Omega-News 19. August 2004

Schließung amerikanischer Stützpunkte in Deutschland begrüßt

Protestaktion für Indianervölker

Europa muss sich an das durch die globale Erwärmung verändernde Klima anpassen

Kein Beschäftigungswunder durch Minijobs in Sicht

Abrüstung statt Sozialabbau gefordert

Keine Patente auf Leben

Kinder von Straftätern sollen vom Kindergartenalter ab erfasst und überwacht werden

Das FBI schüchtert politische Aktivisten ein

Durchsichtiges Spiel mit den Terrorwarnungen

Italian hunting season petition

TK-Überwachungsverordnung belastet Branche massiv

Ende der Naturzerstörung im ukrainischen Donaudelta gefordert

Nicht ganz Amerika ist verrückt

Europas Postämter sollen Daten über Absender und Adressaten vor Versand an US-Behörden liefern

Ein schwarzer Tag für die Menschenrechte in Großbritannien

Gericht untersagt Tierversuch unter Hinweis auf Staatsziel Tierschutz

Stierkampf schadet dem Image

U-Boot-Detektor stört Wale

Worüber das Volk abstimmen darf, sollte es selbst entscheiden

Die Angst vor dem eigenen Volk

Die bittere Wahrheit über das süße Aspartam

Die neue Schnüffel-Ordnung


Der überwachungsindustrielle Komplex

US-Bürgerrechtler beklagen industriellen Überwachungskomplex

Breitbandüberwachung in USA legal

EU: 3 Jahre Datenspeicherpflicht

Datenschützer gegen Ausweitung der DNA-Analyse

Everything and Everyone is Connected

Earth Meanders
By Dr. Glen Barry
August 19, 2004

The global environmental crisis requires holistic approaches, based upon the revelation that all of the Earth's life is sacred and connected. All environmental ills that threaten the Earth and her life are illustrative of the same issue - too many people, consuming too much, while having lost touch with their oneness with the Earth. The Earth and her water, forests, air and oceans have been afforded little worth and are treated as little more than expendable trash dumps.

Environmentalists are doing valuable work on single issues such as climate change, forest and water conservation, and toxics. There are good reasons to focus on more scoped and manageable issues in isolation. Solutions are easier and less intrusive, lending themselves to reformist policies that do not threaten the status quo.

However, it is highly unlikely that any single major environmental issue facing the world will ever be solved without progress on all the others.

Forests will not be sustained if climate change is not addressed. Soils will continue to be eroded and water diminished as long as forests and wetlands are lost.

Recent flooding in Asia and Haiti illustrates comprehensive collapse of ecological systems in whole. There climate change brought intense rainfall, water run-off was exacerbated by poor land management, and great human suffering and further ecological decline resulted. Numerous studies have recently shown that air pollution is global, i.e. America receives Asia's pollution, while itself polluting Europe.

The global ecological whole - which I like to refer to as Gaia - is a tightly coupled system composed of ecological sub-systems that cycle nutrients and energy. This finally honed ecological apparatus of immense complexity makes life possible. Thus photosynthesizers release oxygen while consuming carbon dioxide, and animals do the reverse, completing the cycle. Oceans and terrestrial ecosystems effect and are effected by climate. Water is the life blood of all life.

Failure of any one ecological system reverberates through the whole. The realization that forests are connected to the well being of virtually every other ecological system, and vice versa, has turned this forest conservationist into a global ecological sustainability crusader.

Forests, climate, water and oceans - and the Earth in total - will only be sustained if there is more emphasis upon the big picture and the interactions between these issues.

Humanity cannot continue to procreate and consume as if the Earth does not matter. The Earth does matter - other species and emergent ecosystem processes make humanity and our society possible. There are real physical and biological limits to the Earth's capacity to provide sustenance and maintain a habitable environment for humans. Increasing numbers of people are being faced with this reality as their water supplies falter, climatic patterns fade, land becomes desert, and oceans are made lifeless.

Humanity and all that we have been able to achieve has been by and of the Earth. Wal-Mart parking lots do not sustain us - the wind, water and trees do. Any suggestion that the Earth's intricate ecosystem services can or should be engineered is misguided foolishness. The Earth is a tightly honed system perfected for one purpose - to provide for all her life.

Why tinker with the perfection found in a seed? All the Earth requires in return for making our lives possible is an acknowledgement of our oneness with her, and that we not dismantle the ecological machinery whereby the Earth is maintained, regulated and restored. This seems reasonable.

The Human Nation

It may be easier to accept that we are all connected to the natural world than to accept we - all of humanity - are deeply dependent upon each other. As ecological, political, social and technological trends converge, the idea of nation-states has become antiquated. For globalization to be sustainable, desirable and successful the concept of the human nation must be embraced.

I am a strange messenger to be delivering the message that the fate of all humans is linked. I do not much like people, and have spent much of my life feeling depressed and alienated. Yet my experiences have led me to conclude that what happens to a poor child in Bangladesh is intimately bound with my and my Planet's fate.

In the globalized world there is no such thing as another country's problem. How much longer can the luxurious over-developed world expect billions to peacefully suffer a fate of acute human need and desperation?

It is greedy and evil for American and other mega-polluters to demand that peasants in China limit their carbon emissions before Americans work to reduce their much larger impact.

An expenditure of some 40 billion dollars a year would provide basic health services, clean water, and primary education to everyone in the World. This is some 1/10 of what the United States alone spends on its militaristic solutions to world conflict. Might does not make right, and security in a globalized world will not come solely from the barrel of a gun.

Liberal democracy and market economies need not be synonymous with militarism, Earth devouring industrialism, nor continuation of massive economic inequities and other social injustices.

We are one human nation. For the Earth to have a future we can not afford to think otherwise.

Life Journeys

Realizing that everything and everyone is connected, and thus sacred, has been a long journey for me. I first caught a glimpse of this in my young adulthood spent in the Peace Corps in Papua New Guinea. I was faced with, and tried to make sense of, the evil of huge logging concessions of ancient rainforests to make cardboard boxes and toilet paper while local peoples continued to live in abject material poverty.

During this time, I crudely sought to synthesize what I was learning of life's meaning with spirituality and ecology. I wrote that given "Truth is God" in the Ghandian tradition, and that I was coming to realize that "Earth is Truth", then it must be that "Earth is God".

These first attempts to enunciate the ecological intuition that all life is connected and their sum - Gaia - is holy, met with a wide range of responses. These ranged from appearances on public radio, to speaking events; to derision, ridicule and incomprehensive by naïve and consumerist relatives.

I love the Earth and all her life very much. It is this love that restores me constantly. Never, ever let the laughter of the consuming heathens thwart your deep emotional attachment to Mother Earth. As goes the Earth will go us all.

Earth Meanders is a series of personal essays that places questions of environmental sustainability within the context of other contemporary issues. Past writings can be found at


Permission is granted to reprint this essay provided it is properly credited.

How Far Will Bush Go? Part II


Freiheit für die Gefangenen von Hundington


Informant: ECOTERRA Intl.

Trittbrettfahrer der Arbeiterbewegung


The devil in their diet


Informant: ECOTERRA Intl.

North Pole Shows Ice Melting

Well, this is amazing, just check this photos from NOAA. Currently, the webcam at the north pole shows the ice melting, comparing photos from august with those from april for example.

Well, if you go to the parental directory of the photos on http://www.arctic.noaa.gov/gallery_np_weatherdata.html you just see that the cameras are relaly almost near 90º latitude! And the temperatures there are just beginning to be positive!So surprinsingly amazing!

Maybe some major weather changes may be well underway this next months, if they aren't now!


Directory of images:

24 June

4 th July

8 July

15 July


26 July


4 August


13 August


18 August


Informant: Anna Webb


Please forward widely!

http://www.unitedforpeace.org | 212-868-5545

Wednesday, August 18 at 6:30PM
Washington Square Methodist Church
135 W. 4th St., between 6th Ave. and Washington Square Park

Rallying in Central Park is a right, not a privilege! United for Peace and Justice filed a lawsuit today in New York State Supreme Court over New York City's denial of the use of Central Park for a rally on August 29, after our legal, permitted march past Madison Square Garden. We are seeking a court order to allow the rally to proceed.

The lawsuit ­ UFPJ vs. New York City Mayor Bloomberg, Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and the City of New York ­ asserts that Central Park has traditionally served as a forum for free expression, and that by denying us its use, New York City is violating our Constitutional rights to free assembly. To learn more about the lawsuit and get updates on other aspects of the organizing for August 29, please come to our final citywide mobilizing meeting at 6:30PM tonight, August 18, at Washington Square Methodist Church, 135 West 4th Street.

The filing of this lawsuit means that we probably will not know the final destination for our march until the very last minute. (Our assembly time and location remain unchanged: Gather at 10:00AM at Seventh Avenue and 14th Street, for a march beginning at noon.)

We’ve faced this situation before: It was just days before our massive February 15, 2003 antiwar protest that we were able to announce the details for our event. Then, too, Mayor Bloomberg hoped that the uncertainty would keep people away, but he failed miserably: Hundreds of thousands of you showed up for one of the largest protests in New York City’s history.

The best way for us to counter the City’s efforts to stifle our protest is to do everything we can in these next ten days to ensure the largest, broadest possible turnout on August 29, when we will march past the site of the Republican Convention to call for an end to the divisive and destructive policies of the Bush Administration.

Make sure all your family members, friends, and coworkers know that our legal, permitted march is going forward, no matter what happens in court.

Make sure they know that ­ whatever the tabloids and the TV news might say ­ we are committed to a peaceful protest, one that kids, seniors, immigrants, and people with disabilities can attend, and that we will march in a spirit of nonviolence.

Make sure they tell their friends about the protest, and that they join us at 10:00AM on Sunday, August at Seventh Avenue and 14th Street, to send a message so loud it cannot be ignored: We’re sick of the lies, sick of the greed, sickened by the war and the hate, and we want a change.

In solidarity,
United for Peace and Justice

Massive Protest at the Republican National Convention, New York City
* Assemble at 10:00AM, Seventh Avenue @ 14th Street
* March steps off at noon

Informant: Martin Greenhut

Increase in state databases 'a threat to civil liberties'


Informant: foxhall69gtown

Fluoride - The Greatest Fraud of the Twentieth Century


Informant: Romy

The Effects Of Fluoride On The Thyroid Gland

Informant: Nilbux

Fluoridation: No Benefit

Fluoride conference reveals fraudulent science behind mass
fluoridation; fluoride policy is a public fraud

Informant: NewsTarget Insider

Londoners to be Fluoridated


Informant: Romy

De facto dictatorship USA


Informant: Romy

Europe 'must adapt on climate'


Informant: NHNE

The Despoiling of America

Okay. Read this material. If you read nothng else. Read this. Read it deep. Read it until it scares you to the bones. I should. It should rock your boat and tip it over. If it doesn't you're going to be in hot water anyway. So, get brave and jump in.

Jade and Luthien


The Despoiling of America

Okay. Read this material. If you read nothng else. Read this. Read it deep. Read it until it scares you to the bones. I should. It should rock your boat and tip it over. If it doesn't you're going to be in hot water anyway. So, get brave and jump in:


From Jade and Luthien

Holding The Bush Administration Accountable

I just signed a petition telling Bush to clean it up. It's kind of funny that his clean air proposal is title "Clear Skies", yet does little to reduce pollution but helps his corporate polluting friends.

I'm sure you're not surprised that Bush has the worst environmental record in our lifetime, threatening our health, cutting our trees, dirtying our water, and polluting the truth. I know I can't take another 4 years of Bush - and neither can our environment.

Join me. Sign the petition. And then tell YOUR friends!

You can also view your card here

Click here to send your own postcard!

Informant: Mary Riley

Unkontrollierter Holzhandel gefährdet tropische Sumpf-Wälder

Naturzerstörung in Südostasien: Unkontrollierter Holzhandel gefährdet tropische Sumpf-Wälder


Der unkontrollierte Handel mit dem in Asien, Europa und Nordamerika beliebten Tropenholz Ramin bedroht die letzten Sumpf-Wälder in Südostasien. In Indonesien zerstört illegaler Raubbau den Lebensraum der vom Aussterben bedrohten Orang Utans. Laut einer Studie, die der WWF am Donnerstag vorstellt, klafft eine große Lücke zwischen den gemeldeten Ausfuhrmengen der wichtigsten Raminexporteure Indonesien, Malaysia und Singapur und den Importzahlen der Empfängerstaaten...

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


EU-Kommission will Deutschland Gen-Anbau aufzwingen

Der Umstand, dass Brüssel Deutschland derzeit den Gentech-Anbau aufzwingen möchte, verleiht der Messe einen besonderen Stellenwert. Hier unsere Pressemitteilung:


We Found the Weapons of Mass Destruction


We Found the Weapons of Mass Destruction

Nuclear Bomber and Missile Bases

1. Barksdale Air Force Base, Bossier City, LA

Barksdale AFB is home to the 8th Air Force, which includes three heavy bomb wings.

* 50 B61-7 gravity bombs
* 90 B83 gravity bombs
* 300 W80-1 Air Launched Cruise Missiles
* 100 W80-1 Advanced Cruise Missiles1

2. F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, WY

The 90th Space Wing, stationed at F.E. Warren AFB maintains the largest combat ready Intercontinental Ballistic Missile force in the world. The base stretches over a 12,600 square mile area in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado.

* 150 Minuteman III ICBMs
* 255 W62 Minuteman III warheads
* 50 Peacekeeper Missiles
* 525 W87 MX (Peacekeeper) warheads1

3. Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, NM

The Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex at Kirtland AFB has the largest number of nuclear warheads deployed in a single location in the United States.

* 85 B61-7 gravity bombs
* 600 B61-3, -4, and -10 gravity bombs
* 365 W80-1 Air Launched Cruise Missiles
* 450 W56 Minuteman II warheads
* 60 W78 Minuteman III warheads
* 550 W69 Short-Range Attack Missiles
* 400 W84 Ground Launched Cruise Missile warheads1

4. Malmstrom Air Force Base, Great Falls, MT

Malmstrom AFB is home to the 341st Space Wing. Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) and missile alert facilities are dispersed over the largest missile complex in the Western Hemisphere.

* 150 W62 Minuteman III warheads
* 400 W78 Minuteman III warheads
* 200 Minuteman III ICBMs1

5. Minot Air Force Base, Minot, ND

Minot AFB is home to the 5th Bomb Wing and the 91st Space Wing.

* 50 B61-7 gravity bombs
* 90 B83 gravity bombs
* 100 W80-1 Air Launched Cruise Missiles
* 300 W80-1 Advanced Cruise Missiles
* 455 W78 Minuteman III warheads
* 150 Minuteman III ICBMs1

6. Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, NV

Nellis AFB is home to the largest air combat training mission in the world. Nellis is one of two main Air Force nuclear weapons general depots in the U.S. (The other is Kirtland AFB in NM.)

* 175 B61-7 gravity bombs
* 600 B61-3, -4, and -10 gravity bombs
* 575 W80-1 Air Launched Cruise Missiles1

7. Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, NE

Offutt Air Force Base is home to the U.S. Strategic Command (STRATCOM). STRATCOM is the command and control center for strategic forces and controls military space operations, computer network operations, information operations, strategic warning and intelligence assessments as well as global strategic planning. STRATCOM aims to "Establish and provide full-spectrum global strike."4

8. Whiteman Air Force Base, Knob Noster, MO

Whiteman AFB is home to the B-2 Spirit "Stealth" Bomber.

* 200 B61-7 gravity bombs
* 50 B61-11 gravity bombs
* 300 B83 gravity bombs1

Nuclear Submarine Bases

9. Bangor Naval Submarine Base, Bangor, WA

The U.S. Submarine Base at Bangor, WA serves the Navy as a homeport for the Trident Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile System. The base is also home to Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific. The nuclear warheads are unloaded at Indian Island at the mouth of the straits before reaching Bangor Naval Submarine Base.

* 1,600 W76 Trident I warheads
* 160 W80-0 Sea Launched Cruise Missiles1

10. Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, GA

The Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay, GA is the East Coast homeport for the Ohio-class fleet ballistic missile submarine and the one naval base in the Atlantic fleet that supports the Trident II (D-5) missile. The base is also home to Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic, the production site for D-5 Trident ballistic missiles.

* 1,600 W76 Trident I warheads
* 400 W88 Trident II warheads
* 160 W80-0 Sea Launched Cruise Missiles1

Energy Department Facilities3

11. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is a large, multi-discipline scientific laboratory. The laboratory's mission includes designing new nuclear weapons.

12. Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM

Los Alamos National Laboratory is a large, multi-discipline scientific laboratory. The laboratory's mission includes designing new nuclear weapons.

13. Nevada Test Site, Mercury, NV

Despite a nuclear test moratorium, which has been in place since 1992, the National Nuclear Security Administration still maintains the Nevada Test Site, where over 900 tests were conducted between 1951 and 1992.

14. Oak Ridge Reservation (Y-12 Area Office), Oak Ridge, TN

The Y-12 National Security Complex was formerly known as the Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant. Programs at Y-12 include manufacturing and reworking nuclear weapon components, dismantling nuclear weapon components returned from the national arsenal, and serving as a storehouse of special nuclear materials.

15. Pantex Plant, Amarillo, TX

Pantex Plant is the U.S. nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility.

16. Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Sandia National Laboratory designs all non-nuclear components for the nation's nuclear weapons.

17. Savannah River Site, Aiken, SC

The Savannah River Site unloads and processes tritium from weapon components and ships the material to other Energy Department sites.

U.S. Chemical Weapons Sites2

18. Aberdeen Proving Ground and Edgewood Arsenal, Aberdeen, MD

19. Anniston Army Depot, Anniston, AL

20. Newport Army Ammunition Plant, Newport, IN

21. Pine Bluff Arsenal, Pine Bluff, AR

22. Pueblo Army Depot, Pueblo, CO

23. Lexington Bluegrass Army Depot, Richmond, KY

On June 13, 2003, the Army awarded a contract for the destruction of the 524 tons of chemical warfare agents and associated munitions stored at the Bluegrass Army Depot.

24. Tooele Army Depot, Tooele, UT

The South Area of the Tooele Army Depot has been realigned with the Chemical and Biological Defense Command and is now called the Deseret Chemical Depot (DCD). The primary mission of the DCD is storage of a large percentage of the United States stockpile of chemical munitions (more than 40 percent of the nation's chemical weapons).

25. Umatilla Army Depot, Umatilla, OR

There are no current sites in the U.S. with biological weapons.


1. Schwartz, Stephen. "Bombs in the Backyard: Bases and Facilities with Significant Current or Historical U.S. Nuclear Weapons or Naval Nuclear Propulsion Missions."
Compiled by Brookings Institution, August 2002.

2. "Locations of U.S. Chemical Weapons Stockpile Sites."
Chemical Weapons Working Group. http://www.cwwg.org

3. National Nuclear Security Administration.

4. U.S. Strategic Command. http://www.stratcom.af.mil

More on Nuclear Weapons

FCNL, 245 Second Street, NE, Washington, DC, 20002-5795 USA, phone: (202) 547-6000 fax: (202) 547-6019 email: fcnl@fcnl.org . In the U.S. (800) 630-1330

Hopi Prophecy


Informant: Italys Bad Boy

Guantanamo Detainees expected to claim torture

Los Angeles Times


Four detainees at the Guantanamo Bay naval base who will face U.S. military commission proceedings next week are expected to claim that the government obtained confessions and other evidence through coercive techniques, including torture, Pentagon officials acknowledged Tuesday. Defense attorneys are expected to cite statements by recently released detainees who have said they were physically abused and stripped of their clothing while being held at the detention facility in Cuba, commission officials said...

[registration required, or use login "news-digests/news-digests"]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

More US forces tied to Abu Ghraib abuse



A new U.S. Army report clears top U.S. military brass in Iraq of abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison but implicates 20 or more intelligence troops in the scandal, defense officials said Wednesday.

The investigation report, expected to be sent to Congress next week, recommends discipline against the military intelligence troops ranging from administrative reduction in rank and loss of pay to further investigation that could lead to military trials, one of the officials told Reuters...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Retiring GOP congressman breaks ranks on Iraq



Breaking ranks with his party and reversing his earlier stance, a senior retiring Republican lawmaker said Wednesday the military strike against Iraq was 'a mistake,' and he blasted a 'massive failure' of intelligence before the war. The unexpected four-page statement came from Rep. Doug Bereuter of Nebraska, who until earlier this month was the vice chairman of the House Intelligence Committee -- a panel that reviewed much of the evidence the administration cited before going to war...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Finger statt Ausweis

Wie schon häufiger berichtet, sehen sich US-Amerikaner durch die schleichende Einführung einer Ausweispflicht in ihren Freiheitsrechten gefährdet. Sie sehen es als ihr verfassungsmäßiges Recht an, landesweit reisen zu können, ohne einen Ausweis vorzeigen zu müssen. Dieses Recht wird aber zunehmend ausgehöhlt. Etwa durch die Einführung einer Ausweispflicht für Flugreisende (vgl.: "Gilmore kämpft gegen Ausweispflicht"), oder durch das inzwischen vom Supreme Court Nevadas bestätigte Recht von Polizisten, bei Straßenkontrollen sofort eine Identifizierung verlangen zu dürfen - und bei Verweigerung eine Verhaftung durchzuführen (vgl.: "Auskunftspflicht gegenüber US-Polizei").

Überhaupt könnte der Widerstand der US-Bürger gegen die Ausweispflicht und allgemein gegen die Einführung eines einheitlichen Ausweise sich schon bald als obsolet erweisen. Der technische Fortschritt und der Preisverfall bei modernen Technologien helfen den Strafverfolgern, die rechtlichen Probleme elegant zu umschiffen.

In Minnesota wird beispielsweise in verschiedenen Polizeiabteilungen ein Gerät der Firma Identix getestet, das in Zukunft das polizeiliche Verlangen nach einem Ausweispapier vollauf befriedigen könnte: Ein kleines, biometrisches Gerät kann den Fingerabdruck einer Person erkennen und per Mobilfunk mit den Inhalten einer Datenbank vergleichen. Das Nennen des Namens oder gar das Vorzeigen eines amtlichen Dokumentes wird dadurch vollkommen überflüssig. Der "Ausweis" ist dann eine Akte in einer Datenbank, die per Fingerdruck abgerufen wird.

Laut einer AP-Meldung scheinen die ersten Praxisergebnisse in Minnesota die Anschaffung der Geräte zu rechtfertigen. Eine 25 Jahre alte Frau, die Baby-Zusatznahrung bei sich trug, "das nicht gekauft worden war", konnte mit dem Gerät als amtsbekannte Ladendiebin identifiziert und verhaftet werden. Sie wurde wegen Falschaussage angeklagt, weil sie den Polizisten falsche Namen genannt hatte. Der Diebstahl fiel dagegen unter den Tisch.

Von Fällen dieser Art wird man wohl bald häufiger hören, denn die von eingangs 14.500 Dollar auf inzwischen nur noch 4.500 Dollar gesunkenen Anschaffungspreise der Geräte stellen kaum mehr ein Hindernis dar. Das Gleiche gilt für die zunehmend flächendeckende Verbreitung von Mobilfunk.

Dass dies keine Spekulationen sind, zeigt ein Blick in die Pressemitteilungen von Identix. Dort findet man Hinweise, dass auch Behörden auf Bundesebene wie das US-Verteidigungsministerium und das US-Ministerium für Heimatschutz reges Interesse an den Identix-Geräten zeigen. Und Identix ist nur einer von vielen Herstellern.

So wie es sich also darstellt, werden die US-Bürger auch in Zukunft auf ihrem verfassungsmäßigen Recht beharren können, keinen Ausweis zu benötigen. Das Thema hat sich in einer Weise erübrigt, wie es sich die Väter der Verfassung noch nicht vorstellen konnten.


Nachricht von der BI Bad Dürkheim

People Should Have Been Fired


Informant: littlebrit1961

The new Caesars

by Gary Hart

Former Senator Gary Hart warns Americans of the Bush administration's empire by stealth...


Bush Psychiatric Screening of US Population Opposed

I am forwarding MindFreedom's programme of activism against President Bush's proposal to screen for mental illnesses the entire US population. The British Medical Journal


(among many other online publications) highlights how dangerous an assault this could be on people's basic rights. Indeed, anyone who has just completed reading your 14.08.2004 bulletin with its first two postings on "non-lethal" mindcontrol weaponry (including MW induced hearing-voices phenomena) could easily imagine this scenario: large swathes of the US population hostile to the present administration being "prepared" for a successful entry into the mentally ill category. All it would take is deploying some of that military technology that covertly manipulates the minds and emotions of targeted victims.

Best, Imelda, Cork


From: Swftl@aol.com
Subject: {Slick-D}
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 16:01:18 EDT

Does your child shrink from strangers? Speak at inappropriate times? Seem easily distracted? If so, they may soon face government-ordered, forced medication.

In April 2002, President Bush passed an Executive Order that established the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, to conduct a "comprehensive study of the United States mental health service delivery system." One of the initiative's major objectives is to identify and treat mental illness in school children because "despite their prevalence, mental disorders often go undiagnosed," leading to "young children [being] expelled from preschools and childcare facilities for severely disruptive behaviors and emotional disorders."

Says the commission, "Each year, young children are expelled from preschools and childcare facilities for severely disruptive behaviors and emotional disorders." The committee's solution? Nationwide mental health testing for all children and the prescription of "specific medications for specific conditions" should a kid's psychological wellness not be up to par.

Unfortunately, the American Psychiatric Association's idea of "specific conditions" could include everything from acting shy ("avoidant personality disorder") to bragging ("narcissistic personality disorder").

As Governor's State University psychologist Helen Timpone recently wrote in an Illinois Leader editorial, "Attempting to screen children for possible mental health challenges would be mind-boggling." The occasion for Timpone's warning: last week, Illinois jumped the gun and followed the commission's suggestion by implementing comprehensive mental health screenings for children between the ages of 0-18, called the Children's Mental Health Act, signed into law last spring.

Public forums on the Act held this summer were mobbed by parents concerned at the prospect of being forced to medicate their children should the kids be deemed "abnormal" by mental health tests. "Evaluating mental conditions is not based on scientific evidence, it's subjective," said Larry Trainor, father of four and a member of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, speaking to the Illinois Leader. "What if they find a student has a math disorder, a reading disorder? Would that... cause the parents to put their children with a drug?"

A concern that may have some validity: in a May 2003 press release by the Committee on Education and the Workforce, Katherine Bryson, a State Legislator from Utah, warns that "school personnel faced with children who often have not been properly taught to read, who may be coming to school on a breakfast of sugar or no breakfast at all, who could be affected by lead, mercury or other toxic substances... are assessing them in the classroom as having a ˜learning disorder' or [ADHD]. From here, parents are being coerced into drugging their child with threats of the child's expulsion or charges of medical neglect by Child Protective Services against the parents."

"Parents are losing their right to choose," says Bryson. "They are being told that ADHD is a ˜neurobiological' disorder when even the Surgeon General's 1999 report on mental health cannot confirm this. They are being denied access to tutoring or additional educational services for the sake of a 'quick fix'
drug like Ritalin that some studies say is more potent than cocaine."

A recent CNN report stated that already an estimated 6 million American children take Ritalin every day--up 500% from 1990. That doesn't even include other stimulants or antidepressants. Should mandatory mental screening spread nationwide, we may well see an unprecedented, epidemic jolt of ADHD and depression that (of course) will have to be "treated accordingly".

Which is, if not in the best interest of our children, at least in someone's best interest. Pennsylvania government worker Allen Jones revealed in May that officials controlling the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP), a psychological screening initiative held up as a model for President Bush's New Freedom plan, had received cash and perks from drug companies whose products the program prescribes.

Jones told the British Medical Journal and the New York Times that a "political/pharmaceutical alliance," is "poised to consolidate the TMAP effort into a comprehensive national policy to treat mental illness with expensive, patented medications of questionable benefit and deadly side effects, and to force private insurers to pick up the tab." He was subsequently fired from his position.

News of a tie between big drug companies and the government doesn't come as much of a surprise--after all, the pharmaceutical industry has one of the most powerful lobbies in the U.S. Pharmaceutical firms have contributed a combined
$764,274 to President Bush's 2004 election campaign--more than five times what they've given to the Kerry coffers. And George Bush Sr. sat on the board of directors for drug giant Eli Lilly whose CEO was recently appointed to the Homeland Security Council.

Aside from wrong diagnoses, another concern is the stigmatization of children who have been identified as having problems. Once diagnosed, the label "mental disorder" could easily remain in a child's records throughout its school years... and maybe beyond.

Some Illinois parents have vowed to challenge their children's health screens in court, or to even leave the state if the program goes ahead. "This is just one more step in the state separating the parent from the child," Larry Witherspoon, a concerned father, told newswithviews.com. "Good-bye, Nazi Illinois."

Faced with such opposition, the State has backpedaled somewhat from its original plan to require schools to conduct psychological evaluations. "We realized that we weren't as explicit as we need to be," told Barbara Shaw, chair of a task force hammering out the program's details, the Suburban Chicago News. "The screenings that we are discussing are voluntary. We would encourage that screenings happen, but we won't require it."

Skeptics have a different view: Karen Hayes, associate director of Concerned Women for America of Illinois, a public policy women's organization, says, "They kept telling us at the hearing that it was voluntary. But the minute you put those health standards into learning standards, you've ceased to make them voluntary."

On June 22, 2004 the House Appropriations Committee doled out $20 million for 'State Incentive Transformation Grants' to begin implementing the New Freedom Initiative nationwide. The Bill passed the Labor HHS Appropriations Committee on July 14, but hasn't been voted on by the House or the Senate yet.

If you feel you should do something about it, call upon your state representatives to vote against the bill--and for the Child Medication Safety Act, which would prohibit schools from bullying parents into medicating their kids as a condition for attending school.

Informant: Kathy

Mandatory Psychiatric Screening of School-Aged Children



If you have young children or grandchildren, the information I'm going to share should scare you. It should make you angry. But above all it should make you want to stand up and protect them from what I consider a very dangerous threat: mandatory psychiatric screening of each and every school-aged child.

That's right. The plans are in motion to screen every schoolchild for ADHD, depression, social anxiety disorder, and behavior problems. In fact, it's already in effect in Illinois, Texas, and New Jersey.

A Disturbing Trend in Our Schools

In April 2002, President Bush created the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health. Its objective was to enhance mental health services to those in need. But it has taken a diabolical twist. The commission has concluded that there is a need to search for mental disorders, especially in children, and to do this, they plan mandatory mental health screening for everyone, starting with preschoolers.

According to the Commission's 2003 report, "Quality screening and early intervention should occur in readily accessible, low-stigma settings, such as primary health care facilities and schools."

It is irrational to think that you need to screen 52 million schoolchildren to find those who need help. The ones who really need help are obvious.

But it gets worse. The report goes on to say, "the extent, severity, and far-reaching consequences make it imperative that our Nation adopt a comprehensive, systemic approach to improving the mental health status of children." That means drugging them!

52 Million Potential Customers

The New Freedom Commission's proposed treatment programs are based on the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP). TMAP, which was first used in Texas in 1996 and has since expanded to other states, is a set of very specific medication recommendations, virtually all of them the newest, most expensive, psychotropic drugs available.

It doesn't take a genius to see that this sinister scheme has been masterminded by the pharmaceutical companies, who stand to gain billions of dollars by pushing expensive drugs on our children.

According to Allen Jones, an inspector who worked in the Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General, many of these companies contribute large sums of money to political parties and to people in key decision-making roles. When he blew the whistle on this, he was promptly sacked.

Trolling for Patients

If you want to see just how biased and ridiculous these screening procedures are, visit some of the drug companies' websites and look at their questionnaires. Whether they are trying to weed out depression, social anxiety disorder, ADHD, or other psychological maladies, the types of questions they ask are equally absurd.

I took one test, entitled the Zung Assessment Tool, at the Prozac website. You respond to 20 phrases with one of the following: not often, sometimes, often, or all the time. Phrases include, "I feel downhearted, blue, and sad." "I have trouble sleeping through the night." "I eat as much as I used to." "I have trouble with constipation." "My mind is as clear as it used to be." "I am more irritable than usual." "I find it easy to make decisions." (As you see, some of these questions are confusing, if not irrational.)

I selected "sometimes" for every phrase, as a normal, healthy person would. My score was 50, and I was advised to show this test to my doctor and "ask him or her to evaluate you for depression."

Folks, sometimes feeling irritable, unable to sleep, etc., are hardly indicative of a serious mental malfunction. Feeling out of sorts from time to time is a normal part of being human. Yet according to this test, I may be a candidate for an antidepressant.

Drugging of Children Is Evil

Widespread psychiatric screening of our children isn't only unnecessary, it's evil.

Children are not miniature adults. Childhood is filled with dreams, vivid imagination, and rollercoaster rides of emotion that we as grownups only vaguely recall. The totality of these experiences is essential in order for children to become fully developed adults.

Psychotropic drugs prevent children from truly experiencing childhood. The drugged child is not real. He doesn't grow into and out of various life stages, whether pleasant or unpleasant. Psychiatric drugs prevent normal development.

The pharmaceutical drug lords, lusting for the billions of dollars that massive psychiatric screening and treatment will add to their coffers, will destroy the essence of your child.

Think back on your childhood. Remember your experiences. Now ask yourself, would you be better off today if five or six years of your childhood had been spent in a drugged-out state?

In my opinion, psychotropic drugs are even worse than some illegal ones. Children are drugged simply because some harebrained test designed by a pharmaceutical company says they should be drugged. Neither the child nor the parent has any say at all in the matter.

What Can You Do?

Here's what you can do about it. First of all, refuse to sign those consent forms when they come home from your child's school - if they can't test them, they can't drug them. Next, take a moment to write your congressional representatives and voice your concerns. You can locate them at http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/. Also, email Laura Bush at first.lady@whitehouse.gov . Ask her how she'd like to have her daughters screened and drugged without her or their consent. We need to get mothers involved.

Finally, don't just say no to drugs. Say no to psychiatric screening.

Julian Whitaker, M.D.

Informant: arkmayebway

Million Worker March

"Get on the bus" for the Million Worker March, Oct. 17, 2004, Washington, D.C.!

The struggle of working people and the struggle against the war are the same struggle! Bring the troops home now! End the occupation of Iraq! Organize a local “AntiWar 4 the Million Worker March" committee now!

Dear Activists and Organizers,

This fall in Washington, D.C., you will have a timely and historic opportunity to unite the anti-war movement with an unprecedented and vitally necessary mass march of working people speaking for themselves. This is a rare opportunity that serious anti-war activists can't afford to pass up.

Some of the strongest voices and most active groups in the labor movement, together with the active support and participation of organizations representing every progressive movement and cause, will be “getting on the bus to D.C. on Sunday, October 17, for the MILLION WORKER MARCH. A sea of workers from every industry, from every union and every place where workers want a union, from every part of the country, will be streaming into the capital to demand things like jobs, a living wage and workers' rights.

They will also express their anger over the senseless dying that is going on every day in Iraq and elsewhere, and their desire that it end now. Why? Because it is working families who bear the burden, it is their loved ones who are sent off to fight and die--and it is their, our, the workers' money that is stolen to pay for war and occupation.

What makes the Million Worker March unique is that the event?s principal organizers want to make the anti-war movement?s demand to “End the Occupation of Iraq, and Bring the Troops Home Now central to the march's message and the goals.


We are asking anti-war activists to set up local “Anti-war 4 the Million Worker March committees. Start meeting, planning, and reserving buses to go to Washington on October 17. Anti-war coalitions and groups need to let us know ASAP if their group can be listed as an “Anti-war 4 Million Worker March committee in their locality or region.

We encourage activists to form committees in their unions, schools, work places, churches and communities. It is our hope that “Anti-war 4 MWM" committees will complement the labor union and community-based organizing that is going on across the country for Oct. 17.

We urge you to start now, before the Republican National Convention protests in NYC. Please get back to us so that we can send you information and resources that will be helpful to your organizing.


* Add your name, title and endorsement as a signer to this urgent call.

* Set up an Anti-War 4 the Million Worker March committee

* Send this email to your friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

* Commit to sending a bus from your city, town or region.

39 W. 14th Street #206
NYC, NY 10011
phone (212) 633.633.6646

The call for a Million Worker March came from one of the most well-known labor organizations in the country, famous for its long history of militancy, boldness and courage in defense of working people—Local 10 of the International Longshore Workers Union in San Francisco. Over the past few months this call has rolled across the country, picking up the support of scores of labor unions, labor activists and leaders including:

The Coalition Of Black Trade Unionists; Bill Lucy, Secretary-Treasurer, AFSCME; the National Education Association; Transportation Workers Union Local 100 (NY); AFSCME District Council 1707 (NY); South Carolina AFL-CIO; Farm Labor Organizing Committee; AFSCME District Council 92 (MD); D.C. Labor Against The War; International ANSWER; actor Danny Glover; American Indian Movement; ILWU Local 34; Troy and Albany Labor Council (NY); National Immigration Solidarity Network; New York City Labor Against the War; Global Women?s Strike; Teamsters Black Caucus; comedian Dick Gregory; Myra Shone and Ralph Schoenman, Taking Aim, Pacifica; National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 3825; Howard Wallace, co-founder, Pride at Work; Jim Houghton, Director, Harlem Fight Back; Justice 4 Homeless, SF; United Steel Workers of America Local 8751; International Action Center; former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark; Nellie Bailey, Harlem Tenants Council; Howard Zinn, historian; Noam Chomsky, linguist;AFSCME Local 95, Local 205, Local 215,Local 389,Loca167,Local 1881, Local 1930; ILWU Entire West Coast division; CUE Local 3; and many more.

Working people are coming to Washington, D.C. on Oct. 17 because whether their concern is about jobs, or decent wages, or layoffs, or union busting, or the battle to protect our pensions and Social Security and to make health care a universal right instead of a privilege for the wealthy--with all we face, we had better raise our own voices and act in our own interests instead of relying on the next president, whoever that will be.

And most important, the time for us to speak in our own voice is not after people vote in November, but before. The Million Worker March on Oct. 17 is about the people telling the president, the candidates, the politicians and the corporate elite who are the real power behind the election campaigns and the politicians to “Shut up! and listen to us for a change.

Let?s make sure that after many of us march in NYC against the Republican convention, Nov. 2 isn?t the only important date this fall. We urge all of you to work to make the Oct. 17 Million Worker March in D.C. the next major event for the entire anti-war movement. If we rise to this challenge, we will put the next president and Congress on notice that we will accept no excuses for prolonging the occupation of Iraq and wasting lives and precious resources that should go toward satisfying people?s needs like housing and schools. Moreover, we will have helped to forge a critical alliance between the grass roots of the labor movement and the anti-war movement that would represent a whole new level of unity, potential and power.

Does this sound like something worth working for? Does this sound like something you?ve been waiting for? You can help make it happen.

In solidarity,
Clarence Thomas, Co-Chair, Million Workers March Organizing Committee, ILWU Local 10
Brenda Stokely, President, District Council 1707 AFSCME, Co-chair, NYC Labor Against the War
Chris Silvera, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 808 IBT, President National Teamsters Black Caucus
Ralph Shoenman, Communications Coordinator, Million Worker March
Larry Holmes, International Action Center, Steering Committee ANSWER
Sharon Black, Washington/Baltimore Coordinator, Million Worker March
Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General

Get on the bus:

* To bring the troops home now!* For money & for jobs not war!* For a living wage!* Against layoffs, union busting, & for workers? rights!* For the rights of immigrant workers!* Because young people need jobs not jails!* To end the occupation of iraq!* To defend civil rights! * Because working people need to speak in their own voice!

Get On The Bus Oct. 17 For The Million Worker March

Another Perle Stooge


The Wanna-Be State


Mapuche Indians Find Strong Government Opposition to Land Claims

In the midst of sprawling tree farms on their ancestral lands, the Mapuche Indians are fighting the Chilean government to reclaim land they say was given away through false land titles to international timber companies who have damaged the environment and threatened the Mapuche way of life.

"We are a people who have been defrauded, who have exhausted every legal means of attaining redress, and we have the right to recover what was stolen from us, even if that means incorporating violence within our struggle," Jose Huenchunao, a Mapuche leader, told the New York Times.

The Chilean government, rather than negotiate, has arrested 18 Mapuche Indians on charges stemming from a Pinochet era anti-terrorism law. They will face trial soon.

"From the moment the Chilean state annexed Mapuche territory, and used violence to do so, the rule of law has never existed south of the Bío Bío [river]," Aucán Huilcamín, a leader of the Council of All Lands, told the New York Times. "The state refuses to recognize that we are a people with rights that were in force even before Chile existed as a nation and which remain in force today."

"Mapuche Indians in Chile Struggle to Take Back Forests", New York Times (web), August 11, 2004.

Protestaktion für Indianervölker

Die internationale Arbeitsorganisation ILO will die Rechte von Indianern und anderen Waldvölkern verbessern. In Deutschland verhindert Wirtschaftsminister Clement bisher eine Ratifizierung des internationalen Vertrags durch die Bundesregierung.

Bitte helfen Sie und protestieren Sie bei Minister Clement per E-Mail!

Die Shuar und Ashuar, die zu den ältesten Indianervölkern Ecuadors gehören, bitten die Welt um Hilfe. Ihr traditionelles Stammesgebiet, intakter Regenwald, wird vom texanischen Ölkonzern Burlington bedroht.

Bitte beteiligen Sie sich an unserer Protestmail-Aktion gegen Burlington!

Unter http://www.regenwald.org finden sie zu beiden Aktionen, weitere Infos und jeweils einen Musterbrief.

Bitte leiten sie diesen Aufruf auch an Freunde und Bekannte weiter.

Herzlichen Dank!

Reinhard Behrend
Rettet den Regenwald e. V.

Hartz IV ist asozial


Mit jedem Detail wird deutlicher - Hartz IV ist asozial

Zu den bekannt gewordenen weiteren Details von Hartz IV, nach denen ältere Langzeitarbeitslose, die die so genannte 58er-Regelung der Bundesagentur für Arbeit angenommen haben, statt bisheriger Arbeitslosenhilfe bis zu Rente nur noch Arbeitslosengeld II bekommen sollen, und nach denen Erben aus dem eventuellen Vermögen der ALG II-Empfänger Rückzahlungen an den Staat leisten sollen, erklärt Bundesgeschäftsführer Rolf Kutzmutz:

Die Liste der Hartz IV-Opfer wird immer länger. 393 000 ältere Arbeitslose, die die so genannte 58er-Regelung unterzeichnet haben, sollen nach der Einführung von Hartz IV ab Januar 2005 mit dem Arbeitslosengeld II zum Teil erheblich weniger Geld bekommen. Den Betroffenen war ursprünglich für den Verzicht auf weitere Vermittlungsbemühungen der Arbeitsagentur Arbeitslosengeld und Arbeitslosenhilfe ohne Abschläge bis zur Rente zugesichert worden.

Die Arbeitsagentur hat in Übereinstimmung mit der Bundesregierung durch die 58er-Regelung die Arbeitslosenstatistik geschönt. Erwerblose, die 58 Jahre und älter sind und die Vereinbarung unterschreiben, werden nicht mehr als arbeitslos gezählt. Nachdem die Betroffenen also erst aus der Arbeitslosenstatistik herauskomplimentiert worden sind, werden sie nun in die Armut gestürzt. Dieser massive Vertrauensbruch kann nicht hingenommen werden. Die PDS fordert die Weiterzahlung der Arbeitslosenhilfe in voller Höhe für 393000 Erwerbslose, die von der 58er-Regelung Gebrauch machen.

Ein besonderer Hohn ist die Regelung, dass Erben von verstorbenen Arbeitslosengeld II-Empfängern aus eventuellem Vermögen der Verstorbenen das Arbeitslosengeld II an den Staat zurückzahlen sollen. Die angebliche soziale Grundsicherung ist also doch nur ein Almosen. Man erhält es nicht, weil man der Solidarität der Gesellschaft bedarf, sondern quasi als Kredit. Wann immer es geht, holt sich der Staat das Geld zurück. Die Altersvorsorge- und Vermögensfreibeträge entpuppen sich als Geldbeschaffungsmaßnahmen für den Staat. Wenn der Betroffene stirbt, greift der Staat zu. Zum Schmerz über den Verlust haben die Hinterbliebenen noch den Fiskus am Hacken. Makabrer geht es nicht.

Je näher man hinsieht, umso mehr wird der zutiefst asoziale Charakter von Hartz IV deutlich. Deshalb muss Hartz IV gestoppt werden.




The People First — Corporations Second Challenge


Europa muss sich an das durch die globale Erwärmung verändernde Klima anpassen

Ein Bericht der Europäischen Umweltagentur warnt, dass die Erwärmung in Europa schneller als im weltweiten Durchschnitt verläuft...




Informant: littlebrit1961

Trinity County Bans GE Crops and Animals

Trinity County supervisors voted 3-1 to ban the production of GE crops and animals in the county, stating it would protect the local economy and environment. Trinity County, California, is the second county in the nation to support such a ban.

Broad support among farmers, businesses, teachers, social workers and professionals living in the county allowed the supervisors to bypass a referendum on the ballot.

"Because little opposition to the measure surfaced, supervisors decided to forego an election, and approved the measure outright," said Drew Franklin a natural foods store owner and local activist.

Trinity's ban reflects a growing movement across the United States, particularly in California, to phase-out genetic engineering and to defend local agriculture, biodiversity and human health, reports the Organic Consumers Association.

Marin, Butte, Humboldt and San Luis Obispo counties are next to vote on GE bans on the November ballot.



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