Motor Neurone Disease: A Family Affair

Perhaps someone may be able to offer a good reason as to why a recently published medical text on MND/ALS has an intriguing cover illustration of an electric pole with overhead cables below its title: MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE: A FAMILY AFFAIR. I was perplexed yesterday by this cover design when I saw it among new arrivals in Cork City Library. Have tried unsuccessfuly to paste and copy the electric pole cum cables for you here but when Amazon.com or other booksellers online are accessed, the book illustration will pop up.

The really perplexing part is that I glanced through the entire text to locate any reference to how EMFs might trigger MND. And I found none. Given the unambigious connection with EMF as a causative factor on the cover I am surprised that this was not taken up in the text.

Best, Imelda, Cork

Motor Neurone Disease - A Family Affair (New Edition)
by Dr David Oliver

Motor neurone disease affects the nerves that control the muscles of the body. A diagnosis of MND can be very frightening, but the good news is that we now know more about MND than ever before, thanks to advances in care and research.

Dr David Oliver’s book shows how much can be done to help someone with the disease live their life to the full. Dr Oliver spells out what the disease is, what the doctors will do, and how to cope with the difficulties. This new edition also examines possible dietary factors in causing the disease, the latest on benefits, and up to date thinking on drug trials. He shows how to treat not just the physical effects but also the emotional ones for the whole family. Dr Oliver also explains the vital role of the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Dr David Oliver is Consultant in Palliative Medicine and Medical Director at the Wisdom Hospice in Rochester, Kent. He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Kent, and Visiting Professor at the University of Zagreb, in Croatia. Closely involved in the care of people with MND, in 2003 he was awarded the Humanitarian Award from the International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations.

New Publication 96pp, 216 x 138 mm
ISBN: 0-85969-977-3
Price: £8.99


Dr. David Oliver KIMHS R & D Centre University of Kent Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7PD, UK

Dear Dr. Oliver:

Yesterday, I chanced upon your revised edition (2006) of MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE: A FAMILY AFFAIR in Cork City Library and was intrigued by the cover illustrat-ion of an electric pole with overhead cables below the title. Of course, due to my being an electrohypersensitive and networking extensively on our EHS issue I am aware that some published research results indicate a causative link between EMF exposure and the development of MND. One of our most well-known medical supporters, the late Dr. Neil Cherry of Christchurch, New Zealand, understood this link and most tragically at first hand: he died from MND a few years ago. My brother also died from this disease in summer 2004, six months after diagnosis.

But to return to the relationship between your recently published text and its cover design: the perplexing part is that yesterday I glanced through your entire text to locate any reference to how EMFs might trigger MND. And I found none. Given the unambigious connection with EMF as a causative factor on the cover I am surprised that this was not taken up in the text.

Can you explain to me why this is so.

Best Wishes,

Imelda O'Connor
29 Castle Hill Carrigaline, Co. Cork Ireland

Enclosed is the response I have now received from Dr. Oliver. You are welcome to post it.


Imelda, Cork

RE: motor neurone disease and electromagnetic fields
From: David Oliver drdavidoliver_at_rochester51.freeserve.co.uk Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 21:32:20 +0100
To: Imelda O'Connor'

Thank you for the message. The cover is purely coincidental - with the vague symbolism of loss of transmission - relating to nerve damage and not cables

The evidence for cables etc is not entirely proven - I did meet Neil cherry and heard of his views

Hope this clarifies the situation

David Oliver


Motor Neurone Disease (MND): Link between pulsed EMFs and Electrosensitivity and Motor Neurone Disease has been effectively proven


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