Break Bush's Addiction to Big Oil

I want to level with you in a way that Bush administration officials have not, and likely never will: America can take steps right now to break our dependence on foreign oil, disentangle our future from the whims of Saudi princes, clean the air we all breathe, and create millions of good American jobs at the same time. Does this sound impossible? Well, it's not.

The Campaign for America's Future is bringing together the labor and environmental activists who are making energy independence a reality in America right now! Together with our "Apollo Alliance" coalition, we've already secured millions of dollars for clean energy investments in American cities and states. In addition, we've seen major elements of our 10-Point Plan for good jobs and energy independence echoed directly in John Kerry's energy strategy. And today, I'm proud to report that the 13-million member strong AFL-CIO officially endorsed the plan, adding more muscle to our growing movement for energy independence.

To keep this incredible momentum moving, we've developed what we think is a powerful 30-second video about the need to move beyond Big Oil now. Please take a look and help us get it in front of the eyes of voters in the battleground states:


Despite what the Bush team might have you believe, there is a common thread connecting today's soaring gas prices, the reality of American troops in Iraq, the dismantling of US air quality standards, and the creation of lucrative clean energy jobs overseas instead of in America. The common thread here? On all fronts, the Bush team is tightening our dependence on Big Oil, regardless of the price we have to pay.

America needs an oil change! At the Campaign for America's Future, we know that energy independence is completely within reach. American innovators are poised to perfect new energy technologies and succeed in new lucrative global energy markets. American workers are ready to step into new, good-paying energy sector jobs. And American consumers are ready for a break at the gas pump.

Please take a moment to watch this 30-second video, and help us get it in front of more voters eyes -- especially in election battleground states:


In the 1960s, a great American President and leader, John F. Kennedy responded to the growing challenges of the Cold War, and mustered the political will to land an American on the moon. At the Campaign for America's Future, we feel it is time for an equally ambitious Apollo project for energy independence. By challenging and inspiring the American public, and positioning our government to support (not obstruct!) American ingenuity, our next president can move America away from an out-moded era of Big Oil to a new era of energy independence. The solutions are here, and I personally look forward to working with you and the rest of tomorrow's leaders to usher in the brighter future they will offer.

For additional confirmation that, yes!, the time is now for a change in American energy policy, please enjoy this video and help us to spread the word:



Adam Luna, Policy Director
Campaign for America's Future


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