Senior Iraq Cleric Calls for Holy War against U.S. Forces


The Creature from Jekyll Island


Yesterday, I received and audio clip, which I'm including below, that shook me to my very foundations. It had to do with a topic most of us are already familiar with but, even I, who tries to stay on top of things, was not aware of the extent to which The Federal Reserve and major banks in our country may be at the heart of many of our predicaments.

I'm not sharing this because I think I need to raise your awareness about the FED but, rather, to provide you with additional stunning disclosures which will back what I'll propose below. Secondly, an more importantly, because of what the speaker Ed Griffin, author of the book "The Creature from Jekyll Island" said towards the end of his presentation about "what can we do about it!"

I was floored when I heard what he said at the end because he was suggesting what, in essence, I envision for an effort I'm structuring call "The EFFECT Network"

Rather than taking the time and space now explaining EFFECT, I will let you listen, first, to 3 minutes of excerpts from the end of the audio clip I'm providing. It reflects, in great part, what is at the heart of EFFECT. It will be followed by an excerpt from my response to a reply about my post on "THE COST OF DRUGS", which I placed a few days ago. What will come with my future posts in ways of explanations and format changes, will not only make more sense after this, it may be further appreciated by our members.

Please turn up your computer speaker volume and click on the link below to listen
http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=93187&f=AMKOFV&ps=13&p=1 (4 min)
Ed Griffin's bio http://www.realityzone.com/info.html#griffin

Following, is the excerpt of my post on "THE COST OF DRUGS"

"To create a coordinated critical mass of individuals, groups and organizations whom have risen their awareness about vital issues and whom have had training in civic activism.

Further, we need to create a structure that will allow for the generation of financial resources so that our participating individuals, groups and organizations could have the the time and the financial means to provide progressive legislators with our support and the cover they will need to go up against powerful interest and, even covert groups, whom have, basically, taken over our government and many other aspects of our lives, such as the press".

It will not, at first, be clear from what I just proposed but, ultimately:

The thrust of "EFFECT" will not only be about the creation of a third "PROGRESSIVE" POLITICAL PARTY, but also a means of creating and/or supporting A NEW GENERATION OF PROGRESSIVE LEGISLATORS.

Obviously, an integral component for this to happen will be the aspects of "the critical mass", I outlined earlier, whom will provide these legislators with the backing and financial support from us, the people, so that they don't have to "sell out" to special interest groups.

The perfect examples of such a legislators are, of course, Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio whom is still in the race for President and consumer activist Ralph Nader, also running for president. What may have been missing for them to have made it, may be what I just pointed to".

My final request (which I wouldn't need to make if you listen to the information below) is that you PASS THIS ON TO ALL YOU KNOW. Also, this time, I would really welcome your thoughts on what you heard - even if it is just a short reply.

The audio clip below will start a bit lighthearted, for the first couple of minutes, Even the title is lighthearted - but some very serious disclosures will soon follow.

The Creature from Jekyll Island

Jack Topel

Alle machen mit - aber keiner war's

"Kollektives Gruppendenken" als Generalabsolution für Kriegslügen...


The Price of Imperial Folly

Lost in the Beltway debate over intelligence failure is the enormous price we – Americans, Iraqis, the world – are paying for the Bush administration's self-serving war...


From Information Clearing House

'These people are treating us like idiots'

The family of a military policeman killed on duty in Iraq today strongly criticised Tony Blair and branded the Butler report "another whitewash"...


From Information Clearing House

US accused of audit ploy

The US Government is withholding information from UN-sanctioned auditors examining more than $US1 billion in contracts awarded to Halliburton and other companies in Iraq without competitive bidding...


The Damning Evidence

Government witnesses knew September dossier was unsafe - but did not tell Hutton...


From Information Clearing House

Battle for Ludlow heats up

by Tracy Williams

Wednesday, 14 July 2004

THE fight to save the Ludlow tuart forest is gathering steam after developments last week threatened to make it an election issue.

Politicians from both sides expressed views on the forest protest and the plan to mine at Ludlow.

Shadow environment minister Brendon Grylls called on the Government to remove the protesters.

Mr Grylls said protesters were trespassing illegally and should face fines of up to $500 if they refused to leave.

He said protesters were camped with inadequate sanitation and in tree platforms that had the potential to cause damage to the tuart canopies.

"If it's good enough for the mining proponents to face strict conditions and stiff penalties for non-compliance, why have the protesters been allowed to invade the tuart precinct without some sort of control on their activity?" he asked.

"While I support the right to protest as an important part of our democracy, the minister should ensure that the laws are enforced at all times."

Forest protester and camp spokesperson Ritchie Davis, 32, a timber mill worker from Walpole, is on annual leave to help with the protest.

He said Mr Grylls' claims were unfounded and the minister should visit the site before he passed judgement.

"We have been using chemical toilets similar to the ones used in caravan parks and camping grounds," he said.

They were replaced at the weekend with a compost toilet that was offered to the group by the Sustainable Technology Institute at Murdoch University.

"The trees we have camped in have been inspected by a tree lopper and aren't being damaged," Mr Davis said.

"The structural points are padded with carpet.

"CALM is satisfied with how we run the camp and visit every second day."

The group has received legal advice from the Environmental Defender's Office and runs workshops to inform protesters of their legal rights.

"We are not just here camping," Mr Davis said.

"If the minister said that the mining wasn't going ahead, we'd all leave here tomorrow."

Busselton's Martin Pritchard said that while Friends of the Tuart Forest did not set up the tree village, they strongly opposed any mining in the area.

"The Gallop government was voted in on a platform of saving old growth forest and they could well be voted out because of the platforms in the old growth tuarts," he said.


Informant: Deane T. Rimerman

Something IS UP

Weather modification technology in the service of the 9-11 crime cover-up.


The chemtrails redirect weather systems -- in this case wet air -- to where it will get wetter -- then directs that to the target -- by controlling air pressure by blocking the suns warming of the ground, thus modifiying expansion of air by heated ground surface and altering upward circulation (convenction) -- using contrailed cloud for the job.

Dick Eastman's complete guide to "weaponized" clandestine weather modification now being used for private profit, geopolitical control, and public distraction and total control over the lives of weather dependent peoples of the planet.


Similar modeling of complex phenomena with world-wide detailed real-time input of data also makes possible the intensification and aiming of earthquakes -- again by intensifying with small stimulating events at exactly the right location and moment to effect gigantic effects at some pre-determined elsewhere -- although you will have to search the web for accounts of research in this field and educated guesses about the extent to which the technology has already figured in recent earthquake disasters. I mention this only because there is the very strange coincidence that the reversal of the earths poles which happens only over intervals of millions of years -- is said to be happening just ten years after the dawn of the possibility of this kind of technology -- does anyone understand "calling the odds" on that happening???

[Where are all the scientific "know it alls" that used to dominate the web and the newsgroups??? I would like to talk to some know-it-alls now.]

{I write this mindful that telling yet something else far outside your experience will once more seriously affect my credibility with many readers -- however I have given the science and the known information about acutal programs and operations and so make
no apology.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

Dear friends and all:

From: LocoWrPony
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 01:01:43 EDT
Subject: Something IS UP!

Lou Dobbs on CNN tonight reported that the magnetosphere over the
Atlantic rift has deteriorated significantly; and that the weakening magnetosphere is setting us up for apossible pole shift. It was said on this program that the deterioration is faster than it would be "had we just turned it off." I.E., an outside force is the way I read it.

In other words, there is something out there. Now, if you haven't taken this "chicken little" seriously yet, go to http://www.zetatalk.com to learn more. And, watch your sunsets.

Coincidentally, we used to have to go out in the back yard to see the
north star. Now, we have to walk (west) into the front yard to see it.
I know, I know, I'm CRAZY -- but, don't take my word for it - the evidence is umistakably evident.

Best regards, and don't forget to pray,

Informant: Let's Make Change

DNA Fingerprinting Trend Threatens Genetic Privacy


Informant: m macleod

A Brief Analysis of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act 2003, Also Known as Patriot Act II


Informant: m macleod

Plastic and the Microwave

PLASTIC & MICROWAVE: Carcinogens - At 10,000,000 Times FDA Limits" (excerpt)

Plastic and the Microwave! It's amazing what a curious student can
learn. As a seventh grade student, Claire Nelson learned that diethylhexyladepate (DEHA), considered a carcinogen, is found in plastic wrap. She also learned that the FDA had never studied the effect of microwave cooking on plastic-wrapped food. Claire began to wonder: Can cancer-causing particles seep into food covered with household plastic wrap while it is being microwaved?

Three years later, with encouragement from her high school science teacher, Claire had an idea for studying the effect of microwave radiation on plastic-wrapped food, but she did not have the equipment. Eventually, Jon Wilkes at the National Center for Toxicological Research in Jefferson, Arkansas, agreed to help her. The research center, which is affiliated with the FDA, let her use its facilities to perform her experiments, which involved microwaving plastic wrap in virgin olive oil.

Claire tested four different plastic wraps and found not just the carcinogens but also xenoestrogen was migrating into the oil. Xenoestrogens are linked to low sperm counts in men and to breast cancer in women.

Throughout her junior and senior years, Claire made a couple of
trips each week to the research center, which was 25 miles from her home, to work on her experiment. An article in Options reported her analysis found that DEHA was migrating into the oil at between 200 parts and 500 parts per million. The FDA standard is 0.05 parts per billion. Her summarized results have been published in science journals.

Carcinogens - At 10,000,000 Times FDA Limits"
Options May 2000.
Published by People Against Cancer, 515-972-4444.

Claire Nelson received the American Chemical Society's top science prize for students during her junior year and fourth place at the International Science and Engineering Fair (Fort Worth, Texas) as a senior. On Channel 2 (Huntsville, AL) this morning they had a Dr. Edward Fujimoto from Castle Hospital on the program. He is the manager of the Wellness Program at the hospital. He was talking about dioxins and how bad they are for us. He said that we should not be heating our food in the Microwave using plastic containers.
This applies to foods that contain fat. He said that the combination of fat, high heat and plastics releases; dioxins into the food and ultimately into the cells of the body. Dioxins are carcinogens and highly toxic to the cells of our bodies...

Omega: best for your health to avoid microwave cooking at all; more under:

Is killing endangered animals the best way to protect them?

Preserving Tiger Species ... as Rugs?

Is killing endangered animals the best way to protect them? Under the Bush administration, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) seems to think so.

Find out more by watching this humorous clip about the Preservator 3000 -- the newest weapon being used to destroy the Endangered Species Act (ESA): http://www.care2.com/go/z/15820

A new FWS proposal to the ESA would legalize commercial exploitation of endangered species. If we don't act quickly, it will be LEGAL to import endangered species into the US without a permit.

History has shown that promoting endangered species trade leads to overexploitation, increased poaching and illegal activity. The proposed change creates a direct incentive to speed up the pace of extinction of more than 550 foreign species currently protected by the ESA. We must stop this attack on the ESA!

You can help:
1. Learn more & Take Action: http://www.care2.com/go/z/15820
2. Once you have watched the Preservator 3000 info film, send it to your friends & family who care about the future of wildlife!

More U.S. Torture Reported in Iraq


Against Electronic "Virtual Voting"

TAKE ACTION Against Electronic "Virtual Voting"

Action Opportunities for securing your VOTE:

1. Call Robert Ney and bust HR2239 out of committee.

2. Write a Letter to John Kerry and tell him to speak out on the issue.

3. Background Flyer to print out and pass around.

1. Robert Ney, the neysayer.

Congressman Robert Ney blocking HR2239 and putting democracy on hold for Diebold HR2239, the bill that would mandate a paper record for paperless "virtual voting" systems, now has 143 co-sponsors - Gosh, do you think it'll pass?

It may, but if it doesn't come to the House floor for a vote before the August recess, it's a gonner.


Ohio Congressman (Diebold) Blocking HR2239
Pass this on! He needs to get about a million phone calls.

Call Congress Toll Free:

What/Who is holding up HR2239??????
The Committe Chairman of the House Administration:, thats who!
A republican whose state is the home for DIEBOLD Election Systems!
Bob Ney, Republican for Ohio.

Call Bob Ney or his office and tell him you want a Voter Verified Paper Ballot in time for November 2004! Tell him you hold him personally responsible for impeding YOUR democracy!

Call toll free at 1-800-839-5276


H.R. 2239 is presently in the Committee on House Administration: Republican Rep. Robert W. Ney,(OH) is the Chairman. Here is Rep Bob Ney's March 3rd statement as to his opinion of a Voter Verified Paper Ballot:

Dear Colleague:

As the principal authors of the Help America Vote Act (Public Law 107-252) (HAVA), signed into law by President Bush on October 29, 2002, we feel compelled to express our concerns about recent legislative efforts that promise enhanced electronic voting system security. Various proposals have been introduced in the House and Senate, but a common feature of these bills is they would amend HAVA to require that all voting systems, including electronic and computer-based systems, produce or accommodate a "voter verified paper record."

"Not only are such proposals premature, but they would undermine essential HAVA provisions, such as the disability and language minority access requirements, and could result in more, rather than less, voter disenfranchisement and error..."


District Offices Contact:
E-mail: bobney@m...
District Offices TOLL FREE: 1-866-4-OHIO-18

Phone: 202.225.6265 | Fax: 202.225.3394 | E-mail: bobney@mail.house.gov


2. Send a letter to John Kerry
Tell Kerry to protect your vote against the threat of electronic voting.

Send a Free Fax by putting this in your email's "send" box and click "send". Sometimes the fax doesn't work, if it doesn't try again later or call Kerry's office.




Dear Senator Kerry,

Recently you and Senator Edwards visited Florida and pledged to its voters, that every vote will be counted. I've also read that you have been organizing a legal task force to deal with any voting irregularities. While dealing with voting irregularities and voter disenfranchisement "after the fact" is necessary, I encourage you to take more pro-active measures to make sure that every vote is counted and every voter is allowed to vote.

In Florida and in many other parts of the country, many counties are using paperless electronic voting systems, 'virtual voting' as I like to call it. When these machines have no paper record of the voter's intent, it is only the virtual data that decides the end count. It's hard to imagine a rigorous recount done with only virtual data and I wonder how accurate the vote counts will be using paperless systems.

Some say that paperless voting is reliable, but I find that hard to believe. Recently, it's been reported that a popular kind of E-Voting system in Florida and elsewhere, the iVotronic from ES&S, has a problem with the accuracy of its internal audit procedures.

When the battery is low, the machine scrambles its serial number, making the distinction as to 'which machines had how many votes' impossible. ES&S says that this 'audit bug' does not affect the actual vote count, only if we want to double check and do an audit. This is but one of many serious problems that are being discovered each day with these systems.

Many election officials are telling the people to trust paperless voting, but how can we trust these systems, when it is impossible to prove our votes actually exist.

Senator Kerry, time is running out for any meaningful safeguards to be implemented before November. If you want all of our votes to be counted and counted accurately, one thing you can do is to co-sponsor S1980, which would mandate a paper record for every vote cast on E-Voting machines.

You need to speak out now about the need for better security standards and auditing procedures for electronic voting systems, otherwise the problems of 2004 will make 2000 look like a walk in the park.

If S1980 and HR2239, its House counterpart, do not pass, the results of the election cannot be seriously validated. Without these bills immediately enacted to safeguard our most fundamental democratic right, voter confidence in the US electoral process, will greatly diminish.

I hope you will speak out about this issue to your colleagues in the Senate to provide leadership in securing the integrity of our votes.


Put this in your email's "send" box and the email will turn into a
free fax.



John Kerry for President, Inc.
P.O. Box 34640
Washington, DC 20043
202-712-3001 (fax

Washington D.C.
304 Russell Bldg.
Third Floor
Washington D.C. 20510
(202) 224-2742 - Phone
(202) 224-8525 - Fax



Print this out and take it to your local bullentin board or coffee

Election 2004:
How many bugs does it take to destroy your democracy?

Did you know that since 2002, most US election systems have been "upgraded" to paperless 'virtual voting' with faulty new systems that constantly break down?

Some produce no paper copy of votes, which makes a recount impossible. Obviously, this could cause problems if the vote is close like in Florida in 2000.

These brand-new machines have been breaking down all across the country, stopping and stalling elections, blowing circuits, and 'glitching' votes out of existence.

In the recent primaries at least 10,000 voters in California, in 5 different counties, could not vote because of a wide range of technical failures. In New Mexico in 2002, 12,000 votes failed to be counted. In Florida in 2000, one machine even registered MINUS 12,000 votes for Al Gore!

How does such junk end up counting your vote?

Michael I. Shamos, a computer expert speaking before a House subcommittee hearing, said the testing and certification process for electronic voting systems "is not only broken, but is virtually nonexistent".

Both optical scan and touch-screen election systems have severe, unresolved security and accuracy flaws that are not being remedied.

Computer scientists at John Hopkins University and other institutions have demonstrated that any amateur software programmer can hack in and out of these systems within minutes.

What about fraud?

Mike Devereaux, a salesman for a major E-voting vendor, had this to say:

"The problem with touch-screens as vote counters is that they can be easily manipulated."

How many software bugs does a paper ballot have?

In 2001, a CalTech/MIT study found that, of all voting systems used in the United States, hand-counted paper ballots have the lowest average incidence of spoiled, uncounted, and unmarked ballots.

What are you going to do when your vote disappears on election day?

It's your right as a citizen to decide who counts your vote and how. Congress is not ensuring fair and accurate elections, free from machine breakdowns or "virtual vote" manipulation.

Make a difference:

Take the election back into YOUR hands.

Please visit the following websites to find out how you can help:

Informant: elelpho

Sailing Toward a Storm in China


Informant: kevcross5

Creation and current practices of the Federal Reserve and of the US Banking system

I hope your news service has a way of posting audio recordings for one of the most stunning disclosures I have ever heard about the creation and current practices of the Federal Reserve and of our Banking system.

In case you don't have a way of providing sound in your web site, following is a link to "AUTO GENERATOR" the Internet company I use to very simply and inexpensivelly record the audio clips I provide to our Yahoo Group. Following is a link I have of a sample web site http://www.gaylmurphy.com/ and, following, is the link to the company:

The following audio clip I received contains stunning disclosures about the Federal Reserve and the reasons for it's creations.

I'm not sending this to "illuminate" us about the subject. Most of us already know the basics of this matter. People need to, however, have perpectives which will explain how we got to our current predicaments. MOST IMPORTANTLY, at the end, it addresses what we can do, collectively to get out of it.

It is presented in very simple to understand language that most of us can follow.

What we can do about it, will be address at the end of the clip which is EXACTLY the concept I am using in creating an effort I call "The EFFECT Network".

My final request, which would not be needed if you listen to the information, is that you PASS THIS ON TO ALL YOU KNOW.

It will start a bit lighthearted, for the first couple of minutes - even the title is lighthearted - but some very serious disclosures soon follow. Click on either:

http://www.reconveyit.com/creature.wma or

Jack Topel

Tell Forest Service to Stay Out of Tongass Roadless Areas

Forest Service Opens Remarkable Roadless Rainforest Area to Chainsaws

Despite overwhelming public sentiment against it, the Forest Service announced the first timber sale in a part of the Tongass National Forest that has been protected from new roads and commercial logging.

The Threemile timber sale on lush Kuiu Island is an outrageous surrender of protection for profit. It is almost certainly only the first of many such assaults on Tongass roadless areas. Please tell the Chief of the U.S. Forest Service today how strongly you oppose this roadless area timber sale.

You can take immediate action from

About Tongass Roadless Areas

When the last Administration signed the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, America's largest national forest, the Tongass in southeast Alaska, was the major beneficiary. In all, the roadless rule declared 58.5 million acres of roadless national forest land off limits to commercial logging and to most new road construction. Together with the Chugach National Forest in south-central Alaska, our second largest, these two accounted for one quarter of the roadless lands protected under the milestone rule.

Even though millions of Americans spoke in support of the roadless area protection rule, the Bush Administration exempted the two Alaska forests from the rule a year ago. And, as we reported to you yesterday in a special WildAlert bulletin, the administration has now unveiled a scheme to repeal the rule entirely.

The Tongass sale is the first since that exemption. Combined with the plan to repeal the roadless rule, it is an ugly harbinger of what's in store for other pristine areas of our national forests across the country.

The Forest Service is planning 50 timber sales for Tongass roadless areas over the next 10 years, this at a time when the market for Tongass logs is so poor that the Forest Service is actually letting loggers surrender timber sales they've already bought.

Coastal Rainforest, Pristine No More

The Threemile timber sale would log over 650 acres of now-pristine coastal rainforest. The project entails 8 miles of new road, slashing into the Kuiu Island's remarkable Rocky Pass and Camden areas, a wonderfully scenic complex of lush green islands, deep blue fiords and rock-filled channels. Once the first logging road enters an area, it's usually just a matter of time before it is extensively clearcut.

The island is within the traditional territory of the Kake Tlingit people who have long depended on its splendid habitat for hunting, fishing and gathering wild food and medicines.

Rocky Pass, with its unusual and scenic rock formations, is a world-class sea-kayaking area and a popular destination for guided kayak tours. Productive saltwater bays in the targeted area provide local commercial fishers from surrounding communities crab, shrimp, salmon and halibut. Its wildlife roster is a mini-catalog of Alaskan species: wolf, moose, bear, marten, river otter, beaver, Sitka black-tailed deer, goshawk, bald eagle. Sandhill cranes, Canada geese and several other species of waterfowl use and nest in the area.

Propping Up An Industry To Cut It All Down

It is tragically ironic that logging on the Tongass is a large-scale money-loser without taxpayer subsidies for building logging roads. The House of Representatives voted in mid-June to end precisely those subsidies on the Tongass. (The Senate has yet to pass a similar measure.)

A second roadless sale, the Gravina Island timber sale, is lurking in the wings and is likely to be announced shortly. It, too, would have been prohibited by the roadless rule and would be similarly uneconomic without your tax dollars.

How You Can Help: Contact The Forest Service Today

It is terribly important to register our strong disapproval of this decision with the man who made it, Dale Bosworth, the Chief of the U.S. Forest Service. You can send that message to him immediately at

If you'd like to write your own message, in your own words (and we hope you will!) there's a sample message below with the major points.

You can also call Chief Bosworth's office and tell him that you oppose ALL logging projects in roadless areas of the Tongass National Forest, including the Threemile sale and the proposed Gravina Island timber project.

Contact Information

Dale Bosworth
Chief, U.S. Forest Service
201 14th Street SW
Washington, D.C. 20250
E-mail: dbosworth@fs.fed.us
Phone: 202-205-1661
Fax: 202- 205-1765

Sample Letter

Dear Chief Bosworth:

I strongly oppose your decision on the Threemile logging project in the Tongass National Forest and I urge you to reconsider it. I support, equally strongly, the protection of all roadless areas remaining on the Tongass. I urge you to reject any proposal to clearcut and develop pristine areas of the Tongass.

The Threemile project hurts taxpayers, harms our nation and should not proceed. The Tongass is both our largest National Forest and the largest temperate zone rainforest on the planet. We should guard its values jealously and pass these wild and unroaded places on to the next generation in the hope that they will be wiser than we seem to be about their care. The Forest Service should not allow logging in the beautiful Rocky Pass or Camden areas.

Logging roadless areas of the Tongass is a supremely bad decision. It is one that Americans should not have to pay for, either in subsidies or through the loss of irreplaceable wildness and wildlife.

Thank you for your consideration.

(Your name and address)

Butler shows BBC was right - Dyke


Informant: Dian Davies

Viele Länder ärmer als vor zehn Jahren

UN-Bericht: Viele Länder ärmer als vor zehn Jahren

Berlin (dpa) - In vielen Teilen der Welt ist der Lebensstandard heute niedriger als im Jahr 1990. Nach einem Bericht der Vereinten Nationen, der am Donnerstag in Berlin vorgestellt wurde, ist der Durchschnittsbürger in 46 Ländern der Welt heute ärmer als in den neunziger Jahren.

Nach dem «Human Development Index» (HDI), der sich vorwiegend über das Pro-Kopf-Einkommen, die Lebenserwartung und den Bildungsstand der Bevölkerung errechnet, haben seit 1990 weltweit 20 Ländern einen Entwicklungsrückschritt zu beklagen. Damit sei der Index in einer größeren Anzahl von Ländern gesunken als je zuvor, heißt es im Jahresbericht des UN-Entwicklungsprogramms (UNDP).

Betroffen seien in erster Linie die Länder im südlichen Afrika. So sei etwa die Lebenserwartung - vor allem durch die Ausbreitung von Aids - in acht afrikanischen Ländern auf 40 Jahre oder weniger gesunken.

Dadurch stehen auch die so genannten Millenniumsziele zur Bekämpfung von Armut, Krankheit und Analphabetismus in Frage, die die Staats- und Regierungschefs beim UN-Gipfel 2000 beschlossen hatten. Beim derzeitige Entwicklungstempo würde das Ziel, allen Kindern eine grundlegende Schulbildung zu gewähren, statt 2015 erst im Jahr 2129 erreicht, heißt es im UN-Bericht. Die Senkung der Kindersterblichkeit um zwei Drittel würde erst im Jahr 2106 verwirklicht.

Bevor die Millenniumsziele erreichen werden könne, müsse die Welt aber eine «integrative, kulturell vielfältige Gesellschaft» schaffen, schreibt UNDP-Administrator Mark Malloch Brown im Vorwort. Daher gibt der Bericht Handlungsempfehlungen, mit denen die Unterdrückung und Ausgrenzung ethnischer Minderheiten bekämpft werden sollen. Sie reichen von einer zweisprachigen Bildung bis hin zur doppelten Staatsbürgerschaft. Bundesentwicklungsministerin Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul (SPD) sagte, Entwicklung sei «ein Prozess der Erweiterung der Wahlmöglichkeiten von Menschen».

Die größte Lebensqualität unter 177 untersuchten Ländern hat nach wie vor Norwegen. Mit dem höchsten HDI-Wert führen die Norweger vor Schweden, Australien, Kanada und den Niederlanden. Deutschland belegt derzeit den 19. Rang. Beim Pro-Kopf-Einkommen liegt Deutschland mit durchschnittlich 27 100 US-Dollar pro Jahr sogar auf dem 14. Platz. Bei der Gleichberechtigung hat Deutschland hingegen Nachholbedarf: Beim Einkommen der Frauen im Vergleich zum Gehalt der Männer belegen die Deutschen hinter der Ukraine und Kolumbien nur den 83. Platz.

Informant: Norbert Schneider


I'm transcribing below Dr. Don MacAuley of MAIM (Mast Action in Meath; earlier ref. to MAIM archived 19/11/02 at Citizens Initiative Omega) published response yesterday in THE IRISH TIMES to last Monday's letter written by Bob Hanna, Ireland's Dep. of Communications Chief Technical Adviser. Unlike Mr. Hanna's earlier letter in defense of the safety of Irish telecommunications however Dr. MacAuley's was not given the lead position in THE IRISH TIMES Letters section. A small point, but strategically a pointed one, so it niggles!

Best, Imelda, Cork.

THE IRISH TIMES, Thursday, July 15, 2004


Madam, - Department of Communications Chief Technical Adviser Bob Hanna's honourable defence of the mobile phone industry (July 13th) omits several important points. Most obviously, he fails to mention an immense competing interest.

The Government, Mr. Hanna's employer, recently sold off 3G mobile phone licences, earning the Exchequer an estimated [euros]400 million since 2002. Moreover, there is growing concern among the medical and scientific community that microwave radiation is linked to serious health damage.

The Freiburg Appeal endorsed by over 1,000 doctors in Germany declared that emissions from mobile phones and masts were linked to a "dramatic rise in severe and chronic diseases", including learning, concentration and behavioural disorders, brain-degenerative diseases and cancer.

But Mr. Hanna, who is responsible for the implementation of the current emission guidelines (ICNIRP), continues to reassure us. However, these are the same guidelines that the Salzburg Resolution recommended should be 9,000 times lower than at present. The Salzburg Resolution was written by scientists from 10 countries in June 2000.

He also referes to a World Health Organisation (WHO) expert committee when the head of the WHO, Gro Harlem Brundland, recently cautioned parents about their children's use of mobile phones. The director general went on to declare that she does not own a phone and has banned the use of them in her office.

Mobile phone technology is a very new science and there is conflicting evidence to its safety. Surely we should be erring on the side of caution when there are so many reports of damage to health.

Last month, an eminent Australian neurosurgeon confirmed a 21 per cent increase in brain tumours in children. Dr. Charlie Teo is concerned about the influence of mobile phone radiation on these statistics.

In addition, Russia has banned the use of mobile phones among under-16s. Mr Hanna may be technically correct when he says there is no definitive proof of harm from non-ionising radiation but this is certainly not proof of safety.
And the Government has 400 million good reasons not to adopt the precautionary principle regarding phones and masts. With the State's plan to generate another [euros]100 million from leasing public buildings for more transmitters, it is difficult to see how Government experts can look at the science independently or objectively.

Unfortunately, like the tobacco industry, it appears that only injured people testifying in court will provide definitive proof that mobile phones and masts are damaging our health. - Yours, etc.,

Church Hill, Navan, Co. Meath."

Collusion and Corruption in GM Policy


Pharmapflanzen mit menschlichen Genen unverantwortlich

Das Fraunhofer-Institut will Medikamente auf dem Acker herstellen. Mittels genmanipulierter Maispflanzen sollen Impfstoffe und Medizin gegen Aids, Tollwut, Diabetes und Tuberkulose hergestellt werden. Eine Verunreinigung von Nahrungsmitteln ist unvermeidbar. Damit drohen neue Lebensmittelskandale wie z.B. mit Tollwut-Impfstoff verunreinigte Corn Flakes.

Lesen Sie weiter unter:

Funkwellen vom Handy schädigen das Erbgut

Nach einer neuen EU-geförderten Studie verursachen elektromagnetische Felder, wie sie beim Handy-Telefonat entstehen, Veränderungen am Erbgut. Diese Veränderungen sind ähnlich, wie wir sie von der Röntgenstrahlung kennen und wurden in mehreren Untersuchungen durch unterschiedliche Institute bestätigt:


A Deluge of Bad Advice and Statistics

by Col. Dan Smith

Foreign Policy in Focus, June 29, 2004

Col. Smith analyzes recent events in Iraq, including recently released legal memoranda on the Bush Administration's detention policy, the new "Patterns of Global Terrrorism 2003" report, and other trends in the Iraqi occupation.

Excerpt: "...[T]he revelations concerning standards of conduct in interrogations were but one part of the week's bad news. Almost lost in this torrent of interrogation-related papers was the State Department's re-issue of a corrected "Patterns of Global Terrorism 2003" report. The original version, which was released April 29, indicated a drop in total terror incidents and overall casualties. The revised report showed an increase in the number of 2003 incidents from even a revised 2002 baseline, a larger increase in 'significant' incidents, and a sharp rise in the numbers injured in terror attacks."

Read the full article at: http://www.fpif.org/papers/0406deluge.html

Informant: Friends Committee on National Legislation

Screaming Silence: When Words Don't Count

by Dan Smith

Global Beat Syndicate, June 28, 2004

Col. Dan Smith deconstructs the Administration's convoluted and
contradictory policies on treatment of detainees and use of torture.

Excerpt: "The Justice Department memorandum published early this month in the Washington Post implies that there is a threshold of pain that must be crossed for torture to exist, pain 'equivalent in intensity to the pain accompanying serious physical injury, such as organ failure, impairment of bodily function, or even death.'

Similarly, psychological assaults that do not result in 'significant' long-term damage (which could not be known until the 'long-term' is reached) are not torture.

These opinions, together with the claim that the president in his role as commander-in-chief is not bound by either U.S. or international rules prohibiting torture, run directly counter to what the Army teaches its interrogators, counter to what U.S. practice has been for more than three decades, and counter to what the nations of the world, including the United States, have agreed to in the Geneva Conventions. If the United States claims exemption or immunity for 'national security,' what is to prevent other commanders-in-chief from doing the same?"

To read the full article, click here:

Informant: fcnl-prevent-war

How a century of destruction has laid bare the world's rainforests

by Steve Connor, Science Editor

10 July 2004

Exposed: how M&S uses wood from rainforests

How a century of destruction has laid bare the world's rainforests

It is estimated that an area of rainforest the size of Poland - some 78 million acres of land - is destroyed each year by logging, mining, farming, fire and other human activities.

Rainforests cover about 2 per cent of the earth's surface yet they harbour the greatest concentration of wildlife on earth, which led Norman Myers, the Oxford environmentalist, to describe them as "the finest celebration of nature ever known on the planet".

Between 40 and 50 per cent of all known and yet-to-be-discovered species are thought to live in the relatively small space stretching from the forest undergrowth to the tree canopy.

The richest rainforests occur in tropical climates - as opposed to the cooler rainforests of more temperate regions -- which stretch along the equator from South America and Africa to east Asia. The Amazon is home to the biggest tropical rainforest on earth but has been subjected to one of the most sustained deforestation programmes in recent history.

Last May, a team of American and Brazilian scientists found that the rate of deforestation in the Amazon has accelerated significantly since 1990 despite claims by the government in Brasilia that it is trying to curb both legal and illegal logging.

William Laurance, an expert on rainforest destruction at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, said forest loss has shot up by 50 per cent in the southern and eastern regions of the Amazon since 2002.

"The recent deforestation numbers are just plain scary. During the past two years nearly 12 million acres of rainforest have been destroyed - that's equivalent to about 11 football fields a minute," he said.

Scientists link the increase in deforestation to Brazil's $40bn (£22bn) development drive, launched in 2000 to build new roads, power lines, gas pipelines, hydroelectric power stations and river-drainage schemes.

Brazilian politicians argued that the development wasneeded to lift millions of people with no access to basic sanitation or education out of poverty. However, some scientists believe land speculation and the rapid expansion of soybean farming and cattle ranching has led to a deforestation rush.

Philip Fearnside, of Brazil's National Institute for Amazonian Research, explained: "Soybean farms cause some forest clearing directly, but they have a much greater impact by consuming cleared land, savannah and transitional forests, thereby pushing ranchers and slash-and-burn farmers even deeper into the forest frontier.

"Soybean farming also provides a key economic and political impetus for new highways and infrastructure projects, which accelerate deforestation by other actors," he said.

History has shown that whenever a road is built through pristine rainforest, deforestation of the surrounding area quickly follows with miners and illegal loggers finding it easier to move in with heavy equipment.

Illegal logging for tropical hardwood is particularly difficult to police given the remoteness of the locations and the ease with which it can be done with chainsaws and trucks.

Mark Cochrane of Michigan State University said that these initial forays into a pristine forest often go unnoticed by satellite observations: "When you view these forests from a distance, they look OK, but when you stand in them, you can see they've been thinned, and that they've changed," he said.

"You can see how they've been chewed up. It's like they have holes punched in them. These holes can make a rainforest dry out and be vulnerable to fire," he added.

Fire is perhaps the most destructive force in rainforest ecology. Both deliberate and unintentional fires are devouring millions of acres each year.

"These rainforest fires are much more frequent than these ecosystems can resist. These fires are flying under the radar and people don't realise what's happening," Dr Cochrane said.

Furthermore, a study by the University of Sao Paulo and the Smithsonian Institution has found evidence that rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere - caused by global industrial pollution - cause some trees to grow faster at the expense of others, potentially destabilizing the ecosystem.

"In general, large, fast-growing trees are winning at the expense of smaller trees that live in the forest understorey," said Alexandre Oliveira at Sao Paulo.


• Brazil's rainforest is the world's biggest, covering two million square miles of the Amazon river basin

• Brazil is top of the list for deforestation with more than 2.5 million hectares (6.2 million acres) being lost each year

• Indonesia is second, losing more than a million hectares of rainforest, followed by the Congo, Bolivia, Mexico, Venezuela, Malaysia, Burma, Sudan and Thailand

• Computer models suggest there will be no rainforests left in 50 years

• Sixty per cent of the anti-cancer drugs developed over the past 10 years come from tropical forests.

• An area the size of Mexico and Indonesia combined lost its rainforest over the past 15 year

Informant: NHNE


Contact: Jessica Smith or Bess Bezirgan
Friday July 16, 2004
Fenton Communications, (202) 822-5200


Leading investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has told the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that videotapes were made of young boys being sodomized at Abu Ghraib prison. The Bush administration is holding videotapes of these acts, said Hersh, a regular contributor to the New Yorker and other publications and who spoke this week at the ACLU’s annual membership conference.

"The worst is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking," Hersh told the group, adding that there was "a massive amount of criminal wrongdoing that was covered up at the highest command out there, and higher."

President Bush has claimed that the prison abuse scandal in Iraq was just "conduct by a few American troops." But new reports of abuse provide evidence that the controversial intimidation tactics and inhuman treatment may have been approved at the highest levels of government. Congress is continuing to investigate the scandal.

Hersh’s latest information comes on the heels of a newly released 2002 Pentagon memo detailing that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld personally authorized the use of controversial prisoner interrogation tactics, including the use of dogs for intimidation, stripping prisoners of clothes and hooding them. Rumsfeld also ordered military officials to hold prisoners but not list them on prisoner rolls requested by the International Red Cross. And according to Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, who was the head of detention operations at Abu Ghraib, Rumsfeld "approved tactics at the prison" directly. As Newsweek reports, these memos and orders were signed off on by Rumsfeld, President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft and were part of a "secret system of detention and interrogation that opened the door to such methods" of abuse as seen in Iraq.

To see video of Hersh's speech before the ACLU, go to

Angst vor Mobilfunk

Angst als ein Bestandteil der menschlichen Natur, einer drohenden Gefahr aus dem Weg zu gehen, ist ein essentieller Faktor des menschlichen Wesens, zumal bei vielen, bereits mobilfunkgeschädigten Menschen, aus der "Angst" vor der drohenden Gefahr, eine Gewissheit geworden ist. Es wird immer nur von "Angst vor Mobilfunkstrahlung" gesprochen, fast aber nie über die Schäden, die durch Mobilfunk bereits bei Mensch, Tier und Natur eingetreten sind. Bei Schäden im Bereich der Tiere und der Natur kann man ja wohl kaum von diffusen Ängsten sprechen, oder?

Dass die Angst der Bevölkerung vor Mobilfunk ihre Berechtigung hat, zeigen die vielen mobilfunkkritischen wissenschaftlichen Studien zu diesem Thema, sowie die überaus zahlreichen Berichte vieler mobilfunkgeschädigter Menschen aus aller Welt. Die Tendenz der Mobilfunkbefürworter die Geschädigten als "Hypochonder" oder "Angstneurotiker" einzustufen, entbehrt jeder Grundlage und entlarvt die Absicht der Mobilfunkbefürworter an dieser äußerst bedenklichen Technik aus Eigeninteresse, ohne Rücksicht auf andere, festzuhalten.

Nachfolgend eine umfangreiche Austellung kritischer und seriöser wissenschaftlicher Studien und Dokumentationen zum Thema "Mobilfunk", die den Seiten der Bürgerwelle e.V. entnommen sind:

http://www.buergerwelle.de/body_wissenschaft.html :

Kritik der Einschätzungen der Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit in den ICNIRP-Richtlinien für Hochfrequenz - und Mikrowellenstrahlung (100 kHz –300 GHz) von Dr. Neil Cherry - Lincoln Universität (Neuseeland) - 31.01.2000
Deutsche Übersetzung - Download PDF (1,84MB)
Quelle: http://telefonie.li

Mobilfunkstrahlung als schwerwiegendes Risiko für biologische Systeme und Gesundheit
von Dr. Neil Cherry - Lincoln Universität (Neuseeland)
Deutsche Übersetzung:


Mobilfunk und Gesundheit: Gesundheitsrisiko elektromagnetischer Felder:

Die Lehren aus der REFLEX-Studie: Besitzen hochfrequente elektromagnetische Felder ein genschädigendes Potential?

Prof. Dr. Franz X. Adlkofer


Nicht-thermaler Hitzeschock, Auswirkung von Mikrowellen
Prof. Guido Zimmer


Freiburger Appell

Bamberger Appell

TNO-Report, Niederlande


Auswirkungen von Mikrowellen auf Menschen
Forensisches Forschungsgutachten T 061-7R10/10-77F05
von William P. Kopp, A.R.E.C. Research Operations


Macht Mobilfunk krank?

Gefährdung durch elektromagnetische Felder

Warum können kleinste Leistungsflussdichten elektromagnetischer Energie große Effekte am Menschen auslösen?

Entgegnungen zu dem Artikel von Eikmann und Herr über den Freiburger Appell

Reizthema Mobil- und Kommunikationsfunk aus gesundheitlicher Sicht

Dr. Ulrich Warnke


Elektrosmog, Molekularbiologischer Nachweis über die biologische Wirkung elektromagnetischer Felder und Strahlen




Prof. Andras Varga


Die Sterblichkeit von Hühnerembryonen, die ständig GSM-Mobiltelefonen ausgesetzt waren

B.J. Youbier-Simo, J.C. Lebecq, J. Giamis, M. Bastide


Arbeitsergebnisse auf dem Kurzwellengebiet

Innersekretorische Beeinflussung der Blutungs- und Gerinnungszeit

Dr. E. Schliephake


Gesundheitsstörungen durch hochfrequente elektromagnetische Felder

Zusammenstellung von Beiträgen von Dr. med. univ. Gerd Oberfeld


Biologische Wirkungen von modulierten hochfrequenten elektromagnetischen Feldern

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Semm


dazu auch



Wie viel Elektrosmog verträgt der Mensch?

Dr. Lebrecht von Klitzing


Mobilfunk -Emmissionen und Gedächtnisleistungen

PD Dr. Rüdiger Maier


Verändert Elektrosmog unser Zeitempfinden und steigert unser aggressives Verhalten?


Hirnschäden bei Ratten durch Handy-Strahlung



Gesicherte Einflüsse elektromagnetischer Wellen - Störung der zentralnervösen Regulation

Prof. Rainer Frentzel-Beyme


Hochfrequente Strahlung und Gesundheit

Röösli, Rapp, Braun-Fahrländer


Auswirkungen von Mobilfunk-Basisstationen auf Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden

Prof. Michael Kundi

Umwelthygienische Fragen im Zusammenhang mit der Exposition gegenüber Mikrowellen

Prof. Michael Kundi

Zur Frage gesundheitlich relevanter Wirkungen von hochfrequenten elektromagnetischen Feldern des Mobilfunks

Hutter, Moshammer, Wallner, Kundi


Symptome die von Personen in der Nähe von Mobilfunk-Basisstationen empfunden werden

Prof. Roger Santini u. Kollegen


Frequenz und Leistungsfenster bei der Einwirkung von schwachen elektromagnetischen Feldern auf das Gewebe

Prof. William Ross Adey


Mechanismus der Wirkung von elektromagnetischen Feldern auf Zellen

Panagopoulos, Karabarbounis, Margaritis


Oxidativer Stress durch Mikrowellenstrahlung


Neueste Messungen (wissenschaftliches Gutachten) über die Existenz der athermischen Felder


Belastungen und Gesundheitsrisiken durch Mobilfunk-Anlagen

Dr.-Ing. Martin H. Virnich


Sammlung zu Mobilfunk

Wolfgang Maes, Sachverständiger für Baubiologie / Journalist DJV


Vorlage Mobilfunk

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen in Deutschland (ACK)


Studien u. Literaturhinweise zum Thema Mobilfunk



Elektrosmogstudien bis 2000

zusammengestellt von Josef Volsa


Englische Studien u. Literaturhinweise zum Thema Mobilfunk

Bundesweite Melatoninstudie
Medizinische Leitung: Dr. med. Hans-Christoph Scheiner

Zusammenstellung diverser Studien

Forschungsergebnisse zu biologischen Effekten niederfrequenter Strahlung im Niedrigdosisbereich

Internationale Gesellschaft für Elektrosmog-Forschung

Neue Forschungsergebnisse: Rückblick 2/2004


Krebscluster in Spanien 2000-2003

Alfonso Balmori Martínez, Biologe


60 Krebscluster in der Nähe von Funkantennen

Verdachtsfälle: Häufungen von Krebs und schweren Erkrankungen in der Nähe von Funkantennen


Studien, die die Schädlichkeit hochfrequenter elektromagnetischer Felder belegen


Machen Handies und ihre Sender krank?

Dr. Ferdinand Ruzicka



Wichtige Mobilfunk-Literatur

Gefährdung der Volksgesundheit


Ergebnisse der Rinderstudie

Wenzel, Wöhr

Tiere und Mobilfunk u.a. "Rinderstudie"

British Columbia to sell coal-rich land near Glacier National Park

British Columbia's oil and gas commissioner said this week that the Canadian province will sell parcels of coal-rich land north of Glacier National Park, despite U.S. concerns about the effect on water quality...


Carbon Dioxide Emissions May Harm Ocean Life


Whale Sonar Deaths Bring Threat of Navy Lawsuit



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