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Bush Ignores His Own Promises on Wetlands


Temperatures rise after documentary

Michael Moore’s film doing what mainstream media is not

Posted: July 30, 2004 http://indiancountry.com/?search=July+30,+2004 - 3:33pm EST
by: Brenda Norrell http://indiancountry.com/?author=448 / Southwest Staff Reporter / Indian Country Today

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - While moviegoers flock to see "Fahrenheit 9/11", American Indians point out that Sept. 11, 2001, was neither the first time terrorism was unleashed in this land, nor was it the first time United States dollars were pocketed by war profiteers.

"Native people know what true terror is. It was turned on us by the U. S. military a long time ago," said Jennifer Denetdale, Navajo, assistant professor of history at the University of New Mexico.

"And government corruption? We know what that is too. Just for an example: The imprisonment of Navajos at Bosque Redondo from 1864 to 1868 cost U.S. taxpayers $10 million and most of it went to contractors who made huge profits off of our suffering."

As Native peoples we also should be more critical of the cost we are sustaining as we sacrifice our children - young men and women to the war effort - when our rights as Native peoples in our own country is continually disregarded and undermined."

After watching "Fahrenheit 9/11" twice, Denetdale urged others to see the film and pursue real news from alternative sources.

"I have been continually frustrated and shocked by the national media’s treatment of the war. It has been benign and incredibly ill-informed. Given that the American people, including Native peoples, do not have access to some of the realities of the war in Iraq, most people remain unaware of the many consequences of America’s war-mongering."

Denetdale said it is important to know the connection between corporations and Bush and Cheney, including the fact that Cheney is the former CEO of Halliburton, awarded a no-bid contract in Iraq.

"I am pleased to see Moore’s film out, the revelations of G.W. Bush’s family connections to the Saudis, the business connections - Cheney and Halliburton - and the sacrifices and costs that the average American family is enduring. At the same time Bush is cutting all kinds of domestic programs; it is past time for the American people to know this."

However, Denetdale said the film perpetuates another stereotype.

"While I found Moore’s film cathartic - finally, evidence that other people know what an atrocity the war is and how it’s based on lies the Bush administration perpetuates - there is also some racism in the film.

"For example, the ‘coalition of the willing’ images of ‘backwards’ countries peopled by brown and black-skinned humans - perpetuates assumptions and stereotypes. We can do without that."

Klee Benally, Navajo activist and member of the family rock band Blackfire in Flagstaff, Ariz., said he hopes Michael Moore’s next film will focus on the genocide of indigenous peoples and the seizure of their lands.

Klee points out that the war in Iraq is a longstanding war fought on the homeland. Klee’s father, Navajo medicine man Jones Benally, is from Big Mountain in Arizona, where Peabody Coal mining has caused a travesty for the Navajo and Hopi people on Black Mesa.

"‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ is a remarkable and indispensable testimony to the tragedy of our times," Klee said. "I just hope that people don’t think that after Bush is gone all the problems will go away. Mr. Moore could have easily shown how our personal everyday dependency on fossil fuels and other non-sustainable energy is also what’s really behind this war."

One scene in particular remains with him.

"The image of the Native American serving in Iraq with the eagle feather on his helmet really struck me - it’s really difficult to see my brothers and sisters used as tools to invade other indigenous peoples’ land and take their resources. Lest we forget, it’s the people on both sides, not the politicians, who truly pay the price of war."

This war for land, oil and power stretches from the ancestral lands of the Western Shoshone to the Navajo Nation in the West and around the Earth, wherever indigenous people live and are displaced, he said.

"From Yucca Mountain to Big Mountain, we see human rights abuses being committed today for resource development here in the United States and nothing is done about it, maybe that should be Michael Moore’s next film."

Ben Winton, Native publisher of The Native Press online in Phoenix, said the United States government has long usurped land by destabilizing governments and abusing the rights of sovereign nations.

"I don’t think most people understand the significance of 1851 Fort Laramie or John Marshall’s trilogy and how it applies today. Fort Laramie was about the government promising that, forever and ever, tribes would be entitled to the land that was divided up among them by government agents at Fort Laramie."

Indian tribes promised not to harm settlers moving to the West. The tribes included Sioux, Crow, Hidatsa, Mandan, Arikara and others. But, 20 years later, Congress simply invalidated many of the agreements made at Fort Laramie, when members realized that certain lands promised to American Indians were ripe for farmers, oil barons and others, he said.

"Forget that U.S. Supreme Court John Marshall had already said that tribes should be dealt with as ‘domestic sovereign nations.’ And, by the 1950s, it got even worse when the U.S. government, who had employed as head of the BIA the same man who architected the Japanese internment camps during World War II, decided to simply ‘terminate’ tribes and all the rights that would be afforded to domestic sovereign nations.

"Then, on the heels of termination came relocation, a federal initiative to lure tribal members to the cities with one-way bus tickets and the promise of a better life off the reservation. The underlying motive was assimilation and acculturation in order to make it easier to terminate tribal members."

... these Indians, should they be educated and guided, there can be no doubt that they will become so illumined as to enlighten the whole world. Shoghi Effendi,Citadel of Faith p.26, quoting Abdul'Baha

check out this wonderful, altruistic, informative site. http://mysite.verizon.net/londa.mccullough/aboutme.html

We need to hit the streets with this song! The time has come for PEACE!

Informant: Carrie Dann

Soldiers Use Online Resources to Make Voices Heard


Informant: kevcross5

Ein schwarzer Tag für die Menschenrechte in Großbritannien

Gestern entschied die Berufungskammer des High Court, dass ausländische Terrorverdächtige ohne Anklage unbegrenzt festgehalten und durch Folter erpresste Geständnisse als Beweismittel für den Verdacht verwendet werden können...


Calls for Tribunal of Humanity

FYI. Ecuador Summit of Indigenous Organizations and Nations expresses support for Western Shoshone.

Carrie Dann

Ecuador hosts indigenous summit

Posted: August 10, 2004 - 9:18am EST
by: Brenda Norrell / Southwest Staff Reporter / Indian Country Today

QUITO, Ecuador - Indigenous from 64 nations gathered to unite in their struggle against the oppressive policies of globalization and free trade leading to increased hunger and desperation for the world’s indigenous farmers, during the Second Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nations of Abya Yala (the Americas.)

Tupac Enrique Acosta, coordinator of Tonatierra community-based action organization in Phoenix, Ariz., said the summit in Quito on July 25 supported the rights of the Western Shoshone and called for an extensive investigation of human rights abuses of indigenous peoples.

"The Treaty of Teotihuacan, proclaimed in Mexico at the First Summit of Indigenous Organizations and Nations, was reaffirmed at this Summit of Abya Yala in the territory of the Kitu Kara nation before the Sacred Fire," Enrique said.

"We were successful in getting support for the Western Shoshone Nation at the summit, which is also calling for a Tribunal of Humanity, in the Court of the Indigenous Peoples, on the issue of the Papal Bull of Alexander VI in 1493, the Doctrine of Discovery."

During the summit, indigenous issued a statement opposing the free trade agreement, which Ecuador, Colombia and Peru are negotiating with the United States. In the Quito Declaration presented to the Forum, participants demanded governments free indigenous leaders arrested for seeking autonomy and return cultural artwork that has been taken out of the countries of origin.

They also urged governments to allow the free movement of Indians living in border areas, and to respect indigenous territories.

The summit stated in its declaration that national governments following the lines of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and IADB, are devastating indigenous with the payment of the external debt and are reversing their collective right to the earth. Further, they are modifying legislation to permit the privatization of resources and allowing companies to appropriate indigenous land and resources.

Indigenous gathered at the Miguel del Hierro de las Hermanas Lauritas school, the host location of the Second Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nations of Abya Yala.

The delegations traveled through the Avenue of America, gathering at the Indo America Plaza where they presented a special act of solidarity for hunger-striking Jubilados (pensioners) of Ecuador. Following this, the massive march continued down Patria Avenue, passing the United States Embassy and finally congregating in the Salesiana University Coliseum where they conducted the ceremony of Sacred Fire.

Spiritual leader Jaime Pilatu’a presided over the ceremony. Tupac Enrique Acosta, a representative of the first summit that took place in Teotihuacan, Mexico in 2000, spoke.

Enrique reminded the summit of the sacred fire lit 14 years ago, during the First Continental Encounter of Indigenous Peoples, a gathering that was also organized by the CONAIE in 1990 in Quito.

Enrique said since then the sacred fire began to journey, leaving spiritual footprints at gatherings of the indigenous peoples of the hemisphere. The sacred fire was presented to the organizers of the second summit responsible for the 2004 gathering.

Another representative of the second summit made a symbolic exchange of ceremonial staffs with the representatives of the Nasa indigenous peoples of Colombia. When receiving the staff, the Nasa representative spoke of the paramilitaries waging war against the indigenous peoples of Colombia.

"Today, we indigenous peoples of Colombia, pay the consequences of this because our territories are being tainted with blood, and then abandoned, leaving many children orphans. This creates an environment of oppression for us as indigenous peoples, because we defend life, our territories, and our way of living," the Nasa representative said.

The day concluded with cultural sharing, including dancing and musical performances, presented by the different groups to welcome the many indigenous peoples of the continent.

In the working group on communications and indigenous peoples at the summit, grandfathers and grandmothers were recognized as ‘the origin of the treasured memories and ancestral knowledge."

"As communication specialists of the indigenous peoples of Abya Yala we intend to maintain and strengthen the mandates and resolutions of the First Continental Indigenous Summit of Teotihuacan 2000, where our voices and the sacred fire were bound together, in a living symbolism that must be present in the decision making process of our communities and nations," the working group said.

In its mandates, the working group vowed to reclaim the power of the "word," as a sacred principle.

While encouraging traditional forms of communication and the transmission of wisdom, the working group encouraged the storytellers. "Those of us who assume responsibility in terms of communication accept the historical responsibility to serve as harvester, transmitter and storyteller of the history of our indigenous peoples of the continent Abya Yala in accompaniment and strengthened by the sacred."

Indigenous participants claimed the right of access and the use of information and communication technology, without risking the integrity of indigenous culture.

Participants were from Uruguay, Brazil, Kechua Aymaras of Bolivia, Mapuches of Chile, Kechuas of Peru, Kichwas of Ecuador, Naza of Colombia, Mexico and Holanda.

Enrique said Maya in Guatemala have accepted to lead the next phase of the movement, and will be hosting the next summit at a time to be announced at a later date.

This article can be found at

For more information:


Zu Euren Anträgen auf ALG II...

Forum des MDR / 11.08.04 | 15:45

Zu Euren Anträgen auf ALG II...
Quelle => http://www.mdr.de/nachrichten/reformen/1507080-txt-0.html#30672

Ich bin Sachbearbeiterin in der Leistungsabteilung einer Arbeitsagentur in Sachsen-Anhalt, möchte aber zwingend anonym bleiben. Wir hatten heute eine erneute Schulung zur Antragsbearbeitung ALG II. Dort wurde angewiesen, daß sämtliche Anträge, die zweifelhaft bzw. unvollständig sind, ABZULEHNEN sind. Das heißt, der Antragsteller erhält einen Ablehnungsbescheid. Man geht davon aus, daß ein Großteil der ALG II-Antragsteller nicht in der Lage ist, einen Widerspruch zu formulieren.

Ich finde das so ungerecht, möchte gerne helfen. Auf jeden Fall werde ich dieses Forum öfter verfolgen (nach Feierabend!!!)

WICHTIG: Für den Fall eines Ablehnungsbescheides UNBEDINGT WIDERSPRUCH einlegen!!!

Lasst euch das nicht gefallen!!!

Quelle: http://32884.rapidforum.com/topic=101080776711




Witten und Dortmund, 12.08.2004


Mieterforum Ruhr fordert weitere Reformen an den Hartz-Gesetzen. „Sonst drohen wachsende Obdachlosigkeit und eine soziale Spaltung unserer Städte.“

Mieterforum Ruhr begrüßt, dass die Bundesregierung in Sachen Hartz IV-Gesetz in Bewegung gerät. Wichtig für die Mieter sei vor allem der vorgezogene Zahlungstermin des ALG II. „Sonst wären viele Mieter schon mit Mietschulden ins ALG II gestartet“, sagt Mieter-Forums-Sprecher Knut Unger. „Im Zuge des angekündigten Gesetzgebungsverfahrens müssen jetzt aber weitere Verunsicherungen beseitigt und die zentralen Probleme angegangen werden.“


Wie sich bereits abzeichne, würden viele Menschen mit den gekürzten Bezügen nicht auskommen und deshalb sehr schnell in Schulden und Mietschulden geraten. Angesichts eines Abrutschens auf Sozialhilfeniveau sei es absolut unverständlich, dass auch noch der Zuverdienst radikal beschnitten werde. „Viele Arbeitslose haben zum Beispiel einen 165 Euro-Job, der ihnen zur Zeit nicht angerechnet wird. Nach Hartz IV bleiben davon höchstens 24,75 Euro übrig. Wer gleichzeitig von zum Beispiel 700 Euro Arbeitslosenhilfe auf 345 Euro Regelleistung rutscht, der kann doch nur noch verzweifeln.“ Deshalb müsse kleiner Zuverdienst ganz anrechnungsfrei bleiben. „Er ist oft die einzige Chance, noch gerade über die Runden zu kommen.“


Mieterforum Ruhr schließt sich außerdem der Forderung von DGB und ver.di nach einer klaren Begrenzung der Zumutbarkeit der Arbeit an. „Es kann nicht sein, dass öffentliche Behörden die Arbeitslosen in stark untertarifliche Beschäftigung drängen und die Verweigerer solcher Sitten mit Strafabzügen bedrohen, die in Kürze zur Obdachlosigkeit führen werden.“ Am Ende werde man dann vielleicht Wohnungen zu geringeren Lohnkosten renovieren können, aber die werde sich ein Dumping-Lohnarbeiter nicht leisten können.


Im übrigen erneuert Mieterforum Ruhr seine Forderung, die „Angemessenheit der Unterkunftskosten“ per Gesetz so zu definieren, dass eine „ortsübliche, zeitgemäße, durchschnittliche Wohnung“ für jede/n bezahlt wird. Außerdem müsse es Härtefallregelungen bei „Ausreißern“ geben.


Schließlich müsse viel mehr in die Infrastruktur der Sozialberatung investiert werden. „Dazu zählt vor allem auch die Sicherung und der Ausbau unabhängiger Beratungsstellen.“ Durch Einbeziehung z.B. der Schuldnerberatung in die „Eingliederungsvereinbarungen“ der Arbeitsagenturen drohe den bewährten Beratungsstellen ein umfassender Vertrauensbruch bei den Betroffenen.

Wenn – wie in NRW – zeitgleich zu Hartz IV zahlreiche Arbeitslosenberatungsstellen wegen Mittelkürzung geschlossen würden, könne „Clement noch so viele Broschüren drucken. Das bleibt unglaubhaft“.


„Dieses undurchschaubare Dickicht von Kleingedrucktem mutet den Menschen riesige, komplizierte Fragebögen mit zahlreichen Fallstricken zu. Es führt zu einer bislang unbekannten Fülle zentral erfasster Privat-Daten (von der Konto-Nummer des Vermieters bis zum Vermögen des Mitbewohners).

Es droht Leuten, die dabei ungenügend mitwirken, mit Strafabzügen. Es macht (durch die Aufhebung der aufschiebenden Wirkung von Widersprüchen und Klagen) individuelle Rechtsmittel praktisch fast wirkungslos.

Das Macht- und Informations-Monopol der Arbeitsagenturen kann nur durch die unabhängige Aufklärung der ‚Kunden’ korrigiert werden.“


Knut Unger, MV Witten, 02302-276171/ 0202-455994
Rainer Stücker, MV Dortmund, (0231) 55 76 56 0

Mieterforum Ruhr ist ein Zusammenschluss von DMB-Mietervereinen im Ruhrgebiet mit 35.000 Mitgliedern.

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Das Geld-Syndrom

Helmut Creutz: Das Geld-Syndrom

Omega-News Collection 12. August 2004


Call to action to urge California to revise EMF policy


Effects of low power microwaves on the local cerebral blood flow of conscious rats

Malignant melanoma of the skin - not a sunshine story

ILLINOIS launches compulsory mental health screening

The Doctors, The Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children

Privacy Protecting Programs Killed

Pass the Exotic Animal Protection Act

Greenpeace Activist News, Vol 4, No. 8

Protect the biodiversity of soya in China

Seas turn to acid as they absorb global pollution

Nature 'mankind's gravest threat'

A classic environmental struggle

Mapuche Indians in Chile Struggle to Take Back Forests

Administration to Sacrifice Western Wilderness to Oil and Gas

Help Stop Gas Drilling in Colorado's Wildlands



Tidal wave catastrophe looms

Millions in US Face Mega-Wave from Island Collapse

Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit on nuclear Nevada

An American Hiroshima

It's the End of the World as We Know It

Not Scared Yet?

The Broken Promises of George W. Bush

The failed occupation

The Bush betrayal

Today Iraq, tomorrow Iran

History Teaches that War Policy is Bankrupt

Deficit Propaganda

Time to get out the Bush

A Global Perspective on Defeating Bush

Abuse claims rock Iraqi regime

They saw no evil, heard no evil, and certainly will not speak of it

Intelligence officers implicated in Abu Ghraib

Handling of detainees condemned

US marines accused of Afghan abuse

Take Action to Prevent Torture

Stop the War on Protestors: Defend the Right to Demonstrate

If Big Brother is watching, no one is required to love him

The No-Spy Pledge

Reporter From Time Is Held in Contempt in C.I.A. Leak Case

U.S. Withholds Witnesses in 9/11 Trial

Poland Faces Pressure to Pull Iraq Forces

Attac kritisiert Nachbesserungen an Hartz IV als "rein kosmetisch"

Hartz IV: Attac kritisiert Nachbesserungen als "rein kosmetisch


Das globalisierungskritische Netzwerk Attac hat die Nachbesserungen der Bundesregierung bei Hartz IV als völlig unzureichend kritisiert und weitere Proteste angekündigt. "Diese kosmetischen Korrekturen ändern nichts am grundlegenden Problem, dass Hartz IV zur Verarmung führt und keine Arbeitsplätze schafft", sagte Astrid Kraus vom bundesweiten Attac-Koordinierungskreis. Die Ankündigung, dass das neue Arbeitslosengeld II im Jahr 2005 zwölf Mal ausgezahlt werde, sei kein Zugeständnis, sondern eine Selbstverständlichkeit, sagte Kraus.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Break Bush's Addiction to Big Oil

I want to level with you in a way that Bush administration officials have not, and likely never will: America can take steps right now to break our dependence on foreign oil, disentangle our future from the whims of Saudi princes, clean the air we all breathe, and create millions of good American jobs at the same time. Does this sound impossible? Well, it's not.

The Campaign for America's Future is bringing together the labor and environmental activists who are making energy independence a reality in America right now! Together with our "Apollo Alliance" coalition, we've already secured millions of dollars for clean energy investments in American cities and states. In addition, we've seen major elements of our 10-Point Plan for good jobs and energy independence echoed directly in John Kerry's energy strategy. And today, I'm proud to report that the 13-million member strong AFL-CIO officially endorsed the plan, adding more muscle to our growing movement for energy independence.

To keep this incredible momentum moving, we've developed what we think is a powerful 30-second video about the need to move beyond Big Oil now. Please take a look and help us get it in front of the eyes of voters in the battleground states:


Despite what the Bush team might have you believe, there is a common thread connecting today's soaring gas prices, the reality of American troops in Iraq, the dismantling of US air quality standards, and the creation of lucrative clean energy jobs overseas instead of in America. The common thread here? On all fronts, the Bush team is tightening our dependence on Big Oil, regardless of the price we have to pay.

America needs an oil change! At the Campaign for America's Future, we know that energy independence is completely within reach. American innovators are poised to perfect new energy technologies and succeed in new lucrative global energy markets. American workers are ready to step into new, good-paying energy sector jobs. And American consumers are ready for a break at the gas pump.

Please take a moment to watch this 30-second video, and help us get it in front of more voters eyes -- especially in election battleground states:


In the 1960s, a great American President and leader, John F. Kennedy responded to the growing challenges of the Cold War, and mustered the political will to land an American on the moon. At the Campaign for America's Future, we feel it is time for an equally ambitious Apollo project for energy independence. By challenging and inspiring the American public, and positioning our government to support (not obstruct!) American ingenuity, our next president can move America away from an out-moded era of Big Oil to a new era of energy independence. The solutions are here, and I personally look forward to working with you and the rest of tomorrow's leaders to usher in the brighter future they will offer.

For additional confirmation that, yes!, the time is now for a change in American energy policy, please enjoy this video and help us to spread the word:



Adam Luna, Policy Director
Campaign for America's Future

Protect the biodiversity of soya in China

Recently I have participated in a cyber action to help protect the biodiversity of soya in China, and I would like to invite you to join this meaningful action as well.

China is the homeland and center of diversity for soya. Soya originated in China and has a cultivation history spanning over 5,000 years. China has more soya varieties than anywhere else in the world. The genetic diversity of soya is a global heritage and vital to sustainable development of agriculture.

However, the homeland of soya is facing the risk of contamination by genetically engineered (GE) soya. GE soya is banned for growing in China, but import of GE soya is rising. Last year China imported a record-high 20 million tons of soya and it is estimated that 70% was GE soya. Every grain of GE soya is a seed, and if it was planted in the farm, it will multiply and spread. Mexico, the homeland of maize, has already found contamination of maize by imported GE maize from the U.S. If we do not take actions now, the homeland of soya will soon face irreversible contamination.

Greenpeace is campaigning globally against GE soya and determined to protect China, the homeland of soya, from contamination by GE soya.

Take action, be part of the global effort to build the Cyber Great Wall and keep GE soya away from the world, especially from China, the homeland of soya!

To protect the homeland of soya, we demand companies to stop importing GE soya into China because every grain of GE soya imported into China is a potential source of contamination.

Write to Bunge Ltd., the leading supplier of soya products to China, to commit to a global commitment to supply only non-GE soya, but particular to supply only non-GE soya to China because of the major risk GE soya poses to the homeland of soya. As one of the world’s leading traders and processors of soya, Bunge has a responsibility to protect the homeland of soya, a global heritage for all.

Click here to write to Bunge:


Greenpeace Activist News, Vol 4, No. 8


Deficit Propaganda


As the government of the US announces a record deficit in excess of $400 BILLION dollars, mainstream media scurries to "spin" this horrendous news and ease our concerns. On WB64 locally in the Greater Cincinnati area last evening, Mark Hyman's commentary assured us that in light of the large deficit, it really isn't much of a threat to our economy which, by selective statistics, continues to strengthen.

According to Mark, in Ohio, our 5.6 percent unemployment rate is lower than 19 of the last 25 years. Home ownership is up and worker productivity is strong. What Mark DOESN'T mention is that here in Hamilton County a record number of homes were sold at Sheriff Auction in the past year numbering over 3,000. The reason? Lack of jobs.

As our fellow countrymen and women continue to lose jobs at the rate of an average of 230,000 jobs PER WEEK and the jobs created to employ them are mostly minimum wage service jobs, I would hardly call this a strong economical base. In addition, we need to be reminded that approximately 2 million unemployed workers exhausted their 18 month benefits as of January 2004 meaning they are no longer counted as a statistic. Unemployment statistics only count those filing for unemployment benefits and don't include those that continue to be unemployed and worse, underemployed.

In addition, worker productivity will typically improve as less people perform more work for the same or less pay. And given the number of workers being laid off or let go permanently it's only logical that worker productivity will continue to improve.

It behooves us to remain aware of the propaganda presented to us in mainstream media to "soften" the hard truth that a record deficit is and will continue to affect us all in one way or another. We must remember that coming into 2001 there was no deficit; in fact, there was a surplus. The current Administration has implied that they "inherited" this mess, when in fact, they created it. There is no amount of spin available that can turn this atrocity into a positive situation.

© Anna Webb 2004

About the Author:
Formerly in computer network design and sales until permanently laid off in 2002, Anna Webb is now a writer and an advocate for the unemployed. She co-hosts a local weekly radio show called Waves of the New Age on WAIF FM 88.3 and resides in the Southwest Ohio area of the United States. Email Anna with comments at annawebb1@yahoo.com.

'The war on terrorism makes Bush dangerous'

The distressing thing about Bush is he has taken the world and the American people for a ride. Within months Bush seized on the atrocity of September 11 to reinvent himself as a radical nationalist intent on revolutionising the US domestically and in its role in the world...


A Global Perspective on Defeating Bush

The effects of U.S. government policies are so enormous across the planet that some people have suggested -- with more than a little justification -- that every person on Earth should get to vote in U.S. presidential elections...


From Information Clearing House

US marines accused of Afghan abuse

Former prisoners alleged US marines used the tactic of sexual humiliation, which Baranowska described as similar to that which occurred at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq...

Video and text

They saw no evil, heard no evil, and certainly will not speak of it

Americans are refusing to do anything about the abuse of Iraqi prisoners under the regime they appointed...


The failed occupation

A TV station ban, 160,000 foreign troops, trumped up charges: is this the free society Iraqis were promised?...


Mapuche Indians in Chile Struggle to Take Back Forests


Economy Is Bush's Downfall


How Far Will Bush Go?


The Doctors, The Depleted Uranium and the Dying Children


Informant: Global Network

The Ghost of Orwell is Upon us


Informant: Bea Bernhausen

Despite the warnings and the incredible amount of information from millions of trustworthy people, many still do not believe what is before their very eye's. I am here to tell you that there is soon coming a time when the line between sides will no longer be wide enough to walk upon and whereby each individual will be forced to decide which side they will reside upon. Do you believe that you will somehow be immune from making this decision? Will you continue to trust and put your faith in evil men who believe that it is their right to control and manipulate your very thoughts and treat you as nothing more than sheep or cattle for the slaughter or, do you believe in the laws and rights which are written in our constitution?

Freedom or fascism? There is still time to turn things around but it cannot and will not happen as long as America's citizen's sit idolly by and ignore what is and has for a long time been going on. The illussion of American freedom is over and the truth can no longer be denied by anyone with any measure of common sense. America is the last hope of freedom in this world and the last jewel in the crown of the NWO. If you cannot be frightened into voluntarily turning over your remaining freedoms, they will eventually be taken by declaration of "Marshal Law" under the guise of "National Security"!

Believe it now, or believe it later but sooner or later you will believe!

If we do not join together very soon to protect ourselves and to expose those who desire to rule over all that is, there will soon be no second chances. By now it should be very clear that the two predominant political parties of this country are merely clones of the same origin. Do you even know who your President and Vice President really are, or anything about their history? For at least the last few decades a strategy has been implemented for the purpose of dumbing down America.

This program has obviously been very successful in achieving its goals as our remaining freedoms are being given away almost daily while America's apathetic citizens sit by and do nothing. Those who have chosen to ignore the many signs and warnings are in essence choosing slavery and death for themselves, their chidren, and all future generations. The excuse that "one does not have the time to get involved" or "to tired to do anything else" will soon be the least of our problems if we continue to choose to live in a fantasy world.

Do you know that the "VeriChip" originally called "Digital Angel" and produced by "Applied Digital Solutions Corporation" was planned to be widely implemented throughout the U.S. by the year 2000?

The essence of the state (government, if you will) is evil. The folks running things are congenital liars, they would tell a lie when the truth would fit the situation better. Our free press seems to be free to be the propaganda arm of the state. People tell themselves that if they could get rid of Bush things would get better. Lots of people told themselves that about Clinton. There are no candidates on the horizon who have any chance of being elected who will be any better or any different. Whether Bush or Kerry is elected, they will take your money and seek ever greater control of your life, and indeed will seek to control the world. It's not gonna get any better any time soon because we still sit by and continue to let it happen.....

This is what the "patriot movement" has been warning about for hmmmm...just about 20 years now - at least since FEMA was established.

Omega see:
FEMA - The Secret Government

No one listened.

The patriot movement stepped up its warnings 10 years later around the time of Waco and Ruby Ridge.

No one listed.

Now, people are FINALLY beginning to see the Orwellean super police state that has emerged.

According to the author of THIS article:

"Whether you wish to live in fear is up to you because it will not stop. On the contrary, incessantly it will grow, spreading like the virus it is throughout the lands of the United States, gripping millions in fright and insecurity."

That's why it's too late. We are already there. Just because the stormtroopers haven't appeared in YOUR neighborhood yet, doesn't mean anything really. They will. Soon.

Photos of ever expanding police state:

At this point it's a matter - between you and whatever you deem to be your "maker" - of whether you PERSONALLY consent to it and what you teach your children about it. It's not a matter of whether the hard times WILL come. They HAVE come. How will you put an end to THEM.....................?

Message from jkchenevert

Kanzlers neue Kleider machen aus Hartz IV kein besseres Gesetz


Zu den Ergebnissen des Krisen-Gesprächs im Kanzleramt erklärt der PDS-Vorsitzende Lothar Bisky:

Mit den beiden Wirtschaftsminister Clement mühsam abgerungenen Korrekturen zum Zeitpunkt der Auszahlung des Arbeitslosengeld II und zur Anrechnung von Kindervermögen hat der Kanzler die beiden offensichtlichsten Scheußlichkeiten bei der Umsetzung von Hartz IV korrigiert. Dass es dazu erst des Drucks der Straße bedurfte, ist ein Armutszeugnis für diese Bundesregierung, die ohne Weiteres hätte erkennen können, dass die Auszahlungslücke und die Ungleichbehandlung der Kindervermögen wahrscheinlich schon im ersten Anlauf vor Gericht gekippt worden wären.

Einzelne Korrekturen ändern nichts am Konstruktionsfehler von Hartz IV. Damit werden die Arbeitslosen und nicht die Arbeitslosigkeit bekämpft. Ich kann in der Uckermark, wo auf eine freie Stelle 35 Arbeitslose kommen, niemandem erklären, was durch die Senkung der Arbeitslosenhilfe auf Sozialhilfeniveau besser werden soll. Man muss nicht vom Fördern und Fordern reden, wenn man fürs Fördern nichts tut. Wenn es statt Existenz sichernder Arbeit nur Tagelöhnerbeschäftigung gibt, bleibt mit dem Arbeitslosengeld II soziale Gerechtigkeit auf der Strecke.

Gemeinsame Betreuung ja, bessere Betreuung ja, intensivere Betreuung ja, aber warum wird das Ganze mit massiven Leistungskürzungen, unsittlichen Zumutbarkeitsregeln, bürokratischen Fragebögen und Angriffen auf Datschen oder die Altersvorsorge verbunden. Hartz IV ist ein schlechtes und ein falsches Gesetz, das mit dem Grundgedanken, durch eine gemeinsame und intensivere Betreuung erwerbsfähige Sozialhilfeempfänger und Langzeitarbeitslose schneller in Arbeit zu vermitteln, nichts mehr zu tun hat. Kaufkraftverluste in Milliardenhöhe und eine Abwärtsspirale hin zu Niedrigstlohnjobs sind die ökonomisch unsinnigen Folgen. Für die Betroffenen bringt es Armut per Gesetz.

Sechs Milliarden Euro werden an bisher gezahlter Arbeitslosenhilfe eingespart - sechs Milliarden, die allein die Senkung des Spitzensteuersatzes von 45 auf 42 Prozent am 1. Januar 2005 an Steuermindereinnahmen kostet.

Des Kanzlers neue Kleider machen aus Hartz IV keine solidarische Reform. Hartz IV ist wirtschaftspolitisch kontraproduktiv und sozial zutiefst ungerecht. Deshalb lehnen wir Hartz IV ab.

Pressemitteilungen der PDS


Time to get out the Bush

by Mark Morford

San Francisco Chronicle


You know it's time for a serious change when the president of the United States actually mutters the infantile, instantly infamous line, 'Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we,' just after finishing phonetically spelling out his name, in his favoritest red crayon, on yet another budget-reaming $417 billion defense-spending bill.

And you know it's time for a change when not a single one of the rigid and spiritually curdled military yes men standing around the ceremonial signing table, those sad automatons with their wooden smiles and stiff spines and bone-dry souls, not one broke into a hysterical bout of sad, suicidal laughter, followed by uncontrolled wailing and the rending of flesh and the muttering of oh my freaking God what the hell is this man doing as leader of the free world...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

If Big Brother is watching, no one is required to love him

1984, c. 2004
Doublespeak is alive and well.

by Deroy Murdock

National Review


George Orwell's novel 1984 depicted Earth as a totalitarian planet. Twenty years after that date, most of the world -- and America specifically -- has avoided his dystopian vision. Even if Big Brother is watching, no one is required to love him. And, at a minimum, he quadrennially faces the voters. Still, a new study finds Orwell's ghost haunting America's public dialogue. More accurately, the hollow and oxymoronic rhetoric the late British writer described thrives in the United States...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

If Big Brother is watching, no one is required to love him

1984, c. 2004
National Review
by Deroy Murdock

George Orwell's novel 1984 depicted Earth as a totalitarian planet. Twenty years after that date, most of the world -- and America specifically -- has avoided his dystopian vision. Even if Big Brother is watching, no one is required to love him. And, at a minimum, he quadrennially faces the voters. Still, a new study finds Orwell's ghost haunting America's public dialogue. More accurately, the hollow and oxymoronic rhetoric the late British writer described thrives in the United States...08/11/04)


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

"Gesund leben in Allach" deckt Lügen der T-Mobile auf

Anbei eine aktuellen Pressemeldung über "Gesund leben in Allach":

Es ist sehr ermutigend wie klar dort die Lügen der T-Mobil aufgedeckt werden.

Helft mit, dass auch andere Zeitungen klar und objektiv über das Thema berichten. Unterstützt die Reporter mit klaren Fakten aus Studien, Gerichtsurteilen und anderen Presseartikeln.

Viele Grüße ins ganze Land.

Ulrich Weiner

Optic fibres through Haifa Sewers

Haifa municipality has laid down this week, with a robot, an optic fibres communication system, in the sewers system in Vadi Roshmia. In the municipality they emphasize that it is the first time this kind of thing is done in Israel, and that at the end of the project, it will include all the central sewers and the water pipes in Haifa.

The new system will supply advanced communication, with no lines and information limits. In the first stage, the system will supply the municipality information about the water supply in the city, afterwards this tool will be useful for the cable companies, Bezeq, the power company and other private and governmental sectors.

Using the existing sewage system to supply infrastructures will reduce the need for cellular antennas and the roads/ highways digging while laying communication infrastructure systems.

The new communication system was developed by a Vienna municipality daughter company.

The projects manager of the company in Vienna, Horst Zeidel, said that the new system works successfully in the sewage system in his city and in other cities in the world, and it improved the local quality of life. Zeidel: "We are happy to operate in Haifa the first project of its kind in Israel, and to contribute to the technology development of laying a digital communication infrastructure, without digging the city and without causing suffering to its residents."

(City Star/ Haifa 12.8.2004 p. 14)

Informant: Iris Atzmon

Wer schützt vor Basisstationen?

Das Thema "Mobilfunk...

Vom 12.08.2004

Das Thema "Mobilfunk-Sendeanlagen" wird weiterhin heiß diskutiert. Für eine Minimierung der Strahlenbelastung plädiert ein Leser aus Appenheim.

Wer schützt vor Basisstationen?

Mobilfunk-Sendeanlagen nach außerhalb, damit sie weniger Schaden anrichten können! Dies ist überall wünschenswert, da aufgrund der Physik der Abstand bei der Belastung eine große Rolle spielt. Es kommt auf die Höhe der Strahlung an, welche beim Menschen ankommt. Es ist dringend erforderlich, die derzeitige Strahlenbelastung zu minimieren.

Der Salzburger Vorsorgewert, den auch die Bürger in Appenheim seit Jahren fordern, ist der einzig sinnvolle Vorsorgewert. Die Funktion des Handys ist auch bei diesem Vorsorgewert noch gewährleistet. Genau diesen Wert forderten bereits 1999 Mediziner, Wissenschaftler von Umweltminister Trittin anlässlich des Forums Elektrosmog in Bonn. Dass bei diesem Vorsorgewert eventuell ein Handy im tiefen Keller nicht mehr funktioniert, müssten wir aufgrund der Gesundheit gerne in Kauf nehmen .

Dieser Wert entspricht wohl nicht den Wünschen der Betreiber, aber sollte uns die Gesundheit nicht wichtiger sein? Wolfram König, Präsident des Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutz, forderte Ärzte auf, aktiv an der Abschätzung des Risikos durch Mobilfunk mitzuarbeiten. So geschehen in Naila. Wie wäre es, so etwas in Gau-Algesheim oder anderen Orten der Region zu tun? In Neustadt/Weinstraße führte man ein halbes Jahr nach Einschaltung einer Mobilfunk-Basisstation eine zweite Reihen-Blutuntersuchung durch. Bei 73 Prozent der Untersuchten wurden durch Strahleneinwirkung Veränderungen im Blutbild festgestellt. Nach all den Erkenntnissen müsste längst der angeführte Vorsorgewert gesetzlich gefordert werden, stattdessen empfiehlt das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz persönliche Vorsorge. Die Nutzung von Handys hat jeder in der Hand, aber wer schützt vor den rund um die Uhr sendenden Basisstationen?

Lothar Immerheiser, Appenheim


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Die neue Schnüffel-Ordnung


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

Die Angst vor dem eigenen Volk


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim


Überwachung "ausdehnen":

Was uns derzeit aus dem Wirtschaftsministerium des Staates BRD erreicht ist eher traurig bis grotesk, vor allem wenn man bedenkt, dass die befassten Politiker damit auch teilweise durchkommen werden. Doch angesichts aufkeimender Massenproteste gegen in voller Fahrt befindliche Sozialabbauprojekte kann man sich schon vorstellen, dass staatliche Bedarfsträger einen akuten Handlungsbedarf entwickeln.


Nach einem Entwurf für die neue TKÜV würden sämtliche Telekommunikations-Kennungen von IP-Adressen über Handy-Gerätenummern bis zu ganzen Funkzellen abhörbar.


Laut einem neuen Entwurf für das umkämpfte Paragrafenwerk (Telekommunikations-Überwachungsverordnung = TKÜV), der heise online vorliegt, sollen die Betreiber öffentlicher Telekommunikationsanlagen nebst Internet-Providern künftig zum Abhören sämtlicher TK-Kennungen verdonnert werden.

Das Spektrum würde demnach von IP-Adressen über Handy-Gerätenummern anhand der IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) bis zu kompletten Funkzellen oder WLAN-Hotpots reichen. Zudem will das Wirtschaftsministerium auf Betreiben des Justizressorts die Auslandsüberwachung ausweiten.

Vom Bundesinnenministerium kam darüber hinaus die Anregung, auch gleich die Vorschriften zum präventiv-polizeilichen "kleinen" Lauschangriff in die TKÜV zu integrieren. Dazu kommen zahlreiche Detailländerungen, die es nichtsdestoweniger in sich haben.

Details zu dem neuen Entwurf zur Telekommunikations-Überwachungsverordnung bringt [33]c't aktuell:

[33] http://www.heise.de/ct/aktuell/

Relayed by harko

Quelle: quintessenz-list Digest, Vol 17, Issue 8


Deutschland: Überwachungsstaat auf Kosten der Netzbetreiber

Oliver Weiss 16|8|2004

Für aktuellen Zündstoff in der TK-Branche sorgt der neue Entwurf für die Telekommunikations-Überwachungsverordnung (TKÜV) des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Arbeit. Den aktuellen Trends der technischen Entwicklung folgend sollen die Anbieter von TK-Diensten zum Abhören sämtlicher TK-Kennungen verpflichtet werden. Das Spektrum würde demnach von IP-Adressen über Handy-Gerätenummern anhand der IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) bis hin zu kompletten Funkzellen oder Public WLAN-Hotspots reichen.


Außerdem will das Wirtschaftsministerium auf Betreiben des Justizressorts die Auslandsüberwachung ausweiten. Das Ministerium folgt damit weiter der Strategie, Kosten und Aufwand für den "Highttech-Überwachungsstaat" auf die Dienstebetreiber abzuwälzen. Sowohl der Verband der Anbieter von Telekommunikations- und Mehrwertdiensten e.V. (VATM) wie auch der Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V. (Bitkom) kritisieren den neuen TKÜV-Entwurf massiv. Das Bundesministerium versuche, alle Betreiber dazu zu verpflichten, präventiv auch zukünftige Dienste abhörfähig zu entwickeln. "Die überarbeitete geplante Verordnung bedeutet wieder viel an Ungemach, Mühen und Kosten für die betroffenen Unternehmen", so Bitkom.

Experten kritisieren, dass einerseits die ohnehin seit mehreren Jahren wirtschaftlich angeschlagene TK-Branche mit neuen Kosten belastet, andererseits der Datenschutz zunehmend ausgehebelt wird. "Während der TKÜV-Entwurf jetzt praktisch Betreiber von Internet-Zugängen dazu verpflichtet, auch IP-Adressen überwachbar zu machen, lässt er eine genaue Prozessbeschreibung der formalen Beauftragung eines Lauschangriffs vermissen. Genauso wenig geht er auf eine konkrete Übernahme der Kosten einer Abhörmaßnahme ein", kritisiert Michael Sander, Geschäftsführer von Terra Consulting Partners.


Besonders betroffen von den neuen Anforderungen seien neben den Internet Providern auch die Mobilfunkanbieter. Bisher habe sich die behördliche Seite begnügt, festzustellen, in welcher Mobilfunkzelle sich ein Mobiltelefon aufhalte, aber nun fordere man über Triangulation eine präzise Lokalisierung des Standortes. Solche Daten würden aber heute von den Mobilfunk-Netzbetreibern gar nicht ausgewertet werden, erläutert Sander, da sie "sehr tief im Netz" verborgen sind und es keine Standardschnittstellen für die Datenbeschaffung gibt.

Die Methode der Triangulation basiert auf der Messung von Laufzeitunterschieden, bei der die Fehlerquelle extrem hoch, weil immer drei Zellen benötigt werden und es keinerlei Störeinflüsse oder Reflektionen geben darf. Sander warnt davor, den Aufwand für die Netzbetreiber und Anbieter immer weiter durch staatliche Forderungen zu erhöhen. "Statt die ITK-Branche endlich wieder als Zukunftsbranche auch für Deutschland zu begreifen, schnürt man sie mit Vorlagen wie dem neuen TKÜV-Entwurf immer weiter ein. Die Pläne der Ministerien und Behörden gehen hier längst an der Realität der deutschen ITK-Branche vorbei", stellt Sander fest. (pte)


Informant: BI Bad Dürkheim


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