The Ghost of Orwell is Upon us


Informant: Bea Bernhausen

Despite the warnings and the incredible amount of information from millions of trustworthy people, many still do not believe what is before their very eye's. I am here to tell you that there is soon coming a time when the line between sides will no longer be wide enough to walk upon and whereby each individual will be forced to decide which side they will reside upon. Do you believe that you will somehow be immune from making this decision? Will you continue to trust and put your faith in evil men who believe that it is their right to control and manipulate your very thoughts and treat you as nothing more than sheep or cattle for the slaughter or, do you believe in the laws and rights which are written in our constitution?

Freedom or fascism? There is still time to turn things around but it cannot and will not happen as long as America's citizen's sit idolly by and ignore what is and has for a long time been going on. The illussion of American freedom is over and the truth can no longer be denied by anyone with any measure of common sense. America is the last hope of freedom in this world and the last jewel in the crown of the NWO. If you cannot be frightened into voluntarily turning over your remaining freedoms, they will eventually be taken by declaration of "Marshal Law" under the guise of "National Security"!

Believe it now, or believe it later but sooner or later you will believe!

If we do not join together very soon to protect ourselves and to expose those who desire to rule over all that is, there will soon be no second chances. By now it should be very clear that the two predominant political parties of this country are merely clones of the same origin. Do you even know who your President and Vice President really are, or anything about their history? For at least the last few decades a strategy has been implemented for the purpose of dumbing down America.

This program has obviously been very successful in achieving its goals as our remaining freedoms are being given away almost daily while America's apathetic citizens sit by and do nothing. Those who have chosen to ignore the many signs and warnings are in essence choosing slavery and death for themselves, their chidren, and all future generations. The excuse that "one does not have the time to get involved" or "to tired to do anything else" will soon be the least of our problems if we continue to choose to live in a fantasy world.

Do you know that the "VeriChip" originally called "Digital Angel" and produced by "Applied Digital Solutions Corporation" was planned to be widely implemented throughout the U.S. by the year 2000?

The essence of the state (government, if you will) is evil. The folks running things are congenital liars, they would tell a lie when the truth would fit the situation better. Our free press seems to be free to be the propaganda arm of the state. People tell themselves that if they could get rid of Bush things would get better. Lots of people told themselves that about Clinton. There are no candidates on the horizon who have any chance of being elected who will be any better or any different. Whether Bush or Kerry is elected, they will take your money and seek ever greater control of your life, and indeed will seek to control the world. It's not gonna get any better any time soon because we still sit by and continue to let it happen.....

This is what the "patriot movement" has been warning about for hmmmm...just about 20 years now - at least since FEMA was established.

Omega see:
FEMA - The Secret Government

No one listened.

The patriot movement stepped up its warnings 10 years later around the time of Waco and Ruby Ridge.

No one listed.

Now, people are FINALLY beginning to see the Orwellean super police state that has emerged.

According to the author of THIS article:

"Whether you wish to live in fear is up to you because it will not stop. On the contrary, incessantly it will grow, spreading like the virus it is throughout the lands of the United States, gripping millions in fright and insecurity."

That's why it's too late. We are already there. Just because the stormtroopers haven't appeared in YOUR neighborhood yet, doesn't mean anything really. They will. Soon.

Photos of ever expanding police state:

At this point it's a matter - between you and whatever you deem to be your "maker" - of whether you PERSONALLY consent to it and what you teach your children about it. It's not a matter of whether the hard times WILL come. They HAVE come. How will you put an end to THEM.....................?

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