Against Electronic "Virtual Voting"

TAKE ACTION Against Electronic "Virtual Voting"

Action Opportunities for securing your VOTE:

1. Call Robert Ney and bust HR2239 out of committee.

2. Write a Letter to John Kerry and tell him to speak out on the issue.

3. Background Flyer to print out and pass around.

1. Robert Ney, the neysayer.

Congressman Robert Ney blocking HR2239 and putting democracy on hold for Diebold HR2239, the bill that would mandate a paper record for paperless "virtual voting" systems, now has 143 co-sponsors - Gosh, do you think it'll pass?

It may, but if it doesn't come to the House floor for a vote before the August recess, it's a gonner.


Ohio Congressman (Diebold) Blocking HR2239
Pass this on! He needs to get about a million phone calls.

Call Congress Toll Free:

What/Who is holding up HR2239??????
The Committe Chairman of the House Administration:, thats who!
A republican whose state is the home for DIEBOLD Election Systems!
Bob Ney, Republican for Ohio.

Call Bob Ney or his office and tell him you want a Voter Verified Paper Ballot in time for November 2004! Tell him you hold him personally responsible for impeding YOUR democracy!

Call toll free at 1-800-839-5276


H.R. 2239 is presently in the Committee on House Administration: Republican Rep. Robert W. Ney,(OH) is the Chairman. Here is Rep Bob Ney's March 3rd statement as to his opinion of a Voter Verified Paper Ballot:

Dear Colleague:

As the principal authors of the Help America Vote Act (Public Law 107-252) (HAVA), signed into law by President Bush on October 29, 2002, we feel compelled to express our concerns about recent legislative efforts that promise enhanced electronic voting system security. Various proposals have been introduced in the House and Senate, but a common feature of these bills is they would amend HAVA to require that all voting systems, including electronic and computer-based systems, produce or accommodate a "voter verified paper record."

"Not only are such proposals premature, but they would undermine essential HAVA provisions, such as the disability and language minority access requirements, and could result in more, rather than less, voter disenfranchisement and error..."


District Offices Contact:
E-mail: bobney@m...
District Offices TOLL FREE: 1-866-4-OHIO-18

Phone: 202.225.6265 | Fax: 202.225.3394 | E-mail: bobney@mail.house.gov


2. Send a letter to John Kerry
Tell Kerry to protect your vote against the threat of electronic voting.

Send a Free Fax by putting this in your email's "send" box and click "send". Sometimes the fax doesn't work, if it doesn't try again later or call Kerry's office.




Dear Senator Kerry,

Recently you and Senator Edwards visited Florida and pledged to its voters, that every vote will be counted. I've also read that you have been organizing a legal task force to deal with any voting irregularities. While dealing with voting irregularities and voter disenfranchisement "after the fact" is necessary, I encourage you to take more pro-active measures to make sure that every vote is counted and every voter is allowed to vote.

In Florida and in many other parts of the country, many counties are using paperless electronic voting systems, 'virtual voting' as I like to call it. When these machines have no paper record of the voter's intent, it is only the virtual data that decides the end count. It's hard to imagine a rigorous recount done with only virtual data and I wonder how accurate the vote counts will be using paperless systems.

Some say that paperless voting is reliable, but I find that hard to believe. Recently, it's been reported that a popular kind of E-Voting system in Florida and elsewhere, the iVotronic from ES&S, has a problem with the accuracy of its internal audit procedures.

When the battery is low, the machine scrambles its serial number, making the distinction as to 'which machines had how many votes' impossible. ES&S says that this 'audit bug' does not affect the actual vote count, only if we want to double check and do an audit. This is but one of many serious problems that are being discovered each day with these systems.

Many election officials are telling the people to trust paperless voting, but how can we trust these systems, when it is impossible to prove our votes actually exist.

Senator Kerry, time is running out for any meaningful safeguards to be implemented before November. If you want all of our votes to be counted and counted accurately, one thing you can do is to co-sponsor S1980, which would mandate a paper record for every vote cast on E-Voting machines.

You need to speak out now about the need for better security standards and auditing procedures for electronic voting systems, otherwise the problems of 2004 will make 2000 look like a walk in the park.

If S1980 and HR2239, its House counterpart, do not pass, the results of the election cannot be seriously validated. Without these bills immediately enacted to safeguard our most fundamental democratic right, voter confidence in the US electoral process, will greatly diminish.

I hope you will speak out about this issue to your colleagues in the Senate to provide leadership in securing the integrity of our votes.


Put this in your email's "send" box and the email will turn into a
free fax.



John Kerry for President, Inc.
P.O. Box 34640
Washington, DC 20043
202-712-3001 (fax

Washington D.C.
304 Russell Bldg.
Third Floor
Washington D.C. 20510
(202) 224-2742 - Phone
(202) 224-8525 - Fax



Print this out and take it to your local bullentin board or coffee

Election 2004:
How many bugs does it take to destroy your democracy?

Did you know that since 2002, most US election systems have been "upgraded" to paperless 'virtual voting' with faulty new systems that constantly break down?

Some produce no paper copy of votes, which makes a recount impossible. Obviously, this could cause problems if the vote is close like in Florida in 2000.

These brand-new machines have been breaking down all across the country, stopping and stalling elections, blowing circuits, and 'glitching' votes out of existence.

In the recent primaries at least 10,000 voters in California, in 5 different counties, could not vote because of a wide range of technical failures. In New Mexico in 2002, 12,000 votes failed to be counted. In Florida in 2000, one machine even registered MINUS 12,000 votes for Al Gore!

How does such junk end up counting your vote?

Michael I. Shamos, a computer expert speaking before a House subcommittee hearing, said the testing and certification process for electronic voting systems "is not only broken, but is virtually nonexistent".

Both optical scan and touch-screen election systems have severe, unresolved security and accuracy flaws that are not being remedied.

Computer scientists at John Hopkins University and other institutions have demonstrated that any amateur software programmer can hack in and out of these systems within minutes.

What about fraud?

Mike Devereaux, a salesman for a major E-voting vendor, had this to say:

"The problem with touch-screens as vote counters is that they can be easily manipulated."

How many software bugs does a paper ballot have?

In 2001, a CalTech/MIT study found that, of all voting systems used in the United States, hand-counted paper ballots have the lowest average incidence of spoiled, uncounted, and unmarked ballots.

What are you going to do when your vote disappears on election day?

It's your right as a citizen to decide who counts your vote and how. Congress is not ensuring fair and accurate elections, free from machine breakdowns or "virtual vote" manipulation.

Make a difference:

Take the election back into YOUR hands.

Please visit the following websites to find out how you can help:

Informant: elelpho


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