Levels of Microwaves in Brighton and Hove extreme cause for concern

Letter published in Wave magaxine

I got the following letter published in the latest issue of Wave mag (dist c 40,000 throughout South East) by proxy (a homeopath friend).

Best, Gary Kemp

The levels of microwaves in Brighton and Hove are giving me extreme cause for concern.

My research has revealed hundreds of ill health clusters of cancer, leukaemia, epilepsy and other conditions all over the UK which independent researchers such as Dr Gerald Hyland have investigated and directly attribute to local phone masts. With over sixty masts in Brighton, whose power has recently been increased for picture messaging and so forth (3G) the future looks very grim.

The recent BBC programme "Should I worry.." on microwave communications failed to mention the huge cancer cluster in the village of Essington which its presenter supposedly investigated for the effects of the phone masts there. It also incorrectly stated that mobile communications use near microwave frequencies. They use actual microwave frequencies.

I note a message to campaign group Mast Sanity from a Geoff Williams of Southport: " After seven years we are still trying to get the mast relocated without success. The mast has destroyed the lives of many of our people and we have lost another four in the last six months due to cancer related illnesses".

The amount of evidence is staggering. Well documented effects of these microwaves include cataracts, retina damage, eye cancer, rapid cell aging, cellular DNA repair interference, scalp nerve damage, joint pain, multiple sclerosis, digestive problems, asthma, thyroid conditions, embryo damage, early dementia and others.

Industry watchdog Powerwatch states on its website:"It is the regular cellphone users, and people next to them in cars, trains, buses etc, who are likely to show the adverse health effects".

As a Homeopath, I find it unbelievable that phone masts, and recently a TETRA, should be on the roof of the Royal Sussex County Hospital. Nurses in the maternity ward at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport, Cheshire, reported long ago on the unusually high incidences of miscarriages, exhaustion and migraines since a phone mast was erected on the wards' roof.

What does the body count have to be?


I went to Essex General hospital in colchester, Essex last week and couldn't believe the enormous mast in the grounds with masses of equipment. There is also a mast on top of Ipswich --Hospital, Suffolk.

regards sue g

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