Words and Actions: Expose the bullying nature of the Operators and the indifference of the government to the justifiable health concerns of the general public

To bring the controversial nature of mast/phone emissions more firmly into the public eye - we could do with a platform that has the potential of involving the masses.

Brian Haw, the anti-war protestor has held a 24 hour vigil outside Parliament for four years. The new laws to restrict protest will NOT apply to him because he has been there for a long time - and most importantly BEFORE tomorrow - lst August when the laws come into force.

Anyone who starts a continuous demonstration TODAY can lawfully hold their non-stop protest in Parliament Square. This means that someone would always have to be present to hold placards, etc. (If this demo. is done in the name of a group, I presume that people would be able to come and go to provide the necessary "cover"- but that the chosen site must never be devoid of somebody.) The Laws that come into force on Monday, lst August, make it an offence to demonstrate in a designated area if "when the demonstration starts", the police have not given authorisation. (Mr. Haw argued in the High Court that the law did not apply to him because it was not in force when his demonstration started.) The Government was refused permission to appeal. (Page 10, Daily Telegraph, July 30th)

Obviously, because of our Charity status, Mast Sanity's name could not be used - but there just might be one or two reasonable people who would hope to gain some publicity and even expose the bullying nature of the Operators and the indifference of the government to the justifiable health concerns of the general public and would be willing to start the whole thing going.

Naturally, there is concern for Londoners since the bombings, and one's own safety has to be taken into account, so it would be understandable if no-one is keen to go!! I would be there myself, but we live on the South Coast and it's just too difficult right now.

Placards could be made interesting, black balloons could be a possibility - and remember poppies for our fallen service men? Well, what about a flower that could have significance for all those who have become ill as a result of radiation..... Bet others have even better ideas!!! Let's hear them - but remember - tomorrow is too late.

Kind regards, Vivienne B.


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