Greenpeace Jaguars in Action Now

Salta, Northwest Argentina

And we're off! The motorbike riding Greenpeace Jaguars have just gone into action http://www.greenpeace.org/international_en/. The bulldozers are moving in, but the volunteers on their motorbikes are blocking them. We're stopping them from destroying the whole forest!!!!

I need you to join the Greenpeace Jaguars from wherever you are right now. Please, don't wait even a minute:

Call your Argentinian Embassy now, and ask that the President of Argentina, Néstor Kirchner, introduces a moratorium on deforestation. Then please let us know what the embassy said.

Click here: http://prefs.greenpeace.org/mail-links/clicks/1683.1056658.5409
and find the phone number of the Argentinian Embassy in your country.

In Argentina, 75% of our native forests have already disappeared, and every hour the equivalent of 20 football pitches (soccer fields, for you North Americans) of forest is destroyed to grow transgenic soya. The damage is irreversible, and today an area the size of Germany is at risk. In the last month, a provincial government has sold off a natural reserve to companies planning to sow GM soya - an unprecedented act. This cannot carry on! That's why the Greenpeace Jaguars have gone into action to defend Northwest Argentina's remaining forest.

I'm also asking if you could send on this email to your closest contacts and friends, to those who share with you the desire to defend the forest, in every corner of the world. The participation via email of many people like you has succeeded before in stopping other cases of deforestation. This time too, we're going to win!

Please help us. The destruction of the forests in Northwest Argentina means the loss of thousands of animal and plant species, the degradation of the soil and its contamination thanks to the use of pesticides, as well as hundreds of indigenous and local people losing their homes.

Ask President Kirchner to declare a moratorium on deforestation for the entire country! I know I can count on your participation.

Thank you,

Emiliano Ezcurra
Forest Campaign Coordinator
Greenpeace Argentina

P.S: with two simple actions you can help stop an environmental crime.

* Call President Néstor Kirchner and ask him to declare a moratorium on forest destruction in Argentina. Click here
http://prefs.greenpeace.org/mail-links/clicks/1684.1056658.5409 and find the phone number of the Argentinian Embassy in your country.

* The second action is more important than you think. It just involves forwarding this email to your friends so that they know what's happening in our country, and asking them to act too.


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