Creation and current practices of the Federal Reserve and of the US Banking system

I hope your news service has a way of posting audio recordings for one of the most stunning disclosures I have ever heard about the creation and current practices of the Federal Reserve and of our Banking system.

In case you don't have a way of providing sound in your web site, following is a link to "AUTO GENERATOR" the Internet company I use to very simply and inexpensivelly record the audio clips I provide to our Yahoo Group. Following is a link I have of a sample web site http://www.gaylmurphy.com/ and, following, is the link to the company:

The following audio clip I received contains stunning disclosures about the Federal Reserve and the reasons for it's creations.

I'm not sending this to "illuminate" us about the subject. Most of us already know the basics of this matter. People need to, however, have perpectives which will explain how we got to our current predicaments. MOST IMPORTANTLY, at the end, it addresses what we can do, collectively to get out of it.

It is presented in very simple to understand language that most of us can follow.

What we can do about it, will be address at the end of the clip which is EXACTLY the concept I am using in creating an effort I call "The EFFECT Network".

My final request, which would not be needed if you listen to the information, is that you PASS THIS ON TO ALL YOU KNOW.

It will start a bit lighthearted, for the first couple of minutes - even the title is lighthearted - but some very serious disclosures soon follow. Click on either:

http://www.reconveyit.com/creature.wma or

Jack Topel


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