President Bush: Flip-Flopper-In-Chief

Informant: Ken DeBusk

Vernichtung von Regierungsdokumenten

Das US-Justizministerium hat die öffentlichen Bibliotheken angewiesen, einige Publikationen des Ministeriums zu vernichten, aber schnell die seltsame Anordnung wieder zurück gezogen...


Hört der Staat bald alles ?

Der Lauschangriff soll zukünftig auch ohne Verdacht möglich sein und Journalisten, Anwälte, Pfarrer und Ärzte einschließen...


Terror scare paves way for police-state measures


Informant: Friends

Evidence of Pentagon Psychological Warfare Operations Against U.S. Citizens Surfaces in Want Ads


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Informant: Harry Mobley

Children and cell phones

Children and cellular

Today in the newspaper we have "Tips- how to choose a cellular phone for the child?" According to the newspaper, "although it's a sensitive group, the cellular companies do not make radiation-reduced devices for the children- and the parents get carried away after the prices and the models". One tip says that children are found to be 50% more sensitive to radiation than adults, and should only talk in emergencies.

Another tip says that parents should find what the purpose of the cellular is going to be: whether the child is going to use it only within the net, the family programmes or programmes for friends. (a contradicting tip to the tip which says to use it only for emergencies)

Parents also should "find out to which carrier most of the child's friends are subscribed". Parents should find out which Talkman prices are the cheapest, and if they don't choose Talkman, they should define the economic budget to the child. "9 years old children can definitely deal with a demand like that" says the newspaper. Parents can develop the consumer awareness of their child, especially if he's more mature, they can prefer the family programme (and there goes the "only in emergencies").

According to the Israeli company Cellcom, there are more and more children who say they want to use the cellular phone even in the age of 6. There are 600,000 6-12 years old children, 26%-56% of them use cellular phones. More than one third of them receive the devices from their parents so there are no accurate data.

It is also found that the children lead the purchase. The children don't compromise for an "old" model. It is a status symbol for the children and it's amazing to see how skilled they are in the knowledge of the new models. Cellcom survey shows that 60% of the children are owners of devices that support "advanced services" of ringtones and icons and 20% support SMS and JAVA. What is the reason for the cellular development among the children, according to the newspaper? First, it clarifies "it's only going to increase".

The reason is the "winning combination of two strong wills": 1. the will to be independent 2. the will of the parents to know where their child is every minute. In Israel the cellular phones are sold with a leaflet that tells the SAR of the phone, but the Consumer Association wants the SAR to be written also on every advertisement for the devices, and on the phone package, "in order that the consumer will be able to have a purchase decision that is free of pressures and will be able to control the radiation level that his child absorbs." (wanting to control the radiation the child absorbs is a complete illusion).

How long does the Consumer Association deal with the radiation level issue? "Many years". The result? "Nothing moved". (Cellular in a break", Shoshana Hen, Yediot Ahronot 5.8.2004)

Omega see: Children and Cell Phones : Is there a health risk ?

"The Cellular Companies Punish Ulmert [ Ehud Ulmert is the communication minister]: They boycott the exhibition of the communication ministry

Partner company said it won't take part in Telecom exhibition and the other companies are expected to do the same. The reason: the communication minister decision to reduce the kishuriot fees for calls between the networks and SMSs. The exhibition is organized by the communication ministry and planned for November.

Partner spokesman said that the company decided not to take part in the Telecom 2004 because of the regulatoric developments and the economic implication on the cellular business. An official from the cellular companies said yesterday to Yediot Ahronot that "We won't give Ulmert the luxury also to bury the industry and also to be a star of a carnival funded by the companies". The crime of Ulmert is that he plans prices reduction for 2006, the kishuriot fees (moving from network to network- a reason to charge money of course) from 45 Agorot to 15 Agorot. SMS from 28.5 to 1 Agora. For the cellular companies it means to lose over 2.6 billion Shekels a year. They plan to appeal to the court. ( Gad Lior Y.A 5.8.2004)

The Israeli The Marker has a 25 pages special of Wireless project. It says about the wireless revolution that "40 years we have been waiting for it and it's here at last" and offers: "It's not a dream-all the products that will release your house from the cables tangle" and then it takes us for a trip around the hairdresser, yacht, hotel, an average home and cafe, because "pay attention, pay attention, these are the critical days, that determine how our future lives are going to look like", meaning the Wi Fi. The hairdresser says: "five months ago I decided to be more friendly to the environment and to give a better service to the customers". ["more friendly to the environment" by bringing radiation into the barber's shop? Very environment friendly] "I saw that people come with computers, I understood they need to be served" so he put a Wi Fi hotspot inside and so on...very, very aggressive marketing for the wireless. (The Marker August 2004 p. 107)

Omega see: Wi-Fi mobilize your Chromosomes in Hospital

Message from Iris Atzmon

Children and Cell Phones: Is there a health risk?

Childhood brain cancer and EMFs

Mobile Phones Again Linked to Cancer

Children's use of Mobile Phones needed urgent Attention

Children and cell phones

Mobile Phones and Brain Damage


Children and Cell Phones: Is there a health risk ?

Teens in mobile phone danger

Brain tumours: the silent killer

What Cell Phones Can Do To Youngster's Brain In 2 Minutes

"Phone killed our daughter" ?

New generation embraces mobiles

Are you and your children guinea pigs?

Physics and Biology of Mobile Telephony

The invisible disease

Cell Towers and Health Risks to School Children


Children and Cell Phones : Is there a health risk ?

New generation embraces mobiles

Teens in mobile phone danger

Children and Cell Phones: Is there a health risk?

Cell Phone Radiation Slows Down Brain Speed

Study Links Cell Phones To Brain Cancer Risk

Mobile Phone use Radiation Scare

Cell phones: Communications for the 21st century or a road to medical armageddon?

Study Links Cell Phones To Brain Cancer Risk


Cell Phone Radiation Slows Down Brain Speed

Note to anybody wishing to publish this article or use excerpts therefrom: This article is based upon studies reported in my 2003 book, Brain Speed and the Body Electric, which assembles a wealth of proof showing that electromagnetic (EM) energy slows down nerve conduction. This is the smoking gun that many researchers have been looking for as they explore the possible health effects of EM radiation upon humans.

When nerve conduction slows down, it adversely affects mental performance in every measurable skill category (memory, reading, computation, verbal fluency, verbal creativity, thinking, and reaction time). It also adversely affects physical performance. This article concentrates upon the cell phone and the way its radiation lowers brain speed, and it shows the reader how to use a simple technique for measuring changes in brain speed. Anybody can use this simple scientific technique, which should appeal to most readers. Use of this article is permissible only if proper credit is given to the author.

Cell Phone Radiation Slows Down Brain Speed
James Protsman

Controversy swirls around the subject of the health effects of cell phones. The radiofrequency electromagnetic (EM) radiation emitted by a cell phone is known to penetrate the skull, but does this lead to the development of cancer, especially malignant brain tumors which are on the rise? The new cell phone towers springing up everywhere greatly increase our daily dosage of radiation. Is this healthy for us?

A study by the California. Department of Health Services, eight years in the making, and which can be seen online, suggests there is a connection between exposure to EM radiation and childhood leukemia, brain cancer, Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), miscarriages, and possibly suicide.

The scientific proof connecting health problems with cell phones convinces some people and scientists that a danger exists, but the majority of people and lots of scientists remain skeptical. They want more evidence. More evidence is now available.

It now can be demonstrated that EM radiation from cell phones slows down nerve conduction, or the speed at which vital regulatory messages travel through the body's nervous system. This reduces the effectiveness of the nervous system, which in turn could reduce the ability of the immune system to protect our bodies from disease of all kinds. It certainly slows down reaction time, which makes cell phone use dangerous while driving.

You can detect for yourself the effect of cell phone radiation upon your brain by measuring changes in brain speed. Brain speed is a rough measure of nerve conduction speed. If you don't have a cell phone, the handset from a wireless phone will work almost as well.

For best results in this self-test, remove the metal from your hands (rings, bracelets, watches). This elimination will increase your sensitivity to the effects of EM radiation; to increase your sensitivity even more, remove shoes and socks. Males (especially postpuberty males) will get stronger testing results than females, because the electrical system in a male generates more electrical current than in a female.

(1) Hold a cell phone in your hand and silently in your head count to 50 as fast as you can. This is a rough measure of brain speed. Pay attention to the amount of effort this takes. Time yourself with a stopwatch or the second hand of a timepiece.

(2) Put the phone down and step away at least six feet (two meters) from it. You should be near no other electrical devices. Do not look at the phone. Again silently in your head count to 50 as fast as you can.

If it takes more effort and time to count to 50 when in contact with a cell phone, this means the phone's radiation slows down nerve conduction in your body, which slows down brain speed. It means you are sensitive to EM radiation. The term for this is electrosensitivity.

(3) Put the cell phone on a table. Put the palm of your hand one foot above it, and again count to 50 as fast as you can. Pay attention to the amount of effort this takes, and time yourself. Compare this self-test to when you were standing away from the phone.

The palm of your hand is a very sensitive responder to EM radiation, and even though it is a foot away from the phone, the phone's energy can still penetrate your body at this distance and slow down nerve conduction.

(4) Put the cell phone in a pocket and do the counting test again. Compare this to when the cell phone is several feet away from you, and you are not near other electronic devices.

Body contact with a cell phone can knock down brain speed if you are sensitive to EM radiation.

(5) Concentration can be measured in a rough sort of way by (a) counting by 2's to 50, or (b) by counting backward from 50 to 1. You know the numbers well, but to do either of these mental tasks extra concentration is necessary. Do one of these counting tests when you are holding a phone, and one when the phone is at least six feet away from you and you are not looking at it--or any electronic device.

If this concentration exercise goes slower when your body is being radiated by the cell phone, this means you are electrosensitive.

The phone does not have to be on to produce radiation effects. It radiates energy even when it is off. When it is on, this energy intensifies quite a bit.

What about all the cell phone towers popping up on the landscape that transmit radiofrequency signals (a form of EM energy) so that we can make cell phone calls to places far and wide? If you are electrosensitive, this radiation can have a dummying effect upon your brain as much as a half mile away from the tower. Because this radiation penetrates just about everything, it doesn't matter that there are buildings or trees between you and the source of radiation. EM radiation penetrates these things as if they didn't exist. That is why you can use your cell phone inside a building.

Cell phones are banned in many hospitals because their radiation interferes with the sensitive electronic devices used by modern medicine to keep us alive. The electrical system in your brain is every bit as sensitive as medical electronic devices, so therefore it is not surprising that a cell phone can interfere with the brain's delicate electrical system.

Cell phones should be banned in schools if their radiation is proven to knock down brain processes and learning. Even if a cell phone is kept in a backpack in a locker, its radiation extends out two meters (six feet) or more, into hallways and classrooms. Schools are places where learning is nurtured and revered, and there is no sense in semi-paralyzing students minds with radiation as they endeavor to improve their knowledge and mental skills.

When a person carries a cell phone or uses a cell phone, the radiation from this device intensifies the electrical energy encircling his or her body. It increases the voltage in the body's energy field. This unnaturally high voltage creates electrostress. Electrostress slows down the body's vital bioelectrical processes, and this slowdown could harm your immune systems ability to maintain good health because it cannot be as effective in fighting viruses, bacteria, and the formation of opportunistic cancer cells.

Electrosensitivity varies from person to person. The simple self-tests introduced in this article are not as sophisticated as other tests that can be used, but in their simplicity these self-tests are capable of letting you know if electosensitivity needs to be a concern of yours.

(Note: James Protsman is a longtime researcher into the effects of electromagnetic energy upon body and brain function in humans, and is the author of the 2003 book, Brain Speed and the Body Electric. More information is available at the http://www.brainspeed.net web site .

Informant: Colette O'Connell

2-Year Study Finds Possible Cell Phone Danger To Brain


Teens in mobile phone danger

Daily Mail June 2004

A scientist has warned that children who use mobile phones are at risk of suffering memory loss, sleeping disorders and other health problems.

Dr Gerard Hyland, of the University of Warwick, said children are particularly at risk because their immune systems are less robust and are still developing.

Fears over the use of mobile phones has centred on "brain heating", but Dr Hyland said the real risk was with low intensity radiation, known as non-thermal radiation.

Dr Hyland, who is based in the physics department at the University of Warwick, said children were at risk because their skulls are smaller and thinner and radiation was able to penetrate.

'Radiation is known to effect the brain rhythms and children are particularly vulnerable,' he said.

'The body is an electro-chemical instrument with exquisite sensitivity. The effect of microwaves from a mobile phone is a bit like interference on a radio. It has an impact on the stability of cells in the body.

'The main effects are neurological, causing headaches, memory loss and sleeping disorders.'

He added: 'If mobile phones were a type of food, they simply would not be licensed because there is so much uncertainty surrounding their safety.'


Source: http://www.whale.to/a/mobile.html

Omega-News Collection 5. August 2004

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Antidepressant Safety Review Set for September



The Trials of Henry Kissinger


America's Last War

Bush needs a still bigger war to distract us even more. Then, he figures, we'll forget about Iraq the way Iraq made us forget about Afghanistan. North Korea is too dangerous and Syria is too small to do the job. Next up: Iran. It's time to get even for the hostages...


Abused Iraqi Detainees Said to Hold No Intelligence Value

They also said the fact that the prisoners were of no intelligence value undercut the claims of the accused soldiers, who have asserted that they were encouraged or ordered by military intelligence officers to mistreat the detainees...


Prisoners' Dilemma

How the administration is obstructing the Supreme Court's terror decisions...


From Information Clearing House

Children in Iraqi prisons

Human rights groups demand immediate access to children held as criminals or 'security detainees...


From Information Clearing House

Republican Candidate Admits Supporting Eugenics


More Shocking Prisoner Abuses Are Revealed


DOD Looks To Directed Energy Weapons


Informant: Harlan Girard

Is the Bush Administration Planning a Red Code Alert ?


Informant: dragon downstairs

George W. Bush - on Trial for War Crimes


Informant: dragon downstairs





The patent on Aspartame has run out---so our favorite health benefatctor--Monsanto has come up with a bigger better version...

Learn about this 'exciting new sweetener':

Learn MORE about this 'exciting new sweetener'


The ingredients of this 'exciting new sweetener'---yummmm....(rats won't touch it)

Neotame Patent

Patent Number 01 90138

Patent: The NutraSweet Company

CAS REG/EC #(S) 50-00-0 - Formaldehyde

CAS REG/EC #(S) 63-91-2 - L-Phenylalanine

CAS REG/EC #(S) 75-87-6 - Acetaldehyde-trichloro-

CAS REG/EC #(S) 100-52-7 - Benzaldhyde

CAS REG/EC #(S) 109-87-5 - Methane - Dimethoxy-

CAS REG/EC #(S) 115-17-3 - Acetaldehyde - tribromo-

CAS REG/EC #(S) 116-16-5 - 2-Propanone 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexachloro-

CAS REG/EC #(S) 462-95-3 - Ethane - 1,1'Ymethylenebis (oxy) "bis-

CAS REG/EC #(S) 599-97-3 - Ethane-1,1,1 - trichloro-2,2-diethoxy-

CAS REG/EC #(S) 684-16-2 - 2-Propanone - 1,1,1,3,3,3,-hexafluoro-

CAS REG/EC #(S) 754-50-7 - Propane - 1,1,1,3,3,3,-hexafluoro-2,2,-dimethoxy

CAS REG/EC #(S) 774-48-1 - Benezene - (diethoxymethyl)-

CAS REG/EC #(S) 1125-88-8- Benezene - (dimethoxymethyl)

CAS REG/EC #(S) 2577-90-4 - L-Phenylalanine

CAS REG/EC #(S) 7524-50-7 - L-Phenylalanine

CAS REG/EC #(S) 18272-02 - Ethane - 1,1,1-trichloro 2,2 - dimethoxy-

CAS REG/EC #(S) 30525-89-4 - Paraformaldehyde

CAS REG/EC #(S) 157055-30-6 - Propane - 2,2 -diethoxy 1,1,1,3,3,3, -hexafluoro

CAS REG/EC #(S) 165450-17-9 - L-Phenylalanine - N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl) -

CAS REG/EC #(S) 275799-00-3 - L-Aspartic acid - N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl) -

CAS REG/EC #(S) 374077-92-6 --PP - 4-Oxazolidinecarboxylic acid -

CAS REG/EC #(S) 374077-93-7 --PP - 4-Oxazolidinecarboxylic acid -

CAS REG/EC #(S) 374077-94-8 --PP

CAS REG/EC #(S) 374077-95-9 --PP - Ethane - 1,1,1-tribromo 2,2-dimethoxy-

CAS REG/EC #(S) 374077-96-0 --PP - Propane -

CAS REG/EC #(S) 374077-97-1 --PP - Propane -

Informant: Kathy

The spread of racial profiling since 9-11

Civil Rights Rollback; The spread of racial profiling since 9-11


Informant: Malaika Kambon

Growing a police state

by Dorothy Anne Seese

Ether Zone


Very soon, we will all grow used to seeing the cammies, uniforms, guns, dogs, and others standing guard. We are then well on our way to accepting the police state. We will gladly produce our papers to prove we are true Americans, not hostile enemies going to bomb something. Then the government, wishing to assure us that it is taking all the measures it can, will go one step further...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Nobody really knows

Capitol Hill Blue


Despite a highly-public terror alert which brought increased security and cost millions of taxpayer dollars, intelligence and law enforcement officials now admit they really don't know if current al-Qaida plans called for attacks against specific targets in New York, New Jersey and Washington. 'Yes, we may have blown it on this one,' admits one top administration intelligence source. 'After all this time, we really don't know that much about how these people think or what they are really up to.' ...

And while Bush administration spokesman claim publicly the terror alert was justified for security reasons, others within the White House complain privately that the timing of the alert was politically motivated...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Musicians stumping against Bush

Norristown Times-Herald


In an unprecedented series of concerts in nine swing states, more than 20 musical acts -- including Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and the Dixie Chicks -- will perform fund-raising concerts one month before the Nov. 2 election in an effort to unseat President Bush. ...

The artists of different generations and genres will tour under the name 'Vote For Change,' with shows Oct. 1-8. But the money generated will go to America Coming Together, which promises on its Web site to 'derail the right-wing Republican agenda by defeating George W. Bush...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Hartz IV-Wohnkosten : Fakten statt Beschönigungen

Pressemitteilung MIETERFORUM RUHR

Witten und Dortmund, 05.08.2004

PDF-Version unter http://tinyurl.com/4ghcn

Hartz IV-Wohnkosten: Fakten statt Beschönigungen!
Mieterforum: Mit einer Wohnkosten-Verordnung zu Hartz IV soll Clement Wohnungsverluste von Arbeitslosen ausschließen

Mieterforum Ruhr hat Arbeitsminister Clement aufgefordert, umgehend eine Verordnung zum Sozialgesetzbuch II zu erlassen, damit die Arbeitslosen ab 1. Januar ihre bisherigen Mieten bezahlen können und nicht gezwungen werden, sich innerhalb eines halben Jahres eine billige Bleibe zu suchen.

Nach dem Hartz IV-Gesetz (§ 22 SGB II) werden die Kosten für Unterkunft und Heizung „in der Regel“ nur in „angemessener Höhe“ übernommen. Wer mehr bezahlt, muss nach spätestens einem halben Jahr mit Kürzungen der Wohnkostenzahlungen rechnen. So steht es im Gesetz. Was „angemessen“ ist, ist im Gesetz nicht geregelt. Von seinem Recht, eine Verordnung zu dieser Frage zu erlassen, will Arbeitsminister Clement auch nach Verstärkung der Kritik in der Öffentlichkeit keinen Gebrauch machen. Damit legen die kommunalen Träger bzw. die neu zu gründenden Arbeitsgemeinschaften zwischen Kommunen und Arbeitsagenturen fest, was „angemessen“ ist. Und damit ist nach Ansicht von Mieterforum Ruhr der Willkür Tür und Tor geöffnet.

In einer Pressemitteilung hatte das Ministerium am 28.7. auf die wachsenden Befürchtungen reagiert, die Wohnkostenregelungen könnten zu massenhaften Zwangsumzügen führen. Demnach geht das Ministerium davon aus, dass bisherige lokale Sozialhilferegelungen auch beim ALG II zur Anwendung kommen und dass das nur in „geringfügigen Ausnahmefällen“ zu einem Umzugszwang führt. Das Ministerium macht auch konkrete Ausführungen zu den vermutlichen Angemessenheitsgrenzen.

„Leider ist dieser Beruhigungsversuch ohne Hand und Fuss“, beklagt Mieterforum Ruhr.

Dass die bisherigen Sozialhilfegeregelungen auf das ALG II angewendet werden müssen, sei nirgendwo gesetzlich geregelt. Die Bestimmungen des SGB II zu den Wohnkosten seien außerdem wesentlich schärfer als der Wortlaut der Regelsatzverordnung zur Sozialhilfe. Bei restriktiver Auslegung von § 22 SGB II könne die Mietzahlung schon früher als nach 6 Monaten gekürzt werden, wenn der Arbeitslose nicht nachweist, dass ein Umzug unzumutbar ist. Nach 6 Monaten komme es nach dem Wortlaut auf die „Zumutbarkeit“ „in der Regel“ gar nicht mehr an. „Hier folgt das Gesetz der restriktivsten Sozialhilfe-Rechtsprechung“, erklärt Mieterforum Ruhr. „Ohne Klarstellungen müssen wir befürchten, dass sparwütige Kommunen noch weniger Wohnkosten zahlen als bislang in der Sozialhilfe.“

So bleiben einige Kommunen – z.B. Mannheim - bei der zulässigen Wohnungsgröße schon heute unter den vom Ministerium zitierten Werten nach dem Wohnungsbindungsgesetz. Die in diesem Gesetz für Sozialwohnungen vorgesehenen Zuschläge (z.B. für Alleinerziehende) werden fast nie beachtet. Weil außerdem bei den Wohnberechtigungsscheinen oft tolerant verfahren wird, haben nicht wenige Mieter eine Sozialwohnung, die nach Sozialhilferecht „unangemessen“ ist.

Durch Rechtsprechung ist geklärt, dass Sozialhilfeempfänger mit den billigsten Tabellen-Mieten nach den Mietspiegeln wohnen müssen. Dabei wird oft verkannt, dass die Mietspiegel vor allem die Mieten langjähriger Mieter wiedergeben. „Aussagen zu den Mieten, die bei Neuanmietung verlangt werden und über die Anzahl der zur Verfügung stehenden Wohnungen sind ohne zusätzliche Erhebungen und Auswertungen nicht möglich.“ Auch bei den Betriebskosten gelten oft sehr niedrige Richtwerte.

Deshalb komme es schon jetzt in der Sozialhilfe in vielen Städten zu Verdrängungen. Die Hilfeempfänger müssten mit schlechten Wohnungen Vorlieb nehmen. Bei Umzugsaufforderungen seien „angemessene“ Wohnungen nur mit großer Mühe zu finden.

„Selbst wenn nur eine kleinerer Teil der über 2,2, Mio. Arbeitslosenhilfeempfänger höhere Wohnkosten zahlt als nach der Sozialhilfe erlaubt, ist der in vielen Städten sehr knappe Markt für billige Wohnungen schon nach wenigen Zwangsumzügen dicht“, befürchten die Mieterschützer.

Mieterforum Ruhr geht nach eigener Erfahrung davon aus, dass nicht wenige Arbeitslosenhilfe- und ALG I-Empfänger deutlich höhere Wohnkosten haben als Sozialhilfeempfänger. Dies sei insbesondere bei Arbeitslosen der Fall, die vor nicht allzu langer Zeit noch „anständig“ verdient hätten. Für ein arbeitsloses Angestelltenehepaar ist es zum Beispiel nicht ungewöhnlich, eine Wohnung von 80 qm zu bewohnen. Das aber liegt deutlich über den Angemessenheitsgrenzen der Sozialhilfe. Auch Singles und Alleinerziehende haben nach Beobachtungen im Ruhrgebiet häufig größere Wohnungen, vor allem wenn die Quadratmetermieten günstig sind. Sehr billige Wohnungen würden vor allem von Arbeitslosen belegt, die noch nie die Chance auf ein ordentliches Einkommen hatten. „Für ausgebildete Leute bedeutet Hartz IV auch bei den Wohnkosten eine massive Degradierung unter die Armutsgrenze.“

Die Wohngeldstatistik lasse dazu kaum zuverlässige Aussagen zu. „Wir wundern uns, wo die vorbereitenden Untersuchungen zu diesem Gesetz sind“.

Klarstellung durch Verordnung

„Eine unverbindliche Presserklärung kann diese Befürchtungen nicht aus der Welt schaffen. Wenn es der Minister ernst meint mit seinem Versprechen, dass es nicht zu nennenswerten Zwangsumzügen kommen wird, dann muss er jetzt handeln“, fordert Mieterforum Ruhr.

Eine Verordnung zu § 22 SGB II müsse u.a. folgende Punkte verbindlich regeln:

- Die Wohnkosten sind zum 1. Januar 2005 zu zahlen und nicht am 31. „Denn das letzte Wohngeld für die Betroffenen gab es für Dezember!“

- Für einen Übergangszeitraum soll auf Kürzungsaufforderungen in der Regel verzichtet werden. Denn: „Die Behörden werden anderes zu tun haben.“ Außerdem kann man später auf der Grundlage der Daten aus den ALG II-Anträgen eher eine erträgliche Regelung finden.

- Für Arbeitslose, die aus ALHI oder ALG I in den ALG II-Bezug „fallen“, sollte es Übergangsbestimmungen geben, die auch größere und teurere Wohnungen tolerieren. „Wer weiß, ob diese Leute nicht doch bald wieder Arbeit haben. Warum sie auch noch mit Wohnungssuche und Umzug belasten?“

- Wer eine Arbeit in Aussicht hat, wegen Erreichung des Rentenalters demnächst ausscheidet usw., der soll mit Umzügen immer in Ruhe gelassen werden. Das gleiche gilt für Haushalte mit minderjährigen Kindern, für Behinderte und Menschen, die lange in einer bestimmten Wohnumgebung wohnen. „Die Folgekosten einer Vertreibung wären viel höher als die Einsparungen“.

- Bei den Arbeitsagenturen sollten unabhängige Beschwerdestellen oder Härtefallkommissionen eingerichtet werden.

- Die Stadt muss nachweisen, dass eine „angemessene“ Wohnung verfügbar ist. Nicht umgekehrt.

- Akzeptable Richtwerte für die Angemessenheit müssen auf statistischen Erhebungen zu den verfügbaren Wohnungen am lokalen Markt basieren. In der Regel sollte sich die „Angemessenheit“ am Durchschnittsverbrauch orientieren und nicht an den aller Ärmsten.

- Es sollten auf dieser Grundlage örtliche Pauschalen für die Gesamtmieten einer angemessenen Wohnung gebildet werden. Dem Hilfeempfänger soll freigestellt werden, ob er die Pauschale komplett für das Wohnen ausgibt oder ob er durch billigeres Wohnen seine knappen Grundbezüge aufbessert. „Dann muss die Behörde die Quadratmeter nicht mehr zählen und die Betroffenen haben einen Anreiz, günstige Wohnungen zu finden und ihre Mieterechte durchzusetzen.“

Bis zum Vorliegen einer derartigen Verordnung liege die Verantwortung bei den Kommunen, betont Mieterforum. „In allen Städten sollten sich Bündnisse bilden, die dafür kämpfen dass es zu erträglichen kommunalen Regelungen kommt“.


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Mieterforum Ruhr ist ein Zusammenschluss von DMB-Mietervereinen im Ruhrgebiet mit 35.000 Mitgliedern.

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Bush breaks environmental promise


Informant: Teresa Binstock

The Toxicity/Safety of Processed Free Glutamic Acid


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The Imprisoned American Mind


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Whistleblower explodes 9-11 Commission Report


Informant: civl ecco

All Bush Has to Sell, Is Fear Itself


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Life News



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The cellular companies will be obligated to pay for the loss of property value

A hit to the cellular companies: they will be obligated to compensate for property value reduction because of the cellular antennas

By Dror Marmur
Maarive Business

After the communication minister's statement that the cellular companies will have to reduce the tarifs of the cellular calls [the companies are going to appeal to the supreme court, it is estimated that they will lose 2 billion shekels a year if that will happen], the cellular companies got a second serious hit also in the national council for construction and planning [2 hits in one week]. The council decided that the companies will be obliged from now on to pay for every property value reduction where there are cellular antennas erected. The national council, in the authority of Gidon Bar Lev decided on addition to the national planning programme for small and tiny transmission installations ("Tam"a 36 A"). The addition forces giving compensation document by the cellular companies to the local committee, as a condition for permission to erect cellular antennas. The council emphasized that the compensation documents are to ensure that the local committees for construction and planning will not have to pay compensations (clause 197 in the construction and planning law), if they will be sued in the future for loss of property value due to cellular antennas erection. In case of such a future lawsuit, the cellular companies will pay. The change is going to pass to the government approval.

Informant: Iris Atzmon


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