The Creature from Jekyll Island


Yesterday, I received and audio clip, which I'm including below, that shook me to my very foundations. It had to do with a topic most of us are already familiar with but, even I, who tries to stay on top of things, was not aware of the extent to which The Federal Reserve and major banks in our country may be at the heart of many of our predicaments.

I'm not sharing this because I think I need to raise your awareness about the FED but, rather, to provide you with additional stunning disclosures which will back what I'll propose below. Secondly, an more importantly, because of what the speaker Ed Griffin, author of the book "The Creature from Jekyll Island" said towards the end of his presentation about "what can we do about it!"

I was floored when I heard what he said at the end because he was suggesting what, in essence, I envision for an effort I'm structuring call "The EFFECT Network"

Rather than taking the time and space now explaining EFFECT, I will let you listen, first, to 3 minutes of excerpts from the end of the audio clip I'm providing. It reflects, in great part, what is at the heart of EFFECT. It will be followed by an excerpt from my response to a reply about my post on "THE COST OF DRUGS", which I placed a few days ago. What will come with my future posts in ways of explanations and format changes, will not only make more sense after this, it may be further appreciated by our members.

Please turn up your computer speaker volume and click on the link below to listen
http://PlayAudio-123.com/play.asp?m=93187&f=AMKOFV&ps=13&p=1 (4 min)
Ed Griffin's bio http://www.realityzone.com/info.html#griffin

Following, is the excerpt of my post on "THE COST OF DRUGS"

"To create a coordinated critical mass of individuals, groups and organizations whom have risen their awareness about vital issues and whom have had training in civic activism.

Further, we need to create a structure that will allow for the generation of financial resources so that our participating individuals, groups and organizations could have the the time and the financial means to provide progressive legislators with our support and the cover they will need to go up against powerful interest and, even covert groups, whom have, basically, taken over our government and many other aspects of our lives, such as the press".

It will not, at first, be clear from what I just proposed but, ultimately:

The thrust of "EFFECT" will not only be about the creation of a third "PROGRESSIVE" POLITICAL PARTY, but also a means of creating and/or supporting A NEW GENERATION OF PROGRESSIVE LEGISLATORS.

Obviously, an integral component for this to happen will be the aspects of "the critical mass", I outlined earlier, whom will provide these legislators with the backing and financial support from us, the people, so that they don't have to "sell out" to special interest groups.

The perfect examples of such a legislators are, of course, Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio whom is still in the race for President and consumer activist Ralph Nader, also running for president. What may have been missing for them to have made it, may be what I just pointed to".

My final request (which I wouldn't need to make if you listen to the information below) is that you PASS THIS ON TO ALL YOU KNOW. Also, this time, I would really welcome your thoughts on what you heard - even if it is just a short reply.

The audio clip below will start a bit lighthearted, for the first couple of minutes, Even the title is lighthearted - but some very serious disclosures will soon follow.

The Creature from Jekyll Island

Jack Topel


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