Pass the Exotic Animal Protection Act

Imagine you are being hunted and there’s no place to hide.

Help save animals like this zebra from the cruelty of canned hunts.

You can’t run because you’re fenced in. But chances are, you won’t run anyway. You trust those who hunt you. After all, they feed you and give you water – you depend on them to survive.

Then one day, a day like any other, the people you trust arrive with your food. But this time, there’s a stranger with them.

A sudden shot rings out. Then another. You never saw it coming. There’s no chance of escape. You are slaughtered without pause – so long as you remain an attractive trophy for their wall, the pain and length of your death is of no concern to your killer.

This is the life of a canned hunt victim. Canned hunting, in which tame, captive animals are shot within enclosed areas, represents a particularly cruel and unsporting form of trophy hunting. And it must be stopped:

Canned hunts take place on "hunting preserves" or "game ranches". Clients of these ranches pay to kill a captive animal, violating the general "fair chase" standards of the hunting community itself. Some of these animals are drugged, tied to a stake or even murdered defenselessly in cages. This is no hunt – it’s a slaughter.

Many of these ranches deal in exotic animals, from African lions to zebras. The supply of these hunted animals often comes from unaccredited zoos and illegitimate sanctuaries, which desire baby animals to attract visitors. When the animals grow up, they are sold to dealers who provide research labs and hunt ranches with their latest victims.

Worse still, exotic animals crammed into these enclosed areas contract diseases more easily than free roaming animals. Chronic Wasting Disease and other illnesses that jeopardize the health of native species can spread to the surrounding areas.

Luckily, something can be done. With your help these exotic animals no longer have to be condemned to a certain death.

The Captive Exotic Animal Protection Act of 2004, a bill that will help stop the inhumane and unsporting practice of killing animals in canned hunts, has been introduced in Congress. We need your help to make sure it passes:

Please email your Senator
and ask them to cosponsor this bill. IFAW has succeeded in helping to ban canned hunts from eleven provinces in Canada, and now we need your help to make sure this cruel practice comes to an end in the U.S.

For the Animals,

Fred O'Regan
President and CEO

P.S. To animal lovers, a canned hunt is the cruel and inhumane killing of an animal simply for a trophy. To hunters, a canned hunt is a violation of fair chase and a blight on the image of their sport. Please help us stop this unnecessary slaughter. It takes only seconds to email your Senator. Every voice makes a difference:


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