wie kann das funktionieren: Lohnverzicht für Beschäftigungssicherung und gleichzeitig Stärkung der Massenkaufkraft?

Wie kriegt die IG Metall Lohnverzicht für "Beschäftigungssicherung" und Stärkung der "Massenkaufkraft" unter einen Hut? Die Analyse des GegenStandpunkt-Verlags in Radio Lora München vom 28. Februar 2005 http://www.gegenstandpunkt.de/radio/2005/ga050228.htm

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 24, Eintrag 5

Angriff ist die beste Verteidigung

Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft für gewerkschaftliche Fragen (AgF) Marburg hat eine Broschüre veröffentlich mit dem Titel "Angriff ist die beste Verteidigung - Gewerkschaften vor neuen Herausforderungen"

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 24, Eintrag 5

Gewerkschaftsbewegung ohne Gewerkschaft

Artikel von Mag Wompel, erschienen in Graswurzelrevolution 298 vom April 2005 http://www.graswurzel.net/298/hartz.shtml

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 24, Eintrag 5

Mitbestimmung - Erfolgs- und Exportschlager?

Unzitat des Tages:

"Die Mitbestimmung muss dazu beitragen, dass die Unternehmen sich richtig verhalten, also Wachstum in Europa schaffen."

Dietmar Hexel, DGB, im Interview "DGB warnt vor "Managerfeudalismus". In der Regierungskommission wollen Gewerkschaften die Weiterentwicklung der Mitbestimmung erreichen". Interview von Markus Sievers in Frankfurter Rundschau vom 7.4.05 http://www.fr-aktuell.de/fr_home/startseite/?cnt=657538

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 24, Eintrag 5

Aktionstag gegen Festung Europa

In 50 Städten in Europa wurde rund um den 2. April protestiert, gegen Lager für Bewegungsfreiheit und Bleiberecht, gegen die Internierung von MigrantInnen in verschiedenen Formen von Lagern und gegen Grenzen. Auch an der Grenze zwischen San Diego/Tijuana (USA/Mexiko) fanden Proteste statt…. Siehe Bericht mit weiterführenden Links von "alles für alle" vom 02.04.2005 bei indymedia http://de.indymedia.org/index.shtml

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 24, Eintrag 5

Hartz-Gegner lassen nicht locker

Neue Aktionen von Initiativen - auch im Netz. Artikel von Peter Nowak in ND vom 2.4.05 http://www.nd-online.de/artikel.asp?AID=69787&IDC=3

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 24, Eintrag 5

Bundesweite Ein-Euro-Job Aktion - LidlSchluss

Erinnerung an das Treffen zur abschliessenden Vorbereitung der bundesweiten Ein-Euro-Job Aktion + Diskussion um "LIDL-Schluss" am Samstag, den 9.4.2005 von 12.00 - 16.30 Uhr im Gewerkschaftshaus in Göttingen, Obere Masch 10 (3 Min. vom Hauptbahnhof)

- Das Plakat zur Mobilisierung für den bundesweiten Aktionstag am 20.Mai gibt es am Samstag auf dem Treffen

- Ab 15.April gibt es 20.000 Zeitungen zur Kampagne

- Für die Diskussion zum Lidl-Schluss siehe "LidlSchluss". Prekäre Beschäftigung bei Lidl, Schlecker und Aldi ruft nach weiteren Initiativen. Zusammenstellung von Informationen und Ideen von "Einzelpersonen" vom 19.01.2005 bei indymedia

Aus: LabourNet Nachrichtensammlung, Band 24, Eintrag 5

Mobilfunksender strahlen permanent

Warnt vor biologischen Langzeiteffekten durch Handy-Strahlung: Medizinphysiker Dr. Lebrecht von Klitzing. Foto Rohde

Schinkel – Man kann sie weder sehen noch spüren. Dennoch haben Mobilfunkstrahlen Auswirkungen auf den Menschen. Zu den Gefahren der "biologischen Effekte" nahm Mittwochabend der Lübecker Medizinphysiker Dr. Lebrecht von Klitzing in der "Schinkler Möhl" Stellung. Hintergrund: Auf dem Dach des Gebäudes möchte der Mobilfunkanbieter O{-2} eine Antenne installieren. Während die Betreiber immer wieder auf die eingehaltenen Grenzwerte für die hochfrequente Strahlung verweisen, stellte Klitzing gerade deren Höhe in Frage. "Die Grenzwerte sind an einem Phantom im Labor entwickelt worden", beklagte der Wissenschaftler. Doch technische Systeme seien nicht auf das Biosystem Mensch übertragbar. "Daran krankt das Ganze."

Bei Mobilfunkstrahlen handelt es sich um gepulste Wellen, die mit einem schnellen Takt von 217 Pulsen pro Sekunde auch auf den Körper einwirken. Ähnlich funktioniert das schnurlose Telefon des DECT-Standards, das rund um die Uhr Strahlung abgibt. Schlaflosigkeit, Kopfschmerzen und Konzentrationsstörungen können bei empfindlichen Menschen die Folge sein. "Vor allem Kinder reagieren sehr sensibel", warnte Klitzing.

Während Schnurlos-Telefonierer noch auf den harmloseren CT1plus-Standard (sendet ungepulst und nur beim Telefonieren) ausweichen können, bestrahlen Mobilfunksender permanent ihre nähere Umgebung, um die Kommunikation via Handy zu ermöglichen. Die Grenzwerte, so der Referent, richten sich nach dem Mittelwert. Die Spitzen der einzelnen Pulse liegen jedoch um ein Vielfaches höher. Beispiel: eine Glühlampe gibt gleichmäßig 20 Watt ab, eine Stroboskop-Lampe von 20 Watt erreicht jedoch eine Pulsleistung von 20000 Watt und kann bei Veranlagung epileptische Anfälle auslösen.

Während der Grenzwert etwa im D-Netz auf 4600 Milliwatt pro Quadratmeter fixiert wurde, können im Labor schon bei nur einem Milliwatt Veränderungen der Gehirnströme gemessen werden, klinische Erfahrungswerte für Langzeiteinwirkungen bewegen sich noch deutlich darunter. Mit dem Handy am Kopf, gab der Wissenschaftler zu bedenken, komme man bei schlechtem Verbindungsaufbau schon ins Limit hinein.

Die Grenzwerte gelten zudem nur für sechs Minuten Strahlung. "Eine Vorsorge für Langzeiteinwirkungen unterhalb dieser Werte ist nicht berücksichtigt", kritisierte der Medizinphysiker. Doch gerade das ist das Problem bei den dauerhaft strahlenden Mobilfunksendern. Laut Klitzing erhöhen Langzeiteffekte von über fünf Jahren das Risiko für Hirntumore, Leukämie und Krebs – in Abhängigkeit von Entfernung und Stärke des Senders. Auch Einflüsse auf das genetische Material und die Blut-Hirn-Schranke durch elektromagnetische Wellen sind bekannt.

Die Kommunen, schloss Klitzing, sollten Wohngebiete nach Möglichkeit von Mobilfunkanlagen frei halten. Und er forderte eine systematische Forschung von unabhängigen Institutionen zu den biologischen Auswirkungen der Strahlung. Die Gemeinde Schinkel will jetzt vor einer Entscheidung zunächst ein Meinungsbild der Einwohner abfragen. "Kurzfristig wird nichts passieren. Den Tagesordnungspunkt Mietvertrag mit O{-2} haben wir erst einmal abgesetzt", erklärte Bürgermeister Hans-Georg Güttler.

Der Bau- und Umweltausschuss-Vorsitzende Meinolf Asshoff, der gemeinsam mit der "Ökologischen Interessengemeinschaft Schinkel" zum Info-Abend eingeladen hatte, hinterfragte, ob für die Mieteinnahmen das Risiko einer Strahlungsquelle auf der Mühle lohne. "Es gibt in Schinkel genügend Möglichkeiten, außerhalb von Wohngebieten einen Sender aufzustellen", sagte er.

Von Christoph Rohde

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Wie viel verträgt der Mensch?

Handys sind zum alltäglichen Kommunikationsmittel geworden. Über die Strahlung machen sich die wenigsten Nutzer noch Gedanken. Umso wichtiger ist der Vorsorge-Gedanke für eine Technologie, die sich ohne ausreichende Untersuchungen im raschen Tempo ausbreitet. Handys kann man ausschalten, Mobilfunksender nicht. Hier stehen Politik und Kommunen in einer besonderen Verantwortung. Liegt auch nur der Verdacht von Gefahren für die Gesundheit vor – und viele wissenschaftlichen Studien stützen dies – ist eine Minimierung der Strahlungsbelastung geboten. Denn neue Quellen stehen mit UMTS und der Computer-Funkverbindung Wireless Lan bereits ins Haus. Wie viel davon das biologische System Mensch verträgt, ist kaum erforscht. Nur eines scheint sicher: die bisherigen Grenzwerte sind ein schlechtes Instrument, das große Freiland-Experiment Mobilfunk in den sicheren Griff zu bekommen.

Christoph Rohde

nordClick/Kieler Nachrichten vom 08.04.2005 01:00

http://www.kn-online.de/news/archiv/?id=1621199 (Auszug)

Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim


Gebetsmühlenartig wird überall betont, daß die Grenzwerte eingehalten werden. Zweifellos. Es gibt keine einzige Anlage in Europa, die die von den Mobilfunkbetreibern diktierten extrem hohen Grenzwerte überschreitet. Nur nützt das leider nichts. Bei der Schule Antonio Garcia Quintana in Valladolid wurden Strahlungswerte gemessen, die die geltenden Grenzwerte um das Tausendfache unterschreiten. Bisherige Bilanz um die Anlage herum: 18 Leukämiefälle bei Kindern.

Die Annahme, daß jeder ein Handy hat und keiner einen Mast will, ist nicht ganz von der Hand zu weisen. Ursache hierfür ist Informationsmangel. Kaum jemand weiß, daß ein Handy etwa 1000-10000 mal so stark strahlt, als wenn man sich der Exposition einer Basisstation aussetzt (falsche Assoziation: kleines Handy - kleine Strahlung - das Gegenteil ist der Fall).

Herr Stefan Ulrich von T-Mobil Nürnberg hat in einem Telefongespräch selbst zugegeben, daß bei einem Handy "die Grenzwerte gerade so eingehalten werden". Berücksichtigt werden muß aber auch, daß eine Basisstation rund um die Uhr strahlt und sich die Anwohner dieser Strahlungsbelastung nicht freiwillig aussetzen. Die Dauerbelastung über Monate und Jahre ist dabei nicht besser als die Kurzzeitbelastung durch Handys mit hoher Strahlenbelastung. Das Handy kann man ausschalten, wegwerfen, nicht benutzen. Die Basisstation steht strahlend vor der Haustür.




Omega auf die Frage, was schädlicher sei, ein Handy oder eine Antenne, antwortete der Mediziner Marco F. Paya, Mitglied der Akademie der Wissenschaften New York und Experte für elektromagnetische Felder: "Wenn die Antenne nicht weit von Ihrem Haus weg ist, zweifellos die Antenne. Aber wenn die Antenne weiter weg ist und das Handy mehr als 6 Minuten pro Tag benutzt wird, schädigt es langsam das Gehirn." Siehe weiter unter: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/293807/.

Handys kann man ausschalten, Mobilfunksender nicht. Sender in der Nähe von Wohngebäuden sind äußerst bedenklich, die Belastung nimmt nämlich mit der Nähe zur Antenne im Quadrat zu, deshalb haben dann insgesamt gesehen die Menschen höhere Belastungen. Es ist auch ein Unterschied, ob ich das Handy freiwillig nutze und damit das damit verbundene Risiko bewusst eingehe oder ob ich zwangsweise als nicht Handy nutzender Anwohner einer Gefahr ausgesetzt bin, für die ich nicht verantwortlich bin und die ich nicht eingehen möchte (Beispiel Aktiv- und Passivrauchen, mit dem Unterschied, dass heute Passivraucher durch die Einrichtung von Schutzzonen vor den Gefahren des Tabakkonsums geschützt werden sollen, was beim Mobilfunk aber nicht der Fall ist).


Zwangsbestrahlung durch Mobilfunk

Grenzwerte und Mobilfunk

Stop the Abuse of Power

Senate Republicans are going for the ultimate power grab. They're planning to give themselves absolute power, silencing Senate Democrats (and the millions of Americans they represent) by changing the rules and traditions of the Senate and eliminating the filibuster, a two-century Senate tradition that has preserved the voice of the minority. [...] Read more at the Democratic Party website, http://www.democrats.org/specialreports/nuclear_option/index.html

© Virginia Metze

Zu viel ESMOG ?

... da sind wenige hundert Einwohner, 4 seltsame und schnelle Todesfälle...Krebs, Hirnblutung...alles im Umkreis eines Senders...

... da ist an Sendestandort in jedem Anwohnerhaushalt zumindest ein Krebsfall / oder Tod und auf der anderen Talseite, genau in Hauptstrahlrichtung genau die selbe Häufung...

Ja, die haben Angst vor den "Grauen Kästen" hört man, Psychomacke...

Da sind Kühe im Stall, krank, Nachwuchs fehlgebildet, kein Einzelfall, hier im Umkreis von 16 km sind mir diverse Betriebe bekannt...

Und es liegt an allem, von Feinstaub bis allgemeiner Umweltbelastung.

Nur an Elektrosmog liegts, bzw. darfs nie liegen!

Sagen die Politiker, Amtsmitarbeiter, Techniker, Unileute.... und jeder von denen kennt nicht, oder ignoriert nicht nur die aktuellen Forschungsergebnisse sondern ebenso die jahrealten Einschätzungen der Fachleute (1991 Strahlenschutzkommission):

"Die Membraneffekte wurden vielfach bestätigt, so daß ihre Existenz heute als gesichert gilt. Hervorzuheben ist, daß die SAR-Werte hierbei teilweise kleiner als 0,01 W/kg sind und damit erheblich unterhalb thermisch relevanter Intensitäten liegen."

Obwohl zumindest seit 50 Jahren die Schädlichkeit von Mikrowellen
bekannt ist, insbesondere bei vorhandenen niederfrequenten Puls...

Wartet mal ab, habe Grafiken, die zeigen dass Krebsmeldungen seit wenigen Jahren (ca. 4) sich vervierfacht ( +400% !!!) haben.

Und wenn dann irgendwer in 10 Jahren meint, den wahren Grund gefunden zu haben, wären linear interpoliert ca. 5% der Einwohner, wahrscheinlich 20% der Anwohner verstorben.

Toll, bin eigentlich kein Pessimist, eher Realist...

Und die Relation zu den Sendestandorten ist ja nun nichts Neues, so wenig wie die Leukämiefälle um die AKWs, die es bis heute dort auch nicht geben darf, obwohl sie Realität sind!

Und was ist denn so eine neue wesentliche Belastung, dass auf einmal sehr viele Personen von 35 - 55 Jahren so schnell und plötzlich versterben?

Was gibt es an Faktoren, die sich in den letzten 5- 10 Jahren so massiv ausgebreitet haben?

Da kommt weder Feinstaub, noch Allergene in Frage, selbst viele Baustoffe, Kleber, Farben sind deutlich besser geworden, die Luft oft viel sauberer und das Wasser auch.

Nachricht von Bernd Schreiner

Krebs und Krankheit um Mobilfunksender

Quarter of Primates Nearly Extinct


Reality Bush's '1984' NWO media is covering up Reality B




Republicans should fire Tom DeLay as Majority Leader because of repeated and flagrant ethical misconduct


Informant: Laurel

Candidate Bush and Crusader Bush


Informant: jensenmk

From ufpj-news

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran


British Soldier Cleared of Murdering Iraqi


The Invisible Hand (of the U.S. Government) in Financial Markets

The U.S. government is manipulating all major U.S. financial markets—stocks, treasuries, currencies. This article shows how it is possible and how it is done, why it is done, who specifically is doing it, when they do it, and where they get the money to do it.


From Information Clearing House

Craig Murray, the doorstep diplomat

Former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, "I left the foreign office over the issue of MI6 allowing the use of intelligence obtained during torture. They take torture intelligence coming out of Uzbekistan and pass it on to the CIA."


From Information Clearing House

As a student you have the right to request that your private information is not released to military recruiters and others

Opt Out:

As a student you have the right to request that your private information is not released to military recruiters and others. Complete this Opt-Out form and give it to your Principal or School Administrator.


From Information Clearing House

Blix says war motivated by oil

"They wanted to secure oil in case competition on the world market becomes too hard."


From Information Clearing House


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