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Within the next few days, the House will face another watershed vote in the fight to keep us both Safe and Free.

As early as tomorrow, the House is likely to vote on an amendment to the annual appropriations bill for the Justice Department that would forbid the government from using any money to use the USA PATRIOT ACT to search your library and book-buying records without probable cause of crime.

Last year, the House stunned the Ashcroft Justice Department by overwhelmingly voting for an amendment that would repeal "sneak and peek" provisions of the Patriot Act. Unfortunately, the congressional leadership killed the amendment before it became law.

Act Now! This week, the House can send another important message to the Bush Administration, which is pushing hard to have the Patriot Act made permanent. Click below to read more about the freedom to read amendment and to send an email to your Member of Congress:


Immer mehr Menschen auf Lebensmittelspenden angewiesen

Arbeitslosengeld II noch mehr: Immer mehr Menschen auf Lebensmittelspenden angewiesen


In Deutschland sind immer mehr Menschen auf Lebensmittelspenden angewiesen, weil ihre Einkünfte nicht mehr zum Einkaufen ausreichen. Ehrenamtliche Mitarbeiter der "Tafel" versorgen inzwischen täglich über eine halbe Million Bedürftige mit kostenlosen Lebensmitteln, die von Herstellern und Handel gespendet werden. Das berichtet das ARD-Wirtschaftsmagazin "Plusminus" in seiner Ausgabe vom Dienstag. Mit dem neuen "Arbeitslosengeld II" drohe nochmals ein massiver Anstieg...

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Activist: E-Voting to Be a 'Train Wreck'


Informant: Friends

What's At Stake

Tuesday 8:22 AM

Certain rights are supposed to be guaranteed in the United States, thanks to legislation like the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But recently, Supreme Court decisions have eroded parts of that act, including some workers' right to sue for employment discrimination; the right to bring discrimination cases to court; and a provision ensuring that older government workers have the same rights as those in private industry. Now, a bill called FAIRNESS: The Civil Rights Act of 2004 has been introduced in both the House and Senate to guarantee workers' access to courts for discrimination cases and enforce existing civil rights protections. Join Civilrights.org and tell your senators and representatives to co-sponsor or support FAIRNESS. ACT NOW:



Abu Ghraib hits home



Exporting American Abuse
Neal Peirce
Tuesday 9:48 AM

John Ashcroft picked Lane McCotter to re-open Iraq's prisons. McCotter and abuse ringleader Charles Graner both had documented histories of prison abuse here in the States. Syndicated columnist Neal Peirce looks at the how we've exported America's growing culture of prison abuse. This is not the way to expand international trade.

Verified Voting

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Omega-News Collection 6. July 2004


Contrails Over England

Chemtrail clouds conduct electromagnetic energy

Greenhouse gases "threaten Australian way of life"

Sign-on to for the protection of endangered forests

Death at sea

Help stop tourism in Greece trampling on turtles

Red Sea corals close to extinction

Urge the wood giants to help stop illegal logging

Rice wars

Environmental Hazards of War

Enviro Voting Record of YOUR Representatives

The Bush Family Fortunes

About independence

Civil Rights Act under attack -- from within

Bush's police state and Independence Day

A citizen's independence movement

Thousands of Eligible Voters on Florida Purge List

US lawmakers request UN observers for November 2 presidential election

Could 2004 be our last election?

Dissing the Republic To Save It

Celebrating our freedom

What Really Happened

A British General's View of Fahrenheit 9/11

Caught on Tape

If Iraq is a sovereign nation, why is the U.S. Military providing clearance for pictures in Iraq?

The coalition and Iraq's oil billions

Terror & regime change

Why the US can't be trusted with our personal data

Government Is Not “Us”

US soldier 'karate-kicked Iraqi prisoner'

More Than 100 Children Imprisoned

Psychological Torture

Iraqi in Abu Ghraib saw captors rape, kill detainees

Jordanian Describes Hell At US Prisons

Abu Ghraib, USA

Rumsfeld gave go-ahead for Abu Ghraib tactics, says general in charge

Are the People of the Middle East Fit for Freedom?

The Whole Truth About The Iraq War

This war on terrorism is bogus

'Fortress Washington'

The Secret Government

America has sown the seeds of civil war in Iraq

Legality of Iraq occupation 'flawed'

More Than 16,000 U.S. Service Members Wounded and Injured from Iraq War

Nation and World Pay Enormous Price for Bush's Inadequacies

When the World Said No to War

The Broken Promise of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Fight patriotism?

Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes

War On Truth Still Rages

Translator in Eye of Storm on Retroactive Classification

Another Top Bioweapons Expert Killed

PDS will Verfassungsklagen gegen Hartz IV unterstützen

Bisky: Neues Arbeitslosengeld II "unmenschlich"

Potsdam - Die PDS hat massiven Widerstand gegen die geplanten Arbeitsmarkt- und Sozialreformen angekündigt. Seine Partei werde Klagen Betroffener gegen die Hartz-IV-Reformen bis vor das Bundesverfassungsgericht unterstützen, kündigte PDS-Chef Lothar Bisky am Dienstag in Potsdam an. Die Herabstufung der Leistungen für Langzeitarbeitslose auf das Sozialhilfeniveau sei "unmenschlich", sagte Bisky. Bereits jetzt sinke in Erwartung der Reformauswirkungen die Kaufkraft, sagte Bisky weiter. (AFP)

06.07.04, 15:43 Uhr


Fight patriotism?

by Matt Haver

Intellectual Conservative


While traveling home from work I approached a rag-tag station wagon from the fast lane and, while passing, noticed the bumper sticker in the rear window. The sticker read, and I quote, 'FIGHT PATRIOTISM.' ... All I could do was shake my head in disbelief as I passed the vehicle and made my way home. But this little event got me thinking. Have we come so far in this nation where patriotism itself, once a noble virtue, has fallen under attack? And, sadly, the rather obvious answer was a resounding, 'yes...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes


Informant: Dian Davies



Children have a growing organism with its own physiology, typical only to them in terms of tissue regeneration speed, tissue and organ function, development of the immune and other systems, and mechanisms for compensation and protection of the organism from unfavorable factors of environment.

Formation of children's brain function plays a very important role. Children have a unique vulnerability.

On this basis, a conclusion was made that there is no need to restrict children from using mobile phones.






REPEAT CONSTANTLY "INNOCUOUS" (with no proof at all).


ICNIRP Statement. CONCLUSION 1. “The results of published epidemiological studies do not form a basis for health hazard assessments of exposure to RF fields, and neither can they be used for setting quantitative restrictions on human exposure. They do not provide a basis for hazard assessment in relation to the use of hand-held radiotelephones and base transmitters.”





1972. Soviet Proof That Mobile Phones Do Cause Brain Damage
· Has been requested in Luxembourg the day 24.2.2003 to the European Commission and to the WHO.

2003. Salford, Persson : 0.002 W/kg (whole body) at 24 microW/cm2
Salford et al Env. Health Persp. On line, Janvier 2003

2002. Tore, Aubineau : 0.5 W/kg (brain average)
Tore, Aubineau et al BEMS 2002

2000. Schirmacher : 0.3 W/kg (cells)
Schirmacher et al Bioelectromagnetics (2000) 21: 338-345

1990-1994. Neubauer : 2 W/kg (brain)
Neubauer et al Bioelectromagnetics (1990) 11:261-268; Radiat Res (1994) 137:52-58

1979. Frey : 75 and 100 microW/cm2
Frey Radio Sci (1979) 14:349-350; J Bioelectr (1984) 3(1/2):281-292

1977 US army scientists had succeeded in duplicating the Soviet experiments.

1972 Soviets scientists used mobile phone radiation to cause brain damage.

Message from Dr Miguel Muntané

Letter and attachment to the WHO in response to its Precautionary Framework

Pollution linked to childhood cancers

EMF - Omega - News 5. July 04

Mobile phones can cut men's fertility

SV: Israeli T.V: Mobile can cut men's fertility
This has just been presented. I got a call today from a specialist at the largest Danish hospital in Copenhagen, who told me about it. Now he believes me and will start to look into the matter.

Sianette Kwee

Sperm study, Creativity and "The largest Study" competition
BTW, When the israeli newspaper reported about this study, in addition to the warning sign (triangle with a picture of sperm + the word "Danger"), it said that in the end of this year will start "the largest study of its kind in the word, that will try to determine the danger level of the radiation. It will include no less than 250,000 people and will last for 15 years". It said that the expert that leads the research says that "the last 15 years, in which the cellular phone turned into a daily tool, are not enough in order to determine conclusively the damage level of the radiation".

So we have 2 studies "to wait for"- IARC's and the British study. Some competition.

Although there is the polish study on the polish soldiers, which lasted for 20 years, our creativity expert, Prof' Yossi Riback, head of public health school of Tel Aviv University, says that the whole story with Szmigielski study was that the soldiers complained because they wanted to improve their conditions (service conditions). He said it on T.V.

Iris Atzmon


Mobile phones can cut a man's fertility by a third

Comments Dr Miguel Muntané:




From: Deb Carney To: Roy Beavers (29.2.2000). “Our thanks to Dr. Lai, who has identified 2 papers on the effect of low intensity microwave exposure on insulin (diabetes connection), stress and sex hormones.”

“There is a paper by two Russians (Ukrainians) Navakatikian and Tomashevskaya on effects of low intensity microwave exposure on stress hormones, insulin (the hormone related to diabetes), and sex hormone. The paper is published in English (Navakatikian, M.A., and Tomashevskaya, L.A., 1994, Phasic behavioral and endocrine effects of microwaves of nonthermal intensity. In: "Biological Effects of Electric and Magnetic Fields, vol. 1", D.O. Carpenter, ed., Academic Press, San Diego, CA., pp. 333-342).” http://omega.twoday.net/stories/252799/





Free Communication

Room: HALL 3
Date: 29-06-2004 From: 15:15:00 To: 16:30:00
Session 39 - Male Fertility / Mixed Topics

162: Relationship between regular cell phone use and human semen quality
I. Fejes1, Z. Závaczki2, J. Szöllõsi3, S. Koloszár4, L. Kovács5, A. Pál6
1University of Szeged, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Szeged, Hungary


Environmental factors can be responsible for the deteriorative sperm parameters detected in the last decades. The effects of the electromagnetic field of mobile phones (»900MHz) on human spermatogenesis have not been studied yet. Our aim was to determine possible relationship between regular cell phone use and the different human semen attributes.


Localisation: University of Szeged, Dept. Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Hungary. History taking was supplemented with questions, how long patient owns mobile phone, how long it is standby in a day (in hours) near the patient, and how long it transmits daily (in minutes). Semen analyses were performed using Makler sperm counting chamber. Sperm concentration, motility according to WHO guidelines, motile sperm count and progressively motile sperm count were assessed. Comparison between non-users and very active users has been drawn. Statistical analyses were performed using SPSS 11.0 software.


A total of 451 patients were examined during the 13 months of study period. Among the 221 men corresponded the criteria and completed the study, significant correlations were found between duration of standby position and sperm concentration (r=?0.161, p=0.04) length of daily transmission and rapid progressive or slow progressive motility (r=?0.191, p=0.005; r=0.323, p<0.001, respectively) and between the duration of standby position and rapid progressive motile sperm concentration (r=?0.218, p=0.005).

Furthermore, difference was found between daylong standby and non-standby users in sperm concentration (59.11x106/ml vs 82.97x106/ml, p=0.021, N=51 vs 46) and between prolonged transmitters and non-transmitters in rapid progressive motility (36.31% vs 51.34%, p=0.007, N=16 vs 61).


The prolonged use of cell phones may have negative effect on spermatogenesis and male fertility, that presumably deteriorates both concentration and motility. Further controlled randomised studies are necessary to precise the correlation coefficients.


Informant: Reinhard Rueckemann


Mobile Phones and Children: Is Precaution Warranted?

Mobile phone safety to be investigated

High court decision - 188 cancer cases


Avoidable health crisis

WWW debuts in Moscow to packed theatre


Broadband over Power Line video available


Satellite Antenna

I have a residential satellite antenna of 12 gigahertz (LNB 900 megahertz) just next the room of my children. I want to know if it is nocive for them, and what is the distance we need for a good installation without risks of pollution.

Thank you,

Rodrigue Vincent


Omega-News Collection 28. June 2004

Omega-News Collection 2. July 2004

Greenpeace soll Gemeinnützigkeit entzogen werden

Aufgrund des anhaltenden Widerstandes gegenüber Produktion und Vertrieb von Genfood soll Greenpeace nun die Gemeinnützigkeit entzogen werden. Dies hätte zweifellos gravierende Konsequenzen für die weitere Finanzierung von Kampagnen und Aktionen.

In mehreren deutschen Ministerien wird nach Auskunft der "Welt" vom 5.7. darüber nachgedacht, wie auf diesem Weg der Widerstand gegen die Einführung von Genfood zu brechen sei. So hätte Greenpeace u.a. durch die Aussaat von Ökogetreide auf einem Gentech-Versuchsfeld einen Rechtsbruch begangen, der mit der Gemeinnützigkeit nicht vereinbar sei.

Falls diese Bemühungen erfolgreich sein / werden sollten, dann würde auf diesem Weg ein Präzedenzfall geschaffen, der auch alle anderen NGOs an die Kette legen könnte.

Mit diesem Hintergrund wäre Schadenfreude nicht gerade angesagt: mit dieser Schraube könnte auch ganz anderen Gruppen und Projekten die Luft abgeschnürt werden.

Gerhard Wendebourg

Enviro Voting Record of YOUR Representatives

What % did YOUR Representatives VOTE for/against ENVIRONMENT?

Sierra Club:

(Click & Scroll Down)

League of Conservation Voters:

(Click & Scroll Down)

Informant: bigraccoon

Environmental Hazards of War

High levels of development and industrialization make widespread devastation increasingly likely as the result of war damage to civilian facilities such as nuclear power plants, chemical plants, and dams. The devastation is not from the weapons alone but from the release - whether intentional or inadvertent - of radioactive or toxic chemicals or impounded waters. Drawing from a wide range of expert contributors from countries East, West and neutral, the books concludes with an examination of the legal, political, and related cultural approaches to mitigate the dangers...


Jordanian Describes Hell At US Prisons

Tareq Delwani / Islam Online

AMMAN, July 5 (IslamOnline.net) – Jordanian Wesam Abdul Rahman never imagined that he will end up in the notorious Guantanamo detention camp in Cuba after an odyssey that took him to other inhumane US prisons spread across Afghanistan. "As days went by, I realized that I would end up in a tomb or be sentenced to life in a US prison," Abdul Rahman said. He was released from the notorious US Guantanamo Camp in Cuba in March 2004 and flown to Jordan. What he saw in the US-run facilities out there dwarfed the unspeakable torture and abuse by US troops of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Gharib...


Save Elephants From an Untimely Death

The highly endangered Asian elephant is one of the most majestic, intelligent animals in the world.

Act now to keep baby elephants like this one in the wild where they belong:

Several Australian and New Zealand zoos plan to import nine elephants from their native Thailand in order to breed the elephants in captivity. But is placing the Asian elephant behind bars the best way to protect it?


* In the wild Asian elephants have home ranges of between 10-800 square kilomentres. The elephant enclosure at Taronga Zoo is smaller than an average football field.

* Only 20% of zoo females breed, compared to almost 100% of female elephants who breed at least once in the wild.

* Up to 25% of Asian elephant births in Europe and North America are stillborn, compared to just 2.2% in the wild.

* Captive born elephants have a 60% lower life expectancy than wild elephants.

Deprived of their habitats and social family, the elephant born in captivity is overweight, unhealthy, infertile and stressed, typically dying at 15 instead of an average lifespan of 50.

You may be the last hope for these nine elephants. Help protect these graceful creatures by letting the Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage know there is a better way.

Tell him the enormous sums of money being spent to imprison these elephants would be far better served conserving their habitats and returning rehabilitated captive elephants into the wild.

There's still time to keep these elephants out of zoos. Click here to send your letter now:

For the animals,

Fred O'Regan
President and CEO

P.S. Please forward this message to your concerned friends. You are the elephants' best hope:

Translator in Eye of Storm on Retroactive Classification


Informant: Dian Davies

Stoppt Steuerklau - Stoppt Vodafone

"Stoppt Steuerklau. Stoppt Vodafone." - Aktion in Düsseldorf! (Attac-D-Info)

Mon, 5 Jul 2004 12:31:45 +0200

*Bitte an alle Freunde, Freundinnen, Bekannte, Verwandte, KollegInnen etc. weiterleiten!*


Jetzt geht's los! Attac-Auftaktaktion zur Vodaklau-Kampagne in Düsseldorf

Mit einer spektakulären Aktion an der Vodafone-Zentrale in Düsseldorf haben Attacies heute Vormittag gegen die Steuertricks des Mobilfunkkonzerns protestiert. "Stoppt Steuerklau. Stoppt Vodafone. Her mit den Euro" stand auf dem Transparent, das Kletterer an der Fassade oberhalb des Haupteingangs entrollten. "Voda­fone macht Milliardengewinne und zahlt seinen Managern Millionenprämien. Aber ums Steuerzahlen will sich der Konzern drücken", sagte Attac-Sprecher Malte Kreutzfeldt. "Diesen Skandal wollen wir nicht hinnehmen."

Um zu zeigen, wo das Geld sitzt, das in den öffentlichen Kassen fehlt, stellten die AktivistInnen einen überdimensionierten schwarzen Geldkoffer mit der Aufschrift "20 Milliarden Euro" vor den Voda­fone-Eingang. So viel Steuern will das Unternehmen sparen, indem es Buchverluste aus der Mannesmann-Über­nahme in Höhe von 50 Milliarden abschreibt. Dadurch hätte das hoch profitable Unternehmen auf dem Papier einen riesigen Verlust und müsste auf Jahre hinaus weniger Steuern zahlen. Ob dieses Vorgehen legal ist, prüfen die Behörden derzeit; es gibt viele Hinweise, dass Vodafone bewusst getrickst hat, um den Steuervorteil zu beanspruchen.

Die heutige Pressemitteilung zu der Aktion findet sich auf der Seite der Kampagne http://www.vodaklau.de unter "Presse", so bald wie möglich auch erste Bilder.

Die heutige Aktion ist erst der Anfang: Wir haben viel Kampagnenmaterial vorbereitet und bereits an die Gruppen verteilt. Auf der Seite http://www.attac.de/vodaklau oder auch http://www.vodaklau.de gibt es jetzt viele Hintergrundinformationen zum Vodaklau, Kampagnenmaterial, Downloads, Banner, Flugis, Bastelanleitungen, einen Protest-Mailomaten und vieles mehr.

Alle, die wollen, dass Konzerne ihren gesellschaftlichen Verpflichtungen nachkommen, alle, die wollen, dass der Gesetzgeber Steuerschlupflöcher schließt, gerechte Steuergesetze erlässt und sich auch für internationale Steuergerechtigkeit einsetzt, rufen wir auf: Beteiligt Euch an den Protesten!

* Nutzt den Mailomaten auf http://www.attac.de/vodaklau. Wer über diesen Protest-E-Mail-Automaten eine Mail sendet, erreicht damit automatisch die wichtigsten Köpfe der Vodafone-Führungsetage.

* Bestellt Kampagnenmaterial und bringt es unter die Leute! Wir haben tolle Plakate vorbereitet und Flugblätter zum Herunterladen bereitgestellt.

Wichtig ist vor allen Dingen, unsere Protestpostkarten unter die Leute zu bringen. Diese Karten im Dreier-Set beinhalten u.a. auch eine vorbereitete Postkarte an Vodafone. Lasst ihren Briefkasten überquellen! Das Kampagnenmaterial kann man sich ebenfalls auf der Vodaklau-Seite im Netz ansehen, herunterladen oder bestellen! Das Material an sich ist kostenlos; es müssen lediglich Portokosten bezahlt werden. Bestellt werden kann online unter https://www.attac.de/vodaklau/material.php, telefonisch unter 069-900281-10, oder mit Hilfe des unten angehängten Coupons, entweder per Mail an info@attac.de oder per Fax an 069-900 281-99.

* Informiert Eure Freundinnen und Freunde; schickt ihnen diese Mail weiter. Je mehr Menschen sich an diesen Protesten beteiligen, umso stärkeren Druck können wir auf den Konzern und den Gesetzgeber ausüben.

Wenn Griechenland Europameister werden kann, ist alles möglich - also beteiligt Euch massenhaft! Fordern wir von Vodafone die Euro für die öffentlichen Kassen!

Mit herzlichen vodafreien Grüßen aus Frankfurt

Jule Axmann
Attac Bundesbüro
Münchener Str. 48
60329 Frankfurt/M.
Tel.: 069/900 281 - 44
Fax 069/900 281 - 99



(WICHTIG: Bitte senden an info@attac.de oder per Fax an 069-900 281-99)

Ich bestelle:

_____ Exemplar(e) 3er-Set Vodaklau-Protestpostkarten (1452)

_____ Exemplar(e) Vodaklau-Plakat 1, Motiv "Kind" (1445)

_____ Exemplar(e) Vodaklau-Plakat 2, Motiv "Jugendliche" (1446)

_____ Exemplar(e) Vodaklau-Plakat 3, Motiv "ältere Frau" (1447)

(Diese Materialien geben wir kostenlos ab; bezahlt werden müssen jedoch die Versandkosten. Diese beinhalten Porto, Verpackung und Konfektionierung und entsprechen den realen Kosten, die Attac durch den Versand entstehen. Sie müssen in jedem Fall bezahlt werden. Es lohnt sich daher, gleich mehrere Artikel zu bestellen. Mehr zu den Versandkosten unter

Quelle: Attac-d-info Nachrichtensammlung, Band 28, Eintrag 1


bigbrotherawards.at 2004

Weil der Überwachungswahn heuer besonders tolle Kapriolen schlägt, werden Vorschläge für die Awards 2004 bereits ab jetzt entgegengenommen. Reichet die Wunschkandidaten auf der Website ein und tuet es jenen gleich, die mit einem Logo und einem Link ein Zeichen setzen. Es gibt noch viel zu wenige Leute, die eine Ahnung haben, was läuft.


Mille tnx an lool.at für den Ankick!

Der Verlauf des ersten Halbjahrs 2004 lässt in puncto Deutlichkeit leider keine Wünsche offen. So schnell ist es mit Datenschutz, Privatsphäre und anderen Rechten des Individuums in der europäischen Praxis noch nie binnen sechs Monaten bergab gegangen, seitdem es die Preise für die großen Brüder gibt [1998].

Damit die Überwachungs/schweinereien des ersten Halbjahrs 2004 nicht in Vergessenheit geraten, weil sie von aktuelleren überdeckt werden, wollen wir ausdrücklich darauf hinweisen, dass die Infrastruktur für Nominierungsvorschläge vom Vorjahr auch für Einreichungen der schlimmsten Überwacher zum BBA-A 2004 offen steht und diese die Redaktion sicher erreichen.

Wir ersuchen um möglichst präzise Angaben dabei, da alle Fälle nachrecherchiert werden.

Hier eine kurze Liste der wichtigsten Bewegungen im Bürger/überwach/ungsspiel, die durch konkrete Beispiele zu vervollständigen ist. Kaum waren LKW-Mautsystem und die erste Strecken mit Section Control in Betrieb, kamen die Forderungen der Polizei nach dauerhafter Speicherung aller Daten und naturgemäß auch das Zugriffsrecht.

Derweil beschloss die EU-Kommission mit der Auslieferung der Flugpassagierdaten einen handfesten Bruch des Datenschutzrechts, mit der laufenden EU-Initiative zur obligatorischen Verkehrsdatenspeicherung bei Providern aller Art ist eine neuer Rechtsbruch bereits in Arbeit.

Nicht nur in Österreich ist ein sprunghafter Anstieg der Videoüberwachung öffentlicher Räume durch Behörden und Private zu verzeichnen. Als Draufgabe dazu: Funkchips zur Kontrolle aller Bereiche der Lebenswelt bis hin zu biometrischen Merkmalen in den kommenden Reisepässen. Aber es gab auch erste, sichtbare Proteste gegen die Einführung des Gehrer'schen Datenmolochs auch bekannt als "Bildungsevidenz" in Österreich. Besagte Ministerin wurde für ihr Lebenswerk bereits mit mehreren Awards bedacht.

relayed by Harkank

Sign-on to for the protection of endangered forests

July 5, 2004

OVERVIEW & COMMENTARY by Glen Barry, Ph.D., Forests.org

Below you will find a remarkable statement of support for the World's endangered forests from ForestEthics. They are asking that your group endorse the statement in order to demonstrate to companies that there is broad support for the protection of endangered forests. For some time I had hoped to develop a similar "forest conservation manifesto" that details an end-game for halting the loss and beginning the restoration of the world's mature natural forests. Global ecological sustainability of both species and ecosystems is utterly dependent upon forests. I encourage forest conservationists to reject incremental reform which saves a bit here and there at the expense of legitimizing continued forest loss and diminishment. The world's remaining ancient old-growth and primary forests must ALL be protected. Anything less fails to address systematic ecocide of humanity's habitat. Let us commit to protection of all remaining endangered forests - and the shifts in consumer behavior, finance and economics, and politics and society required to make this happen. Please join ForestEthics in urging corporations to make commitments to stop using, selling, and buying products that contain Endangered Forests. I am very interested in developing and implementing strategies to make this a reality - input and discussion on the topic is welcome at http://forests.org/web/



Title: Sign-on to for the protection of endangered forests
Source: Liz Butler, ForestEthics
Date: June 29, 2004

To sign on to the statement of support below, please send me the organization name, a contact person, a street address, a phone number and an email address. Send the info to liz@forestethics.org.

To: Organizations concerned about endangered forests
From: Liz Butler, ForestEthics
Re: Sign-on to for the protection of endangered forests

We need your organization's help to save critical endangered forests. I am writing to ask your organization to sign-on to an international statement of support for the protection of endangered forests.

Right now, endangered forests from around the globe are ending up on store shelves. They are coming from the forests of the US, the Canadian Boreal, Chile, Indonesia, and many other countries around the globe.

There are many organizations involved and working very hard to protect these forests. A majority of these groups are working at the local, regional and national level to change legislative and administrative policies that affect these endangered forests.

A set of organizations including ForestEthics have been focused on getting companies to make commitments to stop buying & selling endangered forests. This has been very successful over the last five years. Companies such as Staples, Home Depot, Kinko's, Ryland homes, and many others have agreed to stop the destruction of endangered forests.

We have been able to leverage these commitments to help save endangered forests. In a number of cases these companies have used their influence with the logging companies and governments to work towards stopping the destruction of endangered forests in British Columbia, Chile, and the US.

We need your help to continue to show companies that there is broad support for the protection of endangered forests and that organizations are paying attention to corporate actions on endangered forests. The statement of support for the protection of Endangered Forests will help them see that many organizations think that it is important for companies to make a commitment to protect endangered forests.

I hope that you will sign on your organization on to the statement of support for the protection Endangered Forests.

To sign on to the statement of support, please send me the organization name, a contact person, a street address, a phone number and an email address. Send the info to liz@forestethics.org.

I would also like ideas of other groups to contact about the statement. If you have thoughts about local, state, regional, national, or international groups that you think would sign on to the statement of support please send me the name of the group, a contact, and how to get in touch with them.

If you have questions or want more information let me know.

Liz Butler ForestEthics 301-864-3244 or liz@forestethics.org


Statement of Support for the Protection of Endangered Forests

We, the undersigned organizations, representing people of conscience globally, are deeply concerned about the destruction of Endangered Forests around the globe.

Endangered Forests are the most valuable forests remaining on the Earth today. They are humanity's last chance to protect large original and old growth forests, and the planet's rapidly-disappearing biodiversity.

Endangered Forests include:
. intact forest landscapes (also known as Frontier Forests),
. restoration and remnant forest types,
. areas with exceptional biodiversity values (e.g., rare forest types, forests exhibiting high endemism or species richness), and;
. core habitat of focal conservation species.

Endangered forests in need of protection are found around the world. They include the endangered forests of US public lands, the Southern US Cumberland Plateau, the Canadian Boreal, the Amazon rainforests, British Columbia Inland rainforest, Chile's siempre verde forests, Indonesia, and others.

Endangered Forests are so rare, threatened or ecologically vulnerable, and are of such global biological importance that industrial resource extraction in Endangered Forests causes them irreparable harm.

We are alarmed that the world's Endangered Forests are being destroyed to make lumber, catalogs, office paper, packaging, windows, doors and many other products. These products, made by global corporations, end up on store shelves and in the mailboxes of people in the US and around the globe.

These corporations have customers that care about endangered forests. These customers must be educated about the products made from endangered forests, and encouraged to take actions that cause these companies to change the way they do business.

We call for the protection of Endangered Forests. We urge corporations to make commitments to stop using, selling, and buying products that contain Endangered Forests. We expect these products to be replaced with alternatives such as post consumer recycled paper and third party independently certified wood.

Humanity must act urgently to ensure that the global treasure of our Endangered Forests will be here for future generations of people and all creation.

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Liz Butler
Organizing Director/ForestEthics
4208 32nd street
Mount Rainier, MD 20712

War On Truth Still Rages


The Broken Promise of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


Offener Brief an die BA Spitze wegen datenschutzrechtlicher Verstöße anlässlich des ALG II-Antrages

Liebe KollegInnen,

in Rundbriefform übersende ich euch heute unseren offenen Brief an die BA Spitze wegen datenschutzrechtlicher Verstöße anlässlich des ALG II - Antrages. Den Antrag findet Ihr auf der Tacheles Seite unter:

Wir werden morgen unser Schreiben an die BA medial nochmals ausschlachten und versuchen somit diese in die Defensive zu drängen.

Als nächstes wollen wir eine Auseinandersetzung über die angekündigten Hausbesuche und Bedarfsermittlungen führen.

Zuletzt möchte ich Euch auf unsere >> Initiative zur Förderung unabhängiger Sozialberatung im Zuge der Einführung der Sozialgesetzbücher II und XII << nochmals hinweisen, Material dazu findet Ihr unter http://www.tacheles-sozialhilfe.de/aktuelles/2004/initiative_sozialberatung.html

Wünschenswert wäre, wenn dies Papier bundesweit noch breiter verschickt wird und in diverse Verteiler gebracht wird und dazu persönliche und institutionelle Positionen abgegeben werden.

Diese Initiative ist eine einmalige Chance eine breite und offene Diskussion zu beginnen. Daher bezieht Position, verbreitet Sie bitte.

Viele Grüße

Harald Thome / Tacheles e.V.

http://www.tacheles-sozialhilfe.de und http://www.harald-thome.de

Datenschutzverstöße bei Formularen zum Arbeitslosengeld II:

Deutsche sollen zeitweise 50 Stunden pro Woche arbeiten

Aus : http://www.spiegel.de/wirtschaft/0,1518,307375,00.html


"Um zu verhindern, dass Arbeitsplätze weiter ins Ausland verlagert werden, verlangen Wirtschaftsexperten jetzt drastische Maßnahmen. Es geht nicht mehr um die 35- oder 40-Stunden-Woche, sie fordern die 50-Stunden-Woche - zumindest vorübergehend.

Hamburg - "Um Jobs zu sichern, müssen auch mal 50 Stunden pro Woche gearbeitet werden", sagte der Präsident des Deutschen Instituts für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW), Klaus Zimmermann, der "Bild"-Zeitung. Auch der Chefvolkswirt der Commerzbank, Ulrich Ramm, hält die 50-Stunden-Woche für sinnvoll, wenn dadurch Arbeitsplätze erhalten werden.

Dann könne auch wieder weniger gearbeitet werden, wird Ramm zitiert. Der Direktor des Instituts der deutschen Wirtschaft (IW), Michael Hüther, forderte eine generelle Flexibilisierung der Arbeitszeiten. (...)"

Das ist konsequent umgesetzte geldgierige Dummheit. Eben typisch neoliberal.

Für die Binnennachfrage arbeiten ¾ aller Arbeitnehmer.

Die vorgeschlagene Maßnahme kostet Arbeitsplätze, was schließlich der Zweck der Übung ist; damit würgt diese Maßnahme die Binnennachfrage weiter ab, mit weiteren Arbeitsplatzverlusten.

Damit zeigen die angesprochenen Wirtschaftsinstitute, dass Neoliberale nicht mehr bereit sind, Verantwortung für die Gesellschaft zu übernehmen.

Dagegen hilft nicht einmal Kaufboykott. Die Verantwortungslosigkeit geht inzwischen derart weit, dass notfalls der kleine Bürger die Zeche zahlt. Die Agenda 2010 kennen wir ja zur Genüge, das muss ja nicht die letzte - gewesen sein. "Reform" des Gesundheitswesens und Renten-"Reform" lassen grüßen.

Greenhouse gases "threaten Australian way of life"


When the World Said No to War

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would be grateful if you could post the below message on your web site/ message board/newsletter/or forward it on your list or just your friends and encourage people to send it on. It is a project which I believe people will be interested in but it relies on the generosity and assistance of many individuals around the world to succeed.

I thank you for any assistance you might be able to give.


When the World Said No to War

I am an author and the editor of a large format photographic book bringing together photos taken around the world on the weekend of 14, 15 and 16th February 2003: the weekend the world demonstrated against war.

We are seeking contact with individuals (professional or amateur) who many have taken photos of demonstrations that weekend and would be keen to have them shown internationally, in both an exhibition and an historical book documenting that weekend. We are looking for photos from diverse locations. They can be of one person or one million people demonstrating.

The book will also include short essays from individuals from all walks of life about war, peace, or that day.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit the web site of When the World Said No to War http://www.whentheworldsaidnoorg and read the information booklet there. Anyone interested in submitting their photographs for the book and/or the exhibition and want to know more about the project please send an email to jamesrobert004@hotmail.com

This book is intended to be an important historical record capturing the inspiration of that weekend for posterity.

I encourage you to pass this email on.




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