Psychological Torture



30 JUNE 2004

There is no doubt in my mind that CIA/NSA/¹military intelligence¹ torture techniques have become much more intricate, advanced, complex & deadly than what has been listed here. But this site could be an interesting source of information.

Malaika Kambon

US soldier 'karate-kicked Iraqi prisoner'

A US marine reservist has appeared at a military court hearing on charges that he karate-kicked an Iraqi prisoner who later died...


From Information Clearing House

Why the US can't be trusted with our personal data

The United States has a long — very long — history of abusing personal information and surveillance powers for political purposes to the detriment of the entirely innocent...


From Information Clearing House

Caught on Tape

Filmmaker Kent Bye Says the Media is Partially Responsible for the Iraq War--and He Has the Footage to Prove it...


From Information Clearing House

Dissing the Republic To Save It

A conversation with Chalmers Johnson

"The greater cost is what the public will lose, if they haven’t already lost it: the republic, the structural defense of our liberties, the separation of powers to block the growth of a dictatorial presidency."...


From Information Clearing House

Terror & regime change

Any US invasion of Iran will have terrible consequences

The US is preparing to invade Iran early next year if president George W.Bush is re-elected and later possibly if John Kerry comes in, with the outer deadline being Christmas of 2005...


From Information Clearing House

A British General's View of Fahrenheit 9/11

I believe that this film will utterly destroy any residual confidence that the American people might have in the credentials of George W. Bush as a decisive war leader...


US lawmakers request UN observers for November 2 presidential election

Several members of the House of Representatives have requested the United Nations to send observers to monitor the November 2 US presidential election to avoid a contentious vote like in 2000, when the outcome was decided by Florida...


From Information Clearing House

If Iraq is a sovereign nation, why is the U.S. Military providing clearance for pictures in Iraq?


From Information Clearing House

What Really Happened



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