Optic fibres through Haifa Sewers

Haifa municipality has laid down this week, with a robot, an optic fibres communication system, in the sewers system in Vadi Roshmia. In the municipality they emphasize that it is the first time this kind of thing is done in Israel, and that at the end of the project, it will include all the central sewers and the water pipes in Haifa.

The new system will supply advanced communication, with no lines and information limits. In the first stage, the system will supply the municipality information about the water supply in the city, afterwards this tool will be useful for the cable companies, Bezeq, the power company and other private and governmental sectors.

Using the existing sewage system to supply infrastructures will reduce the need for cellular antennas and the roads/ highways digging while laying communication infrastructure systems.

The new communication system was developed by a Vienna municipality daughter company.

The projects manager of the company in Vienna, Horst Zeidel, said that the new system works successfully in the sewage system in his city and in other cities in the world, and it improved the local quality of life. Zeidel: "We are happy to operate in Haifa the first project of its kind in Israel, and to contribute to the technology development of laying a digital communication infrastructure, without digging the city and without causing suffering to its residents."

(City Star/ Haifa 12.8.2004 p. 14)

Informant: Iris Atzmon


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