Something IS UP

Weather modification technology in the service of the 9-11 crime cover-up.


The chemtrails redirect weather systems -- in this case wet air -- to where it will get wetter -- then directs that to the target -- by controlling air pressure by blocking the suns warming of the ground, thus modifiying expansion of air by heated ground surface and altering upward circulation (convenction) -- using contrailed cloud for the job.

Dick Eastman's complete guide to "weaponized" clandestine weather modification now being used for private profit, geopolitical control, and public distraction and total control over the lives of weather dependent peoples of the planet.


Similar modeling of complex phenomena with world-wide detailed real-time input of data also makes possible the intensification and aiming of earthquakes -- again by intensifying with small stimulating events at exactly the right location and moment to effect gigantic effects at some pre-determined elsewhere -- although you will have to search the web for accounts of research in this field and educated guesses about the extent to which the technology has already figured in recent earthquake disasters. I mention this only because there is the very strange coincidence that the reversal of the earths poles which happens only over intervals of millions of years -- is said to be happening just ten years after the dawn of the possibility of this kind of technology -- does anyone understand "calling the odds" on that happening???

[Where are all the scientific "know it alls" that used to dominate the web and the newsgroups??? I would like to talk to some know-it-alls now.]

{I write this mindful that telling yet something else far outside your experience will once more seriously affect my credibility with many readers -- however I have given the science and the known information about acutal programs and operations and so make
no apology.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

Dear friends and all:

From: LocoWrPony
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 01:01:43 EDT
Subject: Something IS UP!

Lou Dobbs on CNN tonight reported that the magnetosphere over the
Atlantic rift has deteriorated significantly; and that the weakening magnetosphere is setting us up for apossible pole shift. It was said on this program that the deterioration is faster than it would be "had we just turned it off." I.E., an outside force is the way I read it.

In other words, there is something out there. Now, if you haven't taken this "chicken little" seriously yet, go to http://www.zetatalk.com to learn more. And, watch your sunsets.

Coincidentally, we used to have to go out in the back yard to see the
north star. Now, we have to walk (west) into the front yard to see it.
I know, I know, I'm CRAZY -- but, don't take my word for it - the evidence is umistakably evident.

Best regards, and don't forget to pray,

Informant: Let's Make Change


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