Proteste gegen Versuchfeld mit Gen-Kartoffeln

Gen-Food: Proteste gegen Versuchfeld mit Gen-Kartoffeln


Etwa 30 Umweltschützer protestierten am Samstag gegen das letzte Brandenburger Gentechnik-Versuchsfeld in Berge (Prignitz). Dabei "ernteten" sie trotz Absperrungen und Polizeischutz einige der genmanipulierten Kartoffeln. Das Barnimer Aktionsbündnis gegen Gentechnik und die BUNDjugend Brandenburg wollten mit der Aktion auf den Gen-Versuch aufmerksam machen. Mit Erfolg: Ein Landtagsabgeordneter, obwohl Mitglied des zuständigen Agrarausschusses, erfuhr erst durch deren Ankündigung von dem Versuch.

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Gen-Produkte in deutschen Supermärkten

Aufgespürt: Vier Gen-Produkte in deutschen Supermärkten


Vier Produkte mit Gen-Zutaten sind nach Angaben der Umweltorganisation Greenpeace bis jetzt auf dem Markt: Eine Suppe und ein Getränkepulver der Firma Herbalife, ein asiatisches Tofu- Produkt und auch der Schokoriegel Butterfinger von Nestlé, der wieder vereinzelt angeboten werde. Die Produkte hatten die "Gen-Detektive" mit Hilfe von Verbrauchern herausgefunden. Nach der EU- Verordnung vom 18. April müssen Produkte mit Zutaten aus gentechnisch veränderten Pflanzen gekennzeichnet werden. Die Lücke sind dabei Milch, Eier und Fleisch, die nicht gekennzeichnet werden müssen, wenn die Tiere mit Gen-Pflanzen gefüttert wurden.

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Greenpeace Jaguars in Action Now

Salta, Northwest Argentina

And we're off! The motorbike riding Greenpeace Jaguars have just gone into action http://www.greenpeace.org/international_en/. The bulldozers are moving in, but the volunteers on their motorbikes are blocking them. We're stopping them from destroying the whole forest!!!!

I need you to join the Greenpeace Jaguars from wherever you are right now. Please, don't wait even a minute:

Call your Argentinian Embassy now, and ask that the President of Argentina, Néstor Kirchner, introduces a moratorium on deforestation. Then please let us know what the embassy said.

Click here: http://prefs.greenpeace.org/mail-links/clicks/1683.1056658.5409
and find the phone number of the Argentinian Embassy in your country.

In Argentina, 75% of our native forests have already disappeared, and every hour the equivalent of 20 football pitches (soccer fields, for you North Americans) of forest is destroyed to grow transgenic soya. The damage is irreversible, and today an area the size of Germany is at risk. In the last month, a provincial government has sold off a natural reserve to companies planning to sow GM soya - an unprecedented act. This cannot carry on! That's why the Greenpeace Jaguars have gone into action to defend Northwest Argentina's remaining forest.

I'm also asking if you could send on this email to your closest contacts and friends, to those who share with you the desire to defend the forest, in every corner of the world. The participation via email of many people like you has succeeded before in stopping other cases of deforestation. This time too, we're going to win!

Please help us. The destruction of the forests in Northwest Argentina means the loss of thousands of animal and plant species, the degradation of the soil and its contamination thanks to the use of pesticides, as well as hundreds of indigenous and local people losing their homes.

Ask President Kirchner to declare a moratorium on deforestation for the entire country! I know I can count on your participation.

Thank you,

Emiliano Ezcurra
Forest Campaign Coordinator
Greenpeace Argentina

P.S: with two simple actions you can help stop an environmental crime.

* Call President Néstor Kirchner and ask him to declare a moratorium on forest destruction in Argentina. Click here
http://prefs.greenpeace.org/mail-links/clicks/1684.1056658.5409 and find the phone number of the Argentinian Embassy in your country.

* The second action is more important than you think. It just involves forwarding this email to your friends so that they know what's happening in our country, and asking them to act too.

Abolish the Death Penalty


July 30, 8 PM (Eastern Time)
NBC's Dateline

"Can capital punishment be justified in a criminal justice system so fraught with error that in Illinois, 13 of 25 inmates slated for execution were discovered to be innocent?"

This was exactly the question that former Illinois Governor George Ryan faced in the final days of his term as he decided whether to let 167 people live or die. And it is the question that America will face on July 30 when "Deadline," a new documentary on the death penalty, has its national television premiere in a special two-hour edition of NBC's Dateline at 8 pm (Eastern Time).

"Deadline" explores two of the most significant, yet unexamined, events in the history of American capital punishment:

-- the abolition of the death penalty in 1972
-- the momentous debate in Illinois in 2002-2003 over clemency for all of the state's death row inmates.

The film reveals the inner workings of these events and leads to profound questions on America's approach to crime and punishment.

It is unprecedented for a film like this to get such a large, diverse audience, which makes it extremely important for viewers to tune in and show the network just how hungry the American public is for media that forces us to think critically.

Amnesty International USA's Program to Abolish the Death Penalty has been working with the outreach coordinator to make sure that "Deadline" reaches as many people as possible, as part of our mission to educate the American public about the fatal flaws in the death penalty system.

For more about the documentary, go to:

To tell a friend about this documentary, go to:

To learn more about the death penalty, go to:

This is What Democracy Looks Like


Informant: Friends

Five Things Wrong With The 9/11 Report


Government policy: Fear, hatred, bigotry, oppression, deceit

by Ron Beatty

The Libertarian Enterprise


As we begin the final run-up to the conventions and election day, I thought it might be interesting to note what our government policy is becoming or has become over the last three years. Ever since that
disastrous morning of 9/11/01, our government, under the direction of George W. Bush, the 'compassionate conservative,' has deliberately engendered a state of fear in the American people. I believe that this was done for one purpose only, the aim of the current administration to establish a theocratic dictatorship, with George W. Bush as the HMFIC. George Bush himself, has admitted as much, if not in so many words: ie; 'A dictatorship wouldn't be so bad, as long as I was the dictator.' Another indicator is his statement that 'god' wants him to be president, to carry out 'god's' plans...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Neocons forced to face reality

by Christopher Preble and Justin Logan

Cato Institute


As American operations in Iraq continue to lose support from both the American and Iraqi people, the neoconservatives who engineered the war are on the defensive. There is a pervasive fear among neoconservatives in Washington of the resurgence of realism: a foreign policy that emphasizes the defense of vital national security interests and rejects values-based foreign interventions. The most recent anti-realist article, 'Unrealistic Realism,' comes from Thomas Donnelly and Vance Serchuk of the American Enterprise Institute. This and other counterattacks on realism suffer from internal contradiction, strategic errors, and faulty assumptions...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The ghost prisoners

by Nat Hentoff

Village Voice


We already know, thanks to a low-level whistle-blower, soldier-specialist Joseph Darby, of egregious violations of American and international law at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. But we have no idea what is happening to the huge number of ghost prisoners for whom no American captors are accountable. They all have disappeared...

While Congress and our courts ignore our own ghost prisoners, the Associated Press reported on July 13: 'The International Red Cross ... fears U.S. officials are holding terror suspects secretly in locations across the world. The Geneva Conventions on the conduct of warfare require the United States to give the Red Cross access to
prisoners of war and other detainees...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

African-American voters


Informant: Friends

Hartz-Gesetze besonders frauenfeindlich


© http://www.sozialisten.de

Zu Hartz IV und die Frauen erklärt Christiane Reymann, Bundessprecherin von LiSA, der feministischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft der PDS:

10,5 Millionen Euro muss die Bundesregierung in die Chauvi-Kasse zahlen fünf Euro für jeden und jede der 2,1 Millionen Langzeitarbeitslosen. Denn die Hartz-Gesetze erzeugen nicht nur Armut, sie sind auch frauenfeindlich.

Zwei Drittel derjenigen, die nach der Einführung des Arbeitslosengeldes II überhaupt keine Leistungen mehr bekommen, werden Frauen sein.

Allein erziehende Mütter müssen, sobald ihre Kinder drei Jahre alt sind, jede Arbeit annehmen, das Kindergeld wird auf das Arbeitslosengeld II angerechnet.

Weg und Ziel der Arbeitsmarktreformen sind ein großer Niedriglohnsektor und Minijobs. Der Niedriglohnbereich ist schon heute eine Frauendomäne, 70 Prozent der Minijobs werden von Frauen besetzt.

Minilöhne führen zu Minirenten, Altersarmut ist vorprogrammiert, ihr Gesicht ist weiblich.

All diese Wirkungen treffen Frauen in Ostdeutschland besonders hart. Mit ihrer Erwerbsarbeit hatten fast alle Frauen in Ostdeutschland eigenständige Ansprüche auf Lohnersatzleistungen erworben. Dafür werden sie jetzt von Rot-Grün bestraft. Beim Arbeitslosengeld II zählt nicht mehr ihre eigene Leistung, sondern das Einkommen des Partners. Das ist die Hausfrauisierung der Arbeitsmarkt- und Erwerbslosenpolitik.

Hartz IV verstößt eklatant gegen das Grundgesetzgebot zur Gleichbehandlung von Männern und Frauen und gegen die EU-Richtlinie zum Gender-Mainstreaming.

Pressemitteilungen der PDS


The Federal Reserve and other topics which show the effect of the Shadow or Secret government ..... that is running the country [into the ground]

Lots of good references.



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Five Great Books About The Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve
Is Neither Federal Nor A Reserve
It Stole Our Currency On December 23, 1913

The transatlantic power élite's secretive Bilderberg conferences & state terrorism research

What Are Bilderberg Conferences All About?

Who's Who Of The Elite
by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.

Trilateral Commission

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Council On Foreign Relations

Bohemian Grove Fact Sheet

The Legend Of Skull And Bones

The Order Of Skull And Bones
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know, But Were Afraid To Ask
by Kris Millegan

FEMA - The Secret Government
by Harry V. Martin with David Caul

Constitutional Income: Part 1
The Purpose Of The 16th Amendment
by Phil Hart

Constitutional Income: Part 2
Taxes On Vages And Salaries Are Direct
by Phil Hart

9/11 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold (Film)
Produced by Anthony Hilder

Public May Buy Copies Of 9/11 Report At Stores

9/11 Probe Blames Institutional Failure

9/11 Inquiry Damns US Government
by Alan Elsner and Tabassum Zakaria

9/11 Panel Points To Sweeping Gov't Failures

Liberty Bound (Film)
A US Citizen's journey of discovery into the lies, oppression, and corruption that has invaded her country since 9/11.
Directed and Produced by Christine Rose

Poison Fire USA (Flash)
Interactive Timeline Of Nuclear Activities On Continental US Soil From 1941 To Present
by Russell D. Hoffman

In 1969 there were under 100 Lobbyist in Washington D.C.
Today there are over 25,000 Lobbyist in Washington D.C.

The Strength Of The Wolf
The Secret History Of America’s War On Drugs
by Douglas Valentine

Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any?
Ten Key Facts
by Phil Hart

Arsenal Of Hypocrisy (Video)
The Space Program And The Military Industrial Complex
by Randy Atkins

Mobilfunk und Tumore

Tumore und Leukämien im Umfeld von Rundfunk-/TV-Sendern und Radarstationen

Strahlen, Tauben und Tumore

Dänische Interphone-Studie: izgmf-Story über Hörnervtumor und Verharmlosung

60 Krebscluster in der Nähe von Funkantennen

Verdachtsfälle: Häufungen von Krebs und schweren Erkrankungen in der Nähe von Funkantennen

Gehirntumore durch Handys

Mobilfunk und Krebs

Krebs und Mobilfunk

Wissenschaft zu Mobilfunk:
Deutsche Studien

Studien in Englischer Sprache


Laboratory study on humans shows bioeffects at/below picowatts/cm2

This is just a reminder that in 1978 a paper was published reporting results of exposing adult human beings in the laboratory to extremely low levels of RF/MW radiation; here is the citation:

William Bise

Physiological Chemistry and Physics, vol. 10 (1978) 387-398.

Low power radio-frequency and microwave effects on human electroencephalogram and behavior

Effects were found at power densities from 10^-16 to 10^-12 watts/square cm. (The people were quite close to the antenna and may have been in the near field; I'm looking into this.)

It is rare to have laboratory data on mammals--let alone on human beings--at such extremely low levels, so this paper is worthy of study. (The author is no longer at the address given in this paper.)

This paper has relevance to the investigation I have been doing on a Wisconsin dairy farm where there were mild, but potentially serious, mammalian health effects as a result of RF/MW exposure from fixed transmitters in the vicinity. The estimated microwave power density at this farm was 20-200 picowatts/cm2; it was too low to be measured directly with the one instrument available. (I hope to have a paper written on the farm investigation by March, 2004.) --

Marjorie Lundquist


Lundquist: Krebs bei minimaler Strahlung

Gesundheit von Säugetieren durch Mikrowellenstrahlung bereits bei Werten um 0,2 Mikrowatt/Quadratmeter ernsthaft gefährdet

Low power radio-frequency and microwave effects on human electroencephalogram and behavior

Bise W.

In a pilot study of ten human subjects, temporary changes in brain waves and behavior were seen on exposure to power densities lower than 10(-12) W/cm2, which is substantially below typical urban levels. Frequencies included .1 to 960 MHz continuous and 8.5 to 9.6 GHz pulse-modulated waves. Since the relaxation frequency of protein-bound water is considered to fall between 100 and 1,000 MHz, absorptions and quantum effects may be the mechanistic basis for the electroencephalogram changes observed in most of the subjects produced by 10(-15) W/cm2 cw radio-frequency energy of between 130 and 960 MHz. Constructive and destructive interference patterns from standing waves within the skull possibly interact with the bioelectric generators in the brain, since electroencephalogram wave amplitudes and frequencies increased or decreased respectively at different radio wavelengths.


It is reported that there are significant effects upon the alert human EEG during radiation by low intensity cw microwave electromagnetic energy. Bise observed significant repeatable EEG effects tar a subject during radiation at specific microwave frequencies.

Informant: Friends


As for the Schwarzenburg case let me citate Neil (Cherry on safe exposure levels, 2000): "Experimentation is not always possible but where it is, it is very powerful. For example, in the Schwarzenburg Study, involving a shortwave radio tower, a significant dose-response relationship for sleep disturbance was observed. Confirmation of cause and effect came from turning the transmissions off for 3 days without notifying the residents. Sleep quality improved significantly (p<0.001), with a delay of about one day, even in the group with the lowest exposure (Group C). This shows that even though they experienced the lowest exposure, the RF signal was still interfering with their brains and their sleep. When the transmission was turned off permanently, measured human melatonin levels rose significantly (Prof. Theo Abelin Pers. Comm.). This is a biological mechanism but it was identified after the assessment of cause and effect was concluded."

Neil also analyzes in same article the Moscow embassy case in very detail. So Neil every time when been asked about safe level, always answered: "ZERO"...

As for low frequencies' damage, it may be due to inherent or modulated frequencies that match natural brain's and cause damage. For example: TETRA 4 slots emisions pulse lasts for ~57 milliseconds, now, divide 1000 ms by 57 ms you get ~ 17 Hz, that matches natural neural signal enhancing calcium efflux (16 Hz), then calcium goes out, melatonin goes down, etc etc. Some modulated or inherent frequencies, such as 4.5 Hz may cause brain non function or paranoid reactions, at 6.6 Hz depression or suicidal, at 11 Hz mania or rage, and 25 Hz may cause severe vision problems up to blindness, and/or heart attack... Such data was obtained during development of psychotronic weapons in the EAST and in the WEST.

Enough depressing information for one sunny morning.

Dr. Zamir Shalita

Mobilfunk und Krebs

Von der Maus auf den Mensch?

Natürlich lassen sich die Ergebnisse schon wegen der Genveränderung nicht einfach auf den Menschen übertragen. Aber dieser Standard-Einwurf von Forschungsskeptikern trägt nicht: Tierversuche zeigen in einem ersten Schritt, wie lebende Wesen reagieren. Seit vielen Jahren werden auch Arzneimittel oder Chemikalien so getestet. Niemand würde eine Substanz, die bei Laborratten Krebs hervorruft, mit dem Argument "Tierversuche können nicht auf den Menschen übertragen werden" in der Apotheke verkaufen...


Bereits seit Jahrzehnten ist wissenschaftlich bewiesen, dass Mikrowellen Krebs verursachen. Ein Professor hat nun in noch nie dagewesenem Ausmaß wissenschaftliche Studien ausgewertet und zweifelsfrei festgestellt, dass die heutigen Grenzwerte für Mobilfunk bis zu einer Milliarde-fach zu hoch sind...


Krebs durch Mobilfunk?

Eine Arbeitsgruppe der Abteilung für Klinische Chemie des Klinikums der FU Berlin veröffentlicht aufsehenerregende Ergebnisse. In Versuchsreihen wurden verschiedene menschliche Zell-Typen elektromagnetischen Feldern unterschiedlicher Frequenz ausgesetzt. Die Wissenschaftler um K. Schlatterer, R. Tauber und R. Fitzner erzielten bei der Bestrahlung von Zellen der menschlichen Promyelozyten- zellinie HL 60 mit einem kontinuierlichen 1800-MHz-Feld bei 37 °C signifikante Ergebnisse: In den Erbgut-Trägern, den Chromosomen, wurde eine hohe Zahl von DNA- Doppelstrangbrüchen gemessen. Dies ist bislang kein Beweis, aber ein Hinweis auf eine erhöhte Empfindlichkeit bestimmter Zellen gegenüber elektromagnetischen Feldern. Vermutet wird als Ursache eine Veränderung bei den Reparatur-Enzymen.

Diese Forschungsergebnisse sind als gewichtige Hinweise zu werten, daß elektromagnetische Felder wie bei Mobilfunk und Handys das menschliche Erbgut schädigen und Krebs1 erzeugen. Um sichere Aussagen treffen zu können, müssen die Versuche jedoch zunächst von anderen Forschergruppen wiederholt werden, wobei sich zeigen muß, ob sie als reproduzierbar angesehen werden können.

Petra Willaredt

1 Siehe auch unseren Artikel
'Handys und Augenkrebs' v. 25.01.01

Zahl der vermeidbaren, durch Lebensweisen bedingten Krebsarten nimmt massiv zu

Krebs und Mobilfunk

Mobilfunk wesentliche Bedrohung für öffentliche Gesundheit

Schockstudie der EU: Handys knacken die DNS und bewirken schwere Zellschädigung

Krebsgefahr für Handy-Nutzer

Krebs durch Elektrosmog

60 Krebscluster in der Nähe von Funkantennen

Krebshäufung in der Nähe von Mobilfunksendeanlagen

Verdachtsfälle: Häufungen von Krebs und schweren Erkrankungen in der Nähe von Funkantennen

Krebsfälle häufen sich in der Nähe von Mobilfunkmasten

Nach 2,5 Jahren GSM Sender bereits 50% mehr Krebs

Erhöhtes Krebsrisiko in Sendernähe

Einfluss der räumlichen Nähe von Mobilfunksendeanlagen auf die Krebsinzidenz

Russland: Mobiltelefone und Krebs bei Kindern

Kinderkrebsfälle neben Sendeanlagen
Bereits 8 Fälle in der Umgebung der Mobilfunksender

Hautkrebs und Mobilfunk

Krebs bereits bei minimaler Strahlung

Mobilfunk und Tumore

Nicht-ionisierende Strahlung und Krebserkrankungen

Langjährige Handy-Nutzung erhöht Risiko für Ohrtumor

EMF beeinflußt Melatonin und Melatonin beeinflußt Brustkrebs

Beim Sendemast an einem Strang gezogen

Wissenschaft zu Mobilfunk:

Getrübter Durchblick im Elektrosmog

Deutsche Studien

Studien in Englischer Sprache

Fields of Influence - Mobile phones "the largest human biologic experiment"


Levels of Microwaves in Brighton and Hove extreme cause for concern

The Mobile Mast Menace

Dentist's Cancer Warning


Mobilfunk und Tinnitus


Literatursammlung zur Epidemiologie des Tinnitus in Lenarz in Feldmann (1998, Hrsg., S.82-83).

Ergebnisse Epidemiologie nach Lenarz in Feldmann (1998, Hrsg., S.77): Industriegesellschaft, Alter (40/50) und Lärm machen die Erscheinung eines Tinnitus wahrscheinlicher.

Faktor Industriegesellschaft nach Lenarz in Feldmann (1998, Hrsg., S.77).:

"Unter den Lebensbedingungen einer Industriegesellschaft tritt bei 35-45% aller Erwachsenen über 17 Jahren zu irgendeinem Zeitpunkt ein transientes oder permanentes Ohrgeräusch unterschiedlicher Lautheit auf.

Bei 15% hält das Geräusch länger als 5 Minuten an.

Etwa 8% fühlen sich durch ihr Ohrgeräusch in ihrem Alltagt belästigt oder weisen Schlafstörungen auf.

Bei 0,5% der Erwachsenen hat das Ohrgeräusch den Stellenwert einer eigenständigen Erkrankung, die zu einer wesentlichen Beeinträchtigung der Lebensqualität durch Konzentrations- und Schlafstörungen, reaktive Depressionen und Angstzustände führt. Bezogen auf den Bevölkerungsanteil der Erwachsenen in Deutschland umfaßt diese Gruppe ca. 300.000 Personen."

Häufigkeitsentwicklung des Tinnitus nach Tönnies

"In Deutschland leiden mehr als drei Millionen Menschen unter Ohrgeräuschen (Tinnitus), davon mindestens eine halbe Million so unerträglich, dass sie kein normales Leben mehr führen können. Außerdem werden jährlich 340.000 neu von chronischem Tinnitus betroffen. Die Ärzte stehen dieser Gesundheitsstörung oft hilflos gegenüber, da Ohrgeräusche nur selten erfolgreich medizinisch zu behandeln sind, und fühlen sich bei den psychischen Begleitproblemen zumeist überfordert. Dies drückt sich dann in dem sicherlich wohlgemeinten Rat aus: "Sie müssen eben lernen, damit zu leben." (zit. n. 10. Auflage, Quelle Homepage)

Häufigkeitsentwicklung des Tinnitus nach der Deutschen Tinnitus-Liga

"3 Millionen Tinnitus-Betroffene in Deutschland. Die Deutsche Tinnitus-Liga e.V. (DTL) präsentiert erstmals wissenschaftlich fundierte Zahlen über die Tinnitus-Betroffenheit für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Das Ausmaß ist größer als bisher angenommen.

Wuppertal, Juni 1999. (DTL) - 'Tinnitus ist eine Volkskrankheit' resümiert Elke Knör, Präsidentin der Deutschen Tinnitus-Liga. Mit knapp 3 Millionen aktuell Betroffenen, das entspricht vier Prozent der Gesamtbevölkerung, liege die Quote ähnlich hoch wie bei Diabetes. Bereits jeder vierte der Gesamtbevölkerung hat schon mal Tinnitus erlebt. Allein 1,5 Millionen Bundesbürger beeinträchtigt der Tinnitus mittelschwer bis zur Unerträglichkeit. Sie benötigen in unterschiedlicher Art der therapeutischen Hilfe. Diese Zahl liegt um 50% höher als bisher angenommen. Unerwartet hoch ist auch die jährliche Zuwachsrate von 270.000 Betroffenen mit chronischem Tinnitus. Ein Tinnitus wird als chronisch bezeichnet, wenn er mehrere Wochen andauert."

Jährlich kommt es bei 10 Millionen Deutschen inzwischen zu einem Tinnitus

Ergebnisse einer Fragebogenaktion an 110 HNO-Patienten mit Ohrgeräuschen, Allergien, Nervenkrankheiten, Epilepsie, psychiatrischen Erkrankungen (für Details bitte hier anklicken):

Von Prof. Dr. med. H. J. Wilhelm HNO-Facharzt Stimm- und Sprachstörungen Sportmedizin Stellvertretender Präsident d. Gesundheitsforum Rhein-Main e. V.

Nachricht von Gerd Ernst Zesar

Exkurs: Ist die Medizin blind für pathogene Umweltfaktoren ?
Faktor Umweltverschmutzung und Technologiebelastung

Links Umweltverschmutzung und Technologiebelastung bei Tinnitus:

* Elektrosmog Report Nr. 3 / 3. Jahrgang März 1997: http://www.datadiwan.de/netzwerk/index.htm?/esmog/es_97_03.htm

* Elektrosmog und Tinnitus: http://www.pandalis.com/urheim/pdf/urheimn_2001_3.pdf

* Elektrosmog: Krank durch - ? Welche Krankheiten und Störungen können auftreten?

* Erdstrahlen und Elektrosmog: Ingeborg Buschmann, Dipl.Ing.FH - Diplomierte baubiologische Gesundheitsberaterin (IBG) Sachverständige für - : http://www.ingeborg-buschmann.de/home.html

* Handys und Tinnitus: http://www.mweisser.50g.com/handys.htm

* Lärmschäden: http://www.umweltlexikon-online.de/fp/archiv/RUBlaerm/Laermschaeden.shtml

* Mobilfunk und Tinnitus: http://www.notiz.ch/wissenschaft-unzensiert/elektrosmog/2002/marz/tinitus.html

* Orte: Wenn Orte krank machen...: http://www.grenzenlos-verlag.de/archiv_new/arc_ges_orte.htm

* Schwerpunkt Elektrosmog: http://www.lebenswert-leben.at/www/start/startseite.html

* Tinnitus/Acouphènes Luxembourg A.S.B.L. (Vereinigung ohne Gewinnzweck):

* Betroffenen-Bericht: http://f15.parsimony.net/forum25681/messages/1154.htm

In Bayern gab es ein Institut für Arbeitsmedizin, dessen Professor dafür berüchtigt war, daß er zugunsten Betroffener nie etwas "mit an Sicherheit grenzender Wahrscheinlichkeit" herausfinden konnte. Das liebte die Industrie und so überschütteten sie ihn mit Aufträgen unter kräftiger Mithilfe einer einseitigen Justiz, die damit, statt Recht zu sprechen, tatsächlich Unrecht gefördert und den Geist der Rechtsidee gebeugt hat, nämlich daß Geschädigte Anspruch auf Schadensersatz haben. Denn meist wird nach dem Prinzip geurteilt: in dubio pro pecuniam et contra populum (Im Zweifel für das Geld und gegen das Volk).

Die Medizin steht in dem schlechten Ruf, schon immer mit den Mächtigen und vor allem mit den Geldgebern ein allzu enges Amigo-Bündnis einzugehen. Möglicherweise hat dies mit ihrem unstillbaren Hunger nach Geld und Anerkennung zu tun. Sieht man sich das auf den ersten Blick ausgezeichnet erscheinende Buch von Feldmann et al. genauer an, so fällt auf, daß die AutorInnen ziemlich blind für die epidemische Entwicklung des Tinnitus sind und noch nicht einmal theoretisch die Komponente Umweltverschmutzung und Technologiebelastung erwägen. Das Tinnitus etwa mit der industriell- gesellschaftlichen Entwicklung zu tun hat, erfährt man in dem sonst sehr informativen Werk nur implizit durch die Formulierung: "Unter den Lebensbedingungen einer Industriegesellschaft tritt bei 35-45% aller Erwachsenen über 17 Jahren zu irgendeinem Zeitpunkt ein transientes oder permanentes Ohrgeräusch unterschiedlicher Lautheit auf."
http://www.sgipt.org/gipt/psysom/tinni/tinnitus.htm#Faktor Industriegesellschaft

Was spricht nun überhaupt dafür, die Forschungshypothese Umweltgifte und Technologiebelastung als bedeutungsvoll für die Tinnitus- Epidemie aufzustellen? Der Grund ist so offensichtlich, daß die Tinnitus- Lobby offenbar dem Prinzip folgt: vor lauter Bäumen den Wald nicht sehen:

Die epidemische Entwicklung des Tinnitus

Es ist einfach nicht normal und nachvollziehbar, daß innerhalb kürzester Zeit urplötzlich Millionen von Tinnituskranken mit exorbitanten jährlichen Zuwachsraten wie Pilze aus dem Boden schießen. Man erinnere sich: das erste deutsche Tinnitus-Buch erschien 1986, dessen Autor noch im selben Jahr die Tinnitus- Liga ins Leben rief. Noch 1979 kommt im großen Uexküll zur Psychosomatik - wie in den allermeisten anderen Psychosomatikbüchern auch - das Stichwort Tinnitus gar nicht vor.

Wie kommt es also zu dieser Tinnitus-Epidemie?

Ist es (auch) eine Mode Erscheinung? Ist es (auch) eine suggestive Massen-Epidemie? Ist es (auch) ein getrimmtes Syndrom? Steckt (auch) die Abrechnungslobby dahinter? Spielen (auch) Umweltverschmutzung und (auch) Technologiebelastung [Elektrosmog] eine wichtige Rolle?

Überlegen wir: was war 1986? Gibt es irgendein herausragendes Ereignis, daß wir zu dieser relativ plötzlichen Tinnitusepidemie in Beziehung setzen könnten? Oder sollten wir die Umweltverschmutzung und Technologieentwicklung der ganzen 80er Jahre - oder noch länger? - betrachten (s.u.)?

Das Jahr 1986 (Quelle: Chronik 1986)

* Reaktorunglück Tschernobyl (April: radioaktive Wolken bringen Tschernobyl vor die Haustür; Süddeutschland besonders betroffen; München 150 Bequerel; erst am 2. Mai warnt die Bundesregierung vor Frischmilch und Blattgemüse): 50 Mill. Curie kondensierbare Spaltprodukte gelangen in die Umwelt.

* Kohl beruft Wallmann am 6.6. als ersten Minister für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit.

* Gefahrenstoffverordnung 1.10.: In der Raumluft zahlreicher Kindergärten wird Dioxin festgestellt. Asbest wird in Spielzeug untersagt. Wohngift Vorbeugung: Formaldehyd.

* Rheinverschmutzung (Rhein-"Unfälle": 31.10.: Ciba-Geigy, Basel; 11.11.: Sandoz AG, Basel; 21.11.: BASF, Ludwigshafen; 26.11.: Bayer, Leverkusen).

Es ist natürlich auch möglich, daß das Phänomen Tinnitus schon einige Jahre oder sogar Jahrzehnte unter den Lebensbedingungen einer Industriegesellschaft schwelte und erst in den 80er Jahren die entsprechende Aufmerksamkeit fand. Doch auch dies wäre natürlich kritisch zu untersuchen und zu reflektieren.

Die wichtigsten Faktoren aus Umweltverschmutzung und Technologiebelastung in der 2. Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts sind:

* Der Ausstoß von Schadstoffen und Giften (Abgabe an Wasser, Boden, Luft und Amosphäre; Lebensmittel, Futtermittel, Alltagsobjekte, Industrieprodukte, Geräte, Farben, Lacke usw.)

* Radioaktive Belastungen

* Ozonloch und Bestrahlung

* Belastung durch Elektrosmog (Abstrahlung durch Sender und Geräte)

* Lärmbelastung (Verkehr, Technische Akustische Geräte [z.B. Rundfunk, Verstärker], Disco- Musik, Tiefflug)

* Belastung durch erhöhte Anpassungsleistungen ("Streß")

Auch die Allergien sollen sehr zugenommen haben. Bereits 1987 werden 20 Millionen AllergikerInnen in Deutschland geschätzt - 1/3 der Bevölkerung. Man führt die Störung des Immunsystems auf die wachsende Belastung der Luft, Wasser, Lebensmittel und der Haushalte durch Umweltgifte zurück.
(Quelle: Chronik 1987, April, S. 70).

Die Probleme der Umwelt erfahren in den 80er Jahren durch zahlreiche Umwelt- Katastrophen (Ozonloch, Waldsterben, Industrieunfälle, Wasserverschmutzung) eine erhöhte Aufmerksamkeit. Die Bedeutung des zunehmenden kritischen Umweltbewußtseins kommt am klarsten durch die Umweltschutzbewegungen zum Ausdruck (z.B. Greenpeace, ökologische Parteien, Robin Wood).

Quelle (Auszug):



Brummton und Tinnitus durch Mobilfunk-Strahlen

Ist der Mann im Ohr ein Mobilfunk-Empfänger?

Handysender schuld an Hörstörungen?

Jedes Jahr kommt es in Deutschland durch Elektrosmog zu 10 Millionen Tinnitus- Neuerkrankungen!

Tinnitus und Mobilfunk

Tinnitus durch Mobilfunk-Impulse?

Omega-News Collection 26. July 2004

Cell phones: Communications for the 21st century or a road to medical armageddon?

New generation embraces mobiles

Cancer rate up near towers on Lookout Mtn.

Threat to the US by EM Pulse Attack

RFID Goes To The Dogs In Portugal

They've got your number

Human Rights Emergency in Darfur, Sudan

Sunspot Grows to 20 Times Size of Earth

Clash of the Titans

Bush to Open America's Last Roadless Forests to Logging

Timber controversy brewing

Global warming melts Peruvian peaks

Antartica may be the only safe place to live

The Horrors of Aspartame

Do Food Makers Want to Kill You

Protesters destroy French GM crop

Ex-felons Face New Twist in Voting

Insurance for Electronic Votes

US Presidential Candidates' Nuclear Report Card

Bad News for Bush

Official Military Pay Records Confirm Bush Absent from Duty for Six Months

Terrorism and the election

Why Artists Are Rallying Against Bush

Effort afoot to address e-voting at convention

The Truth About Dick Cheney and Halliburton

Halliburton Faces Heat at Testy Hearing

Bush Administration 'Came To Steal from Iraq'

Arabs Detest US Policy

How much of the Iraq mission is about profit?


Mr. Hersh Goes to War

The 9/11 Report Misses the Point

Reading Between the Lines

'The System Was Blinking Red'

Trouble Ahead for Bush from 9/11 Panel

9/11 Report

A Picture Worth Even More Than A Thousand Words

The Committee on the Present Confusion

The Real Lesson Of Abu Ghraib

Abu Ghraib, Whitewashed

US Public Found to Reject Detainee Torture and Coercion

Trucking firm plans pullout to save hostages

An Occupation by Any Other Name

Pain and Suffering

Teaching Torture

US report on prison abuse a 'whitewash'

Anti-French prejudice

Senate approves defense bill totaling $417.5 billion

War Funds Dwindling, GAO Warns

A Marriage Made in Heaven

A Little Perspective

Saddam's People Are Winning the War

Antiwar veterans vying to be heard

How I Will Stop The War

Iran new U.S. whipping boy

A Microcosm of the Police State

Making World Safe for Conspiracy

Let's Dump the American Empire

Friends In High Places

FDA's counsel accused of being too close to drug industry

Saddam's People Are Winning the War

Scott Ritter / International Herald Tribune

WASHINGTON (July 22, 2004) -- The battle for Iraq's sovereign future is a battle for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. As things stand, it appears that victory will go to the side most in tune with the reality of the Iraqi society of today: the leaders of the anti-U.S. resistance. In the aftermath of the first Gulf War, Saddam Hussein's regime shifted toward an amalgam of Islamic fundamentalism, tribalism and nationalism that more accurately reflected the political reality of Iraq. Thanks to his meticulous planning and foresight, Saddam's lieutenants are now running the Iraqi resistance...


US Presidential Candidates' Nuclear Report Card

US Presidential Candidates' Nuclear Report Card

David Krieger / Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

The US government can protect Americans and their families, as well as people throughout the world, by significantly reducing and eliminating the threats posed by nuclear weapons. As a US citizen, you can voice your opinions on these important issues to presidential candidates and members of congress. Before you go to the ballot this year, find out where George W. Bush, John Kerry and Ralph Nader stand on nuclear policies by reviewing the following 12-point list...


New generation embraces mobiles

According to a new "study" by Teleconomy, children and adolescents are now becoming so emotionally attached to their phones that they cannot live without them. This "study" is the sort of research the cell phone industry is actively investing their money behind. Teleconomy's web site honestly explains why, to quote:

"Our approach is to work closely in partnership with our clients and in so doing have a deep understanding of their commercial and strategic imperatives, so ensuring our out puts are appropriate and practically usable. The fact that the overwhelming majority of our clients continue a long-term relationship with us more than ably demonstrates this."

AND the industry body, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) calls this independent research!

So now that Teleconomy informs us that kids are so addicted to their cell phones they cannot live without them, AMTA has thoughtfully devised "Developing an Acceptable Use Policy for Mobile Phones in Your School" ( see below) that will ensure total marketing - promoting cell phones in all Australian schools. Copies of this document have been provided to the Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO), the peak national parent organisation representing the interests of children enrolled in government schools throughout Australia, the Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA), the national representative for independent schools, to Federal, State and Territory Education Ministers, and to other relevant organisations.

Well, I guess its all just about "Strategic Imperatives" - An economic concept that harks back to a Darwinian "nature red in tooth and claw". A corporate jungle where the corporate beast is all to willing to devour its own young to further its marketplace imperative.

Don Maisch

New generation embraces mobiles
By Jane Wakefield
BBC News Online technology reporter

A new generation of mobile users are becoming so emotionally attached to their phones that they cannot live without them.

Also see:


This is one of the key findings of a study into how people use their mobile phones entitled Me, My Mobile and I.

The annual study from research firm Teleconomy reveals that 10 to 14-year-olds - dubbed M-Agers - are rapidly becoming the most sophisticated users of phones.

Even toddlers are able to tell the difference between incoming phone calls and text messages said Professor Michael Hulme, chairman of Teleconomy.

Socially acceptable

26% say they couldn't live without mobile
18% refuse to admit the importance of the mobile in their life
32% see phone as tool rather than intimate object
24% say wouldn't miss mobile if it was taken away
85% of children had personalised phones

For children, phones are not so much about communication as a device for downloading things such as pop news, games and ringtones.

"These M-Agers are very clued up on phone functions. They want highly functional phones and they give them a high degree of personalisation," said Prof Hulme.

Phones are rapidly replacing trainers as a social marker.

"The phone plays a role in the playground and can be a ticket to entry into certain groups," he said.

In some cases the phones themselves are becoming 'virtual playgrounds', as children fill their free time with texting their friends and playing games.

In denial

Youngsters are also far more aware of the more sophisticated uses of phones, with 71% aware of video-calling compared to 54% of adults.

About two-thirds knew about Java applications like games, while only 44% of adults were aware of this function.

This will all be great news for operators keen to push more and more services on phones.

"They are growing up ready to take on these services," said Prof Hulme.

The study found that adults were more ambivalent about their phone use, with a growing number of people (18%) in denial about how much they need their mobile phones.

"The denier believes the myth that they are in control of the device but when we spoke to them it began to dawn on them that they were not," said Prof Hulme.

"This group represents a field day for the network providers as they put themselves on tariffs too small for their needs and then go drastically over their free minutes and text allowance," he added.

Objects of desire

For a quarter of the population, their relationship with their mobile was more honestly assessed - they admitted that they just could not live without it.

"These people have their phone on 24 hours a day. They are frightened of missing a call because to not be available is to cut oneself off from one's social network," said Prof Hulme.

Phones are rapidly replacing address books, diaries, watches and alarm clocks as people turn increasingly to their handsets to help manage their lives.

They are also becoming photo albums as people personalise their handsets with things dear to them, such as pictures of friends and family.

"One woman who liked a drink had a picture of a pint of beer on hers," revealed Prof Hulme.

There are lessons here for manufacturers concentrating on making phones as smart and function-filled as possible.

"There are actually more pragmatic ways of making money," said Prof Hulme.

These include increasing the amount of space for storing texts, giving more indication of where calls are coming from and a better way of ordering all the information people are increasingly storing on phones.

The Me, Myself and I study conducted 1,400 interviews between February and April including questionnaires, face-to-face interviews, focus groups and telephone surveys.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2004/06/22 23:41:42 GMT


Mobile phone guidelines for schools

The increased ownership of mobile phones requires that school administrators, teachers, students, and parents take steps to ensure that mobile phones are used responsibly within schools.

To assist schools in managing their students' behaviour in relation to mobile phones, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has created a template policy document Developing an Acceptable Use Policy for Mobile Phones in Your School for use by schools.

The document, which sets out appropriate behaviour relating to the use of mobile phones, is designed to supplement school rules. It is intended to be adapted by schools as they see fit, and adopted with the consent of the parents/guardian, teachers and the student.

Developing an Acceptable Use Policy for Mobile Phones in Your School gives schools the means to make clear to all concerned what they considers are the appropriate uses of mobile phones within their boundaries, and the power to act when phones are used inappropriately.

Copies of the document have been provided to the Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO), the peak national parent organisation representing the interests of children enrolled in government schools throughout Australia, the Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA), the national representative for independent schools, to Federal, State and Territory Education Ministers, and to other relevant organisations.

Copies of the document are available on request from the AMTA secretariat. Phone: 02 6239 6555, or email: ian.booth@amta.org.au.
http://www.amta.org.au ©

Global warming melts Peruvian peaks


FDA's counsel accused of being too close to drug industry


Informant: Friends

Friends In High Places


U.S. Congressman Maurice Hinchey says the Food and Drug Administration's chief counsel "is aggressively intervening against the public on behalf of drug companies and medical device manufacturers" and this "pattern of collusion" has "corrupted [the FDA's] mission to protect the public health."

Daniel Troy, who lobbied for drug and tobacco companies before being appointed as USDA counsel, reportedly told drug companies to inform him of lawsuits so that the FDA could strengthen their defense.

"Make it sound like a Hollywood pitch," he advised. Troy has filed USDA briefs on behalf of former client Pfizer, SmithKline Beecham Consumer Products and GlaxoSmithKline.

Source: British Medical Journal, July 24, 2004

Full story:

Informant: Friends

Timber controversy brewing


The Issue:

The state is clear cutting about eight acres of the Mohican Forest.

Our Opinion:

Those who truly want to protect the forest should focus their energies on creating a guarantee that the forest will remain protected in the future.

On one hand, you don't have much room to complain about the state cutting down trees when you accepted the state plan that identified this location for timbering.

But on the other hand, the state shouldn't be shocked by complaints against cutting down 175-year-old oak trees, no matter how much planning was done.

Controversy was stirred again in the Mohican Forest last week when the state clear cut about eight acres of the forest and did additional work in about three other acres. The timbering was part of a plan put together over the last decade by an ad hoc committee of state officials and citizens.

The plan is aimed at protecting huge tracts of the forest from any timbering in the future, but it set aside some sections of the forest for a variety of forestry management techniques. These techniques are to be exhibition plots to educate the public on the issues involved with forestry management.

The ad hoc committee was formed after citizens bitterly protested more widespread logging in the forest during the early 1990s. Some of those who led the protests were appointed to the committee. The eight acres cut last week were identified for that purpose in the plan.

The state responded to the complaints last week by saving it did only what was called for within the plan. State officials questioned how some committee members could complain when they helped develop the plan.

These are good questions. But the state obviously miscalculated if it actually believed it could cut down trees that have been there since the time of the Civil War without any negative reactions.

One wonders why another area couldn't have been selected for clear cutting that was just as accessible for the public education programs, but didn't contain such ancient specimens.

The state created a credibility problem for itself with its arrogant behavior during the early'90s. But it has worked to be more inclusive and responsive as it relates to those who cherish this forest.

Cutting down 175-year-old trees won't help that credibility, no matter what the circumstances.

The real issue in Mohican isn't this area that is such a small part of the forest. It is guaranteeing that vast reaches of the forest the state has promised to protect actually remain untouched.

Although the state has agreed to the plan that provides this protection, there has been no action taken or document created to guarantee this protection survives future elections and political shifts.

Those who truly want to protect the forest should focus their energies on creating this guarantee.

Originally published Sunday, July 25, 2004

Copyright ©2004 News Journal. All rights reserved.


Informant: Deane T. Rimerman

Effort afoot to address e-voting at convention


Informant: Heidi Chesney

Making World Safe for Conspiracy

9/11 Commission: Making World Safe for Conspiracy

A Microcosm of the Police State

Boston: A Microcosm of the Police State

Informant: Vince Bradley

How I Will Stop The War


Informant: David Adams

A Picture Worth Even More Than A Thousand Words

Maps showing flight paths of the hijacked airliners over some of the most heavily armed military and airforce bases in the United States.


In this picture, which is worth even more than a thousand words, MediaLab has merged a map of the 9/11 planes' flightpaths with a map of military bases in those areas. The flights went through some of the most heavily militarized parts of the country, yet nothing could be done to stop them?

image copyright 2003 MediaLab


Protesters destroy French GM crop

The Mayor of Begles, Noel Mamere, joined the protest near Toulouse Hundreds of protesters have destroyed a field of genetically modified maize in south-west France.

The demonstrators ripped up the transgenic crop plantation at Menville, near Toulouse.

The activists were led by radical French farmer Jose Bove, who said the protest was being taken in the interests of consumers.

About 15 policemen watched the destruction and took photographs of those involved, but did not intervene.

"We observed the protest, took down the identities of some of the participants and took photos after warning the organisers that it was illegal and that the information would be forwarded to the Haute-Garrone region's prosecutor," an officer told Reuters news agency.

Mr Bove said the protesters were prepared to face the consequences.

"This protest is legitimate and we did it to protect the consumer. We will assume the legal risks."

It was the latest in a series of protests by opponents of GM crops across Europe.

In May, a French court fined three people 600 euros (£396) each for destroying test fields of GM crops in 1997.

There have been about a dozen prosecutions of anti-GM activists in France over the past seven years.

Also in May, the European Commission lifted a six-year moratorium on GM foods, permitting companies to sell maize known as Bt-11, packaged as tinned sweetcorn.

Critics say GM plants and foods have not been properly tested and it is too soon to say if they are safe.


Informant: Earth Lib

The Committee on the Present Confusion


Let's Dump the American Empire


Arabs Detest US Policy

Survey: Arabs Detest US Policy


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